Burkes Outlet Corporate Office Headquarters

Burkes Outlet Corporate Office Headquarters
E.R. Beall Center
700 13th Ave. East
Bradenton, FL 34208
Corporate Phone Number: 1-941-747-2355
Fax Number: 1-941-746-1171
Customer Service Number: 1-800-683-8655

  • I witnessed a manager in the Asheboro store threaten to call the police on a young man who used the ladies restroom, he has panic attacks daily. Sign on men's restroom was out of order, and the gentleman in question was a paying customer. Was threatened with police after being told he could not use the women's restroom after he came out of it. NO ONE said a word beforehand to him. Manager even watched him leave as he decided that store was not worth shopping at. After all, if the store is going to call the police on a paying customer, would you shop there? I think not. This young man was ready to spend $100 on men's clothes, but felt unwelcome after this interaction with him. Never mind the fact that he was a different color from the manager as well. I was ashamed as I went to check out and may not never go back again.

  • The manager refused to interview me. I just need a job, and for someone to turn me away because of how I look, not acceptable.

  • The store in windcrest is nice but unprofessional managers, the store manager clocks out and works off the clock, I hear other managers talk about badly about there associates and the store Manger is there not doing anything about it. I also see the store manager be rude to her poor hard working employees. Please do something about this. I love shopping there but hate to see this.

  • DO NOT GO TO BURKES OUTLET IN CLEBURNE, TX!!! The manager is very rude and needs to be fired immediately. Her name is Sandy,Candy or Mandy. Shes a heavy set lady with black hair. Can in to shop for a funeral and her and another girl stalked me every place i went. She (manager) is very unprofessional when i checked out didn't say anything just threw my stuff in the bag i paid and walked out. How is she even the manager??This was a very bad experience and i will NEVER come back

  • Hello, I wanted to reach out to you about the manager in your Burkes Outlet in Clinton NC. I am a valued customer and a faithful customer and have been since you guys open on the first business day. I go and buy there every two weeks at least $150 to $200 worth of your merchandise and clothes. I work for a corporate office myself and I know good customer service. I know you have a thing where your store hold clothes etc. for 5 days. I'm not one who abuse the policy or hold policy. Your manager of Clinton NC was very rude and abrupt to me on June 30, 2020 because I ask for another 5 days to pick up my items. She said I will do it this time but you come in here and put stuff on hold all the time. I stated it does not matter if I pick it up. She stated the discount day will be moved for everybody from Friday to Monday.

    I stated it doesn't matter for me because MY DISCOUNT day is on Mondays anyway. I go in the store so much to by they know me by name and the girls there know I always come back to pickup my items.

    I wanted to reach out to you that if you continue to have a manager in the store to talk to customers that way you will not have any buyers. I cannot remember her name but she's the older lady there. She was loud and VERY RUDE ANS I DO NOT AAPPRECIATE IT. I work for a corporate office and we have to dress a certain way and her behavior is not acceptable.

    I can take my business else where. I can drive to Dunn NC if I have to, to keep from dealing with this type of behavior. You may not address this situation but I need to put this out there. I know I a lot of people in this town and you do not want anything of this kind of natural to get out that you have a rude manager in charge of your store.

    I walked back in the store a week or two later, the employee's was talking about it. They even stated wow but you always come back to pick your items up. I was so lost for words. I made me feel like, Hey guys look out for this customer for putting things on hold don't let her.


    Remember everyone does not have it like that to pull money out of their pocket and buy what they need right then, A HOLD IS THEIR BEST OPTIONS UNTIIL THEIR PAYDAY!!!!

    I SUGGEST LOOKING INTO A LAYAWAY FOR THE POORER FOLKS who love your store. I hope you share this email with the manager.

    As a loyal customer, I will never feel the same again working into your store looking forward to by your items. One of your younger supervisor stated we don't want to loose you because of your faithfulness. We don't want you to have to drive 30 some miles to buy. They are all always polite and courteous to me and always look forward of seeing my smile and me see theirs.

    This is my first experience in this store and I hope its the last. I'm very upset.

    Ms. Denise Barnes


  • Today while shopping in the Summerville SC store I was using one of the shopping carts and I believe there was a tiny part of the cart that had been nicked by something and caused the plastic to stick out just enough to cut my palm about a quarter of an inch deep. I did not have to get stitches but I did visit the E.R. I hope that this store will check the carts and get rid of this particular cart now that I have said something.

