Bebe Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Bebe Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
400 Valley Drive
Brisbane, CA 94005 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-415-715-3900
Fax Number: 1-415-715-3939
Customer Service Number: 1-877-232-3777

  • The Manager at the Towson location is awful. She lacks professionalism towards employees and customers alike. Her attitude is nasty and if I have to encounter such horrible customer service when spending my money than there is a problem. I will make sure that everyone I know that shops there will not be anymore and we all have accounts and they can see what we was spending in that but not anymore because there has been several complaints against her and she is still there with the same attitude. That tells me that bebe rather lose money than make it and also that their customers means absolutely nothing to their business because if so this would not be the third or fourth complaint

  • Churches in Mobile Alabama on Theodore Dawes rd is the worst I waited in line for 20 minutes because the associate said the fries wasn't done it does not take fries that long to cook the workers NEVER WEAR HATS OR GLOVES SOMEONE NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THAT BECAUSE CHURCHES IS LOSING A LOT OF CUSTOMERS

  • As a more mature woman, I was very offended by the managers' comments at your Fair Oaks Mall Bebe store today. She told me "next time make sure the tag(manufacturers tag, which was dangling on the outside seam of the dress I was returning) is attached. She was unpleasant from the minute I walked in the store and then accused me of wearing the item, removing the tags, and then replacing them. The headquarters should be aware of this time of customer service. How she, Matti, ever got to be manager is beside me. Needless to say; I wont be back. I wont even return to the Reston Town Center store since now I have a very negative feeling about your store in general. Upper management should be aware of this type of employee. Jobs are scarce and someone with a friendly service oriented pleasant personality should take her place.

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