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Fax Number: 1-508-651-6114

Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-257-2582

  • blue pallets mosty and red have been taken out of balto by the truck loads for the last few years at cowan , by a man with draids in a red truck, not a cowan . and murchindce taken while unloading your trailers wow , i just wish i didnt have to see it. im working here so dont want to get in trouble with the law when you all finally catch on

  • We go to the bjs on rt 37 in toms river nj. My husband goes every friday after work. He tries to get a 5 gallon water for our water tank. Ever week they tell him we have it but can't get it down. We will but it aside for you and you can come get it tomorrow, guess what they never but it aside. I sick of it, we pay a lot of money for our membership. and spend a lot of money in there ever Friday and they can't even have enough water on the floor or put it aside like they said they would. Thank for nothing.

  • How is it that you dare to assume the "corporate responsibility" to limit consumer access to products made well and legally in America while selling so much merchandise from China? China has long used slave labor to produce cheaper items, often of inferior quality. I do not look to corporations for my salvation. If you do not resume your business relationship with the MyPillow company, I will end my relationship with yours.

  • you have decided to Silence the My Pillow business. Therefore, I will terminate my BJ membership in Florida and renew my Sam's CLub and Costco ,memberships rather than spend one more dollar at your business. I will also terminate my business employees membership. WELCOME TO THE CANCEL CULTURE. Offend 505 of your potential members.

    Jim Clearwater Florida

  • I've been a Sam's Club member for 20 years. I had always heard bad things about BJ's, but I thought I would see for myself. OMG. They were right. I made an online order on 12/17 for a Christmas gift. I paid extra money for 2 day shipping. BJ's took my money. THEN, I get a notice that it will not get there before 12/25. So I call. The rep knew nothing and claimed he couldn't check on anything. I asked for the manager. No one ever came back to the phone. So then I find the "cancel" button. I immediately get an email from BJ's saying they cannot do it if it shipped. Said they will investigate and get back with me. That was all done at 4pm. I wake up the next day to an email from BJ's. Stating, "Sorry, you can't cancel, it shipped". They give a tracking #. I thought, "finally". Nope…it leads me to USPS who says they merely received a shipping label at 11 pm that night. 7 hours after I requested to cancel. Even now, USPS is still waiting for the actual package to ship. BJ's lied to me. Even took extra money for expedited shipping. The package was supposed to be here today. They ruined the Christmas gift for the person this was for. Now I have to scurry and try and find something else. Really do not have the money. I will be going back to Sam's also. BJ blew it with me. You got me once, but never again. Bad reputation BJ's.

  • I'm a new customer 62 yr old handicap woman. Placed an online order for pick up at 11:17 am Vooheers NJ. 3 hrs later at 3:15 pm customer service said the order they have no order. Gave him email no now I had to give this no 4 more times. Asked him to call and find out what happened. After him looking it up and telling me I cancelled it. By who I wanted to know! Customer service was horrible, store manager or at least the person who claims to be was a young person without a concern or care. Order was payed through pay pal. Manager said she couldn't just give me a chart of groceries and repeated the same thing after me telling her the order was paid for. The young incompetent male I asked to call and find out who canceled the order didn't and left, just as the manager did for the day. Using in house mobile device I proceeded shopping for the online order. Pulling chart with mobile that eventually died. Told attendant hoping she would bring me another while waiting in line in pain. From 12:30 pm till from 5:30 pm at BJ's trying to shop with my handicap's. It was 7 pm before I reached home after 2 trips to the van packing groceries. Placed another online order another day got same young man still difficult behavior. Giving him the order no and noticed he wasn't writing it. Same as he done on previous encounters. This time he states I just started giving him no. When I asked him if he was writing the no down. I just looked at this crazy young man. You asked me could you help me? I said pick up order and proceeded with the no. This my third dealings with him. Each time he asks for order no. Also needed to make exchange for 2 items one of which picker put wrong item in chart. And a bad bunch of garlic asked him could he get someone to exchange. His attitude was just annoying and unbelievable so I took my chart with stuff you only could purchase in the store and pulled it to put the mobile device back. Now waiting for manager for exchange. Longest process ever why because this is the incompetence of the staff hired at BJ's. Never exchanged garlic for $2.99
    or refunded. So said especially at this horrible state of our nation. And believe me there's more to this story!

