Buca di Beppo Corporate Office Headquarters

Buca di Beppo Corporate Office Headquarters
BUCA, Inc.
4700 Millenia Blvd,
Orlando, Florida 32839
Corporate Phone Number: 1-407-363-7827
Fax Number: 1-612-225-3302
Customer Service Number: 1-612-225-3400

  • I sent this letter to the Manager at the Davie location ; Mario was very nice but when I mentioned that the waiter Daniel totally ignored our table; the Manager became defensive of the Waiter saying that’s not the point and Daniel would never ignore a table. In my impression of speaking with a customer who spent $140 at his restaurant; you do not argue with me as the paying customer. I mentioned where we were sitting and the manager Mario made no reference to that. I saw a person walk around the restaurant whom looked official but that person never stopped at our table. The waiter would refill other tables drinks but not ours.
    The manager offered us an small entree if we choose to ever come back.
    Below is the letter I sent to the manager:

    Yesterday I took my Dad and Gf to your restaurant for Fathers Day. Made a reservation for 2pm and was seated. We order antipasto salad for 3 and Garlic bread with cheese and regular. Main course parmigiana chicken for 3 and small meatball with spaghetti. Our antipasto salad comes and no garlic bread. 10 minutes goes by and still no bread. We ask our waiter and he says it’s coming and we are almost done with our salad. 5 more minutes goes by and the waiter says they are backed up in the bread station. Unacceptable!!!! There is a big table to the left of us and they are getting all the attention. My soda was empty and we are being ignored. They finally bring us the bread but 2 orders instead of 1. Guess that was bribe. lol. Then 15 minutes goes by and no food ie chicken parmigiana and meatballs with spaghetti. My GF stops the waiter and ask where is our food and he says matter of fact our chicken parmigiana was ready so she says bring what is ready. Then all of sudden the meatballs appear and chicken parmigiana. The meats balls were hard and dry and we should have sent it back but we were starving waiting so long for the food. In the past the service was top notch. But Fathers Day poor!!!!!!
    I spent over $140 with tip and was not pleased. That was my Dad first time there!!! Table 60/1

    Mitchell Ball

  • Please add whole wheat pasta to your menu. My husband loves your restaurant, but with diabetes he can't eat regular pasta.

  • Only restaurant that does not accept gift cards with a coupon. We paid real money oin their website to have gift cards to use but now they say cannot be used with gift cards. Our friends get to use their coupons with a credit card, but because we prepaid I guess Bucca knows they already have out money. Unbelievable and very poor strategy!
    I would love to hear a reason why. Please leave an email or phone and a written reason below. We lost alot of money buying your gift cards.

  • Very disappointed with our visit to the ClaremontBuca di Beppo due to the unsatisfactor service:

    Long time to receive our order
    Had to ask 3 times for dinner plates
    Water glasses were not refilled
    When finished we waited & waited to get leftover containers
    The waitress never returned to pick-up our bill in fact we had to take it up to the front desk

  • Celebration #0821.. Jan 1/18
    * 5:30 reservation We were seated right 5:15
    * 5:25 people sat at table behind us, served right away
    * 5:30 ask a person going by to find us a server (he got our drinks)
    * Sever finally came took food order. Came back 5 min later saying Lasagna was gone for the night (5:30 PM ?) The people that came (((after us ))) got the last one
    * ordered different item ( pasta drainer was not working right, kitchen to be informed.. No make over? What gives?
    * had to ask for plates twice.
    Manager ? taking complaint at table behind us .. ask him to come… no remake of hot food item? "I will tell the kitchen!"
    But you can have a free desert!
    * no refills on drinks
    * was billed out while still eating.. bill had to be corrected.
    * held bill and Debit card up in the air for five min.
    * girl apologised all of a sudden (left no tip for her)
    * gave tip to young man that got me drinks and plates and checked on us.. Promote him to manager he cares.
    * Get back to me and tell me why I should come back.
    I should of walk out after no server, but did not dream it would go downhill from there Don Craig dgcraig@gmail.com

  • This is a good contact number for the poor excuse of the management company. 1-407-903-5500 or direct into marketing 1 407-902-2688. They are Hard Rock Café branded. Cassandra from Corporate "apologizes that none of the corporate contact are available and will work with the web developers to ensure that customers have the right contact information". Her fax by the way which is not set up is 407-352-1792.

