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  • Best Buy Corporate Office Phone Number

Best Buy Corporate Office Phone Number

How to Contact Best Buy Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Best Buy Corporate Office Address:

7601 Penn Avenue South
Richfield, MN 55423 USA

Best Buy Phone Numbers and Contact Information

Best Buy Corporate Phone Number: 1-612-291-1000

Corporate Fax Number: 1-612-292-4001

Customer Support Phone Number: 1-888-237-8289

Jobs: Online Job Listings

Corporate Email Help & Chat: Contact Page

Website: BestBuy.com

Corporate Stock Symbol: BBY on Google Finance

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Company Bio for Best Buy:

Best Buy is famous for its Retail Electronic Stores. Best Buy is the largest home electronics retailer in the USA. Best Buy’s main competitor is Amazon.com and HHGregg.

Best Buy’s toll-free customer care phone number is 1-888-237-8289. The company does encourage users to use its technical support system and help forums on its website.

Best Buy Corporate Office

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  1. I purchased a Flat Screen TV from Best Buy and paid the additional money to have the Geek Squad come out and set up the TV for my 82 yr old mother. Delivery was delayed a day….we had to find this out ourself, there was NO phone call from Best Buy…D. We were finally told delivery & setup would take place the following day….AGAIN, No show, No call…..The customer servive end from Geek Squad was impossible to contact, SO was the custer service at the Best Buy where I bought the TV…..I am going for a full refund tomorrow morning, I will never shop at Best Buy, or use the Geek Squad EVER again….As a business owner, I was going to update my office communication system, as well as purchase additional computers from Best Buy after the holidays…. As it turns out, I will be shopping at another store. Also, I submitted my experience to a local newspaper, alerting OTHERS to the horrible custer service on behalf of Best Buy and Geek Squad….NEVER again.

  2. I am one unsatisfied customer…. I purchased a 16 gn iPod touch 5th generation online and picked it up at best buy in vineland nj, when I was checking out and I asked the associate if it had a camera and the employee said no it doesn't the 16 gb doesn't have one at all, my 10 year old son wanted one with a camera, so I cancelled the product, I go home b/c I was livid and come to find out it has a front facing camera not a rear one. I was ok with the front facing one. I called bestbuy and the employees were very rude and told me I have to purchase a another one, it was the associates fault, so I purchased another one and it cost me more, I am sorry I don't have that kind of money and of course I have to wait for the money to get back on my credit care, it will take 24 to 48 hours. how come it gets taken out of my account right away but I have to wait for my money to return. I had to borrow the money, and I don t like doing that. something should of been done, it was there mistake. it shouldn't of cost me more. I will NEVER purchase anything from bestbuy ever again., WORD OF MOUTH GOES ALONG WAY.

  3. I purchased a 16 gb 5th generation iPod online from bestbuy, and I went on black Friday to pick it up I asked an associate if it has a camera and he said no it doesn't have a camera at all. well I didn't want it b/c my 10 year old son wants one with a camera, so I cancelled it . I come home and come to find out it has a front facing camera not the rear one, I just want a camera on it. I called back to best buy in vineland nj , and they were rude and said it was my mistake. I think not. the employees who work in an electronic store should know about the products, even just al little bit. and I have to wait for my money to get back on my card it will take 24 to 48 hours but when I make a purchase it is taken off right away, NOT RIGHT…. I had to make another purchase and it cost me more money, it should have been the same price or cheaper b/c it was there mistake, SOMETHIGN NEEDS TO BE DONE. WORD OF MOUTH GOES A LONG WAY. I will never purchase anything from bestbuy ever again. I am an unsatisfied customer….

  4. I decided to go and get a Samsung Galaxy 4s from the Best Buy in Mentor, Ohio today. The line was long but I was patient because it was Black Friday. The line was long because they were understaffed..not sure why you would be understaffed on the biggest shopping day of the year!! After waiting in line for 2.5 hours I was all set to get my phone but the computer showed a past due balance of $35. I was not too happy. The past due balance was an error on Verizon's part and I left the store and had them fix it. Not a happy camper at this moment. I contacted verizon, they fixed the error and I went back to Best Buy and stood in line for another 2 hours. Once again the error came up on their screen and I could not get the phone. I tried to talk to the manager but he didnt want to hear what i had to say and told me I had to contact Verizon. Talk about some bad customer support. After talking to the store manager he agreed to contact Verizon himself and get answers. He did and we resolved the issue. Still not happy on how the first department manager treated me but the store manager took care of everything.

  5. How greedy can Best Buy be, not to give there employees the day off for Thanksgiving! Guess it was only good enough for corporate to have the day off.

  6. Best buy is the worst place to shop around.If u bought something from best buy,try to use it right away before return dates are over and check is there any manufacture problems or not?.I bought dell laptop from bestbuy and because i have some other mobile devices and i didn't use it.I started using after 4 months of purchase,it is gone only after using for three days.Horrible!we sent back to best buy and they said they will fix it up. I don't know how they fixed it up,but on the same day that i received from repair center,i opened my laptop again and checked it out again and it is not working properly.We went back to best buy in boulder again and talk to one of the sales associates.They all were lying.First of all,they said it is my home network problems,after that they said it is window software problems.They behave like they all are right but only customers are wrong.They are so mean.The management team is so bad too.We paid 350$ for default computer.i will never shop best buy again.