  • Are prices to be consistent across BJs locations? I buy Skinny Pop Popcorn at $4.99 and sometimes $5.49 at Green Acres and in Queens. But, I paid $6.99 at Levitown location. How is that ok?

  • This is horrible, I can see now why I can't get this simple problem resolved these people at BJ's customer care are not there to HELP, they are there only to pacify you, so you will think they actually want to help. They can't be this incompetent with all your information in front of them, BYE-BYE, HELLO COSTCO.

  • Went to the bj's in Middletown RI to purchase a computer. No one around to help till I started connecting the computer myself. An associate asked another associate if he was busy and his reply was Yeh drinking get my coffee. He finished connecting it and walked off. I went to service desk and said I needed help her reply was nobody over there. I waited another 15 mim. Still no one. I went to manager and told her I never in my life seen a store run like this. Told her I wanted to see how the computer screen looked she said I don't think we can do that .???? Went to best buy and they showed me everything that I needed to know. Is bj'so doing that good that it could afford to loose a 500 dollar sale. Look out RI another store going to close if you don't have better customer service. Look at all the bad reviews. I did not choose to be annoymous.

  • Went to the BJ's in Westbury today and some man was loading his cart with the mums that were outside on carts. I went inside and told the lady at the door and she called for someone to come. After shopping a asked if they were able to catch the man and the lady said….I spoke to the Manager and she said there is nothing we can do. So now everyone can go to BJ's and get free flowers that are on the carts outside. This is why the world is in the mess that it is in.

  • bjs online is a scam and i purchased $2200.00 of emergency meals and never got them. i called and get a constant run around of where the items are and the screw up was bad tracking numbers from a year earlier and wrong state…..BJS IS A HUGE COMPANY AND WITH TODAYS ELECTRONICS AND MONITERING THIS SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN……STILL NO PRODUCT….BEWARE"

  • Tonight I was picking my daughter up from work, as she was walking out (FRED HARTMAN) general manger at club 054 stopped her and Instead of him coming to her respectful and asking her question with respect he was very DISRESPECTFUL and RUDE. My daughter told him she clocked out already and her ride was outside waiting on her, he told her he didn't care with an attitude. She told him if he wanted her to stay then he need to talk to me since I was outside and it was 10:20 pm and tells my daughter he don't talk to parents and he don't care. He continue yells at her until my other daughter got out the car went to the front door to yell and tell her I was waiting outside. He got mad threw his hands up and told her to get off his face. This man is very disrespectful and it's disgusting. I don't care who you are no one deserve to be treated by nobody especially when someone works for you. She not a dog or a crap on the bottom of someone shoe, she's a human being and she deserve respect just like him. I'm BEYOND ANGRY and pissed. I'm writing this because if I come to him it's not going to be nice.


  • The one in Easton MD has a big problem with the people who word there not having a professional attitude and manners. If they don't change the store will close because the people who shop there are intelligent and monied people who wont put up with it regardless of the prices.

  • The Bangor Maine BJ's club Management has been consistently rude with it's employee's (More so in front of customers), employees have been written up several times based on fabrications or instances that were not policy or procedures W/No proof of their claims as well as a very unorganized work environment. If your making people pay for a membership, make sure it's worth it!

