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  1. I have lost most of my lifelong savings since you took over the Steak n Shake business. I hope you lose lots of sleep in the knowledge that you have depleted many hard working people's savings due to your devious ways of running an American company along the lines of a personal bank and swindling long term holders with your methods.

  2. Thanks Mr Biglari for manipulating the share price so that your long term shareholders have lost most of their savings although you have managed to do very well yourself. I am disgusted at the way you are ignoring shareholders and rewarding yourself.

  3. I’m contacting you here as not even your website is functioning properly today.

    This notice is in regard to a most horrible, inexcusable experience in your Clearwater, Florida Store: No 289, 18627 US 19. I live in Largo, 609 6th St, NE, Largo, Fl 33770-1530, ph:727 585 3065. My son lives in Tampa, across the Tampa Bay, an hour’s drive. He came over to bring me a Father’s Day gift and take me out to dinner. I’d advised him that I had not been to Steak and Shake in years, “we should go there!” I ordered a double burger, fries and strawberry shake, my son order fries, shake and a double burger and at lease 5 times expressed to Cheyenne that he did not want onions of any kind, but instead wanted green peppers.

    The waitress actually had the nerve to bring the burger with green peppers and onions and an explanation. She explained that somehow Steak and Shake only has mixed peppers and onions, and there was no way to get peppers only. She didn’t come back and tell us as the order was being prepared that my son’s adamant order wasn’t possible. Instead she brought us what Steak and Shake wanted us to have. Remember, this is our Father’s day dinner. After the waitress brought this order to the table, I was angry enough to throw it on the floor. I asked to speak to the manager, she came and reiterated what the waitress had already explained and said she would make another burger without the onions or the peppers. All this time we sat there, I, not wanting eat alone, watched the milk shake melt, and my burger and fries turn cold.

    Whe it was said and done, the waitress apologized for ……..well I’m not sure what she was apologizing for. We paid the $17 check, left a tip and got out of your business. Obvious I won’t be returning the that location. The poor excuse of a manager didn’t bother to offer complimentary fries or anything. The entire meal should have been free. Even though we are black, we did not have food stamps, were not loud, improperly dressed, nor rude. I’ve passed this location for years, finally making my commitment to an anticipated visit. Our dining options were endless. Thanks for the Fathers Day Memory, Steak & Shake.

    Steak ‘n Shake No: 289
    Order 311441 PTY: 2
    Name Cheyenn M 06/18/2016 8:40:45 PM
    Visa Ending: 1991

    Michael Blair
    609 6th St NE
    Largo, Fl. 33770-1530
    727 585 3065

  4. Big mistake… How much free things to you give to America… It is ok for the left to want free everything.. You need to provide what ever they want…

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