  • We had a horrible experience at the Worthington, Ohio restaurant. We ordered and when it came out our server sad to be careful the plate was very hot. It was sad to say the plate was hot but not r food. Actually it cold, it was like it was a Gordon Ramsey's moment. Food was made 3 or more days ago, put on a plate microwaved but not long enough and then charge us $42.00. Manager did put it I he microwave to heat it. Horrible will never go back

  • Hello. I had an allergy incident had to go to the hospital and had to take medication for a week. I was told that someone was going to contact me and to give me the insurance number so that all the medical bills would be paid. And no one has called. I called Orlando Florida mall location where it occurred asked to speak to a manager and was told that they would contact me back. No one has called. I am very upset. We tried calling the 612 number and it's out of service. I am upset how this serious situation is being handled. Please contact me. Bianca

  • Hello. I love Buca di Peppo's food and have been a customer of the resturant for over 10 years now. Your Pittsburgh location at Station Square needs an interior renovations. It smells musty and moldy. I have been ther a few times now and it never changes. Please consider that location for an interior upgrade.

  • First of all, the food gets 5 stars. We ordered the prosciutto stuffed chicken and rosemary potatoes. The chicken was the best I've ever had. The potatoes were still raw inside. Now for service, which is a big issue with me. I made reservations and when we walked in it seemed the hostess, a gentleman with a bow tie on, and a waitress really didn't want to stop their conversation to seat us. No one was waiting but we still waited about 10 minutes. Once we were seated, it took another 15 minutes for the waitress to take our drink order. We were brought bread and waited about 20 minutes just to get our drinks. We ordered and about 30 minutes later, we got our food along with our salads that were to come out way before the food. The bus boy is the one who brought us togo containers for our leftovers. We were in this restaurant for 2.5 hours. Ridiculously insane. We will probably never go back.

  • It's absolutely disgusting and disgraceful how you treat your employees. You closed the store in Baltimore with NO NOTICE TO ANY OF YOUR EMPLOYEES. No Notice, No Conpensation, No Respect, No Humility. Your General Manager for the White Marsh location was well aware of the stores failing after only 2 years after opening.
    You are a despicable corporation.
    What you have done to those LOYAL EMPLOYEES is absolutely heartless.

  • You people are something else. I work in the industry and I can tell you from years of experience its no fun. We are all under paid no matter what the position. you complain about everything! you even complain to us about the damn weather. Like we have control over that. You complain about parking. You complain when you go in and see empty tables but you made no reservation. Guess what! Restaurants reserve tables for people who actually made reservations Duh! you complain when your drinks take a little longer then YOU would like but yet the restaurant is packed. Same thing with your damn dinners. News flash people. its busy. Your not the only table in the place. Your rude and demanding from the time you walk in until the time you walk out. You think just because you have a dollar in your pocket you can treat people however you want. You look for any reason you can to complain just to try to get a free meal and not have to leave a tip. Most of you don't even appreciate good service and it reflects in your tip. Servers work for less then minimum wage. usually $2.00 less the reg min wage because they get tipped. if you leave 15% percent and you think that's a good tip think again. by the time they tip out the bartenders for making your drink and the hosts for seating you. and the food runner for running your food, and the buss boy for helping clean your table. and the expo person. they are lucky if the see 8% of that. So when you get on your superior high horse just remember . Its no fun trying to service miserable people just because they have a dollar in their pocket and a hunger pain in there stomach. You people have no idea what its like trying to take care of your every whim and abuse for next to nothing pay.