  • I am from Mississippi, and I shop at the Burke's Outlet in Carthage, MS. The staff are very friendly, however the MUSIC IS WAY TOO LOUD! The past 2 times I have been in there, Burke's was playing VERY LOUD Country music! I felt like I was in a honkey tonk, please seriously, may I suggest you play instrumental music instead? Hobby Lobby is a good example. In my opinion, Burke's should be a more classier outlet. Please don't PLAY CRAZY MUSIC in the background and annoy your customers! I don't care hearing, "she thinks my Tractor's Sexy…" blah crappy music. Please consider changing the music to instrumental only. Thanks!

  • The manger at store 762 in Humble is most likely sleeping with one of his associates. I need the employee hotline asap, please.

  • Burke's outlet in Jackson Ms has the worst mangers and supervisors ever. They are so rude and nasty. The conversation they have on the sales floor is just ridiculous. They act like they don't want to assist you. I love the store in the beginning now it's a mess, like they don't care. Always outside smoking and no one is ever at the register, you have to look for them. I hate this store store manager is so loud and ghetto

  • At one of the stores I work at, no matter what I do or how hard I try the manager finds fault every time. It's embarrassing when it's done on the floor. I've tried talking to her and it doesn't do any good. Feeling frustrated.

  • Had not one but Two very bad experiences with discrimation against people with special needs at the CORINTH MISSISSIPPI STORE
    The supervisor rudely dismissed my complaints of the blatant ignorance of her staff towards people especially children with special needs shopping with their parents ….seriously disgraceful!!!!!!

  • My daughter, her boyfriend and I were shopping at Burkes in Temple, Tx today for her a graduation dress. I also had several items I had picked up for my grandson. My daughter told her boyfriend he could just go home if he was going to complain about shopping. (As most men do! Lol) The MANAGER told her they needed to QUIT TALKING in the store. Are u kidding me!? Its not the library! Left out stuff, walked out and will NEVER go back.

  • Just visited the burkes outlet in Elizabethtown Ky. The lady with to much make up that works there gave me so much attitude about the 15% off. After she rings it up and the 15% still didn't come off I just sat my stuff on the counter and looked at her and said be nice and walked out. I will NEVER be back in that store again. They just lost a sale because of her attitude.

  • Just to say to the first comment on this page. No store is gonna give you a refund for just walking in with a broken watch and no receipt. Being store owner myself, without a receipt showing date of purchase and with no way of knowing if the watch just broke or if it was broken by someone, there would no way I would give a refund.

  • The customer service desk leaves a lot to be desired. The associate has no customer experience at all or just doesn't care. The wonderful women they had there last year were much better. This associate needs to keep her attitude outside. This is the Crossville, Tennessee store.

  • This issue has been bothering me for quite sometimes now. I am an employee at the Burke's Outlet located in Camden, South Carolina and a few months ago a mandatory store meeting was held, I was flabbergasted by the way the store manager handled the meeting. She allowed employees to attack one another as well as use profanity. I've worked in retail most of my life and I know this isn't the correct way to run a business. How are we suppose to promote the business when management is being unprofessional? I'm just really concerned about a lot of things that I have observed throughout my time here and I think it's time for Corporate to step in.

  • Need to know why your store in Sumter South Carolina only has a limited selection of Plus size clothing. But a store full of smaller sizes. That also seem to be nicer then the Plus size clothing. Big girls like to look nice also. Your store use to be one of my favorite stores. Could always rely on having different but nice clothing for the plus size girl.

  • Hello- I would like to sing the praises of a sweet lady that works at the Rockwall location. I believe her name is Lilian Barsoum and every single time (and we frequent often) she is always happy and very efficient! Lilian goes above and beyond to make our visit a pleasant one. I appreciate her professionalism.

  • My wife works for burkes outlet in Winnsboro Louisiana and they treat her like a dog her boss Lisa make her close all the time and leave her a to do list to get done but she is always put with a coworker that is lazy and slow so she have to do her work plus he's when miss doing something she gets jumped on by Lisa so I am planning on reporting them to the labor board I have document every time she comes home crying r call me crying for how they have done her if Lisa and the rest of her coworkers don't get took care by corporate I will take care of it

  • The store in mesquite is horrible. Bernadette Saldana is a horrible manager and I plan on bringing a class action lawsuit against your company. They charged us 7 times for 1 visit to your store. Talk to manager and she talked to me like I was a broke pos even though your machines just sucked even after I showed her it already charged me twice. She guaranteed that it would fall off and had the nerve to say that I probably didn't have the money to buy.

