Beef O Brady’s Corporate Office Headquarters

Beef O Brady’s Corporate Office Headquarters
5660 W Cypress Street
Suite A
Tampa, FL  33607
Corporate Phone Number: 1-813-226-2333

  • Springfield, IL – WE WILL NOT GO BACK! Waitress asked us 3 times in 30 seconds what we wanted to drink – we replied "water" each time. We gave her our order when we ordered drinks. I ordered grilled shrimp – they were out of rice so I substituted salad and I don't like broccoli so I got onion rings – got charged for everything – my shrimp was cold, onion rings not done. When I got my salad my husband had to go get silverware for us at the bar. My husband ordered battered shrimp – they were out of slaw so he substituted onion rings (his were burnt) and he never did get the fries that came with meal! We complained to waitress and she apologized but took nothing off our bill. After 2 hours we were ready to get out of there only to find we were LOCKED IN! I had to unlock the door to get out at 8 pm on Fri night! I called management Mon morning and she put our name down on a list for a free meal – I told her we wouldn't be back – no other compensation except "joe" might be giving us a call. Guess what, word of mouth is the best advertisement and we will be letting people know. You can know who I am —-Therese Schmidgall … very displeased with the chaos of this establishment.

  • Please make a surprise visit to Beef’s in Live Oak, Florida.
    This location has gone way down in quality and it doesn’t seem as though the “owner” cares.
    We do not have many eating establishments in Live Oak and this restaurant has always been our go to.
    Please get them back on track!

  • To whom it can concern, I Barbara Bain went to get two orders of chicken wings at Beef O'Brady's in Cocoa, Florida. I'm writing to let you that the wings were baby chicken and the nuke sauce was weak and sweet
    I can't believe I was telling everyone how good and big the wings were and how good and Hot the sauce was. I talked to the manager Sean and he said it was changed an he has spoken to corporate about it, can you bring it back and let the people choose which sauce they want and stop using baby chicken wings
    Need O'Brady's has some of the best wings and sauce I don't want to go anywhere else. Sincerely yours Barbara Bain

  • I recently stopped into beef o bradys Haines city to pick up some sandwiches to go. The girl at the door told me to order at the bar. I went to the bar and sat for 15 minutes. Nobody came. The bar tender however walked past me 7 times. I got up and went back to the door and the girl waived to the bar tender who was in the restaurant to go to the bar. I asked her if I could place a to go order and she said "you can't sit there". I said excuse me? She said "someone is sitting there and went outside for a smoke." I said I just need to place a to go order. She said "he's standing behind you waiting for his chair". Now, I'm legally blind and I have a white cane. It took some time and maneuvering for me to get to the bar and sit down. I can't believe that you would treat a handicapped person this way. When I left, the girl at the door said "that was not right, she should have taken your order". Definitely not a handicapped friendly place to go.

    • It doesn't matter what you post on here, don't expect a response. This has to be the poorest representation I have ever seen for a restaurant. Complaints are never acknowledged. The manager, Chuck at The Granger, Indiana has never been able to find a job because of his poor attitude and lack of skills so this was the only place that would hire home and it's clear that he hates is job and his life.

  • I work at Beef O Brady's in Cumming Georgia Dave the general manager does a great job however Tara is rude she cusses at employees loud enough for customers to hear she treats us like children and she doesn't know how to do a truck order instead of asking us to do things she tells us what to do but not in a nice wayin a derogatory condescending way. She shows favoritism towards employees that have been there a long time and it's causing the entire back of the house to find other work and I know it's more expensive X 75% to train new employees over keeping existing employees happy I want to keep my job there but there's no way to work with this woman there are several other employees who have issues with her and who will back me up she thinks her title as a manager gives her the right to talk to people however she feels something needs to be done about this immediately thank you to anyone who responds to this this is a formal complaint my name is Joshua Holtz 1

  • gave my two weeks notice! Mainly because I was being used and not appreciated! Even being overqualified they told me when hired. I was not granted the respect to fulfill my already schedule hours for the next two weeks! I was removed from my bar immediately and hours where cut to more than half. I left immediately since I don't need to fulfill my end of the deal (2 weeks notice) if they aren't gonna fulfill their end! There should be a law protecting not only the business but the employee that is giving the notice. They should also be given the same respect. I've never worked somewhere where the kitchen manager is not only rude but verbally abusive to all staff!!! It's so disgusting to watch and if I didn't have a strong personality like many of them lack I would be scared for life after the horrible things this man / boss of you does and says!!!! He doesn't cook good and complaints when someone puts food in! He's lazy ! This whole place is a joke!

  • We just left your restaurant or pub a few minutes ago. You place was filthy dirty. The floors were dirty with water all over and a wet sign up. The tables were dirty with left dishes. Now there were only maybe 10 people in the whole place and 5 were at the bar. The employees, including the long hair cook were also very dirty in appearance. We should have turned around and left. We did not. No one was bothering to clean anything including the bartender. What is going on? I have never been in such a pig sty place before, and certainly not one of your places. I do have pictures, and Facebook. Someone needs to check this out. It was a disgusting experience.
    I will wait for someone to address this issue and get back to me. Pam Creed- Englewood FL is where this restaurant is in the palm plaza.