  • I called the bucca in Greendale Wi 3 times trying to get an employment verification for one of their employees who applied for housing with us. Three different times I was told he did not work there. I contacted their employee to let him know that I had to deny his application base upon them stating that he no longer was employed there, which surprised him. Bottom line, he still works there, they acted like it was no big deal that the wrong information was given and I just changed my mind about having a family dinner there.

  • Went to dinner with another couple Friday, Sept 30 at 7:00pm. Parking lot very empty. We were greeted by, "Do you have reservations?" No we don't but your parking lot is almost empty. Their response was but we have several reservations. This is a busy time of night. Surprised me! Restaurant very empty. It will be an hour wait. Very rude! I cannot believe that they did not have a table for 4 without reservations. Lost a bunch of $$ from us. We walked out. They could care less.

  • Worst eating experience I have ever had, not to mention the loud noises, plus the Birthday chant that goes on. The dinnerware was dirty, and the wine glass still had lipstick showing from previous use. Even the food was not very tasty and the wait staff was not very attentive taking care of our table. Over priced menu. I will never dine at a Buca di Beppo again, even it the food is free. Tried to contact Corporate office to no avail, phone line always busy.

  • I had a complaint about the quality of the food at the Robinson Twp, Pennsylvania store. I called the store and a manager was supposed to call back but never did I filled out a feedback form online for a call back still nothing. After reading all the negative comments I will not be returning to the buca. It seems the corporate office don't care about the customers.

  • On Christmas day our family had a reservation for 3pm. We arrived @ 2:45 to be informed they still haven't seated the 2 pm reservations. At 4pm we were finally seated. Our drink orders were taken, bread served and our orders placed. At 5:30 our food still had not had arrived nor could we find our server. We finally tracked down a busser to find someone who could help us. The server arrived at our table with more bread in hand. The server informed us she would investigate as to why are food has not been delivered to our table 90 minutes after placing our order. The server never returned. During this time other tables who were seated and were receiving their food. We spoke with manager Miles who told us he would investigate what happened to our order. He returned about 30 minutes later to tell us the kitchen was getting busy and preparing our order. Another 45 minutes goes by and still no food. At this point our entire party was quite upset. We asked to see Miles once again, where he finally admitted our ticket was lost by the kitchen but he will make it right for us. Finally three hours after being seated and only being served bread our food arrived. To our dismay the food was over seasoned with red chili flakes which made it uneatable.
    Bottom line Buca and its staff along with its terrible food ruined my family's Christmas dinner. We would never return to Buca no matter what the location, nor would I ever recommend such a place to a friend. Our total time sitting at our table was four hours, yes this is not a typo four hours. It was a total nightmare and management and staff should be embarrassed by such a terrible performance and customer service along with the lack of quality. Total RIPPOFF.

  • I have been to Buca lots of times and loved the food and the service. Saturday was a different situation! First I was confused on how it was so hard for me to make my reservation for the amount of people I had, and not have to order buffet style. But the family that was in the room with us took up two full length tables and didn't have to order that way. Not only that, I was told we would have two servers for our area. Which was half way true. The server with the dark hair (not good with names) Did help us the entire night. Even though she was very confused on what was going on and what was going where. The blonde haired girl (again excuse my lack on memory with names) did not even ask us if we needed anything until she had gotten the other two tables their drinks and their food. That is after we had been sitting their for over an hour. The boys at the popes table had gotten most of their food before we even got our drinks. So by the time we received our food none of us had any drinks. Although the blonde haired waitress did get us some bread after she served the other two tables. So all in all we had a very bad experience. we didn't get seated until almost 7:30, we didn't eat until almost 9:30, we only had one waitress, and by the time the kids got their food and had already ate we were just getting ours. I had was beyond embarrassed and upset. I had people come from Murfreesboro, Springfield, and even Hendersonville. Only to leave late and not be satisfied. And also, we ordered some calamari and fried mozzarella which had been cooked in some old or burnt grease. Which when the manager got called over to the table he acted like he could have cared less. It was just so much that I don't even know how to explain how I felt as I left that day. My last comment is the icing on the cake for me. Me and my family left feeling like we were treated like that because we were black. Especially when the blonde haired waitress made sure she served the two white families before she even asked us if we needed drinks. Which we sat down before they even came to the back to be seated. I was so irritated that I forgot to even use the $20.00 coupon they sent for my son's birthday…. Needless to say me and my family will have to think long and hard before we will be back.

