Blackberry Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Blackberry Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
295 Phillip Street
Waterloo, Ontario N2L 3W8 Canada
Corporate Phone Number: 1-519-888-7465
Fax Number: 1-519-888-7884
Customer Service Number: 1-519-888-7465

  • Hi I bought a BB Priv online Dubai and its overheating and when contacted the local authorized service provider they said its not covered under warranty here since purchased from Dubai. Don't you have an international warranty arrangement. Sreehari, Kochi, Kerala India.

  • blackberry customer service is the worst ever!!!they don't help you first, finding there number is impossible, then you cant hear them, and then they hang up on you. and they then need you to register and get a pin I had my playbook for 2 years there is no need to register… customer service make me sooo disgusted!!! I will never ever buy another blackberry item ever and I will tell other people too oh and then the jackass tells me I have to pay 50.00 to answer my question!!!!what is that true. anyhow if I don't get someone to help with my playbook a human not a computer I will tell people not to buy anymore blackberry items!!!!! a very disgusted customer its been 1 month

  • I need help. Do you have staff named Arch Stanton at Blackberry Promotion UK? He wrote to me before through my email and said my email was selected to win ONE MILLION POUNDSTERLING. Is that true? Or Fraud? Because i have paid USD.11,000 for that for his agent name William Palmer. Help me. Thank you.

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