Buffets Inc. Corporate Office Headquarters

Buffets Inc. Corporate Office Headquarters
1020 Discovery Rd., Ste. 100
Eagan, MN 55121 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-651-994-8608
Fax Number: 1-651-365-2356

  • I live in Reading , Pensylvania we had an Old Country Buffet in Wyomissing , Pensylvania very close to Reading. A few years ago it closed and it is miss by the community very much . I don't know why it closed because it always seemed to be full . I know that the community would be happy to see it come back and I was just wondering if this is a possibility ? Thanks from a satisfied customer.

  • I live on Staten Island,NY we had one HOME TOWN WHICH WE LOVED. The restaurant was always packed,We never understood why you closed it . How about rethinking it again and bring it back.

  • I saw you on under cover Boss you should have gone to RYAN'S in Lebanon , Tenn. the manager there need s to be fired he is horrible . We got there around 5:30pm for dinner well he still had over cooked left overs from lunch. Dried out overcooked and did not care. You should get a refund if yu can't see the food before yu buy it.

  • I bought all of these gift cards $350 used few, and all of a sudden they started to close down around me. I ahve abot $180 left worth of gift cards and the closest one to me abot 60 miles a way.

  • I just watched undercover boss and I would like provide how discouraging it is to visit the store in Janesville WI . My family and I have never had a satisfying experience , I've only seen a manager 1 time in the 3 times my family of 5 have visited the restaurant is a complete mess and never any smiles . We have gone back hoping there would be change with no success in our view of customer service , the food and cleanliness, at this point I don't forsee us returning .

  • Please stop the practice of putting the steak on the plate the customer is holding while the cook is holding a butcher knife. The knife comes within a half inch of children and adults fingers.

  • Please bring one of your stores back to the east side of cincinnati , we use to have an Old Country Buffet that I worked at when i was in my 20's but it closed & we use to have a Ryans & it also closed I miss those stores the only one we have in a Buffet style is Golden Corral & it's not very good so please bring us a good Buffet

  • This is for Anthony Wedo, the CEO of Buffets, Inc. I have eaten at Ryan's before and the food is good. Please think about this suggestion, for the seniors, please lower the price for them and include the drink with the buffet for all including the seniors. The seniors do not have a lot of money to spend on food because we have to buy medicines also. Please try to do something for us.

  • My husband and I got $100 gift certificates for Ryans in Cape Girardeau, Mo. I still had $80 worth of certificates left. Ovations Brand through which the certificates were purchased- I emailed them and they said to copy the refund form, mail in the remainder certificates and I would receive a refund. I finally called and the gentleman told me that they couldn't do anything about it. I was very disappointed since it was a Christmas gift from my kids.

  • we eat in York pa at the oldcountry buffet,and the place is not clean worker are just as bad when the pick their noise don't wash hands put out food lay we chidern don't wash hand when manger just stand their is not right.

  • please,we were going to go to Ryan's in Martinsburg,WVa. and we get there and it is no longer open…..please tell me why.

  • I saw Undercover Boss and decided to give Ryan's another try. The food was crappy, the worst I have ever had. I feel I have been robbed. I asked the cashier why the prices were higher, she replied, its Fathers Day and we charge more on Fathers Day. The low class people coming in were like cattle, grazing on green beans and mashed potatoes. They acted like it was good food and it wasn't. I know good food when I see it and this stuff stinks. This is the last time for me Ryan. You won't get me again.

  • County road 17 in Elkhart Indiana is a fast growing area. And would be a great place e for a old country buffet.

  • I will have to say that the Ryan's I have been to in Fredricksburg Va is decent. However I just saw the undercover boss's episode for your company I will have to say this guy does you no justice. He was short with customers and clueless how to run the very old computer system you have. I thought he was very ignorant to what really happens in a restaurant of any caliber. Getting upset with a dishwasher about how he trains you..lets see spray run stack not to complicated . Mike the C.E.O. is a true deficit to your company not a asset. Enjoy bankruptcy because with this guy you are going down the road to closing the doors for good.

  • The home town buffet in forsythe, il needs work. The dishes are not clean, they come out super wet. The food has no flavor, is usally cold, and they never seem to have enough food made.

    Not sure if it a management issue or employee issues. It really needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

  • Vincent the Ryan s in bossier parish Louisiana . its on air line dr. well the dishes are always dirty , food such as chicken is out when my wife and I arrive. I ask how long they say 20min. we done ate and left, chicken still didden t come out . also never have sugar free dessert. and you have to ask for ice cream, they scoop it now . If you can find someone in the area. they don t use the dairy machine anymore . PLEASE SOMEONE CHECK THIS RYAN S OUT, THANKS

  • went to eat at ryan s buffet 04/15/2015 the worst place I have been my self an friend went there we went to get our food an it was over cooked it seem to be left over lunch,also went to get a steak an was told I had to order it from my which we did we had all ready gotten our food from buffet,we had to wait another 15 min for the steak,at what time we had already eaten,so we had to eat the steak by itself,after that we order another steak another 15 min went by so we left before it came.i saw on under cover bosses the other night about your restaurant an yall went bank rupt twice an I can see why.i also see the ceo has a home here in south Carolina he needs to take his family there an see if they can eat the food I bet they wouldn't even go there service was good nice watiness I or my family will ever go there again or any other that is owned by yall .need to fine a new business to get into I know this wont do any good but maby some people will stay away

  • Nutritional information not working on your website. Also get security error warning me not to touch many areas of the website. Get a refund from whoever producted your site.