  • I have been trying to reach corporate but no answer through emails or calls. So with that being said I will keep trying to reach them but want you to know.You really need to do something about these so called manager's you put in stores. Do you train them? I will not be going to the Franklin store any more due to a Manager named Jay. He has no clue or idea what he is doing as a manager. I have been in that store for the holidays and I have seen him yelling at his employee's in front of customers. Not professional. And it was a different employee the other 2 times. I witnessed a rude customer yelling at a customer service employee. I was next in line and felt bad for the girl. She did apologize to the irate customer but because she had turned around with a return the customer said something to her but she did not turn around. She did apologize but that was not enough for this customer. When I went to the counter I said sorry Kayla, all customers are not like that. She smiled said it's ok I really didn't hear him, I did apologize. I said you should be home you look under the weather.She told me she had no sick days and her ears were blocked due to beging sick.Plus she is particularly deaf. As she finished her statement a Manger named Jay came up to the service desk having a fit on this poor girl and threatening her about her job. Never asked her what happen or anything. Yes I know customer is always right but we all know that is not true. This is not the first time is have seen Jay do this. Very sad that he is allowed to do this to his employee's. No one should be threatened at their jobs when nothing she did was wrong. Is this how your company treats diabled people.Shame on you.Jay either needs anger management or a course in being a manager. I think he needs both and maybe a lesson on how to treat people nicer. But he is not fit for this job. One of the worst Mangers I have ever seen

  • Bought a Samsung TV in Albany N.Y. store with IN-Club Clipless coupon. We get charged NY sales tax on full list price of TV. Purchase price of TV is $550 off list price. Called NY State Tax office and they said BJs must be being reimbursed by manufacturer. This is not advertised as a REBATE. Flyer says INCLUB Clipless COUPON. If advertised as a rebate then I can understand this as rebate comes directly from manufacturer but to advertise as a sale IN CLUB Coupon is at the least misleading if not false advertising even though there is small print to explain the * next to INCLUB Clipless coupon . Searched for TV at Walmart and found one almost identical to one I bought and there is no coupon or rebate involved for approximately same price. Will bring this up to my legislator. If we have to pay sales tax on money that we never laid out to purchase an item then BJs should be paying taxes on the "Virtual Profit " they just made on the sale since they collected sales tax on my Virtual Price that I DIDN't pay. If you respond to this comment then I will send one with my Email so you can try to expalin it to me

  • is anyone at BJ's doing comparison price shopping? In Plymouth Ma you have a Market Basket right down the street. In Hudson,Ma you have a Market Basket in the same plaza. Your sale prices are now regularly beat by other supermarkets. I know you are and have been foreign owned for some time now….but someone here should be doing price checking. You may contact me via this page or on my email….if contacted I will leave my email…I like Bj's and am sorry to see you losing to competitors through being uninformed or failing to do basic price checking.

  • We just delivered a shipment to your Burlington, NJ distribution center. Our appointment time was 3:00pm. They made my 62yr. old driver unload and re-stack pallets of boxes of jeans for 3hrs. with another 60yr. old man while young kids stood on the dock and laughed at them. My driver just got out of there at 6:56pm after he was told by a woman named IRIS and her manager and some hispanic girl that was suppose to be marking off inventory that he would have to restack more pallets for them or wait until midnight when they would get to it. Meanwhile, the shipper would not let my driver in my trailer while they loaded it in NC and was responsible for loading. They never mentioned that he could have hired a lumper until my driver refused to restack a second time. My driver isn't YOUR LABOR! I called to discuss the event and I was hung up on by IRIS'S MANAGER. THAT GIRL, IRIS, HER MANAGER AND THE LAZY ASS THAT THOUGHT MY DRIVER WAS GOING TO DO HER WORK SHOULD ALL BE FIRED! I will never haul for BJs again….

  • I was in Bj yesterday in Brooklyn I spend close to $400 wanted to use my debit card and twice it said not authorized I went to the ATM and took $400 out they charged me $4 and the money was there the cashier did something wrong they refused to reimburse me the atm fee plus what my bank charges me. I tried to call the Coaporate Office I was on the phone over 1HR nothing today I will call The BBB.

