Buffalo Wild Wings Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Buffalo Wild Wings Corporate Office Headquarters HQ 

1600 Utica Avenue South Suite 700

Minneapolis, MN 55416 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-952-593-9943

Customer Service Number: Online Help Only

  • We had dinner at a new BWW in our locations. I had a loyalty coupon which they accepted. However I was informed that since they were new they were not set up for the loyalty program so my point from my receipt would not be added. Is this correct? When I try to enter it says the location does not match the receipt. I find it odd that all BWW locations do not participate. I also find it disappointing that there is not corporate email on your site. You just refer to the local restaurants. I have been a long time BWW fan and dine there numerous time through the year. This leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  • My son,wife and grand-kids had dinner last week with friends at your establishment. While my grandson was out of his chair one of the workers came right behind him and slap my 2 yrs old grandson head really hard!The slap was so loud that the servers and guest all looked our way and was so astound by what just had happen. Long story short tried calling the manege's and upper corporate to get this problem solved. ABSOLUTELY NO RESPONSE WHAT SO EVER! Plus this girl is still employed by this company!!! Who in the right mind would still have this person work for a well established company!?!??? So now my son is going public with this and we will make sure that this will NEVER HAPPEN TO ANY OTHER CHILD! FYI THIS IS IN UTAH BWW #114. SO PARENTS BEWARE OF THE STAFF THEIR,THEY OBVIOUSLY DON'T GIVE A CRAP ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS!

  • I arrived around 9:30pm with a group of 8 people. We were celebrating my sister-in-law 30th birthday! As soon as we entered the door we were rudely greeted by an employee whom seemed to just be a random waiter passing thru. His greet consisted of sarcasm and attitude asking us if we were leaving or coming and we had just walked in. Shortly afterwards we were seated and had an awesome waiter that treated us with respect and had a considerable amount of patience! The wings where great! I enjoyed myself, paid w/ a decent tip and exited the building. The next morning after checking my balance they swiped my card three times for the same amount and is still giving me a hard time with refunding the money. My experience overall is disappointing! Love the establishing but the Addison needs a management look over.

  • You trash the Constitution when you tell me I can't carry my gun to protect my family from the nuts who will surely feel free to consider your restaurants as easy targets now that they know that everybody in them is absolutely defenseless.
    Terrible, terrible business decision.
    What knucklehead came up with that idea?
    You've lost me and my family as customers.
    You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • ate at buffalo wild wings in pittsbugh pa paid my bill was suppose to receive change back and the waiter keep the change i was suppose to recevied $ 5.38 and got $ 5 back now if i was short .38 i couldnt receive the food .it stealing

  • To whom it may concern: I frequent your Moore store: however, the last 2 times I have been there i have gotten sick as well as my son. I was there this evening to meet some friends and the restrooms were absolutely disgusting! One employee came in at clsoing anf flushed a toilet and walked out not even washing her hands!!!! Wow, no wonder people get sick! I promise I will never be back…

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