  • Been to the old country buffet in Wyoming, mi. and there was not much to like. The girls on the floor were nice enough, but the managers are lazy. Instead of helping clear tables, she just yells at the workers and tells them they are too slow. Customers should not hear that garbage. oh and the food was mediocre at best.

  • Dissatisfied customer since Ryan's and buffets Inc. left oklahoma. . I feel that your company does not care but Anthony Weidel ( CEO) says that your company replies on the customers . How can this company just close stores with out noticing customers how are the reason for the store in the first place. I live in Tulsa,OK area one day I went to the Ryan's we had here and found the doors locked and just a paper posted in the window. I hope this reaches top executives so they can find out how there customers feel. Please contact me at josephwhalen37@yahoo.com with a resolution.

  • I saw your story on Undercover Boss and I wanted you to know that it left me in "tears!"U as CEO are truly amazing and have a heart of Gold.If I lived near any of your stores I would b honored to work for you.

    Sincerely Amanda Schoonover Oxford NC

  • was going to ask ya'll to look at putting a Home Town Buffet in my home town but reading these, I thought after see you on Undercover Boss the comments would be better !

  • We are SO dissapointed in Home Town Buffet in Temecula,CA. Lot's of empty dishes, hardly any help, cold food and filthy desert area. The hot fudge machine is gross. Every few months we try them again and it just keeps getting worse…..What a waste, stop the comercial overload and fix the restaurants
    Dale, Fallbrook,CA

  • The ryans here in independence mo on route 78 hwy. sucks big time. Some of the food is good. But the store needs to be remodeled really BAD. The last time my wife and I ate there was last year. I had gotten sick do to mold up on the ceiling and water damage in different spots. If something isn't done about it soon. I will be forced to SUE buffet inc. There are a lot of people that is allergic to mold like me. Plz do something about it real soon. Thankyou!!!!

  • The Ryan in Searcy Ar. is the sorriest restaurant that I have ever been in. The managment team at this restaurant has know idea on how to run a bussines.I think the CEO of the company needs to visit this location and find out the story on this facility and make some changes or close the facility Wedo needs to do something or step down

  • Was at a Old Country Buffet in Wyomissing PA. for breakfast . Food was so dried out I think I could have made shoes out of the pancakes , ham,bacon,etc.
    Just awful……… This place was so disorganized , employees were fighting with each other …Will never go there again!! Great job Wedo!!! NOT!! No wonder this company is going bankrupt??? Go figure!!!!

  • The Ryan in Clive Iowa is nasty not clean silverware dirty deserts a mess, bathrooms are gross. Just saw on undercover boss and the CEO was on saying how great they are better check other states.

  • I would love to have Ryan's back in Kettering OH. The one that was closed was always full. We were all shocked when it closed. Please consider bringing it back. There may be an a place to open back up on woodman dr. About a mile where the original Ryans was. Thank you for you consideration.

  • After many years I decided to give Old Country Buffet another try after watching Undercover boss. I thought the CEO was actually sincere in his statement of efforts to raise the quality of the offerings. That's probably the worst mistake I've made in recent years. Ate at the remaining (of two that existed) Old Country Buffets and was thoroughly dissappointed. Food quality was lacking as were the selections for the exhorbitant price we were charged. I've eaten at low end buffets in Las Vegas at half the price and twice the quality. Even the mediocre chinese buffet in town is head and shoulders above Old Country, and far less expensive.

  • In Gautier, Ms there is a new Town Center being constructed and it would be a great to put in a Ryans or Hometown buffet…think about it ok!!

  • The mesa az location is horrible we go to Golden Corral. We stay away from all buffets that have to do with buffet inc. saw the undercover boss what a joke try az ones u will find out that undercover boss is fictional

  • Hey "Mike" … a new car to the steak guy! ABC showed how to cut steak without a cutting glove. Your past CEO would have called him stupid thrown the trimmings at him dumped the prep steak on the floor then fired him.You must be the "feel good" CEO of corporate bankrupcy culture. Where were the Latins in your "show piece"? Intentional to exclude them?Patton? or Geo Romney?

  • The Ryan's in Hiram, Ga. is not good. Been there several times. To start the food was good, then bad and now it is worse. The food looks old and taste even worse.

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