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  1. I was hired in October I worked 3 days and was told that they had no more training funds so I was to come back in November since than I have only worked 13 ,hrs and the is very hostile towards me and while I'm still in training I got one day for the entire week..I am seeking legal advice on this breach of contract and the horrible way I was treated and disrespect by the GM. I did not go to that one day because I would have only been allowed to work for 2 hours I feel that age discrimination and low key rascim is to be looked at.

  2. I had a cook throw a piece of chicken at my face, and nothing was done about it. Today they made me work a position I am not trained in at all, couldn't even clock in. because the guy who was supposed to work it showed up 5 minutes late. I gave my manager feedback after she cut me after only being there 2 hours. She says " QA you're cut." I said " my name is ….. so address me as so". I didn't say one curse word, she continued to argue with me so I finally said. "I quit" she then said " oh no I'm terminating you, sign this paper" I said again " no I quit"… I didn't sign the paper and walked out.

  3. My son works for Chilies in California for over 1 year now, I have heard stories of the General Manager stealing money from the safe and replacing it by the end of the week. The General manager of the store's girlfriend is a distributor for Chilies he pays her an additional $1000 a month even if no products were delivered. Just recently this Chilies store hired an illegal immigrant as a dish washer after a very short time the General Manager decided not to keep him so he fired him first thing in the morning and then refused to pay him for his work. Told him you are an Illegal Immigrant and I do not have to pay you so get out of my store… This was said in front of customers. My son finally saw and heard enough so he called the area director and explained everything, Area director said bring me proof or you could be terminated. ( What a company to work for) If this was my company I would have investigated if someone was co-mingling funds, Pay his girl friend $1000 a month, and talking bad to employees in front of customers… Now I understand why some Chilies are going out of business…

  4. My son works at Chili's in Hickory NC, and besides working him insane hours (close tue, open wed morn) they have yet to give him a raise after over 6 months or even scheduled for a review. Now, tonight, 8/7/2016 after telling him to punch out and go home, have backpeddled and said they never told him that and he is now no longer needed. You people are a joke in the industry because you treat your employees like slaves and expect them just to take it.This will be your un-doing, I assure you.

  5. Why am I not being hired, they currently employ many illegal immigrants! Have contacted human resources and yet no reply. Who should I contact instead? This is the store in San Clemente, CA

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