  • I hav e been going to the Beefs on Adamo Dr. ( SR 60 ) in Tampa, FL for about 6 years. About 2 – 3 weeks ago a new manager was hired Jayme Santana and started making changes with the Happy Hour menu. I asked why we could no longer get the chicken tacos and was completely ignored. This happened on 8/26/15 at the patio bar. He is young and really needs some education on how to deal with customers. Thank You

  • I worked at the Beefs in Fort Smith as a server,and let me tell you something I have never in my life seen a business run so crappy!!! Servers pay a "tip out" to a busser and a dishwasher that does not exist!!! As a matter of fact the servers are responsible for doing the dishes!! How is that legal?? They also tip out a day time bar tender during lunch shifts during the week that also does not exist!!!??? WTH!! They have two managers (well they have one that actually does her management job and the other one who picks on the servers and feels threatened if another server is getting close to him in his sales! He is awful! The poor lady who also manages is the one who takes care of everthing and runs that place pretty much alone, and I flt sorry for her because waiting tables is how she made her $$ and she was so busy taking care of any and all issues that she would have tp pass her tables off to other servers, I dont know how she has not quit! In just the little amount of time i was employed there I wittnessed so many things that had to be illegal in some way. The owners seem like crooks to me. no surprise the turn over rate is to the sky!!

  • Beef O Brady's Rt. 27 Leesburg Fl. We ate at this location on 04-27-15 and were totally grossed out…We made the mistake of using the men's restroom ..water was seeping from the walls and from the toilet so you would have to stand in it to use the toilet…disgusting !! How would the local board of health allow this to go on since we were told that the restroom has been in this condition for months….Evidently not a big deal ????

  • Went to Beef OBrady's as we have for several years and ordered drinks and appetizers which came out as they should. Thirty minutes or so pass by and no food, no check in from waitress…my husband makes eye contact with waitress who hides behind wall then comes out and says "I did take your order right?" We said yes, 30 minutes ago. Come to find out, our order was NEVER placed. Extremely unsatisfied with our most recent visit. We will not return to beefs. They say it takes one wrong thing to ruin something and this was it. Further, waitress never acknowledged her mistake nor did she apologize. We found out through another waitres after she came to our table and said she is putting your order in now. I immediately said, nope lets go.s. Nevertheless, the manager called me the day after I complained and apologized for the unfortunate situation. A stand up man whose employees should follow suit.

  • If I could leave this establishment a negative star rating for Beef O Bradys in North Port, FL, I would. This was by far the worst experience that I have ever encountered in a restaurant. Here's a quick replay. First, a young waitress comes up and takes our drink orders. It was St. Patrick's Day, so the place was very busy, which we expected. I expected standard pub fare along with a couple of drinks…..nothing extraordinary. So, one of the four drinks comes out and ten minutes later, the other three with not nearly enough ice. We then ordered our food. I requested the corned beef & cabbage, husband the fish & chips, my friend ordered the Rueben sandwich with curly fries, her husband ordered The Durlinger. We waited more than 50 minutes after which time, two of the four dishes were cold – the Durlinger and the corned beef & cabbage. The beef was also dried up and had a leathery texture. I need to mention here that the waitress never came back around to ask how everything was or to see if we wanted more drinks. The service was basically non-existant. Also, no water was offered which is usually customary in Florida. So, I flagged down a woman and alerted her to the problems of the cold food. She began arguing saying 'There's no way that food is cold. I check each plate myself." I said "Well, here is it. Touch it if you don't believe me!" The Spanish senior pointed to his plate saying "Mi comida esta fria" which translates "My food is cold." I said to the woman "Are you going to stand there and dispute two people with the same complaint?" She replies "Well, what do you want me to do?" In frustration, I said, "I don't know. Maybe send us home with a box of something that we can heat up and eat later?!" She said, "We have been serving these dishes all night and you are the first to complain." I said "Since you brought this up, I just heard you apologizing to the booth behind us for something….but whatever!" Of course, I didn't want the food by this time. I said 'You know what, never mind. I'll just write a Tripadvisor report about this place instead." As if all of this wasn't bad enough, here comes this HUGE ANGRY man over to our table accusing me of THREATENING his wife, saying I said something about the newspaper?! My husband chimes in and says "No she said the food was cold, the meat was dried up, our friend's entree is also cold and your wife stood here and argued with us." He goes off, big time saying "I own this place….so you can just LEAVE!" I got up and said "You are a psycho" (with a few expletives added) and walked out. Apparently, he then had it out with my husband and even bowed up at my husband. Our friends were sitting there in complete shock. My husband said 'My wife was complaining the food was cold and you people have blown this all way out of proportion." The menacing man said 'Well, your wife was threatening my wife" to which my husband replied "Yes, she said she was going to write a restaurant review on Tripadvisor and she is probably sitting out in the car doing it right now!" He then yelled at my husband to "LEAVE!" My husband said "I want to pay the bill for the drinks and for what food we did eat first!" The owner said 'No. LEAVE or I am calling the police!" Husband said "What will you tell them? My wife was sending back cold food? GO AHEAD! Call the police!" The whole situation was completely and utterly insane. So today, I called the corporate office in Tampa and reported the incident. They were very nice and wanted to send me a gift card and promised they would indeed be saying something to the owner. I am still in shock that we were treated this way over cold food. All I can say is, if you decide to eat there, know that this could be the outcome if you complain.

