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  1. Brookstone is a scam! I ordered a bed and returned it immediately without taking it out of the box. I got a tracking number and its been 15 days since they received the bed back and they haven't refunded my money! I spent an hour on the phone with their rep who identified himself as "Manager Steve ID #25331" who listened to my dilemma and said he would have the issue resolved within 24 hours and if I didnt see the credit on my account to call him back directly. Guess what? It's been over 24 hours and when I called and asked for "Manager Steve ID #25331" another Brookstone rep said he didn't exist and didn't know what I was talking about. So I had to start ALL OVER again and go through this with that rep, who after another hour told me I'd have to call a different number in order to get help! WHAT?!?! Now I've been on hold on that number for 65 minutes! I can not believe an organization as large as Brookstone is actually stealing my money…it's completely obvious! If anyone from Brookstone is remotely concerned or even reading this, please save your credibility and call me at 412-401-8563 to resolve this matter immediately!

  2. I am very disappointed with the way the district manager and Human resources lead treat their employees. it is very clear to see that they do not care about their workers and they have different priorities None of these matter when they come to a conclusion to terminate their best employee: whether the employee has had years working with the company 10 years to be exact and how high their sales numbers are,or that they are the best salesperson in the district.. they fire their best employees over some store manager lies. they should stop to look at the managers numbers first and then make a decision on the matter or sit both employees – the manager and the sales person – and discuss what the issue is. Either way I would not recommend anybody to work for this company and I discourage anybody who thinks about applying for this company.

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