  • July 22, 2016
    Being a customer since the Franklin Ma store opened…I was recently offered by mail, a 20% off membership if I renewed my membership. I brought it to the store and they could not honor it? I came home and called customer service. They said the offer ended in June. Funny I just got the offer. Oh it just ended? I was then told. After going back and forth I was told to drive back to the store and ask the manager to see if they could honor it? WHY would I do this? Is this Customer Care?

    I then sent an email to customer care on the BJ's store site. It took me 1230 characters. I was rejected and erased? because I was over the 1000. Where does it say 1000 characters or less? There was no character counter, WHY? Technology wise this feels like the company is years behind. There are to many "non memberships" with one day delivery than to be running around trying to solve BJ's renewal program.. Common sense is not common. Why so many different Offers? Not honored? Offer One membership price, offer the customers who spend the most a discounted price. OH! Like a rewards program.

  • How can I contact a manager or someone responsible who runs the BJS in Brooklyn, New York-Gateway Mall. We ordered a customized cake for my husband's 40th Birthday. When he went to pick it up on Saturday, after a two hr wait, he was told no cake was on file for him. Even though my husband had a receipt. He wasn't accommodated or given another cake. If he wanted he could have picked a plain cake and then get on another long line to pay for it. His birthday was ruined by this.

    • Bjs doesn't care I'm sorry to tell you but they do not care and neither does corporate. I was just hired to work at a Bj's for the summer and as someone who has had many jobs before i was completely shocked at how unprofessional everyone was and how rude and nasty our employees and managers treated our customers. I am trying to stick it out because i need the money right now but once summer is over i will never work for or be a customer for this establishment again

  • Manager Gene Strebel from E. Setauket NY is the WORST. I am from an outside company. He is very rude , unworkable and unaccommodating. He is not a people person. WHY IS HE THE GM OF THIS STORE??? He is too busy sitting his lazy old ass in his office doing NOTHING.

  • I did not have a good interview today I am not happy with Spencer the host manager the one who works at Eugene Oregon. I am emotional and hurt by my feelings. This guy needs a lesson to be taught. And let go of the company he wasn't really watching me today in the interview put kept watching the tv ESPN sports channel. If you are going to interview someone don't watch the tv and then interview the person and then say we don't have a job for you sorry. Then he talks about it with the other manager that isn't good. Steven B BJ's restaurant in Eugene Oregon today.