  • My name is Shelley Hooton & I want to commend the store here in Franklin, NC….I think it's store #196. I so enjoy shopping there. I buy lots & your staff is so knowledgeable & friendly. Karen is a great acting manager & is so nice. I've seen some of my favorite employees have quit. I think whoever is over this store is making mistakes by not keeping a great staff…..by causing discontent. Don't mess up a good thing!!!!

  • I would like to make it a point to the corporate office about one if it's managers at a local store where I live at. The manager Jennifer at the Southern Pines, NC store needs a serious attitude adjustment. I don't know if she is aware that she works in the public eye and is supposed to be generous to her customers but someone above her needs to put her in her place and let her know that it is not right to treat her customers that pay like there nothing. I went into my local Southern Pines, NC store to shop where I do on a weekly base bc I love the store to find some work clothes. I went up to the manager bc she was walking around and asked her a simile question about some clothes. Whether or not they were getting more items in and if she could help me find another item. She then began to give me the dirtiest look and with a rude attitude and said it's right over there and I don't know if we are or not. One you are a manager and your supposed to show your employees how to react towards customers and if that is how she is showing her employees how to act then I don't want to give this store my business. I don't agree with the way she reacted towards me and I have talked to numerous amounts of people that go in there and have said that she has the worse than attitude ever. The last manager that was there was the sweetest person and would in any way. I really think your office should look into her and tell her she needs to turn her attitude around towards her customers. Nobody that I know that goes in that store likes her nor thanks she is qualified enough to be a Manager. That's not good customer service. As far as I know until she is gone I will not be spending my money there and I will spread around to my family and friends to not shop there as well either.

  • I work at store 452. Everyone there is very unhappy because of one girl who works there. She's lazy and takes credit for other's work. We had truck come in one day and the store was about to open. One girl was putting things out on the floor and another was by herself working truck. OI had to work the register. I couldn't find this girl to help us and when I did she was in the office watching cartoons on her cell phone doing god knows what on the boss's computer. She has an excuse for everything and brings her personal problems to work with her. She's lazy, always wants someone to work for her but if you need her help, you have to deal with her rudeness and she's mean. Some customers don't want to go in there if she's working and she yells at them across the store. She follows them around everywhere and won't leave them alone. They just want some time alone to shop. She gossips and creates a lot of drama. When she has a day off, there is so much peace in the store and everyone gets along,until she comes back. NOBODY LIKES HER AND SHE NEEDS TO BE FIRED IMMEDIATELY!!!

  • I worked at store 380 with management in training Lakessia and I was very NOT impressed. She is a lazy female with no work ethic or people skills who is constantly bashing staff. I only received 4 days of register training, no basics on phone, credit cards, etc. Although I had previously worked in retail you still need the basics in order to be productive. She agreed to hire me knowing I had another job then fires me after she calls in back up staff. She is really not management material and if shes this incompetent at burkes she could never do high end retail.

  • I don't think that ANY burke's outlets should be open on the DAY OF Thanksgiving. It is ridiculous and makes no sense. That Is a day for family and is a Holiday therefore it should be closed like every other store!

  • I don't know who I need to speak with about this person but I was so impressed of how this supervisor handled herself in the Burkes Outlet store in Hillsboro . Anyway its located in Hillsboro texas. In there you have a wonderful employee by the name of Kristie Andrade. I was having trouble deciding on what to buy for my vacation trip. Miss Kristie help me pick out a lovely wardrobe and I just loved her help, she is very sweet and kind , I just want to put her out there and let everyone know she is there to help and seems to love her job.the manager I think her name is Adella may be a different story as when I talked to her she seemed very annoyed with me. Anyway a big THANKS to Kristie she should be employee of the month, I spent triple the money but I got triple the clothes I was so happy.

  • I went to the store in Gainesville, Texas store 594 and was very impressed by the job that Clara did. She was so helpful and went out of her way to assist me. She is also knowledgeable in a lot of the product items that I questioned her about. Thank you for having the foresight to hire someone so talented. Excellent Customer Service.

