Body Central Corporate Office Headquarters

Body Central Corporate Office Headquarters
6225 Powers Avenue
Jacksonville, FL 32217 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-904-737-0811
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-800-741-9696
Sales: 1-800-746-1044

  • Im a sales employee and the website isnt working for me only my managers got their w2 to print. None of us have gotten any w2 in the mail at all. Im being patient yet this is frustrating.

  • I was wondering former employee of BC. Trying to access my w2 information with information given above but it won't work

    • I tried this information and it told me my account is disabled and to contact the administrator. I wouldn't have a clue to knowing who that is though!

  • I tried accessing the link given above to get my W-2… I keep getting a error, incorrect login credentials…. Is this website still active and is the login info correct?

  • I have a receipt for a refund on 1/10/15 and the money was never transferred to my account. They are breaking the law. The bankruptcy people said I would never see it.

  • What a bunch of Crooks !!!! We have to file a claim to get our money back This number is correct 954-252-8469 They will send an email to us to retrieve claim form to be submitted.

    • Hello after you called that number then what happen because I purchased $100 worth of gift cards this pass Christmas on December20,2015 for family members and will like my money back.

    • I just called. They stated you have to go to and file a proof of claim, but that does not mean that you will get anything back. Could take up to a year before you even hear anything.

  • What can we do with the gift cards people may have, like myself? I had just gotten the gift card. It's not right. Should be able to do something about it, times are tough and can't afford to let money go to waste..

    • I would like to know the same thing. I got my gift card for christmas and only wanted to use some of it. I was wanting to save the rest to see what else might come in.

    • TYou are totally right I purchased $100 worth of gift cards this pass Christmas on December20,2015 for family members and will like my money back.

  • I have used this forum before and it was during a time that we had underwent changes…things were great….now…not…i have been here 3 years and am ready to go…the employees get away with murder while managment is over worked,underpaid and nothing more han puppets…over it! Good luck

  • George from store number 184 in SAN ANTONIO TEXAS steals from his own store!!!!
    He still works there as if nothing, if you see him in action put a stop to it!!!!

  • I hope that this is actually read by corporate…I shop at the body central location in pearl ms..and I absolutely love tge atmosphere ad well as the staff..they r always smiling and eager to assist. Just wanted to give the ladies in pearl ms their props…ladies you rock and I look forward to shopping with u soon. ..Alisha Johnson…

  • Indeed so true they let people get away with issues and prefer to keep this guy who manages this store. Indeed that's why the company is doing bad because company isnt aware of issues and prefer to hire new people instead of loyal and dedicated employees. Overall once the company changed sales dropped turnover was bad because employees were treated unfair. Their new regional Molly was very unprofessional and was very prejudice she doesn't know the business or care about her people.

    • Not to mention the district manager, she knew he was a thief at Rue 21 and still took him to Body Central. Shes probably a crook herself. Him and another co worker by the name of Autumn steal. Be aware people!

  • Don't believe EVERYTHING you read negative. Most of this is disgruntled past employees. They like to say it was all mgmt, but that's not always the case.

  • Be aware of store manager at Body Central 184 in San Antonio Tx.
    Store manager is a thief. Steals from thier own store.

    • People do talk alot George the mgr there needs to be aware of what he does he is not to be trusted hes a liar and a theif. He also needs to watch who he gives merchandise to.There has been other occurrences with cash shortages and will you know he is still there. One day he will get caught.

    • Its kinda crazy because my sister HATES shopping at this location because of that manager! She walked in one time and he was making fun of the way she was dressed to his co worker… when this manager has no room to talk because his fashion is horrible, hes fat and has nasty teeth! This is what you call a store manager?!

  • Here it almost a year later after leaving one of the worst jobs I've ever had and I am STILL having to deal with the disorganization and lack of communication that I had to put up within the store for so long. It is now the 7th of February and I have yet to receive my W2s. We had this same problem last year with some of my girls and unfortunately it has happened to me this year along with 4-5 others from the same store. Along with working in, I also live in COMMERCE, GA. The store in Commerce received W2's ONLY for their recent employees. If the W2s were postmarked by the 31st, like they should have been, then there is no reason why they couldn't have made it from Florida to Georgia in a week or more. You would think after having to deal with the same issues year after year that someone at Corporate would step up and handle the situation INSTEAD OF continuing to sit on their lazy asses and use voice mail to collect people's concerns and issues WITHOUT ever fixing much less responding to their problems. I hope that the IRS enforces the rules and regulations for taxes and fines the hell out of y'all. BC corporate should realize, more like we do not make the same amount of money their over payed lazy-asses make. We can't wait for months on end for our income like they may be able to. I should have had my taxes filed long before now but because of BODY CENTRAL I will be broke and without money for even longer now. THANKS BC for continuing to screw me over!

