Buy Buy Baby Corporate Office Headquarters

Buy Buy Baby Corporate Office Headquarters
650 Liberty Avenue,
Union, NJ 07083
Corporate Phone Number: 1-908-688-0888
Customer Service Number: 1-877-328-9222

  • I went to the Woodbridge, New Jersey store today (4/23/22) to return an item I bought as a gift online. I took the item to the store inside the cardboard box it was shipped in with receipt. I was told I needed to get a gift card because it was tied to a registry. I questioned this as I had the original receipt and asked for the manager. Through discussion the Manager told me I should I have told them this was bought as a gift instead of a gift received (gifts received from registry apparently need to be returned as a gift receipt). I told her the staff needed to be better trained and ask if this was a gift to give or receive. Customers won't think otherwise.

    Than the Manager (Jasmine) told me because the item was purchased as an online item which is not available in store, I needed to return it through store via Fed Ex and she provided me with a packing slip. I asked for the return receipt and I was told the packing slip was my receipt. I told her if item was lost or stolen I had no means to prove I returned it. She insisted packing slip was my receipt. I returned the item at the store and came home with the packing slip. I reviewed the customer return policy and nowhere does it indicate that items purchased online not available in stores cannot be returned at a store.

    I then called Customer Service and complained about having a packing slip to serve as a receipt and was told that store could have given me a refund and returned the package. I went back to the store with my husband and we both spoke to the Manager and again requested a return receipt from the store. The manager continued to insist the packing slip was our return receipt. So we then asked for the item back as we would return ourselves. She took the item out of a shipping box and gave us the item. We asked for the original shipping box we took the item to the store which she then threw at us a ripped cardboard box. We asked for the one she took the item out of and she refused walk away from us to the back of the store. This was not a good customer service experience. This Manager (Jasmine) is not management qualified and should not be customer facing. She was rude and uncooperative and she should not be working at this company. As a result of my experience I no longer wish to shop at this company.

  • Unfortunately, the Frisco, TX store have a bunch of inept staff. This is not the first time I had had a bad experience with the management at this store. There is a "Clearance" wall and I located two pieces of clothing for my grandbaby. One Tommy Hilfiger 3-piece outfit, no clearance price on the label, also another Tommy Hilfiger denim outfit on the "Clearance" wall and again no pricing. When I get to the sales counter, they tell me one outfit is not on Clearance and the other one is half price, if and only if, I buy the full price outfit at $80.00.
    I ask them, "why is it under the Clearance wall"? Now it was not the only one on the clearance wall, there were several of the same items. Their answer: "Well we are moving things around right now and so it's obviously not on sale, that's the price" I took several photos to show Corporate that this is "misrepresentation" at its worst! Corporate need to evaluate this store and its management.

  • There was no card indicating who the gift was from, so my wife was humiliated at a baby shower as being the only one who did not get the expectant mother, our niece, a gift. You need to send a card to them telling them that the gift was from Aunt Pam. We received confirmation that the gift was delivered, but it didn't have the message. The registrant's ID No. is 550672309 Our Order No. is BAB-383-996-2434 Our complaint number to try to get this resolved is Case # 211-106-057-60812 Your people said there is no mechanism for sending a card. That is troubling.

  • Hello,
    I have a problem with BuyBuyBaby. I signed up as a new subscriber to earn the 20% OFF ANY SINGLE ITEM, no mentions of exclusion. I intend to purchase an item for my first grandson who will be arriving in May. After providing my email to buybuybaby and setting up a cart for a Doona Stroller/Infant Car Seat, I waited to receive the 20% OFF Coupon in my email. The next day the coupon arrived, however there was a long list of brands excluded, including Doona. I have since done some research on FTC as it relates to deceptive advertisement and strongly urge BuyBuyBaby to honor the original advertisement, and the one that is presently on you’re website. I also strongly urge BuyBuyBaby to modify the advertisement so that you are no longer deceiving consumers- luring them into providing their personal info with 20% discount of ANY single item that you have absolutely no intentions of honoring. Then after the BAIT unsuspecting consumers, you SWITCH the deal included ONLY ITEMS whose brands are not EXCLUDED. I am going to file a complaint on with the FTC if this issues is not resolved with expediency and satisfactory.