  • I have always shopped at BJ's for years. I was offered a job through a out sourcing company ( Advantage Sales and Marketing ) I was hired and introduced to the team manager for ASM. Things seemed to be ok for awhile, until I realized this person Sal Marino had no Idea what he was doing. I knew this because I took and mastered the online training course, which covered in detail all the do's and dont's of company policy. I witnessed violations of other demo reps every time I worked. Every time I brought these violations to his attention nothing was ever said to these individuals and nothing was ever done about it, which I felt was unsafe for customers/members tasting these samples. On the morning of January 16, 2016 my life was threatened because once again I found a open package of hot sauce that should not have been left in the cart. This manager Sal Marino was frequently in very bad moods all the time because he did not like his job and further more very bad at it. When I brought it to his attention, he yelled at me, came over, told me to mind my own business and get out there and demo my product I was assigned. He came over to me , grabbed the open package of hot sauce out of my hand and threw it very hard against the ovens and microwaves. I told him that he was acting very immature and that was an awful way to start off my morning. He came and got right in my face and said to me and I quote, Listen mother fuc*er don't fuc*k with me or I will fuc*k you up and lay you out and you will not be able to get up of the ground. He said that if I didn't like it then go the fu**k home. Having high blood pressure, I was very rattled and shaking, so I reported this to the store general manager ( Jim Ferns ) and directed me to call human resources. I did this after I went to my doctors because I was very concerned over my health at this moment and I cold not stop my Panic attacks. After an investigation was done Sal Marino was fired and I was eventually notified that I was being terminated for no apparent reason at all. I did nothing wrong. Because of my great personality and my 25 plus years of sales experience I was offered a job with Summit Retail Solutions. I had three interviews and was very successful with all three. I was hired by Summit Retail Solutions and started training right away. I spent two weeks of driving to Ithica NY for training and did very well. I was immediately promoted to a jr. brand representative, given a raise and had my own solo road show back at the East Syracuse NY location store # 45 for 2/4/2016 — 2/7/2016. On 2/9/2016 I was contacted by Michele Glassman, head of human resources which told me she received a call from Bj's that requested that I am not welcome to work in any of their clubs with absolutely no reason given. I was complemented by superiors as well as many others on what a great job I have done on My first week alone bringing in over $3,300.00.I contacted Bj's corporate headquarters and yet to be called back. I feel not only do I feel I deserve a reason for this action but I worked for three weeks at Bj's clubs without a problem, but as soon as I returned to the Bj's store #45 to do my job where my life was threatened , I was all of a sudden asked not to work in any Bj's club wit no explanation. Not only am I out of work now but my record tarnished for doing nothing wrong but just the opposite, I followed the rules that I was trained on. I feel that I should be reinstated and allowed to continue to work for Summit Retail Solutions in Bj's club They expressed their unfortunate news they had to share with me about having to terminate me because Bj's does not want to allow me in their clubs to work and make them money for no legitimate reason. I feel I was unfairly treated for following all the rules, getting threatened by someone that has been fired and deserve to be allowed to be able to work for Summit Retail Solutions in Bj's clubs. I would reall appreciate any support on this matter. Thank You Very Much.

    • Hostile and threatening environment and retaliation. Keep your notes and see an employee lawyer. Report them to labor board- state and federal

  • WOW….I wonder if any of the comments above are from anyone that has ever worked in a retail store…or…maybe held a job as a waiter or a waitress….just asking….don't you have any positive experiences ? Just negative I guess…that's very sad..

  • While doing a favor for out daughters school. They asked us if we could get them a pallet of water from BJs for their charity event. We have a pick up so we said yes of course. We are not members of Bjs but se have a free trial offer abd we always wanted to try it. We bought our groceries. The quality is different than Costco but we felt it was pretty close to the products at publix abd cheaper. We were considering until. We ordered the pallets and after paying the General Manager said they could not load it on our pick up. We called corporate. We were returned the pallet and ended up at Costco. Where shopping is a pleasure. Not only is the quality better at Costco. The pallet of water cost 15.00 less. The General Manager David Caillier should be a busboy. This career is not suitable for him. Customer leaves unhappy. And loses business. He should be fired and hired somewhere where he has no contact with customer needs.

  • AAAAMAZING how many rude employees work for this company in the store and at the loading dock. They are all as miserable people who want a pay check but not work for it. They yell/scream in the loading dock if any drivers comes to deliver.They don't want to unload anything. This company really doesn't care about customer service.They don't realize the kind of employees they have especially in Jersey City or they do and just don't care. Someone from corporate should make an "unanounce" appearances and go to the loading dock as a truck driver with a delivery and as a customer. YOU WILL NOT BE SURPRISED ON THE EXTREME RUDENESS of some employees reported by customers and yet these employees are still there.

  • The female manager at the boynton beach store is a female gestapo wannabe. More employees have quit because of her than any reason. She talks down to her employees. One nice young man got yelled at by her in the parking lot because I asked him for help in loading a big tv into my car. She was so nasty & the young man told me 90 percent of the employees hate her

  • This employees Shawn Fox that works at the Gateway location in Brooklyn, NY was very rude and disrespectful. He started yelling at me because I left my 20yr old daughter on the line while I took my 5yr old to the bathroom and another customer tried the skip her while he was cursing foul language to her. When I returned from the bathroom the other customer lied and said we skipped him when I defended myself verbally he yelled at me saying I should no longer shop at bjs there is a Costco down the road. He also told me to go to customer service for a refund of my membership because I am not welcome to shop there. I will gladly cancel my membership and call my lawyer. Unprofessional and ignorant person he is.

