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Boston Sports Clubs Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. Can someone get back to me in regards to my complaint that I sent through your contact form????? What happened to customer service?????

  2. Several complaints about the BSC at Wells Ave., Newton, MA. Every time you go, there is another missing item — 1) Large arm chairs at entrance and waiting area are gone; 2) Wicker chairs that have replaced large arm chairs are the worst chairs in America — hard, too small, and tilt backwards; 3) Coffee & tea machine is gone, even though we paid for the drinks — not free; 4) All showers are supposed to have a bench stool — they do not — several missing and are moved around from one to another; 5) No more sanitary pads — just tampons — the majority of members are older women and need the pads, not the tampons.

    The new management stinks — never around, lazy, stupid, rude, and ignore whatever you say to them. I think they are being paid just to tick people off and make them leave. They are disgusting and cheap, cheap, cheap !

    1. The New Big BSC in Peabody mass is a disgusting joke literally it’s only clean 1st thing in the morning at 5-6am cuz the ova night guy mike I meet him once is the best but literally after a few hours of traffic the place gets messy an NO 1 is around to clean I can never find any 1 during the day An there is no house keeping on until 7 or 8 am I was told but yet they open at 5am. Which at 5am the club looks great I mean fantastic every is clean an in place weights are always re-racked an in place never a dirty towel or trash in sight I mean the entire gym looks FANTASTIC between 5am-7am then after that it goes straight down hill I came in last wensday an Friday at 7pm an the locker room men’s was a mess trash an towels every wear barrels over flowing so when I go down to the front desk an ask to have some come up an clean stuff up alil an fill the shampoo cuz there was none in almost every shower I pay 60 a month I should get shampoo so some lazy looking big fat kid with skin tight clothes on comes up about 15 mins later looks around just emptied the towel bin An that’s it when I asked him if he was gonna finish he told me an another member it wasn’t his job the ova night guy cleans the locker rooms I wanted to freak so I said I can’t get NO shampoo then he said it should get filled tonight ova night an walked out I immediately left that day an talked to a woman a few days later in house keeping I thought an asked her for the person who runs this department an got hold on I’ll be rite back an she neva came back I have continued to stay a member but will only continue to work out there between 5-7am wensday thru Sunday because Monday an Tuesday mornings are even horrible nothing re-racked trash barrels full I mean full an all of the work out equipment every were rugs never vacuumed glass is disgusting every were it’s sad when a place that’s a sports club an charges top dollar is only professionally clean for 2 hrs a day 4-5 days aweek that’s it. Mike if u ever see this thank u for all your hard work ova night in such a big place all by yourself I hope to 1 day get to take u personally again

  3. When is the Boston sports club in Dorchester going to be complete? You have a nerve charging a full membership fee when your clients can't even utilize the whole gym

  4. Compliments to the management of the Wells Ave. facility in Newton, Ma. for the progress made in recently cleaning and organizing the health club.

  5. Really awful customer service and refusal to refund another yearlong cost based on my cancellation date. They are obviously more committed to their financial model than to legit fitness or humanity.

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