BCBG Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

BCBG Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
BCBG Max Azria Group, Inc.
2761 Fruitland Ave.
Vernon, CA 90058 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-323-589-2224
Customer Service Number: 1-866-497-1041

  • I want to let the BCBG corporate office know that due to their horrific customer service team and their gross negligence to assist your customers, I will no longer put any money toward your brand and discourage others from investing any money as well. I have been a loyal customer for over 10 years purchasing almost on a monthly basis so I hope you truly understand the impact of this on your sales. If you don’t believe me feel free to look up how much I have spent with your company. I also work in a high end place where customer constantly ask where I purchase my clothing and I will be sure to let them know to not bother with BCBG due to their awful customer service and for not standing behind their brand. I truly hope that someone in your corporate office cares more about the wellbeing of your company more than the people you have on your customer service team and actually looks into the order issue I have currently ongoing to understand what your customer service team is doing is wrong and they know they are wrong because I have picture proof.

  • Ron
    December 30,2018 5:20 PM

    My daughter and I have been loyal customers for 10 years. We purchase a pair of shoes and asked the associate if they can be return if the color wasn't right.
    We were told yes. My wife and daughter acknowledge that the shoes was not a fit.
    Here is the reason I am writing this comment about your manager on duty. We talk with an associate about returning the shoes and was told we need to see a manager.
    After waiting about 15 minutes and, no manager seeing us. We told the associate we will be back. Upon our return the manager was there and we explain the problem. Showed the receipt to her and out of the blue with a distinct nasty attitude. She say's there is 98/99 on the receipt. So I asked what is that it didn't mean anything to us . It means all sales are final she says. Then I tell her why didn't the associate
    tell us and stamp our receipt. She immediately snap back I can only let you pick an
    item of equal value if we pick it now as if she was putting us on a timer. We rejected her gesture and left the store. It would be appreciated if manager would be courtesy and understand the value of the customer. We don't have to shop there and
    as a matter of fact we will not return to any of your stores. I would appreciate
    a response but will truly understand if we didn't get one.

  • I am a devoted customer of your brand. I absolutely LOVE your clothing and designs. I shop from the retail stores and from department stores frequently. However I am disappointed with some of your policies in stores. I understand and respect the need to be "rigid" because of the image of the brand and maintain the quality of your items, but I feel that courtesy should not be taken out the window. I made a purchase at a store 323, in Lord & Taylor in Scarsdale, NY. It was a cash transaction. I also threw the receipt away from Feb.28th. My first time wearing the item today 4/12, I noticed the security sensor was still attached. I visited the store today on my lunch break and asked the associate/manager to take it off and she informed me that she could not do so because of your policy. It was not until I had a conversation with the security at that store and they found the transaction that another associate unrelated to BCBG was able to take off the security sensor. I find it very appalling that I had to go through such an inconvenience due to the mistake of your employee. This is not the first time that I have been inconvenienced due to your "policy." In regards to this particular situation perhaps a better tracking method of transactions would be useful. For the integrity that the brand holds and operates by, especially for the type of clients you attract, it would be appreciated if you could revise your policy to show a little bit more courtesy and train your employees to treat your customers as though they are valued and appreciated. Thank you for your time. I look forward to a response.

  • I will never shop nor recommend BCBG.
    While shopping on your website I was asked to sign up to receive 15%, I did but I couldn’t use the code because the item I was buying was on sale, but per the fine print I was able to use this on regular and sale items – Offer valid through 11:59 P.M. PDT on 03/23/2017. Receive 15% off your purchase on a regular or sale priced item exclusively at BCBGMAXAZRIA stores in the US and Canada and at bcbg.com. I reached out to one of your customer service agent via chat, to whom I explained and showed the fine print and who told me – “you can’t use the code, OUR COMPANY DOES NOT STACK PROMOS”……………awful customer service and total misleading information in the fine print. I will never shop this brand again.

  • We had such terrible Customer Service in the BCBG Generation store in Mission Viejo Mall, CA. Specifically from the Assistant Manager Pina C! She was so defensive and told us we were taking it all out on her, when we were upset about their store policies about returns! They ought to teach their managers and all staff proper Customer Service!

    • Glad to know I'm not alone with Customer Service issues for BCBG, particularly at the Perimeter Mall and Lenox Mall locations in Atlanta, Georgia. It's sad when your managers don't know your corporate complaint info and they give out the wrong information regarding your store policy. You should take a look at Chic-fil-a corporation on customer service training or Ritz Carlton. They got it right.

  • SHOCKING in-store customer service! A customer of many many years!

    Purchased the most expensive and newest dress from the manager, Miss. Cruz. I set the expectation that the dress may be returned due to not finding the "right" dress for this event. Upon return of this dress a few days later to the same manager and same location with the original hanger, plastic wrap, tags, receipt and credit card I left horrified! I was accused of being both a liar and a thief-removing the tags and putting them back on with a gun. Yep, this really came out of her mouth! I offered to show pictures of me at my event wearing a non-BCBG dress. Having your values and morals questioned just isn't acceptable behavior!

  • No exchange after 10 days… And no store credit either, so disappointing!
    How many times I need to go there with the merchandise in my hand until I find something I like..don't want to go there anymore!

