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Booking.com Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Booking.com Corporate Office Headquarters

A division of Priceline.com
800 Connecticut Avenue
Norwalk, CT 06854 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-203-299-8000
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-888-850-3958
International Customer Service: +44 20 3320 2609

  • I booked a hotel room with Booking.com and on the booking screen it said that the reservation could be cancelled for free. When I got the booking confirmation, it said that it could not be cancelled and would cost the whole booking fee minus $100.00. I emailed Booking.com and requested that they cancel the reservation since it was based on deception. They replied that they would need to contact the hotel (West End Marriott, Nashville) and see if the hotel's policies would allow a cancellation. The next day the reply was that the hotel was not able to cancel. I called the hotel and they said that Booking.com had not contacted them and that the hotel had nothing to do with Booking.com's bookings. When I relayed this information to Booking.com, they just said it couldn't be cancelled. I have not choice but to keep this booking but I will NEVER AGAIN book through your company.

    • Same just happened to me. Not satisfied at all. 190.00 they took out my acount and I already canacelled a month before my reserbation but they say they didon't receive a cancelation. I'm a single parent. I don't have money to be giving out for free. They need to fix this outrageous so called policy that they have.both booking and the resort. Never again will I look at this company ever again.

  • I accidently made a motel reservation on booking.com. I didn't know until I printed out the reservation that I had paid in full for the room. The plan was to enter and show my dog in a major show in the Salt Lake City area. My dog just developed a condition requiring surgery so of course I called to cancel my reservation, at which time I discovered
    I would get no refund…which I need to pay the dog's surgery. I have never used any web site other than Super 8 to make my reservations, and
    will NEVER make the mistake of making another reservation through booking.com. I will complain to everyone I know and do the best I can to prevent others from making the same mistake.

  • Booked a room in Carmel, Ca and the very next day we checked the reviews of the hotel to find out it got horrible reviews. I called Booking.com to cancel the reservation. During the call, the agent informed me that there would be a cancellation fee, but suggested that I let her try to get that waived. Foolishly, I said ok. I then received an email from Booking.com that said that "We received your request to cancel reservation #XXXXXXXXXX." It went on to say that they would try to get the Inn to make an exception for these fees and hope to have an answer for you shortly. We never heard from Booking.com, and subsequently got a "no-show" notice from Booking.com. We were charged the full amount of the stay on our credit card. Booking.com says that the email I received was just a confirmation of my "request" to waive the fees and not the reservation. Furthermore, since I didn't call them to inquire about the status of the request, the reservation was never cancelled and we are at fault. I have NEVER seen such deceptive trade practices in my life. I will NEVER use Booking.com or Priceline ever again! Spread the word!

  • Booking.com is a nightmare. I booked a room in Tenn. for two days.A friend called and said we could stay with him 15 min. away. 39 minutes late I contacted Booking.com to cancel the room. They said I had to pay one night fee because we made the res. Yesterday. We made it 39 minutes ago. I told them over and over. I called Days Inn coporate and they said I had to go through Booking again.Called again .This lady said her system was down to cALL back .I did. As I was waiting I got a e-mail with a bill saying I owed one night and they filed a case against me.I had to cancel my credit card so they could not bill me .I did get a nice guy ( one only ) with booking and did every thing in his power to take care of it.He is the only thing Booking.com has going for it. Never again will I ever go through this company or PRICELINE again. I will spread the word.

  • How is this company allowed to continue operating with these deceptive business practices, and ripping people off like this??? I booked a non refundable room based on their ad that a complimentary shuttle to Staten Island ferry was provided only to have it changed to (on the confirmation) shuttle available only on limited days and OF COURSE not on the days I would be there….talk about bait and switch and false advertising!! Never using Booking.com again!!!

  • I made a reservation through booking.com and cancelled 15 minutes later because my traveling partner was not going to be able to travel on the dates chosen.. I received a cancellation email. In the meantime my email was hacked and I lost ALL my emails…Then today I see a charge of $283 I called booking and they said if I can't produce the cancellation email too bad so sad. I am going to deal with corporate.

  • I am a professional travel writer and was mislead into booking the wrong hotel in the wrong city on the other side of the country in Iceland. Two hotels came up online on booking.com with the same name and not enough information to spot the difference. When I notified the hotel several days in advance of this inadvertent reservation,even though they had other vacant rooms on those dates and would not lose money by this mistake, they refused to offer a full or partial refund.
    Booking.com overseas customer service refused to acknowledge these unusual circumstances and their part of it and should have made an exception to their 7 day deposit policy.
    LINDA AND KEN SMALLEY RESERVATION #541-148-914 June 10 and 11 2016

  • Hi, My name is Razmik K
    I booked via booking.com for a room in Santorini
    And I found the same room just with in 24hrs in Expedia.com for cheaper and when I called customer service they refused to match/ refund the sufferance!!!!!!
    I thought this was your policy price garuntee !!!!
    You can call me or email me back because I am not happy and I don't like that!

  • I will make my comments short. I made a reservation with a Holiday Inn in Port Arthur Texas via Booking.com. I have learned a valuable lesson when making reservations, be very careful, one would think that Booking and Holiday Inn are both large companies and understand customer service is paramount for continued success. As a frequent traveler In know that things change along our path and sometime we don't make it as far as we intend. So I attempted to call the Holiday in from the number on the Booking sheet, oops it was a number to a company called IHG, these folks were rude and arrogant. I explained all I wanted to do was to change my location but continue to stay at a Holiday Inn, they were not hearing it. So I called the number for Booking.com and the lady called me everything but a liar, I had to hang up and then she called me back, the phone said she was calling form London England. And then she said that Booking and Holiday Inn were not going to work with me and that I that they were not refunding the fair already covered on my credit card. I hung up my phone told the clerk at the holiday in that I was at that I would not being staying at this Holiday Inn or any Holiday Inn. Kudos to the folks for keeping my $101.00 USD, it will be the very last you will ever get from me. The customer service was horrible. I am not a kid, I work for a big company we travel throughout the US and North America. As of this writing my company and any whom I can influence will not be using the services of Holiday Inn or Booking.com.

    Have a Nice Day!

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