  • Mary the manager at dothan al store, is the worst manager ever, I saw her yelling at cussing at her employees like they were trash

  • The manager at your Commerce, GA location is a HORRIBLE human being! I was shopping with my daughter and overheard her boasting about "getting rid" of an employee just because she did not like her which I'm sure is an HR issue considering I work as an HR assistant in Atlanta, GA and we would NEVER allow an employee to do our company wrong the way it sounds like she is. I feel bad for the poor girl she was talking about and hopefully karma will come back around for this woman. Sad to say, but I won't be shopping at that location anymore.

    • This is the exact reason why I am so thankful that I am no longer employed at the Commerce location. I still can't believe I helped managed that store along side such a manipulative, self absorbed, pathological lier (Jackie the manager). If she wasn't complaining about an employee, it was about a customer. If she wan't wining about personal issues, she was boasting about her personal life. It was and is a never ending cycle that the District or Regional manager, along with Corporate, refuses to see. I feel bad that you had an unpleasant experience especially because I always went out of my way to insure the customers were beyond happy and would actually want to return back long after I was hurt by her. Even though I don't work their anymore, I apologize for the inconvenience and I'm glad you actually took the time to voice your opinion. Maybe someday someone at corporate will decide to get off their lazy bum and read some of these comments.

    • Slandering someone as you have can get you into legal trouble, you may not want to do that…Maybe you stole from the company, or something allong those lines, and thats why you no longer are there.

  • Hi, I was currently an employee at the Tuscaloosa, al location as a sales associate. The store manager there falsely accused me of stealing 100 dollars and a credit card from her. Instead of getting evidence, she picked one out of two employees that closed the store with her that night. She claimed that it had been stolen from the back and then also stated it was me because I was the last person in her car, so obviously she was confused about where her things were actually stolen from. Also she claim that this situation happened on a Saturday night, but she addressed it on the following Monday. I asked her to pull the cameras, but she refused to do that. I also asked her to file a police report and she refused to do that also. My mom came in and she told my mom she did not have time for her so she had security remove her from the store. I am very upset with this situation. Not only did she falsely accuse me of stealing from her, I missed two pay days and only got paid for 4 days. When I recieved my check I noticed that some of my hours were missing. So I was basically working for free. These are my only two issues. She was totally in the wrong and she also broke the law. I quit working there on the monday she accused me of stealing. I politely told her to pay me for the hours I have made. She responded back to me "No thats going in my check account. Now bye". I really want to take this farther. That was a very big accusation. That could ruin my reputation and affect any other job I would like to have.

  • I have a complaint about The store manager at Body Central in Port Arthur, TX. Previous Employers have not been able to complain because they feel like she is The store manager and nothing will be done about it. Please prove them wrong. Here are the complaints. She is always on the phone and making personal phone calls at all times, does not attend to customers as she should. Managers are always eating behind the registers and she allows her boyfriends to walk in the backroom with her on her days off. She abuses her authority to manipulate the schedule so that she and the 1st assistant manager get weekends off and sundays off for sure. She never does her job, she always has assistant managers do all the work and employees. She will stay in the backroom for long hours and leave the employee in charge of the store, this includes register, fitting rooms, and helping customers all at once. She leaves the store to assist personal issues during work hours and again will leave the employee in charge. She mixes her personal life with the job, example if she sees an employee talking to a worker that used to work there she will minimize her work hours just because she doesn't like the person.She talks bad about her employees at all times and is dishonest with Body Central rules and guidelines.She has been doing this for some time. I feel like you have a very childish person as a manager and i encourage you to keep an eye on her because pretty soon nobody will want to work there anymore and that will affect your business and the store's reputation!!!