  • Awful experience!!! Went to the Maitland, FL location on a Monday night and sat at the kitchen table. Took forever to get our food and the service was slow. They weren't even busy in the dining rooms. Finally when we saw our food in the window the manager brings it over and I ask for some red pepper flakes…He walks off without even acknowledging and then a few minutes later he comes back through the kitchen and I asked again. He proceeds to point his finger at me and say…just wait a minute. Very rude. He should not be a manager and be fired!!!!!!

  • I walked into the Santa Monica restaurant and the bar was filthy. 5 people had left and the bar was not cleaned off. When I went to sit down and ready to order, the woman behind the bar was busy trying to change the channel on the TV. I was ignored, wasn't even acknowledged and finally just walked out. What a disgusting pigsty.

  • I recently dined at your Milwaukee location. I must say, food was fantastic. There was one issue with a dish mix up (which wasn't a huge deal, but we did comment on it) your "fella" and i use that term quite loosely, the one who clearly doesn't need a sling, as he moves his arm around all over the place, yet, has his arm in a sling, absolutely the rudest, most pious "manager" i have EVER met. All we did was ask for the dish to be fixed, I asked for no discount, no favors as i spent years working in the industry and am fully aware mistakes happen. I believe he said his name was Michael, informed us that WE must have made a mistake and literally did nothing. The server was very apologetic, fixed the problem, and seemed quite embarrassed. At no point was there a head of house manager ever to even be seen, I'm well aware that this is an expectation as well. What is going on with your front of house here? Your savings grace is how delicious your food is, your upper management needs work. I'd start with attitude and presence, both should be give ins as far as I'm concerned.

  • Ordered 2 dinners to go from Buca in Davie, Fl.The chicken Limone was cooked to order and was wonderful! The lasagna was overcooked and layered with what looked like cottage cheese instead of creamy ricotta cheese,a layer of hard clumpy ground beef and topped with burned mozzarella cheese.The only ingredient that was fresh was a tablespoon of tomato sauce sitting along side the lasagna in the aluminum pan.The next afternoon I returned to the restaurant with 3/4 of the lasagna and showed it to the assistant manager (M.L.). He agreed that it was over done and I suggested either a fresh lasagna or a refund. He preferred a refund saying he needed to email Corporate in Orlando to authorize a refund and would send me a copy of the email.Day #2- no email.I called M.L. and he said that he sent an email to corporate and forgot to CC a copy to me and would do it now.Well,it's day #3 and no email.I tried calling Buca customer service and all you get is a fast busy signal. Thank goodness I used my credit card and was able to get a credit for the lasagna! I'm never going back to the Davie Buca or any Buca EVER again! PS IF you do order take-out at Buca be sure to check your food BEFORE you leave the restaurant.

  • I guess I shouldn't complain after reading these comments above! All I'm angry about is the fact that the Buca restaurant on Howe Ave. in Sacramento, CA owes a bill for my company's services since Aug. of 2014! Yes, people, almost a year and no payment. I would love to "picket" said restaurant but would not like the possibility of jail time. Just don't eat there! Not only for all the nasty reasons above but also, because of their terrible business values. I have filed a complaint with consumers complaint agency.

