BG Products Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

BG Products Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
BG Products, Inc.
Official Address:
740 South Wichita Street
Wichita, KS 67213 USA
Email: Online Form
Corporate Phone Number: 1-316-265-2686
Fax Number: 1-316-265-1082
Customer Service Number: 1-800-961-6228

  • I had the great misfortune to book two cruises out off Galveston. I also took out insurance on the second one. Due to medical problems I got from the first cruise I had to cancel the second one. I was notified buy the customer service that I would get 75%credit for a future cruise. Since I bought the second cruise and insurance with real money and not credit I expect to get real cash back and not credit with lots of restrictions on it. I also expect to get full value and not 75%. I WOULD STRONGLY RECOMMEND OTHERS TO CONSIDER ALTERNATE CRUISE LINES. IN THE FUTURE I WOULD NOT USE THIS CRUISE LINE.

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