  7. I cannot even begin to tell you how thoroughly upset and disappointed I am with your service. I would NEVER buy anything from Best Buy again. We called for service on our over the range microwave that is covered by Geek Squad service two weeks ago. Our appointment was for this morning. They said someone would be here between 8 and noon and someone would call first thing in the morning to give us a 2 hour window. When we did not receive a call, we called at 8:30 and were told they would be here between 10 and noon. We called at 12:30 and were told they were running late. At 2:30 we called and were told the tech said we were too far; yet, we live less than 2 miles from a store. We were NEVER called and told our appointment was cancelled. Being 4 days before Thanksgiving, the last thing I needed was to sit home and wait. I have 16 people coming for dinner and have NOTHING prepared. In addition, I do not have a working microwave. I am livid! When we made the appointment, we said we were only available on weekends because we work. My next day off is Thanksgiving. What is Best Buy going to do to rectify the situation and to get me a working microwave? In addition, what are they going to do to compensate me for 7 hours of waiting?

  8. KUDOS Best Buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know most post are about the bad experiences people have had But I want to say Thank You to the Best Buy store in JOPLIN Mo. I had a horrible experience with a National competitor and their sale. Long story short… They did not have a product in stock that was advertised and would not ensure that the product would be available to me. My JOPLIN Mo. store Price matched the product and saved Christmas! This was the only thing my 6 yr old Grandson has asked for and my store made it happen!!!!!!!!!!! JOPLIN Mo. store YOU ROCK! THANK YOU!

  9. 11/20/2013

    Best Buy

    I was in the Lafayette Indiana store yesterday to bring in a Kindle Fire that I am having tech issues with. It’s been freezing up and not connecting to the web properly. After having 3 people look at it and determine that yes there is an issue, the CSM Josh, came over and for the next 30 minutes was disrespectful and rude commenting that all I was there for was to get a free replacement and that I was just looking for the free upgrade because I know the store doesn’t have that model anymore. I informed Josh that I wasn’t aware of what models are available and that I have the 2 year service plan that covers replacement of my device. He was very rude and disrespectful, would snicker and smirk at my reply and made the entire process of going there uncomfortable. He was asking me questions totally unrelated to the fact that the device is not working properly, then would make unprofessional comments almost like I was in the wrong for bringing in the device. The fact of the matter is the device wasn’t working properly, 3 other employees looked at it and verified that, then Josh (CSM), went on a 30 minute tirade belittling me in while my children were standing just a few feet away. If that was my office administrator or wife who brought that in, they would have been running out of your store in tears with the way he was speaking.

    I have been shopping at Best Buy for years, not only for our office needs, but also for our family household. I couldn’t even begin to total up the amount of items that have been purchased over just the past 3 years including: copiers, ink, paper, office accessories, Ipad, 5 Kindle Fires for the office, 3 TV’s (home) , DVD player (home), Internet routers for home and office and gift cards for Birthdays and Christmas just to name a handful of items. I have never once been treated the way I was yesterday by Josh in all the years I’ve shopped at Best Buy. He has not only made me question the ethics of employees in his role as a ‘manager’ for your company, but wondering if Best Buy is really the place for us in the future for our company and family needs for products you carry, if this is the type of treatment people can expect when coming in with a product issue that has a 2 year warranty replacement. I look forward to hearing a response and I sincerely hope this is not typical of your company as a whole to treat your customers this way.

  10. Last week, I purchased a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro laptop from one of your stores. I have really enjoyed using the computer so far. While the yellow color issue that a few people have brought up in some of the user forums is noticeable, it is not enough to deter me from not wanting to own the laptop. It is an excellent laptop and well deserving of the praise that it has received thus far. However, tomorrow, I will be going back to Best Buy to return my yoga 2 pro to the store. No, I did not have problems with the machine. In fact, as soon as I return it, I will be finding another retailer to purchase one from. I have always gone to Best Buy to find electronics and gadgets. But as of today, you have officially lost my business. All of it. The Keurig I am going to buy my grandma for Christmas? I’m getting it from Costco. The stove that my mom is buying for her kitchen that she had picked out at Best Buy? Forget it. The keyboard I was planning on buying my brother? I’m going to a local music shop. The headphones I was looking at the other week in Best Buy? I’ll get them from Amazon. The fact of the matter is that I am sickened by a company who puts profits above employee wellbeing. Yes, I’m talking about the ridiculous decision to open stores- thereby forcing thousands of workers to miss precious time with their friends and families- on Thanksgiving Day. Really? My boyfriend and I spent the last year of our lives in Germany. We have been looking forward to a Thanksgiving holiday with our families for the past year. He works at Best Buy and is scheduled to work at 5pm on Thanksgiving. 5pm. Our dinner is planned for 4:30. Now, while I’m absolutely irate that MY Thanksgiving dinner is being ruined by a greedy corporation, I can’t even begin to tell you how furious I am when I think of this multiplied by the thousands- families torn apart on one of the few days of the year that is supposed to be designated to spending time with and giving thanks for loved ones.
    I am a business woman myself and understand the importance of profits. But more importantly, I know that to build a truly impressive cooperation who holds not only the business, but the respect of its customers, it takes more than greedily pressing for sales. You may be adding a few more sales to your book by forcing thousands of employees to miss a holiday- but know that you are quickly losing the respect and business of many people across the country. You have lost me as a customer for life. I will respect you as a corporation when you do the same to your employees.

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