  • I went to store 113 in Ardmore Oklahoma and was very impressed by the job that associate 8 – Fern did. She was so helpful and went out of her way to assist me. She is also knowledgeable in a lot of the product items that I questioned her about. Thank you for having the foresight to hire someone so talented. Excellent Customer Service.

  • I visited your new Store in West Fort Worth yesterday. I am very impressed!!! The store was immaculate and full of great merchandise!!! I will will be back to shop!!! Keep up the good work!!!

  • I shop at Burkes about once a month. I am on a tight budget, but I usually buy at least one thing. I do like to take my time and I enjoy shopping your clearance sections, but I feel very uncomfortable with the loud announcement going off about shoplifting. I understand it's a problem and you would like to prevent it. It's not fair to paying customers to have to hear this. I feel sometimes, because one or two customers might be in the store, that it's directed toward me. I am a paying customer and I feel like the fun shopping experience is ruined by this announcement. I went today with my kids and the announcement was VERY LOUD and I think insulting. I am not rich by any means, but I do have credit cards and I will buy something if it is worth buying. I feels as though you may profile people because of race or even social class. Some of us go shopping frumpy and stressed out…that's why we go shopping..to relax and have fun. I only feel uncomfortable in your store and cheap. It's not worth it.

  • I have been shopping at Burkes Outlet here in Alamogordo New Mexico for many years… After todays visit I will NEVER shop there again. The Manager Sandy Martin is rude and has no customer service skills. I was in the fitting room with 5 items, I had pulled my cart in there with me. There is no sign that states carts cannot go into the dressing room, Only six items or less. 5 items plus the cart = 6. The Manager Sandy Martin treated me like a common thief. You better believe my complaint against this store will not go unnoticed. I have lived here too long and know a LOT of people. Good Customer service is what keeps a business going strong. I am also a manager. And the customer is always RIGHT.

  • Our local Burke's store has been just lovely. The staff is courteous and helpful. The store is clean and very well organized. The displays are wonderful. I have bought many things off the displays because they were appealing and caught my eye. The displays helped me to see how I could put home accessories together to make a nice coordinating grouping at home. I can tell the staff really enjoy their jobs, coming to work and take pride in their work and store. I can see how Ms Jerri and her staff just work so well together. It takes a special kind of boss and staff to create that kind of retail environment. I love shopping in there and I hope our Sylacauga, AL 35150 store will always be this nice environment for us to shop in!!! Keep up the great work!!!

  • Burkes outlet in commerce is gross the have an employee that breaks merchandise just to buy it herself at a discount. Wish we had a Walmart here

  • I love shopping at the Burkes Outlet in Rockwall, Tx! So clean and organized. You can tell they work hard to keep it up. And great customer service!

  • On July 12, 2014 I was outside the Burkes in Sanford, NC. I witnesses a man, who later identified himself as "loss prevention" assault a presumed alleged shoplifter in the parking lot. He tried to block her path. When she stepped around him he grabbed her and through to the ground, almost ripping off her shirt. When an elderly black gentleman intervened, she was able to get away, running to an older model Jeep Cherokee, leaving behind her bag and one shoe which she lost in the takedown. The loss prevention associate then picked up a set of keys and through them as hard as he could striking and breaking the rear glass as the vehicle pulled away. Minutes later when he noticed I was recording the incident he came after me, presumably trying to take my phone. He then tried to block my exit from the parking lot. to my right the street was do not enter to my left he blocked the exit. I circled around a restaurant, he pursued continuing to keep himself between my vehicle and the exit. I was able to exit at the far end of the parking lot. At this time he was holding his hand to his mouth and ear. I don't know if he was daring me to call police or telling me that he was calling them, but he was clearly taunting me. What I saw was not loss prevention or law enforcement. It was unbridled RAGE. I saw this rage as he assaulted this woman and I saw it in his eyes as he pursued me. Someone with this lack of self control should not be working in this capacity. Did I mention that he was white and his victim was black. Maybe your sign should say "Shoplifters will be assaulted." I will be contacting the local store and the corporate office. Depending on their response I will either delete this post and my recording of this assault or turning it over to the local media and local chapter of th NAACP.