  • HELLO,




  • I bought my son and his wife nursery furniture as a gift. One piece arrived – still awaiting the others. The item that arrived is a night stand and should have been a changing topper for the dresser. When calling to get it correct, customer service informed me they WILL NOT correct it with me. They said HE must call. I ordered it, I paid for it with MY credit card, but they cannot speak to me about getting the order correct. UNBELIEVABLE. I guess the buyer has zero rights with this company. I will not be shopping at any of the BuyBuy Baby stores nor online again. This is very disappointing as I have two grandchildren on the way. Amazon has never given me any issues like this. I really hope that when the large furniture arrives, that it is correct and what I ordered and already paid for.

  • Love Buy Buy baby store in Altamonte Springs, Fl.
    All the associtaes are very helpful and respectful.Bought furniture at this location and their customer service is beyond Amazing!!

  • As you may know, New York State has passed a Paid Family Leave law, requiring private sector employers to provide employees with paid family leave beginning in January of 2018. One of the qualifying reasons for family leave is welcoming a new child (both moms and dads qualify). Can Buy Buy Baby help spread the word about this to its New York State customers, perhaps by including information about this important benefit for parents completing baby registries? The more parents that know about this, the better!

  • As if BedBathandBeyond didn't already screw up my bridal registry, by not telling me items on my registry were discontinued, I should have known better than to choose BuyBuyBaby as one of my baby shower registries. When registering my info online to create my registry account, I wasn't given the option to choose whether or not I want my gifts shipped to me the "recipient", or to have the buyers enter in their own address. Needless to say, just like my bridal shower, all the gifts are being sent to my home. Mind you there is no info of who the gift is from. After changing my address to "do not ship to recipient" I received a call from buybuybaby informing me that there were items sitting in their warehouse waiting to be shipped, but that there was no address on file to send the items to. I asked if there was anyway to have the "ship to recipient" option removed and they said there wasn't. After explaining I didn't want to wrap my own gifts and take them to the shower, despite knowing certain people would expect to see their gift there, I asked if there was anyway to contact the buyers. At first the manager insisted that there was no way for them to know who purchased what. After telling them how unprofessional and inefficient it was that they couldn't even pull up that info, the manager then said she would go ahead and contact the buyers. She also suggested to call all my guests and ask them not to ship items to my house. Thats real polite. I shouldn't have to do that. I should be able to resolve the issue with buybuybaby, not call more people than I can think of and ask them not to ship items to my house. Needless to say, I still had to go ahead and update my registry with my address. So I'll be lugging all this stuff 8 months pregnant to my own shower because buybuybaby can't provide options for people who chose their company to list as a registry. YOu're a multi million if not billion dollar company. Build a website that gives people the option to NOT have gifts sent to their home. Ridiculous. Honestly thinking of just removing my registry all together. Like I mentioned earlier, they are ONE of the places I registered at, and they are the ONLY place that has such an inefficient and not registrant friendly shipping policy.

  • To whom it may concern:
    Being very familiar with your store's quality baby gear, I was so excited to register specifically at your business for our upcoming baby. Unfortunately, after several let-downs, I am writing to express my ever-growing frustration with our baby registry. Our first struggle was with your scanning device. Every time we came to the store (different locations) we encountered trouble with our scanning devices. Because of that continued frustration, we decide to try to do the bulk of our registry online. However, the BuyBuyBaby website has various issues as well. 1. The site is much, much slower than your competition, and 2. You are forced to reload your entire registry every time you want to add or take away… both issues are very time consuming. While online, we noticed several of the baby gear items we scanned InStore, or added online were unavailabile or discontinued. There is no way of knowing this while you register. But rather you only find out when reviewing your registry list (see #2 above). One of these items was an UPPA baby stroller (Jake), which I believed to be a regularly carried item at your stores. The associate in store had told me to scan the only color they had instore and then change it online. When I tried to do so, I could not find the black online. So I visited another location where they too did not have the black on display or instock. After about 45 minutes, the associate finally figured out how to force the black UPPAbaby stroller onto our registry. When I went home and pulled up our registry it still showed as "not available". Many of my family members are out of town and will be ordering online, and now the stroller (which is one of our most wanted items) was not available in store OR online. I called a customer service number I found online and the rep told me there was nothing much that could be done because while the stroller is a regular carried item, it had low inventory across the nation. He mentioned that my guest would need to "come into a store and hope that the associate working is knowledgeable enough to contact the same service number in order to place an order for the stroller". Because this process included too many variables, I decided to remove the stroller from my list and register for it elsewhere. I have had to do the same with my swing as well. And now I am seeing that my car seat adapters and are also showing as the same status so I am afraid I will have to do the same for those as well. Same story with my mobile, rocker, etc. All of the items I was excited for my guests to be able to locate under one roof have now been spread across several online registries all because BuyBuyBaby is not INSTOCK. All in all, our high views of your store have been crushed and have led us, not only to create alternate registries, but to also consider removing our names from your registry all together as I would hate for my guests to struggle through this process even half of how I have done so far.