  • Cutler Bay, Florida, BJ's. I never had a problem with returns or customer service; true they are swamped and busy almost all the time but I give them an 11 on a 1-10 scale. AND? My husband has worked on their coffee grinder in store and has never failed to be paid for his invoice.

  • The assistant manager in Rochester, Darren profiled me as I walked through the door. I am not a criminal and have 2 degrees a bachelors and a masters. I tried to ask him why would he send an employee to follow me. He refused to answer it. Customer care did not return any calls emails or anything. If you are reading this and are in the Rochester area, DO NOT GO TO HENRIETTA BJ'S

    • had a similar experience at the Henrietta store regarding gasoline. We were accused of driving off without paying. After reviewing the video surveillance, the manager saw that we did in fact pay and apologized. Too little, too late. Henrietta's treatment of customers is completely unacceptable.

  • I wonder if the Corporate office reads any of these.
    I was in the Langhorne PA store. After pushing a flatbed full of food I was buying for Charity I approached the checkout and left everything on the flatbed. The cashier said I had to put my items on the checkout counter. I asked why he could not use the wand since the last time I was in there that is exactly what the young woman did without me having to put anything on the belt of the counter. He reiterated again I had to put it up on the counter. He was belligerent so I said I would just leave everything there so he started to throw things up on the counter I told him he didn't have to be nasty. He said he wasn't. I went and reported him afterwards but I was told their policy was that things do not get scanned on the bed. Now everything I had was in plain site. If these cashiers can not scan things and move them one by one what do they have flatbeds for. I have contacted the store general manager since he is not in today. I worked years as a Manager for Customer support on computer services to include networking systems, PC's, software upgrades and a help desk. I stressed that the customer is always right even if they are wrong and they always had to use me as a back up if there were any major problems. Of course they were but I solved them in a way that no one else could.
    Had this young man worked for me he would have been fired on the spot period. A letter to Corporate after the Manager's call will be the next step along with a complaint to consumer services should they refuse to be more forthcoming with an apology and removal of the employee. They would be smart because if this happens once it will happen again.

  • I know a few of the employees at the new Brooklyn location in Coney Island. They are plain rude, steal time by clocking one another in when running late and pretend they are working when customers approach them. The management is no where to be found and I was told by one of the employees that one of the managers only hires women and no men.

  • I work at club 199 in florida. And I agree with all the arguments you guys are throwing out. The managers are a complete joke. They have the store running out of control. And lack management skills. But as an employee I will try and give the best customer service I can give you. No questions asked

  • I purchased a TV from this store. When I got home I discovered it was a used TV because a Neltflix account was set up on it already. The picture was ok. A week later the price dropped $20, but rather than take it back, I kept it since it was already mounted on a wall mount. A few months later the Ethernet port failed and I could not longer access my Netflix account. I next tried to use it as a Computer Monitor and that does not work either. Perhaps this is why it was returned earlier. I went in to the store to ask for a copy of my receipt because I lost it and wanted a copy for the extended warranty paperwork. After waiting 45 minutes and still they could not produce it, I was told just to bring it in and they would replace it. I had to go out of town on an emergency and when I returned I brought it to the store and was told I had to go through a warranty replacement. I hoped this would not be too difficult. While waiting for the paperwork, I did some food shopping. I could not leave without my card. I did get a copy of the sale receipt (finally) and the warranty plan, however, when I approached the cashier, he immediately removed my TV, even though I told him is was mine–not even in a box, and failed to return it when I left. I did not realize until I got home that I didn't have it. I made numerous phone calls, and got treated quite rudely but the store manager and put off and delayed time and again. I wanted it back for a trip I was taking the next days, since the picture still worked for BlueRay and broadcast TV. Finally they told me I left with it, which is a lie. They say they saw it on video but would not allow me to see it. I asked for a photo of an image showing it and was told the quality was so poor you could not make it out. WTF? They acted like I stole the TV, when I didn't. I had a receipt for it on me.