  • The downtown San Diego Buca di Beppo is not well run. We reserved their banquet room for 70 to 80 people and met with the managers twice to make sure they knew where our speaker could stand etc. A week before the event, Judy called us to say since we couldn't guarantee 100 people they were going to seat other parties in the room with us. We told them that wasn't the understanding we had and we needed the room to ourselves. Too bad, they wanted to cram as many people in as possible. They did not tell the other parties they would be in the room with us. When we got to the restaurant we found that they had crammed us into a little more than half the room and put several other groups with us. When our speaker attempted to address our group, the other groups continuing partying and we couldn't hear. The other parties were not pleased and complained as well to no avail. There was not enough wait staff for our group and I ended up getting forks and plates for people. Corporate needs to better train their managers because while attempting to make more money by cramming us all together, they have guaranteed none of these people will be returning. The food was less than impressive also.

  • The company I work for gathered a group of employees to volunteer for the "Meals for Munchkins" program at the Ronald McDonald House in Palo Alto. Our original plan was to prepare and serve a holiday meal to the families and sick children who were staying at the house. We wanted to make this meal special and memorable so instead of making something ourselves we decided to cater the meal using Buca di Beppo in Palo Alto. The order was quite large as we were expecting to feed approximately 200 people. We were very clear the delivery needed to arrive at the Ronald McDonald House between 5:00-5:15 because dinner is served at 5:30.
    5:15-The first time we called to inquire about our order we were told it was late because the "entire Stanford team" showed up and placed a large order. We asked when our order would leave for delivery and the manager couldn't give us answer. We were willing to drive and pick it up ourselves but we couldn't get an answer as to whether or not the order had been prepared/assembled. No apologies, nothing.5:30-The second time we called to inquire about the status we were told the order "just left." 5:50-It was rainy last night but there's still no order. It's only 1.46 miles. Our volunteer committee was trying to do damage control and we felt horrible. I personally walked around to every family and apologized to them on behalf of Buca and thanked them for being patient. Keep in mind these folks are at the Ronald McDonald House because their children are sick – and not just a little sick – REALLY sick AND it's the holiday season AND they're hungry AND tired AND emotionally drained. Guess what? These folks responded with understanding and graciousness and thanked us for being there – brought tears to my eyes. After yet another phone call we were told our "order would be delivered before the other orders." Still no apologies. 6:00-Still no food. We were told the driver "was at the light by the mall". The entire volunteer committee was standing by the front door looking for the Buca van and we saw traffic pass through light after light after light and still no Buca. Hum, what light was that again? In the meantime, a second set of volunteers had shown up to play with the kids. This was supposed to be the *after* dinner event. 6:15 – Now Buca is officially 1 HOUR LATE (or 1 HOUR and 15 MINUTES LATE) and a couple of us were standing outside in the rain looking for the Buca van. Pretty sure after our next phone call to Buca the manager blamed this mess up on "corporate" for "taking too many orders." 6:20 – We finally saw the Buca van and directed it into the parking lot. The entire volunteer committee rushed out in the rain in order to help bring in the food. The van contained multiple orders and from the looks of the situation, the manager decided to hold back our order so that he/she could send everything out at once. Really?! 6:30 – Our volunteer team had set everything up and we were finally able to serve the families and their children. ONE HOUR LATE. From what I understand Buca said they wouldn't charge us the delivery fee because "corporate made too many bookings". I think they eventually said they would take 20% off the order cost.
    From my point of view, this isn't about the money. This is about accountability. Buca kept families and their sick children waiting for a warm meal because it completely mismanaged this order. It couldn't handle multiple large orders. It wasn't truthful about the status. It didn't accept responsibility and blamed another department for the mess up. At the very least Buca owes a letter of apology to those families and their children AND it should cater a meal for them as a gesture of sincerity and compassion. AS A RULE OF THUMB, YOU DON'T MESS UP AN ORDER THAT'S GOING TO A CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL – especially during the Christmas season. SHAME ON YOU Buca and oh yah, you didn't give us the rolls with our order either.

  • I am emaling on an experience that I had at the Palo Alto, CA. location.
    I dined there last week. It was my first time. To get into the restaurant, you have to walk through the kitchen; same place you place a take out order.