  • To whom this may concern ! I have tried to shop at Burkes at least 5 times in the past and now ! Your air conditioning has not worked since you have been there ! Yesterday I walked in and immediately the sweat starting pouring off me and I felt very sick ! The temperature had to be well over 120 degrees ! The workers were in a total sweat ! They said that the air will be fixed !!!! What are you telling these poor woman ? It's all a lie !!! The air has never ever worked. You need to shut this nasty store down or you will be having many law suits against you !!! Who is the slum lord that owns this rat whole in baton rouge on Sherwood forest ? He should be ashamed of himself ! A friend of mine mentioned that she walked into the bathroom and a dead rat was on the floor, someone had killed it and left it there !!! All the people working there will be walking out !!! DO SOMTHING OR MOVE THIS STORE TO A FOREIGN COUNTRY !!! YOU ARE GIVING BATON ROUGE A BAD NAME ! GET OUT OR DO SOMTHING WITH THIS STORE ! NEW AIR CONDIITON SYSTEM , CLEAN UP THE RAT PROBLEM , PAINTING IS MINOR !!! START TREATING YOUR PEOPLE WITH DIGNITY AND RESPECT ! ITS OBVIOUS THEY NEED THE MONEY OR THEY WOULD NEVER TOLERATE THESE POOR CONDITIONS !!! THE WORKERS ARE SO HUMBLE WITH SWEAT DRIPPING DOWN THERE FACES !!! OWNERS OR OWNER PUT YOURSELF IN THERE PLACE AND SEE WHAT YOU WOULD DO ! THEY ALL NEED TO RUN. I HAVE A BUSNESS AND BELIEVE ME IF I HAD WORK FOR ALL OF THEM THEY WOULD HAVE WALKED OUT YESTERDAY !!!!

  • Today I worked my ass off taking down shelves and all other heavy crap, with the understanding that after I finished I would get a severance package because the store was going out of business and I had been a loyal worker, but when I got done myself and 3 other ladies were denied because we didn't meet the requirements to get the package even though they made it seem like we would get one they just tricked us to use us to help pack up the u haul! I hate burkes it is an awful company to work for!!

  • I will never shop there again. I went to go buy my niece a gift. I was getting her a shirt , purse, wallet and nail polish. The shirt was clearly on the clearance rack and they were others of the same, in different size and colors on that rack. When I checked with the man at the register he tells me that it was not on sale. I told him that they were on the clearance rack and this was not the only one. He just shrugged and proceed to do nothing as I was inconveniencing him. On principal since I was treated like a number, I put everything up and walked out and he still has the nerve to tell me to have a nice today. Scarastic jerk!

  • I will never shop there again. I went to go buy my niece a gift. I was getting her a shirt , purse, wallet and nail polish. The shirt was clearly on the clearance rack and they were others of the same, in different size and colors on that rack. When I checked with the man at the register he tells me that it was not on sale. I told him that they were on the clearance rack and this was not the only one. He just shrugged and proceed to do nothing as I was inconveniencing him. On principal she I was tried like a number, I put everything up and walked out and he still has the nerve to tell me to have a nice today. Scarastic jerk!

  • I went to burks in Sherwood Forest. Baton Rouge at 8:30 the door was locked and the employee said they were closed hours were 9-9. Employees were sitting down going in and out the store. They were not doing anything. I came way from the other side of town to shop and I was disappointed because I could not go in the store to shop. I will never shop there again. I never ever heard of a store closes at 9 but you go there at 8:30 and its close. You need to do pop up visits to see what's going on in your stores. January 25, 2014 at 8:30p was my last time going to Burks.

  • 11/15/13 approx 2pm, shopped BurkeNs in Jennings, La and had a bad experience. 2 employees didn not greet us even after we spoke to them. Store was not full. They did not offer any assistance, but sat/propped against register area. We then realized people coming in after us where greetd and assisted. My fiance' approached a worker for help and looked at him as if she could have killed him and just walked away. I approached same employee since she was the only one at register prior to ou getting ready to check-out, asked her about a purse and she never responded to me. We checked and left. Someone in corp should review tape. I will be expecting a call soon. Thank You!

  • I shop there all the time but over the last few months they have a posted sign restrooms out of order. Well they are not out of order they don't want anyone using them so they won't have to clean them.