  • My son worked for Body Central in Terrell Texas. The management and associates discriminated against him as he is the only male employee and black…I say this because he was called a nigger. He quit because of her, Amanda and the dm, Karen's nonsense. Amanda approached my son outside the mall they were both on lunch and told him he nor his family is allowed back in the store. Then she had a tresspass served to him on his job….still trying to cause him trouble. First, he did nothing to be tresspassed for, second don't send second hand messages to mama bear. Most importantly she had no reason to even speak to him as they crossed paths. Don't mess with my kids. As far as being tresspassed I don't even shop at that skanky store….I don't wear those clothes and they sell rejects from larger companies. Alot of these complaints are very similar. I don't think they care about their customers or business for that matter….so now everyone I know will no longer be shopping at any Body Central. Of course it won't bankrupt them but they are missing sales and money.

  • The manager Jamie at the location in the esplanade mall in kenner la is rude to her employess, i have witness talk down the an employee on several occassions, she munipulate her manger position to the effect that the girls that get hired there don't last. i've heard her gossip about the employees, and witness her rudeness.. please do something about her before your company have a lawsuite on your hands.. mall employee and customer of your store..

  • Hi I am a 18 year old employee and I have always had body image issues and I've been getting discriminated against ever since I started working there because I'm the heaviest person that work there and I can't take it anymore I shouldn't be treated like I'm different from anyone else because of the way I look all of the managers that work there don't like me for what reason I don't know and I'm the sweetest person ever I think this should be reported and I'm going to do something about it but I feel this is very unfair

  • Governors square mall location tallhassee, fl location. Management is horrible. I am a marine and the employee asked if she could show her how to give a military discount and she came over looked at me and I quote "I don't have to give you a discount." And walked away.

  • I have been shopping at BC for years. I received horrible customer service at the Eagle Ridge mall location in Florida. I was in there for atleast 30 min. And of the 2 girls who were working none attended to me. They did not even greet me. They just stood there and gossiped about other employees. Needless to say I walked out empty handed. And I always buy some things when I go there!

  • I am the mother of a 16yr old and a 13yr old who both Love to shop @ Body central.We are there at least 4 times a month, sometimes more!!! I had an terrible experience at your location in Rivercity market place, I brought an item back that my oldest daughter could not wear, due to poor design.. I had my reciept along with tag and the merchandise was in its original condition which is what the return/exchange policy clearly states, however I had the misfortune to deal with that stores manager who seemed more concerned with other things than customer service. She was rude and looked for more reasons to refuse a return or exchange than she did with trying to resolve the issue. She had to be called several times to the register for my return not to mention the line was 8 or more people deep with only 1 register open to serve customers waiting to spend their money, which secures her job.If this is not resolved I will never spend another penny at this establishment EVER!!! She was very unprofessional. I only return items that I or my daughters have NO use for, I was within the guidelines for your return/exchange policy,yet I left totally dissatisfied as did my daughter.I will just continue to take all of my future business to Wet Seal,Hollister, Charlotte Russe,etc… Where their associates are happy to assist and satisfy their clientel!!!Still hopeful that corporate can help me resolve this matter, even though she refused any DM name and upon requesting that information she commented she could not give personal information as to who her boss was..Thank you in advance for any help you can assist me with.

  • VERY DISAPPOINTED AND UPSET!!!! However not surprised. I am a former employee of body central and I have been calling for over a month now to get my w2 and STILL HAVE NOT GOTTEN THEM!!!! Not only was I miserable working at body central but now after I am still forced to deal with the ratchetness of Body Central. Please send me my w2 so I can part ways with this awful company.

    • I am also a former employee of Body Central and I still havent received my W2 either! This job was the worst experience of my life. I have called corporate many times trying to get my W2… still havent received it and this is the middle of February.

    • FYI…W-2 are required to be post dated by January 31st of any given year..They are not operating within Federal guidelines if you have not yet recieved yours.You may contact the IRS and or Labor board and report this matter.

    • I am also trying to get my W2 as well. the store gave me a w2 form and told I had to print it out well it tells me that I am disable I have no access to get my stuff now its the end of February like what the hell. they tell me to call Audrey the payroll I being calling her line since last week no answer no call back nothing very highly piss, call the store manager and told her what happen she saying there is nothing she can do but she will try and give me a call back never heard from her yet. I WILL CALL IRS

  • I've been to your Katy mills location, very disappointed in your Manager. Ebonies she's very rude to customer's and staff i will never shop at that location again.when your at work you shouldn't be on the telephone with personal calls.

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