    As I stood there waiting for the "chefs" to make my order, I noticed them, of course, completing orders that were ahead of mine. I noticed the "chef" sauteing RAW chicken in a skillet, which is normal. HOWEVER, I also noticed, a total of 5 TIMES, that the same tongs that were used to flip this chicken, he used the SAME tongs to turn down the heat. YES, he used the SAME tongs to turn the chicken, then turn down the heat. DISGUSTING!!!

    I called the SAME day to speak to a manager, Lysette, she informed me that she would be having a staff meeting to discuss this. OK, FAST FORWARD to today, 7/23/14, I spoke with ANOTHER manager and told her the EXACT same thing that I experienced. She says "I noticed this and thought it was normal for the "chefs" to do this." WAIT, WHAT!?! Me: "How did you notice this and not say anything?!" Her: "I was hosting at the time and didn't think to say anything." Me: "OOOH, OK. But you do know this how people get sick! Using the same tongs for RAW chicken and then using the same tongs to turn down the heat on the eye where other people use their hands to turn down as well. You know this right?" Her: Yes, but I thought this was normal." Me: If you're a manager, you would know that this is unacceptable."

    End of conversation. My review here. After seeing these reviews, I don't feel so bad with writing one here. I value great people who provide great customer service. I hope you guys over at Bucca can get it together!

  • Terrible employer and unsafe/unsanitary working conditions. Employees cut themselves on flimsy glassware….no incident reports filed…body fluids spewing from cut, employee band aids wound then continued working in area where food prepared.

    • I totally second this I currently work with buca and have cleaned up human fecal matter off the floors. I do not get paid enough and I'm not a nurse. Finally leaving that place in 2 weeks. Long overdue. Don't ever eat there.

    • I worked in Columbus Ohio I'm 70 years old while younger host hide in the take out eats food and play on their phones.. I sat guest cleaned menus for hours cleaned filthy bathrooms even feces off the wall. Told managers and they laughed. Tampons and applicators on floor no paper towels or t paper. Manager yells at you in front of guest. Looks at you as if you are dirt under his feet.. never would I put a child in a high chair or booster seat.. I did take it upon myself to to clean them. I washed and rinsed walls cleaned pictures and statues swept the outside area of leaves emptied cigarettes container.. got accused of being rude to a guest I never seated nor had any contact with.. stood up to 11 hours no break no food.. I could go on and on.. certainly abuse of a senior citizen..

  • Dear Casey… at SF location

    I wanted to email you and advise how the evening went.

    There were definitely issues that need addressed by your managers.

    total guest count = 26

    1. We sat down at 8pm at a table that was set with 25 place settings and 22 chairs. There was no way 25 or 26 people could have sat at the table. It was too small. 8 individuals had to be moved to another table…I requested one long table so we could all sit together.

    2. The 8 individuals at their own table sat for 40 minutes without water and bread.

    3. Drinks were ordered at 8:15 and received at 8:45. 1/3 of the ordered drinks where not delivered and had to be re-ordered. This occurred twice (2 rounds of drinks).

    4. The hot food was not delivered until 9:40 pm. One hour and 40 minutes later. Guests were not happy. Bread and water were not refreshed during this time.

    5. The ice-cream I dropped of on Friday was not put into the freezer in a timely manner…it totally melt and was re-frozen. It was then dropped off at the table in the paper bag I brought it in….all sticky and melted….it was uneatable.

    6. There was mainly one server assigned to 26 guests. This was not enough. This server was also waiting on two other large groups besides us. The serving staff and kitchen staff were UNDER-STAFFED.

    Not the best night. I spent 1118.00 for this evening. For this amount….the evening should have went a million times smoother.

    You should credit me back some of the money due to the issues noted above.

