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BGE Corporate Office Headquarters

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BGE Corporate Office Headquarters
Constellation Energy Group, Inc.
100 Constellation Way
Baltimore, MD  21202
Corporate Phone Number: 1-410-470-2800

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I am the one who vacated in Nov. 30th 2021 and BGE still want me to pay for a consumption I did not use. BGE is refusing to make my leasing office responsible even thought the leasing office asked BGE to bill them. I wrote as Anonymous originally. Hope you take my comment into consideration and look into the matter. Thanks!

On November 30th 2021, I moved out of an apartment without knowledge I needed to call to cancel service. I am thinking, I should be receiving at least one last bill. After paying my bill for the month of November, I get another bill for December for ~$484. Surprised by it since I was no longer in the apartment, I called BGE costumer service to let them know I moved and shouldn't be responsible for the bill. The agent then explained that I needed to call to cancel service for the account to go back to the apartment complex. She proceeded to cancel service and asked that I call back when I receive my last bill so that I can be given credit for the time I was not living in the apartment and only pay the one week I lived in the apartment from Nov. 24th – Nov.30th.
Once I received the bill and called, I was told that can't be done and I needed to dispute it through mbicase with ID and proof that I moved out on Nov.30th. Then an investigation will be completed within 30 days and I will be inform of the outcome. I emailed the necessary documents and within couple hours, Investigator Miles from BGE Rev. management Specialist sent me an email saying I was responsible for the bill regardless because I did not stop services. I went to the leasing office to explain the situation. The leasing office set up an appointment with me so we can call BGE together during which they explained to them that they have an account with BGE and BGE can just go ahead and bill them directly. BGE completely refused to bill the apartment complex and still wants me responsible for the entire bill. The leasing agent even explained to them they can't cut me a check because they have to have backup for the check and the bill did not come under their name. How difficult can it be for BGE to overwrite their system or split bill between 2 accounts. Investigator Miles most likely had an ulterior motive and wants me to pay for something I am not responsible for. The leasing office is even willing to give them something in writing if necessary to take responsibility and BGE still insist that I have to pay the bill. How crazy and unprofessional can it get? Your main goal is for you to get your money and the responsible parties don't mind paying your bill as long as you bill each responsible party correctly. But yet, you want to impose your bill on only one person who is only responsible for 1/3 of the bill. The leasing office already have an acct. with BGE and can't even understand why BGE doesn't want to bill them directly. How can you pick on customers like this and unwilling to work with them? I didn't cancel my service because I didn't know I needed to. People make mistake, but your refusal to settle this correctly after all proofs provided baffled me. I will not be paying for something I am not responsible for.

On March 8, 2021 a serviceman by the name of Cordero Allen was dispatched to my home. A young lady had a delivery that was left on the porch. As he was completing his call he noticed she was struggling to get the items up the steps. Mr. Cordero sprung into action and carried the item up to her apartment for her. She was ever so grateful. The young lady thanked him and offered to give him something monetary for his help. Mr. Cordero refused and said he was glad he was able to help. I thanked him also and wished blessing on him. Mr.Cordero Allen is a fine example of unity and commitment to customer service. Thank you Mr. Cordero Allen for your service! Please be sure to inform Mr. Cordero of this thank you comment.

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