Bell Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Bell Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Bell Canada, Inc.
Head Office Address:
1000 Rue De La Gauchetiere Ouest Bureau 3700
Montreal, QC H3B 4Y7 Canada

  • I am just commenting on a Bell Canada employee named Braeden Winn who installed my computer September 2020. He was very helpful. There was a lot involved in getting my computer up and running that day, however, Braeden took the time to go the extra mile and see to it that my computer was working correctly. It is people like Braeden Winn who give Bell Canada a good name. R. Labow

  • I have been dealing with Bell for 6 months on the same issue – no resolution and phone still does not work – have spent hours on the phone with them – where do I escalate this to now>?
    I switched from Rogers to Bell last October and carried over my existing lan line number only to find out Rogers lan line customers can not call me!

  • I called the number as you requested on the bottom of this email – about increased charges which is fine
    but i have or supposed to have blocked data – and my bill seems to be escalating faster and faster – what the hell is wrong
    with bell – they are killing us. We are both seniors here on pension -we have two comptuers – internet – landline phone and cell phone
    and the cost is getting out of hand.
    You have the worst billing setup ever and i have been a customer for 65 years of my 80 year old life…

    the girl i spoke to was very nice – however she gave me a long long story as they also charged me for !5.00 long distance call that came in from Florida – friends called to wish us a merry christmas – they paid for their call and we have to pay for it here – absolutly insantiy
    and crooked as hell.

    I asked for the charged to be waved and they told me i have to call back next bill ing – i wont be in the country i am away for 3 mos for the winter starting next week – how will i know that goes through – why do i have to remind you as i am the customer and you have no customer service.
    Why do we still get people from other bloody countries who are very hard to understand – this is Canada for bloody sakes what kind of a country is this… we want to buy
    Canadian but we dont have the opportunity….

    We shall put our cell phone on hold for our vacation time and change are carriers when we come back -…

    I will also contact the CEO Executive office they at least seem to help us out.

    If you invested 4 billion dollars in Bell Mobile where did it go – it is not good for me as a senior
    it just cost me more to pay for your upgrades…I have a Bell Doro824 phone made for seniors
    and a tablet also – why is there not some sort of incentive or discount for seniors???? My computer is no faster unless i pay a fortune for it…. and who can afford it in Toronto ????

    Frank Deturse
    A/C # 103618913
    4001- 44 Charles St. W.
    Toronto M4Y 1R8
    416 966 4037
    —– Original Message —–
    From: Bell (on behalf of Bell Mobility)
    Sent: Thursday, December 27, 2018 2:23 PM
    Subject: Important Information about your Bell Mobility services

    Change to your wireless bill.
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    Important update: Change to your wireless bill.
    Account Number: 531943152

    Dear Frank,

    Last year, Bell invested more than $4 billion in our networks. Recently, Bell was the first wireless provider in Canada to successfully hit Gigabit LTE-Advanced speeds in testing. We have Canada’s fastest national network,* and it keeps getting better.

    As a result of increased speeds, functionality and capacity, average usage of our network has increased by over 25% in the past year. That increased demand, along with price increases from our suppliers, require us to change our rates for a small number of our products.

    To that end, starting on your February 2019 bill date for Mobility services, the following monthly rates will be increasing.
    Description Mobile number(s) affected
    Data Block feature will increase from $2/mo. to $2.50/mo. (416) 966-4037

    The rates for the Pay-Per-Use Flex data feature on your account will also change.

    Mobile number(s) affected: (416) 966-4037

    Current Pay-Per-Use Flex
    Data Rates New Pay-Per-Use Flex
    Data Rates
    0-50 MB $7.50 0-100 MB $10
    51-100 MB $15 101-200 MB $20
    101-500 MB $30 201-300 MB $30
    501-1000 MB $40 301-400 MB $40
    1001+ MB $0.05/MB 400+ MB $0.10/MB

    If you have any questions or if you wish to modify or cancel the impacted plan and/or feature as a result of these changes without penalty, please contact us at 1 800 667-0123.

    We appreciate your business and look forward to continue providing you with the best services and products available.

    Sébastien Lafond
    Vice President, Customer Service
    Bell Mobility
    *Based on a third-party score (Global Wireless

    • I just received a message from the same guy but he didn't have the guts to put his contact info with his name. They put the cost of extra minutes up by almost half but I am sure their cost didn't go up by half. Don't put your name on a message unless you give your contact info so customers can talk back to you and let you know what they think of the changes. We are all Bell slaves who they tell what is going to happen but we get no say.