  • I split our bill with another couple. We each paid about $50, but when I checked my credit card statement on line two days later, both $50 charges were charged to our bill. I called the restaurant and spoke to Steve, the manager who told me it was their mistake and that they would refund me for the extra $50. Apparently, Cody, the waiter, had applied both charges to my credit card, brought both receipts to the table, and the couple we shared dinner with signed the receipt from my credit card.
    Three weeks later, no refund. I called again, but Steve was not available. I left a message. No call back. I went into the restaurant and asked to see Steve. I waited 20 minutes. He came out and spoke to me saying that he had already called corporate, submitted the paperwork and left me a voice-mail. I received no voice-mail and there certainly was no refund. I left with the agreement that I would check my online account again and call him if there was still no refund. Before I could pull out of the parking lot, he ran to my car and asked if I could give him the phone number of the person who shared our meal. I told him I did not have their number. He asked me to try to get it.
    When I got home, no refund was in my account. I called again. I think Steve wanted me to get the refund from the couple who shared our meal. I told him that was unacceptable, that I needed a refund, and at this point needed to be refunded the entire $100 for my trouble. After great resistance on his part, he said that he would contact corporate and get back to me within 2 days. Its been three days and no word from Steve. I've tried several attempts, in good faith, to be refunded. I've filed a complaint with the BBB.

    • If you used a credit card, challenge the charge on the account, they will remove it and they will also fight your attle. I do not use debit cards so if you used a debit card, check with the bank but you may be out of luck.

  • I never usually complain about a restuarant, however my experience was horrible. When we were seated we asked about a 10 coupon, I get them in the mail all the time. Our waitress had directed us to their website in which they had a 10 coupon and we gave our waitress the code and she said great and they would accept it. Well in the mean time we had to flag our waitress over several times and what we had asked for never came. Then when it was time to pay the bill the manager came over said the coupon code was expired and they could do nothing about it? Why would they have a expired coupon on their website and why would the waitress direct us to go there? I know the whole might dollar is very important but they will never earn my business again. This was the one on Milwaukee Ave and Lake Cook Rd in Wheeling Illinois. I will also send this complaint to Yelp.

  • If your going to be a corporate listings website you should be damn good at it. An excellent value to aspire to would be being quick about updating your listings. The Buca Inc Listing is OLD.

    • this number is incorrect.. i tired calling the number and it comes up with an error code.. does anyone know the right number

  • So let me just worn everyone I use to work at bucca di beppo and they are the dirtiest restaurant I have ever work at. the silver wear is not clean at all they food is never totally off even though they get run through wash twice.the servers just scrap anything they see off. there reason for that is the dish people don't scrub everything off they just throw it in there. The staff does not polish them either.same with the plates. if they drop something they will pick it right back up and take it to your table. when your food is taken back to be packed to go there hands that were just all in dish water from putting your dirty plates away are use to flip the noodles are whatever else into the box so they can put lid on. so nasty. please if you do still want to go there. bring own silver and wipes to clean plates. I don't know, I never ate a thing from there and I worked there that should tell you something.

  • Horrible food, what a waste of $60.00! I decided to order take out on New Years Eve should have spent my hard earned dollars elsewhere. The fettucini alfredo had no sauce, I had to scrape the bottom of the take out dish just to add some flavor to the noodles. I basically spent $23.00 for a box full of egg noodles. The marsala I ordered was another disappointment the chicken was next to null and extremely dry. I spoke to the manager the next day and I am still waiting to see reimbursement for my meal. I will never eat at Buca Di Beppo again, ever!

    • Yep! Their food is a total rip off for what it is — and it's not anything to write home about. OBVIOUSLY its not made fresh.

    • Get over it and get a life why would you ever take the time to do this I'm here to contact corporate on a dangerous matter not piss and moan about a bad experience your pathetic kill yourself

  • Nice place. However, your staff seems to not be informed on your gluten free menu. I know you have one, and the waiter and staff could not find it or tell us anything about it. So, it makes one wonder if the kitchen staff can make anything gluten free.

    • Worst food experience, sent the lasagna back, after one bite and still charged for it.There was a hair in my sons baked ziti, and charged for that also. The corporate headquarters has not called, and when trying to get them on the phone…we can't get through! Large uneatable dishes.No customer service.