Bright House Corporate Office Headquarters

Bright House Financial Corporate Office Headquarters

11225 North Community House Road
Charlotte, NC 28277

Corporate Phone Number: 1-980-7100



  • Brighthouse, now Spectrum, is totally incompetent when it comes to billing. After my community's bulk service contract with them expired and service was discontinued, they are still billing at an exorbitant rate, increasing the total monthly service costs by almost three times what was paid under the previous bulk contract. After several calls, they finally deducted most of the charges for dates after I no longer had their service, still showing a large balance due. When I tried several times to get an explanation and a breakdown of the amount they claim I owe, all their various representatives repeat over and over again that the bulk contract expired and that is why the bill increased, but not one of them can explain how they arrived at the amount they claim is past due, other than to keep saying it is because the bulk contract expired. When I call for an explanation, I am shouted at by their reps and threatened with collection which they insist will hurt my credit rating, but no one can tell me how amount of the alleged past due balance came to be.

  • This brighthouse/spectrum really sucks big time. You can't get fewer stations to cut the price. So basically you are screwed. So you have to pay the high price no matter what. I can't wait to drop this company and I'll never go back.

  • On Saturday 10/29/2016 Reception started to repeatively go on and off at approximately 1 pm. When I called customer service, I found out that our phone and internet was also going on and off as I spoke to the Rep. He agreed we deffinately had a problem with our service. and noted that he could monitor our street from his computer and it showed that we and others on our street had the same problem and couldnt do anything due to the fact others havent called in. As the day went on, this was continued. I called 3 more times out of frustration, due to the fact that we rely on our Brighthouse phone service for medical reasons. We also have a Buisness account in an office which is paid for by Winter Haven Hospital, since my wife is a Medical Coder. Every rep I spoke to agreed that there was a problem on our street, but since they dont make the rules there isnt anything that can be done, except schedule an appointment for a tech to come to our house 48 hours from then.The final call I asked to speak to an supervisor which couldnt be any more patronizing. Made statements like has someone been cutting your grass approx. 12:30, or I really dont see a problem on your street, which is contradicting to asking me if grass cutting was done! When I mentioned our business acct was off line, he stated there isnt anything he could do for that since My wife had to call the IT dept at the hospital. My background has included 14 years in CATV, Starting in 1981 with TCI Cable as a installer, technician, college and finally became an draftsman and Design engineer in Ashtabula Ohio, Parkersburg WV. Later to be a splicing supervisor for Knight enterprises which the system I am being serviced from was built for 860 mhz. at 1 gig spacing. I am appalled by the consideration and lack of service by Brighthouse Cable, which is soon to be Spectrum. I have been a customer for many years, but I feel I will have to research other options.

    Richard A.Musloe
    Lake Wales, Florida

  • I had my first encounter with Brighthouse Network this week, and it is my last. I had contacted them for internet service because AT&T is severely lacking in my area. This is a first time install at my home so they were to run a drop from the road to the house. I had scheduled to have that done btwn 10am -12pm and the install tech was to arrive from 2pm-4pm to install the service inside the home.
    The drop guy never showed within his 2 hour window so I called Customer Service to find out what was up. I was told to give him another 15 minutes and if he didn't show up give them a call back. At 12:15pm I called Customer Service again and asked where the drop guy was and was stalled and told to call back at 1245pm… Ok, I know they can run late so I waited until 1245pm and called CS again (3rd time) and was handed off to a supervisor who said that my appointment was from 2pm – 4pm for the drop guy to come.
    Mind you, I had received confirmation that the drop guy was scheduled from 10am – 12pm. So now I am getting this supervisor lying to me about the appointment.

    If this is how Brighthouse treats a NEW customer I can only imagine how they treat existing customers who have problems….. I told the supervisor that if they could not show up on time for an initial NEW customer I had severe reservations about what would take place after the service was installed….
    I cancelled the order altogether.

    What a sad way to run a company..

  • They should change there name to Dumb House. We Apologise Do they know what the word playcate means. Steven Miron. Pres of this so called co. Wake Up.