  • DO NOT BUY BABY FURNITURE from BuyBuyBaby. I purchased over $2000 worth (crib,dressor,Changing table,rocker/ottoman) Initially had problems with delivery. The wrong furniture was delvered, then the correct stuff showed up but was damaged. the changing tables are garbage, and I bought one of the more expensive brands. The biggest issue is that the ottoman took over 6 months to be delivered. I called and kept getting spinned, finally the store manager says after about 5 months " I am so sorry the ottoman is in CA and I don't know when you will be receiving it but I am going to refund you 100%. So I stopped calling, after the 6th month I get a message and the store says the ottoman has arrived. I thought Great, called the manager to get my refund, and then all of the sudden she has amnesia. She says that she can only give me a % off the price. So I said whatever please just send me the ottoman. It was delivered by a store associate the next day, and when I opened the box and set it up, it was broken. After looking in the box I saw a screw rolling around the bottom. I turned over the ottoman and installed the screw and it then worked fine. Moral of the story is that the furniture from Buy Buy Baby is garbage. Go to a furniture store or you will regret it.

  • Love Buy Buy Baby store in Altamonte Springs, FL. Every single associate was very helpful , I was buying a gift off a registry on Tuesday afternoon. I was on my lunch break and wanted to get things done in limited time , manager approached me help finding things I needed right away. She was very informative and nice.

  • This shout out is in reference to the Augusta, Ga store: My daughter and I were shopping for our arriving soon baby girl's bedding. We were missing the bumper pads to complete the set. Toya, along with 2 other associates, looked and searched until the bumper pads were found. They were friendly, helpful, and WONDERFUL in Customer Service!!!! I commented to them there while we were in their store this past Saturday that they were Excellent! I wanted Corporate to know. I am in customer service also, so I appreciate Great customer service. Please let Toya and the staff there know that I gave them a shout out!!! thanks so much! Angela White

  • I went to the store at Rockaway Mall today and had a wonderful experience! I went to the registry with a print out of the items I wanted to purchase and Lisa who was at the desk could not have been more helpful. She pulled up the parents-to-be list, retrieved the 3 items for me and when she asked if I needed anything else I explained that I wanted to get a cover for the changing pad but none of the stores in the area seemed to carry it and the shower is this Saturday. Lisa gave me the option of having it sent directly to the parents home and that all of the items could be delivered directly if I wished. When I let her know I would bring the items that were in the store to the shower she let me know I could have the cover delivered at no charge since it was not in stock. This was the perfect solution instead of the gift card I was going to give to cover the cost of the item.

    At check out I was thrilled to find out that a large gift bag would be provided for me to use to contain all of the items. The fact that I could also use my BB&B coupons was a nice bonus.

    The store was bright and clean and the customers all seemed to be very satisfied with the help they were receiving. A great experience!

  • The Garden City store in Long Island NY will credit your purchase if you have a coupon, but then they reverse the credit and charge your account. I told the manager, Terry, but she denied this activity. So now I put through a complaint. The manager made it very difficult to work with her. So buy beware!