  • Anonymous
    I'm so tired of dealing with Philippines they are RUDE don't LISTEN to the customer is telling them KEEP the JOBS in Ontario/Canada Also Bell is over Charging for some services such as call display I'm thinking of changing phone/internet services to another provided that is local no out of country

  • Wow. Customer reps blow you off…even their tone is arrogant and indifferent to the fact that multiple Bell screw ups are costing me MUCH business. So I thought I'd call the corporate number.
    "Not available" is what the recording said. Clearly this corporation doesn't care about their service. No wonder they fought so hard against Verizon entering the marketplace! Believe me, if there was ANY other provider in my area, I would NOT choose Bell!

  • Indeed they do not care about customers at all and I feel sorry for the people that work for customer service at Bell and for the people in the Billing Department too. Bell does not care who pays the bill, as long as it paid for. Even when you have transferred the account with the number (after selling a business) and you have not lived there anymore. The new owners even admitted in an email to Bell that they owned the property since that date, it does not matter Bell got their money and that is it!!
    Is it also not really sad (and saying a lot about the company at the same time) that you will never be able to meet with a person face to face?
    Doesn't it scream "FEAR"?

    This is so arrogant, even for a big company. "Hiding behind the phone!" Grow up people and face the facts, the facts that you do not want to know!

  • In Feb. I switched back to a blackberry after using an Iphone for 6 months with Rogers (family plan loaner phone from my daughter after my BB was stolen). I got a Z30. I wasn't all the that enthused by a great young man from BB walked me through the setup. At day 12 (2 days after the return date) there started to be issues..hours on the phone and 3 trips later the phone is still in the hads of the bell retail store – It was sent out for repair (battery issues – overheating and not holding charge) I ws supposed to pick it up this AM, but guess what! the battery wasn't charged anough to do anything with the phone. Could I please drive another 60km and come back later today or tomorrow and pick it up when they had it charged. It's been back from repair for over 24 hours and they couldn't even check to see if it was repaired.
    Bell you are a disgrace. Your customer service is becoming a joke. Please – I realize that the company is mammoth and you no longer need to care about your customers, it would be nice though if you actually tried to be helpful.

    • We bought a plan on a international phone at the Gilford Mall in Surrey, B.C.
      The service agent garanteed us that there would be only a $60.00 a month charge. He promised us that there would be no other charges. He said there would only be a $5.00 dollar, one time charge when we crossed the border. Bell charged us $700 in roaming fees with a bill that was sent to a text that does not work. We noticed the withdrawl on our bank account. The agent cancelled our account on Oct 1 and hung up on us! We got back to Bell and they said we owed more but that they would let this go. We just found today that they took $1500 out of our account completely without our knowledge, just stole it.
      Don't use this company!!!!!!!!!

  • bell call centers agents are horrible to deal with…..very rude hard to understand. spends hours on phone with the agent to get no where …. very very frustrated and annoyed customer

  • Please stop issuing three digit area code numbers to scammers who are located in foreign countries. A suggestion would be to devise a two digit area code that would not be mistaken for a legitimate caller that would be issued to them. They are getting numbers issued by you, and using them as legitimate, and the $20.00 charge cannot be removed from a persons bill because I am in the USA, and the call is considered "FOREIGN", and not reversible. You should be able to know where an incoming call from a foreign country is originating from?

    • We bought a $60.00 plan from the Gilford Mall in Surrey, B.C. for an international phone. We were garanteed up and down that there would be no extra charges, only a one-time $5.00 as we crossed the border. We asked the Bell service agent to repeat this information many times. Once in the States we noticed $700 out of our account for Bell. They said that they charged us for roaming fees. There was no bill. Aparently it was sent by text, but we don't use text on our phone because our plan did not cover texting! They said we owe more roaming charges, $1900 but that they would let this go. The phone was disconnected Oct 1, 2017. We just found over $1500 taken out of our account by Bell, no bill, no phone call, no text, no e-mail. They actually robbed us. We are trying to get our money back. Don't ever use this company!
      They are extremely dishonest and think nothing of robbing people who have much less than they do!

    • My comment does not need approval. It needs to be published so that people can be protected from being robbed by Bell.

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