  • I recently got a job at my local beef o bradys. I left my job for it. As im in the process of filling out the paper work with the owner and reviewing rules and regulations she is talking badly about her employees, using names and personal information such as "cindy didnt file her taxes and thats a problem" or "lindsay is always leaned over the bar talking to guys for tips and it frusterates me because it wastes my money". The girls she was talking about were standing right there! It made me very uncomfortable. It made me feel as if I always had to be on my toes around her or else she'd talk about me too. I did not take the job. I will seek employment elseware.

  • I was at beef o Brady's in lehigh acres Florida yesterday and ran up a 92.00 bill…..however my credit card has been charged for 235.00….I will be notifying my credit card company about these unlawful transactions and will be pressing charges at the police station for this thievery….

  • At the cumming, GA store there is a cook that is extremely rasist every day he tells us minority jokes or makes fun of other employees . The general manager just laughs and says that is just how Ryan is. But he has recently gotten violent and has been throwing ice at the dish person and said that if anything happened to him he knew what car every one drove. I'm quitting because I no longer feel comfortable nor safe at work.

  • I really am appalled at the actions of the employee at the beef o Bradys in Arcadia my husband and I dined in yesterday evening. The food was fanominal and my server was Vicki and she was adorable, but the man from the back was coming back and forth yelling at the top of his lungs at these girls, not once but several times. It was very unprofessional and very unpleasant. I caught the attention of another waitress, and I never did catch her name, and asked her who the young fellow was and why he was yelling so much. She replied with oh that's Kevin the cook he just became a manager and this Is normal for him. I was at lost for words. I will never return to this beef o Brady's again.

  • A terrible experience………I live at Carolina Forest…………got a buffalo chicken wrap,it was full of fat,told the waitress Ameilla was on a Saturday night June 14,we saw everything that went on,the bartender name was Amanda which was eating behind the bar in front on customers…………..will never ever go this location again…………….saw one server even playing with the bartenders hair without washing her hands…………………no wonder there were NO business when we we there……..BAD….BAD….BUSINESS!!! ….Renee Drive…..a shame because went to Handleys and ALWAYS GREAT FOOD AND SERVICE!

  • to beefsinverness
    The department of Labor, and have consulted a attorney regarding my termination for the following reasons.

    I was informed that my termination was a result of you being told that I had become pregnant, two days after I found out,

    I was terminated for the excuse that I hadn't learned the menu. I had in fact learned the menu and did the test required. In addition, upon termination, I was degraded by being told "you were a huge waste of time", " You were a waste of my week and that's all you were, you don't even deserve a paycheck I might put your paycheck in the company bank account because you don't deserve it". (I was given one week as a brand new waitress…. to learn a menu, while also being a full time college student) Kudos Beef o bradys franchise for Class!

    The pay check I did receive, was not a payroll check, and did not meet minimum wage requirements per Florida state labor law statue. See Section 24, Article X of the State Constitution and Section 448.110, Florida Statutes. The Company hand written check that I received was $78.18 short for the hours I worked.

    I expect to have wage compensation for my hours worked to meet the minimum hourly wages required by the state of Florida per the statues, being 7.93 per hour due to the fact that I had not received tips during my employment period.

    A copy of the 2014 Statutes can be provided to you if they are not posted in your business as they are legally supposed to be.

    Contact from my attorney will be pending your response.

  • How does Beef's corporation protect waitstaff and other employees from being poorly treated and being taken advantage of by franchise owners? I've seen my daughter, who is a waitress, be left alone to close late at night by herself and/or been required to stay by herself after hours to degrease and scrub all the floors, for which she is still paid only $4.69 an hour. Waitstaff has been required to stay after hours to paint the restaurant and paid only $4.69 an hour. Also, frequently there is no manager on duty at night and waitstaff have no one to verify they did pay their cash outs at the end of the night so if some or all of the money goes missing before the owner collects it the next day, waitresses are required to cough up more money as they have no way to prove they paid it. Several people have access to the safe and the opportunity to take the money. In addition, employee security is not a concern as the surveillance cameras are never operational, and as I mentioned earlier, my daughter has been left alone late at night or maybe another girl with her. Where's the protection?

  • James
    What has happened to the Beefs in Stow Ohio.
    I hate to see your name put down because of 1 bar.

    Give me a private way to communicate to avoid problems.
    my email address –
    Please keep email address confidential.

    If you are busy forget about this and enjoy your boat. L.C.

  • less than great service. gratuity added to bill with "GRATUITY NOT INCLUDED" on bottom of check . . . I wonder how many poor souls fail to see the gratuity added to the bill, fortunate for us we saw the deception. won't be back.

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