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Beehive Homes Corporate Office Headquarters

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Beehive Homes Corporate Office Headquarters
Address: 1758 West 8th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6Y 1V6
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-604-733-7777
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-604-733-7777

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Please give me some idea of who, other than some who apparently are in the top 1% of revenue earners, your target market/customer would be. I have an elderly relative who is looking for an assisted living type facility who lives in the same county as your Leitchfield,KY location. If I am reading your recent price list correctly one of your residents pays in the neighborhood of over $8,000 for rent and a 'care' package monthly. I would bet money on the assumption that very few residents of Leitchfield/Grayson Co. even earn that much monthly working a full time job let alone being able to afford such a rate in the prime of their lives. How does your company justify such a monthly charge especially in a mostly rural area like Grayson Co. Kentucky? I don't see your company trying to do much of anything other than make an obscene profit off the backs of seniors and their families, also adding to the mix is your $50,000 franchise fee and 5% royalty that each franchise pays. Apparently your company seems to cater to only the extremely wealthly seniors unless I am missing something? Do you care to try and justify these extremely high rates that are completely out of reach for most residents of this rural town.

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