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Buffets Inc. Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Buffets Inc. Corporate Office Headquarters

1020 Discovery Rd., Ste. 100
Eagan, MN 55121 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-651-994-8608
Fax Number: 1-651-365-2356

  • I live in Reading , Pensylvania we had an Old Country Buffet in Wyomissing , Pensylvania very close to Reading. A few years ago it closed and it is miss by the community very much . I don't know why it closed because it always seemed to be full . I know that the community would be happy to see it come back and I was just wondering if this is a possibility ? Thanks from a satisfied customer.

  • I live on Staten Island,NY we had one HOME TOWN WHICH WE LOVED. The restaurant was always packed,We never understood why you closed it . How about rethinking it again and bring it back.

  • I saw you on under cover Boss you should have gone to RYAN'S in Lebanon , Tenn. the manager there need s to be fired he is horrible . We got there around 5:30pm for dinner well he still had over cooked left overs from lunch. Dried out overcooked and did not care. You should get a refund if yu can't see the food before yu buy it.

  • I bought all of these gift cards $350 used few, and all of a sudden they started to close down around me. I ahve abot $180 left worth of gift cards and the closest one to me abot 60 miles a way.

  • I just watched undercover boss and I would like provide how discouraging it is to visit the store in Janesville WI . My family and I have never had a satisfying experience , I've only seen a manager 1 time in the 3 times my family of 5 have visited the restaurant is a complete mess and never any smiles . We have gone back hoping there would be change with no success in our view of customer service , the food and cleanliness, at this point I don't forsee us returning .

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    Corporate Office Headquarters