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  1. The manager, Debbie, at Bellingham Ben Bridge has given us the run around before we even purchased my rings. The inconsistency and lack of trusting communication from Debbie, is not acceptable. I received my ring December 23, 2016. By February 1, 2017 my ring showed numerous indented marks and damage along the back band. The amount of dings and damage for having a desk job as a paralegal is unreal. I have worn rings all my life and I have never experienced such poor quality. Might I add this wasn't a cheap ring. Debbie has made plenty mistakes during our purchases and now today reports we need to send my ring out to locations including Hong Kong to be evaluated. Seriously? We purchased the care plan as well and honestly for owning the ring for less than 6 months everything should be through the Ben Bridge. I think at this time, we need assistance from the corporate office for resolution instead of getting no where with the manager, Debbie, at the Bellingham, WA location.
    I am able to send pictures.
    Please contact me to discuss my options as I am very frustrated.
    Thank you.

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