  • I am so disappointed with BCBG!!!!! I am a personal shopper and the way I earn my money with my customers is taking pictures of the items. Well low and behold the manager at your Edison, NJ Store explained that I was not allowed to take pics of anything in there. Also, I applied for BCBG 2 years ago and I was not hired due to lack of experience which is understandable, however I do notice the BCBG's i do visit it seems to me you have to be slender, long hair and fair color skin! And to make matters worse BCBG prices are on the high end but yet they still offer receipts for merchandise credit????!!! and god forbid if you lose it, it is not traceable, ugghh I wonder why???Just like BCBG invests in their clothes, dont forget about the simple things and invest in credit like card for a merchandise credit slip..So annoyed with BCBG…THEY ARE NOT IN THE BUSINESS FOR SATISFYING CUSTOMERS…..

    It would be helpful if the receipts are no longer issued, BCBG welcome's a staff of ALL RACE, SHAPE & FORM, and adjust your online policy return" ONLINE returns can not be returned in the stores, LUDACRIS! Very Frustrated. Please forward this information to the wonderful CEO and his wife..REMEMBER we are the customers and WE promote your brand!

  • Today I bought a soda and deposited a five dollar bill but
    Did not receive my change because the slot is jammed…thank you
    You may contact me at 323)6146709 my name is Griselda Gomez

  • Today I visited a BC BG store in Williamsburg, VA for the first time and it was the worst fitting room experience. The staff are unclear of the dressing room policies allowing woman to enter the fitting room with members of the oposite sex into the same cubicle. The fitting rooms have only curtains for privacy, no doors with locks or such thing. There are no mirrors in the cubicle. You have go out the cubicle to the big mirror in the wall to see how you look. I complained to the management about this. Once again I was told that the dressing room policies are unclair. I have never heard of such a thing. Female dressing rooms are for females only. The management and staff should know the store policies. The fitting room should have a sign making it clear what the policies are. Its very unconfortable to change in a fitting room with only a curtain and men allowed to go in. I will never shop there again or recomend it to anyone.

  • I was shopping in BCBG store in Fair Oaks mall, Fairfax, Virginia. I was a little confused in store policy about the return merchandise. My understanding was that you could exchange you purchase within ten days. However, I did not know that if merchandize is on sale, you would not be able to exchange it with another item on sale, rather you only can exchange it with none sale item. Apparently, my confusion was very humorous to one of the employee named Catherine or Katherine. She took a piece of a paper on front of my face and while she was swinging it back and forth, she said angrily “Lady it is all here”. Few moments later, she added sarcastically “why don’t you shop at BCBG in Lord and Taylor store” you can return things there! This morning I placed a call to BCBG head quarter to tell them about my bad experience in their store. My Daughter love BCBG products and I hope I don’t have to stop shopping there. But as up now I am not going back there. I don’t need to be insulted while I am spending my money to support a business.
    MRS. Kraselsky

    • Me too.you can never talk to a live person no one ever returned your phone calls.they lie and tell you they're going to send you a coupon for your birthday and they never do..I'm going to find someone else to take my money to that appreciates me at least respond to my calls .I love three messages and no one returned my call

    • Dear Cooperate Offices of BCBG Park City, 06/30/2012

      To be accused of a misdemeanor amongst friends, workers, and strangers in a retail store frequently shopped by myself is an incrimination and degrading.

      BCBG Park City underwent new management employing a Miss Daniel from Salt Lake City. This author purchased items from BCBG in which a sensor was left on one item. I brought in my purchased item to Ms. Danial in which she knew respectively that I had purchased on this 5/4/2012 on my American Express Card as in Exhibit A., as she was the retail clerk, with other items amounting to the total purchase of $187.78. Sense that initial purchase, this loyal client has had nothing but problems and errors.

      Upon request for the task to be completed, this loyal shopper has been confronted with uncorroborated accusation for unsubstantiated skullduggery where upon strongly damages my reputation as a frequent shopper and amicable presence among the ladies in whom I have enjoyed a retail experience with prior to the new management by Daniel Scott.

      As in the Oak and the willow tree, employees can bend a bit for the clients that have valued trust unlike being an Oak that doesn’t bend to work with clients that have valued relationships.

      I would highly suggest removing the position of Mrs. Daniel Scott, as this author has graciously given her three waivers to correct the action in her management criteria regarding this case.

      The scenario with Mrs. Daniel Scott:
      1. I came into BCBG 5/4 to purchase $184.78 items.
      2. 5/14 I came in to BCBG after my Manhatten Travels upon discovery a sensor was left on a piece of clothing and kindly asked Ms. Daniel to remove the item, in which she would now when she was the clerk who rang up my items and knew very well I had purchased it a week and a half ago. Ms. Daniel denied the request. I requested that she find the purchase with the American Express Card Name and Number, gave her my phone number and name which was all in her data files. The Manager, Ms. Daniel, retorted that she would research it and give me a notice within a week. I further more made another purchase of $133.71 with Susqui whom I have shopped with on many occasions and have always had a lovely experience.
      3. 5/21 I came into the store to inquire if she had researched the information and she had not.
      4. 6/30 I am writing this letter so I am not defrauded of a purchase made at BCBG and incrimated and degraded by the manner Ms. Daniel has conducted her unequipped acumen like management judgment.

      I recommend that a reformation in the offices of BCBG Park City Outlet quickly be assessed, evaluated, and replaced for the valued clients of BCBG Park City and that the action be taken immediately as the author has spent thousands of dollars in BCBG, Park City alone.

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