  • Brighthouse has been my service provider for about 8 months if not longer. The service is used for homework; I am a full time student via online and seem to be unable to complete assignments for three weeks now. I have never had a problem with internet until three weeks ago. I have spoken to at least four techs via telephone and all have advised me to delete my windows 10. The first technician who came to resolve the problem in my home also advised me to delete windows 10. A supervisor even said I should take my windows 10 and went as far as giving me a credit….have my months bill and no credit was provided. My laptop which is the only computer I have, works everywhere else with windows 10 when I take it but elsewhere which might I add, I pay for the service and unable to get service in my home; just apologies from technicians. Two more sets of technicians came out to rewire my apartment who advised the opposite of the first 5 people and that supposedly there was "static" in the lines. Ok. Here I am tonight again with limited access to the web, unable to turn in my paper, and worse….stuck to a designated area. Prior to this problem and technicians coming or the ordeal of calling…I was able to take my laptop anywhere in my home and access the web. The reps swear that they can't limit my range…not what a friend from another county who works for brighthouse states….that is such thing let along I was able to even sit in front of my apartment and still receive access.

    It is very unfortunate that I am stuck with this provider due to the fact that the apart community I reside, only brighthouse can service. Extremely aggravating and I receive is apologies. I don't want to continuously hear "I'm Sorry", just fix the problem!

  • Some months ago, we started experiencing issues with cablevision. After several appointments, a new box and hours of phone calls, still don't have all the options we paid for as well as movies on demand. Got one free movie out of all the time spent trying to fix their issue! Now they are sending yet another technician on Sunday. Really???

  • This company is the most incompetent, unorganized, company I have ever encountered. You can never call and get the same answer twice. They can never answer questions, never know why anything was done or wasn't done, and this comes from supervisors and all. I hate that this company is only offered because at this point I would rather go without cable. I plan on telling EVERYONE I know that has them to drop them. They are the worst cable company on the face of the earth. I have now been sitting on hold for 15 minutes waiting on a "supervisor" to fix something that THEY messed up by changing my services when I never even asked for them to be changed. either this company just doesn't care or they need a HUGE coaching on training employees!

  • I switched both of my homes from Verizon to Brighthouse on Wednesday 5-20-15. The sales person was very helpful. I agreed to about $300.00 per month worth of services to both properties. Friday the 22nd they came out and did the install at my condo without a hitch. I had a appointment at my other property later in the day. The installers removed all of my Verizon products and claimed their phone "locked" up and the could not complete the install. I was left with no internet, TV or phone for the night. They rescheduled me for 10-12 am Saturday, No one showed up. We called around 12:30. The operator claimed the were turned away at the guard shack. We spoke to the guard shack with the bright house representative on the phone. That was not the case. Our security folks stated that no one from bright house attempted to come through. They offered the video if we needed to verify this. Angrily I confronted the rep on the phone. He offered to schedule me another appointment. Mind you, I sat home Friday night and the job was not completed and they no showed for our Saturday am appointment. He offered to "schedule" me another appointment later in the day. I retorted how about now? After making no progress I ask to speak with a supervisor. I ended up speaking to a young lady who would only identify herself by her first name. Must be company policy, because she would not give me her supervisors name either. JeniferJHX-86439, yes that's how the identify themselves at Brighthouse basically told me the same thing, sorry for your luck the best I can do is 2-4 this afternoon. I asked to speak to her supervisor etc. I would have had a better chance of getting to the Pope. It is really scary how this company hides behind their employees. I told her that I would keep the appointment for 2-4 Saturday afternoon if that is the best she could do, but I Would be reconnecting with Verizon by Tuesday unless I could speak to her supervisor. She apologized and said she was going to send him an email. It is amazing to me that this employee had no contact with management or someone to reach out to for support. My account is not huge, but $300.00 per month times 12 months a year is $3,600.00 per year. Over a period of 10 years that $36,000.00. Business must be good for them. If your thinking about switching from anything to Brighthouse. Save yourself the aggregation.


  • Just called the corporate office in NY. The address is an old address. I asked for the new address to mail in my concerns and complaints. That address is Corp. Customer Advocate Brighthouse Networks, P?O. box 4739 Syracuse NY 13221

    • Money. They are greedy thieves. I only have internet service. My bill keeps going higher and higher. It went from 69.99 to 80.00 to 104.00 to 120.00 for internet only. They automatically withdraw my bill so I guess they think they feel like they can charge whatever they want to that month and hope that the cuatomer just won't notice.

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