    I called to get the name of the general manager and regional manager and they refused to give me this information. I was given the address and telephone number of the store–which I already knew, and a corporate number that requires a known extension to reach anyone. It is effectively impossible to complain about how I was treated.

    I was screwed over five times on this one transaction. I was sold a used TV. The price dropped a week after I bought it, they could not provide me with a copy of the receipt when I stopped in for it, instead I was promised a free replacement, when I brought the TV it, they eventually produced a copy of the receipt and told me it was too late for a replacement, and finally they stole my TV right off my cart when I brought it in as requested.

    What I expected.
    1. A new TV
    2. Price protection without having to bring the whole TV back in.
    3. A replacement when it was offered to me after waiting 45 minutes.
    4. A copy of the receipt.
    5. To be able to leave with, if not a new TV, as least my old one.

    What I got.
    1. A receipt for a TV they kept
    2. High Blood Pressure and danger of a stroke.
    3. One whole day and two trips to the store wasted.
    4. A rude manager.
    5. Being lied to by several store employees.

    What you may get–if you buy a TV, is it is probably refurbished and not new.

    On a separate subject. The parking lot shakes when cars drive on it. It feels like it could collapse at any moment.

  • Just caled Bj's "customer care" a complete joke. .all I got was a liar using a fake name "Daneisha" certainly was not and would have received better service if it had been, all she did was defend having poor deli managers & stock clerks who keep old produce and meat on the shelves. .guess its worth all those tax write offs to hire brainless slobs. .hope its worth losing a large bulk of your consumers. .soon you'll be like Papa Johns having to make "comeback" commercials and pleas for "hey give us another chance". We're done paying for crappy service!

  • BJ's does not put the expiration date on their membership card, so you have no way of knowing when it has expired until you load all your stuff on the belt and get in line to pay. Then they tell you that it has expired. I wasn't able to renew at that moment because payday wasn't until the next Friday. The rude checker said well then they will charge me a 15% surcharge – which on my $100 purchase was $15.00! I complained to the store manager that they will give strangers a free one-day pass, but won't extend the same thing to long time members. I will NEVER spend another dime in that store. There are just too many other places to spend my money.

  • anybody know who their chief counsel is? wife was slandered in their yorktown heights store last week and am still waiting to hear from their regional manager.

    • You don't need to know that if you're filing suit. Just file and serve it on BJ's as required by your state's laws. Their counsel will get it.

  • Team Member of 132. After years of working in this store new management is trying to push people out of the store that have been given them nothing but good service. As a result their customer service is still going to continue to go down.

  • I'm surprised at the comments I am reading about BJ's on this page. I've been shopping at BJ's in Wappingers Falls for almost 3 years and have never had a problem. They've been courteous and professional and when I have had a problem with merchandise they have taken it back. I don't go to Sam's Club because they are the ones I find totally rude and unprofessional not to mention their food is the worst. I love BJ's meat department, especially the chicken I buy. I wouldn't eat any chicken from Sam's Club. It is absolutely slimy. I once bought chop meat there which was supposed to be 85% fat free. It was nothing but grease and my hamburgers shrunk to nothing.

  • Fishkill NY Store has some very nice employees. Amy in the Backery is not one of them. Unbelievable rude to me as well as the people that work around her. FIRE this woman.

  • Rude, rude , rude employees, they don't know what they are selling even the managers. Zero customer service they just don't care. I am going to cut my membership card, I don't want to pay to people who don't treat me as a human being. No professionalism, no knowledge, no human behavior. I am disgusted!!! BJs in Massachusetts are terrible!