    • New year new attitude should be the way to start off the new year at Burke's but instead we have negativity at store 404 located in Camden south Carolina. The company should really do a better job when it comes to hiring Managers, because our manager here is really unprofessional and doesn't do her job well, She's not fair, is very childish and shows favoritism. I'm not sure what the company looks for when searching for a GREAT STORE MANAGER WHO CAN LEAD THE COMPANY AND NOT BREAK IT, but She's definitely not the one. We have a great team here at store 404 but with the way Management is set up we'll never be on one accord because our leader isn't on one accord. As an employee I should be able to go to her and discuss problems and issues withouthat all of the other staff knowing. She not fair when it comes to making the schedule' the schedule should be rotated weekly I shouldn't always be scheduled to open or close and I've noticed that she doesn't close on the weekends which makes it very unfair to everyone Cashiers as well as Supervisors. Before they switched over to the Managers clicking in and out she would always leave early , would come in late or call out. Everything about here is just unfair and when working in retail with others it has to be fair. I've worked in retail for quite some time now and I know a good Manager when I see one and Leslie isn't a good one. I hope the company takes the time to do some research because this is getting ridiculous, I loved my job when I first started it but now I'm starting to dislike it

    • With it being an outlet store, more than likely they’re having their restroom listed as “out of order” because of such bad theft. They are under no legal obligation to even have a public restroom.

  • I have had such a horrible, bad experience at the burkes outlet located in Cleveland, Texas!!! I came in on the day when the dots changed, and i saw three women who worked at the store without there uniform, take big huge bags of clothing and stuff the bags of clothing in their car and trucks and their friends and family were helping the three ladies, and when I walked in to the store there was NOTHING with a dot on it , the only things that was left at the store were regular priced items. well I went on anyways and found 3 shirts, and one of them looked as though it had a dot on it , the other one didn't have a tag price on it, and the 3rd one was cheap but still at regular price. well i walked to the cashier and handed her the shirts, and when she saw the "cheap" one she got rude and gave me an angry stare and threw the shirt into the bag, and when she saw the one with no price tag, she told me it was $30, and i asked her to check at least, cause it looked as though she just randomly made up a price, and i for a fact know she was lying cause i saw another shirt similar to it and it was $10 and she didn't even check the price!! she said that she just knows the price. then she picked up the last shirt that looked like it had a dot on it and she said it was just an ink mark, and i got pissed off cause you could clearly tell there was a dot on there, but the dot was smudged just a teensy bit. well i got really mad and that was the last day that i ever stepped into that store. i have no intention to shop at a store where the customers are treated so poorly.

  • My experiance at Burkes located in La marque Texas was an experiance that I have never experiance in 51 years on this earth. Making a purchase of $141.00 with a personal check and beingn told that the check could not be accepted because the address on the check and the address on by driver license did not match. I was told this was their policy. It is a policy that need to be revisited. In this day and age how many people do you know of that have a mailing address and a physical address.Why do you think P.O. Boxes exist. In the atate of texas P.O Box can not acceptable for driver license or vehilce registrations. After the clerk requestion other identification of address I showed her my auto insurance card, my wife who was present had a Burks charge card and paid her bill, still they would not accept the check while on phone with main office/headquarters. I simply asked the clerk to borrow her scissors and cut that Burks card up at the counter and told her to cancel that account and put those remains in file 13. Have no intentions to ever shop there again.

  • After my experience at Burkes outlet Store today I will NEVER shop there again!!!!!! I had bought my 13 year old son a watch last week for making honor roll. after he wore it for a few days it broke. we lost the receipt. the Store tag was still on the box. I brought him back to try to exchange it & was denied!! I asked for mgr & she was rude. when I got home I called the Houma, louisiana Store to get mgr name. girl asked what she looked like & I said colored girl. I am not nor Never been prejudice. but the girl said this is 2013 u dont need to describe people like that n be prejudice!! I had asked them to try to pull up my purchase from my name. they refused. thats when I got upset I did get upset that your employees treat customers like crap. I have been in Store many times & often refer others to Burkes outlet but I Never will again!! I work hard for money & will spend it somewhere else!!

    • I just went through the same just bout over $700 worth of things had to exchange a few times and last time was denied, but not just that the manager on duty in lafollette, tn treated me like I was a piece of crap after just spending that much and opening a credit card. We just bought a new house, but when km y husband returns after being out of town with receipt I plan on returning 90% of it and will NEVER shop there again!!

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