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  1. I posted about my first adventure on Saturday at the Cabazon Outlet receiving damaged goods at their big clearance store. I WAS TOLD BUYER BEWARE. Now I am sorry that is such attitude. Damaged goods should not be be put out for sale. If they they then they should marked as such and priced at a very low price. Very low or labeled as "junk" sale.

    So after going back to get a copy of my receipt from the day before on Sunday I purchased more items. When I got home I realized that the sales clerk did not give me all my items. She shorted me my the jewelry boxes that I paid for. Also, there are other items that I did not have but I am not sure what it is because there is no item named just a number.
    Now I have to drive back again 50 miles to try to get the items that I did not get. I spoke with other people who have had that happen to them as well at this outlet store.

    People come from all over and great distances. They should not go home with broken items nor not get everything they pay for.

    It use to be that buyers could only get 25 of the same items at a time. I was amazed when I saw people grabbing full containers of jewelry off the table and putting it in their baskets.

  2. I am very upset with the Brighton Outlet Store in Cabazon on so many levels. First of all this weekend was their big sale. I got there but I had NO idea that I was suppose to have a wrist ban on. They did not have a sign that a wrist band was need nor was anyone standing out there. I went in with a basket and got what I wanted. Then Megan, heavy set blond with short hair told me that because I did not have a wrist band on I could not buy the items in my basket and she told me to put them back. So I did. I eventually got a wrist band. I waited outside for at least an hour. I could not get what I wanted but I did manage to spend $305.00
    on miscellaneous items. At this point I was extremely tired and not feeling very well. I was surprised that I spent so much. So when I got home to verify my charges I realized the associate did not give me my receipt. I try to call the store and they NO telephone number. Not only that but the sales associate did not rap my items in individual papers. There was 1 paper for 25 items which covered the end of 4 belts. Everything else was thrown in the bag. All jewelry, etc were spread all over in the bag.

    Then I realized that I was in there last week and the same sales associated did that to the jewelry that I bought last week. That sale was $120.00 she wrapped them all together, necklace, earrings and bracelet.

    This a minimum of a 50 mile drive. I realize it was a sale but it was not pick n save where I bought stuff for a dollar.

    I would like a copy of my receipt. There were not so many people lined up that time could not have been taken to wrap up the items better. The worst part was I went there to get a purse but was not able to find one instead I bought stuff that I did not need. Now I cannot leave my email address to be contacted. I have been shopping there for many years but it looks like this is the last time.

  3. I purchased an watch which was close to 200 dollars at the San Diego store two Sundays ago as souvenir to end my road trip vacation of southern coastline of CA. The watch was sold to me on the premise that the battery life was 10 years and I'd never have to worry. Last week I tried to wear it an the watch did not work! I took it to the Crystal City VA (Fashion Center Mall location in Virginia) for a refund or replacement and they did not honor my receipt. I had taken the tag off because my intent was to wear it! They told me to go the Reagan National Airport store to deal with the problem. I am very dissatisfied with this response. It will be difficult for me to access that store because I will have to pass through TSA airport security to get to the store to discuss this sales problem. Plus this is a secondary attempt to return a product at a most difficult location for parking and access!! Go figure. I would not recommend anyone to buy anything from these "airport" location stores as they don't work on the same standard as the mall location stores and this hurts the buyer in term of follow up when there is a customer concern!

  4. Not happy with customers services. Nobody can fix mistake. Promise to call me back and didn't do it. Shopping at Brighton collectibles is my biggest mistake. After I spend 700$ three weeks later still waiting on item to be delivered. Terrible. I will never shop there again. Store at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut is terrible and associates working there don't know what they're doing.

    1. I agree but I plan to contact the media in my local area if they do not return my money to my bank account in the next 3 business days. I want others to know about the poor customer service.

  5. ——– Original message
    Subject: Deceptive Business Practices
    Order number is 3919218
    Dear Sir,

    I am writing to you about a purchase I made using a gift card. Your customer service representative named Sylvia, was unable to help me. I made a purchase from your website using my gift card and had a small remaining balance to cover some shipping and taxes which I placed on my MasterCard. The website took my gift card and put it on pending charges but it also charged the full amount to my MasterCard. I emailed immediately but it was Sunday night and nothing was available to help me until Monday morning. Monday morning I received your computer generated email thanking me for writing and that someone would get back to me within 24 hours. The following day I received an email saying that the item had already shipped and I could return it and my credit card would be reimbursed and then I could order it and it would be resent. Since It is going to my mother who id an 84 years old a two-time breast cancer survivor I find it difficult to believe that Brighton would make her do all the work to correct your mistake. Clearly the charges were taken from my gift card as it was unusable for 3 days as well as my master card was charged and that amount was also unusable for three days. I was double charged and my money held for 3 days and now she will have to retrieve the package go to the post office even though she can barely walk, then I have to reorder it and wait again!  Sylvia said she spoke to a manager  and called me back and ssid that was the best she could do. I find it hard to believe that the money could not have been credited back to my credit card and then simply used the gift card that Brighton had already extracted the funds from? I would appreciate it if you could have somebody take care of this for me?

    Also I was told one of the reasons they couldn't credit my MasterCard and use the pending charges taken on my gift card was because the item had already shipped but I just tracked the package and the number I was given is invalid. 

    Thank you


    Lynn Burke


    1. I agree,this business is very shady! I have not received credit to my bank account for merchandise that I returned to the store located at Reagan National Airport. If I do not receive credit in the next few days I will be contacting the 7 on your side WJLA in the Washington DC metro area to alert other consumers to avoid making any buys from any airport store locations nationwide based on the terrible customer service and theft of my money by this so called business.

  6. I meant back in Stock by1/3/2015crystal voyage earrings at keystone at the crossing brighton store location in Indianapolis IN store location please.

  7. I meant back in Stock by1/3/2014 crystal voyage earrings at keystone at the crossing brighton store location in Indianapolis IN store location please. By 1/3/2015.

  8. I'm extremely upset your Keystone at the crossing brighton store location was 5 of crystal voyage earrings in Indianapolis In store. Please have them back in Stock at that location by 1/3/2014 so I can buy them over the phone that day please.

  9. I am extremely upset your Keystone at the crossing brighton store location was out of stock of crystal voyage earrings. In Indianapolis In.
    Please have them back stock by 13/2015 at that location so I can buy them on that day over the b phone please.

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