  • boynton bch fla store sucks!!! no help, rude employees especially optical..,
    once membership ends back 2 costco

  • I have an issue with contaminated gas from BJ"s. Has anyone experienced this recently and were you sucessful with getting BJ's to assist with repairs to your car?

  • TV-Vizio- 47" HDTV caught fire–have replacement policy–BJ's diagnosed the problem by phone all it needs is a part–
    has melted plastic on the back panel but that's okay they are replaceing the part–NEVER, NEVER, NEVER buy anything from BJ's—We are screwed–out over $600 not counting the cost of the replacement policy. They even told me that it is impossible for a TV to catch fire!!! We are only 10 miles from SAMS and that is where we will be going. BJ's is a scam when it come to their extended coverage.

  • I went through their travel dept. was supposed to get $20.00 rebate. Never got it. and ya'll are right, they shuffle you around. after numerous phone calls, I have gotten no where. am ready to let this membership go. I have costco and sams in the same neighborhood.

  • This place is a joke do not buy from thses people they will rip you off they are rude and most unprofessional never delt with such rude managers

  • I received a flier with coupons, but this stupid thing had no address for a BJ's close to our neighborhood. How dumb do you have to be to omit an address on a flier that probably cost a lot of money!!!!!

  • The manager of the BJ store at Wappingers Fall, NY almost physically threatened me with violence, since my cart was 2 inch out of their "red line" where they check their receipts. I don't have to show them any receipt anyway, since I paid for the goods. But I was ready to show it but he would not check it unless i pull the trolley back to the place where he wanted it.

    Seriously I don't need this cheap BJ. They can go to hell. I regret going to that store. The complaint to their corporate HQ went nowhere. I don't expect much from its HQ, which is probably managed by bunch of clueless managers educated in third rate colleges.

    • Since my experience is that all 3 of the "wholesale/member type clubs" is that they check your receipt against your cart when you exit, and your position is "I don't have to show them any receipt anyway, since I paid for the goods.", I assume you were being an ass le, and any response you received was justified, similar to the person that contended that she didn't have to show her ID at the entrance to the building I work in, because she worked there, and complained that she received resistance from the person who was assigned there for that reason and obviously didn't know who she was.

    • I have been looking for one too. It's like they don't want you to reach them. I have spent over 1/2 hr. today, calling 4 different numbers to talk to someone that "didn't have a clue", no supervisor for me to talk to, but they will have someone contact me in 3 -5 business days. We'll see if that happens. I am about over them.

  • Bjs is terrible they "bounce"" you around till you give up BUT NOT me I will continue until I speak to Lauren Sen !!!

    • don't feel bad I went to bjs 5 years ago bought 80k Michelin tires along with a road hazard warranty lifetime and they wont honor it they are telling me its only 3 years then it expires after they tell you lifetime and then the tires have at least 60k left they said the tires warranty ends after 6 years never heard such a thing this was in the bjs club ib south Attleboro Mass and tir guys name was Rich

    • I AM a loyal customer of BJ's or should i say WAS…..after my membership is up thats it for me!! i ordered a 60 inch TV in May and never received it…spoke to two customer service people telling me its on its way…nothing!! and they said they will follow up with an email nope called again last week..this customer service co told me that it was never in stock and they still charged me!!! i called corpororate….lol what a joke….connected to who knows….left name and phone number contacted bank after….you people have NERVE holding my money for almost 3 months!! especially in these hard times!!! reporting to to my atty generals office too!!! shame on BJ"S!!!

      never again would i order anything!!!


  • One last time before I pass this account on to the lawyers. Would someone at BJ's please have the courtesy to respond to our 10 e-mail attempts at collecting a debt? We have been very patient in our attempt to get paid for services that have already been provided and approved. I am not looking for an explanation of your most unprofessional, downright rude behavior, I just want to be paid for the services we were contracted to perform.

    Your former Commercial Landscape Service Provider
    Richmond, Virginia

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