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Brightstar Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. i have a major complaint and problem with this company that claims they value costumer service but to me they do not. how is it that i can make a claim one month easy breezy and the next i have a hard time. the support is very inconsiderate and unprofessinal. have attitudes because they dont want to serve their guest, who clearly help pay thier salary. i have been going back and forth with a claim for a month now, to only hear i need to do this and that and that and this but .i8 have uploaded over 10 documents and nothing, its not like im not going to pay the 175 deductible so whats the hard part about accepting the refurbished phone yall will send anyway.twice a week since june 7th 2021 i have been calling brightstar and it to the point that as of today boostmobile should drop yalls service because you all make them look bad. its june 24th and im am still in pending and reject for documents i am sending over a misspelled letter . which you all have sent me claim phones before how ironic is that. some one needs to call me who can finalize this claim

  2. Bright Star is refusing to give me my tax papers so I can start filling my taxes, this company is located in Sierra Vista AZ,Christine that runs it is having a tough time at home,she needs a little more help.I don't believe you should mix work with home.The IRS told me it is against the law to hold your tax papers.please assist me to get them.

  3. I need to talk with someone in the Brightstar corporate office headguarters as soon as possible please notify me very soon before it lead to another matter thank you Carlton Rainey contact number where I may be reach is 1-757-256-6994

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