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Big Boy Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Big Boy Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

4199 Marcy St.
Warren, MI 48091
Corporate Phone Number: 1-586-759-6000
Fax: 586-757-4737
Customer Service Number: 1-586-759-6000
Email:  comments@bigboy.com

  • I'm very disappointed at thr removal of Bobs Big Boy statues these were made by my Dad Bill Swan who got enfazema from making the statues and now they are being removed I'm Bills youngest daughter and I'm interested in a statue if they are going to be discarded.
    Lisa Smith

  • I think big is making a big mistake removing big boy is not the problem you do have to come up with more great meals first bring back the square brawny lad burger and the original broccoli soup and advertise more more sales you still have a lot of die hard I'm one my husband and I stopped last year do to those items being removed you're other foods are good also I'm 66 now I still love big boys but what I'm saying is true changing the name is not it look at I hop sit down and make a plan whoever you are listen to are going to cause you have to close you're doors forever and we don't want that and you don't want that so please rethink again thank you

  • Corporate
    This comment pertains to Bob's Big Boy on Granger Rd in Cleveland Ohio. I don't thing, taking out the salad and breakfast bar was a very cost effective idea. By removing the salad bar I see that business is way down. By this so called "cost effective move" YOU have completely lost the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday patron's. I think the bar needs to go back in to recover that lost income.
    I think corporate should look in to this. And I would say that this is also effecting Brookpark and W 130th Bob's also. I always thought that the idea of a good restaurant was to have great food, and make a lot of money.
    Thank you for your time.

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