  • I am happy to share with you that after making my complaint, above, a lovely Supervisor did return my call an did give us a generous store gift certificate to use. Thank you BBB for standing behind your items and satisfying this customer

  • I am sitting on hold now with customer service to complain about the quality of a changing table we bought for our daughter. In putting it together the piece first chipped and then cracked. We realized this $400 changing table was made of particle board and the quality is just unacceptable. That BBB would carry this quality is beyond me. I called customer service and had a lovely young man try to help me. After speaking with his Supervisors they offered $40. This, in my opinion, is also unacceptable. I asked to speak with a Supervisor but none are available. I will wait to see if any call back and then I will try the Corporate office. If they can not or do not offer something a bit more reasonable, I will know, as will anyone I can share this with, That shopping in BBB is unacceptable as their quality is very poor and they do not have a vested interest, apparently, in doing anything to save customers from going elsewhere. THEY ARE NOT THE ONLY GAME IN TOWN

  • My sister lost a twin a week before delivery and all her items (crib, double stroller, etc) were purchased at Buy Buy Baby in Lexington Ky. They allowed her to return items with no boxes. She returned a double stroller and they shipped a single stroller at no cost. She lives 1 1/2 hrs from Lexington and was unable to fit the crib in her vehicle and they offered to pick it up no charge. Every baby gift I purchase will be at Buy Buy Baby. They were so kind and thoughtful. Amber (manager) assisted her and all employees expressed their sympathy. They should be recognized for their customer service in a very emotional time. Thank you. I will support your store 100%

  • I have over 3 thousand people on FB and I will be publishing this, this person Lisa does not belong working there as a Costumer service cashier she's arrogant cocky rude and not friendly at all she has no business working there, this incident happen at the location on North Ave & Kingsbury Chicago Ill.

  • my first time ever going to this store, my daughter in-law and I have been looking for a nipple for my granddaughter so we decided to go there unfortunately didn't have what we where looking for, anyway we bought other items go to the first register I put Items on the counter the cashier Named lisa yelled at me loudly are these your and I said yes she put them on top of a display so I said why did you that she was rude loud I never experience anything like that I was so shocked! she was talking back at me in front of other customer that was in front of us. NEVER WILL I GO THERE AGAIN this happen 10/25/2015

    Marybel Salazar

  • Just left cherry hill location! I will never go therr again for anything. The manager as she called herself was absolutely no help. Never the less, babies r us got my money! I can see why your company won't last as long as babies r us! Total disappointment! Since the manager that handled us acted like we were a bother to her , I gladly spent my money elsewhere. Customer service needs much improvement!

  • The stores are too hot. When customers are fainting….and leaving as they are just starting their registry you should realize 78 degrees is much too hot for hormonal women! Employees say temperature is controlled at corporate office & they cannot turn up the air to cool down the store. Heat exhaustion is not something to mess with! What if one of the pregnant ladies faint & it brings on labor? BBB Could be liable for all expenses! THE TEMPERATURE NEEDS TO BE COOLER! 70 degrees would be better for health reasons!

  • I'm so glad to see that people are actually satisfied with buybuy baby's customer service. I have had the worst experience ever dealing with the people who work there. As an expecting mom a few months ago, i decided to go to buybuy baby to purchase one of the most important items- the stroller. God knows why I chose to go there. Anyhow, i had a couple of strollers in mind that i liked but i wanted to see them in person (instead of ordering online)and talk to a " professional " sales person who could tell me and show me more about it. First, it takes forever to get helped. After i ve been told i ll be right with you, 20 min later i m still browsing on my own and trying to figure out what i needed to know. Finally I decide (without any help from any store representative) that i am going to purchase a stroller that breaks not even 9 months later. And those "nice" people at that "nice" store tell me that I could not get a store credit because the stroller was used. Well, I didn't buy it to keep it at home in a box…Thank god my baby didn't get hurt!
    I'm beyond dissatisfied and disappointed with my experience in the stores that it makes me definitely not wanting to go back there. I really hope not all locations are like that!

    • You do know that, especially in that department a lot of times there may very well be only one expert working that day that truly knows all the information and especially on weekends it can be extremely hard to get to a customer right away because you probably have at least 3 other people that asked for help in front of you? And most likely if you had been understanding and waited they could have helped you and you would have purchased a stroller that wouldn't fall apart in that short amount of time. I've never had anything but great customer service at one of these stores and especially if you havnt been in there shoes at some point in your life you just won't get how demanding of a job it can be and how even tho they want to help you right away sometimes it's just not possible.

  • I want to comment on the wonderful service I received at your Buy Buy Baby Store in Deptford, NJ. Last Wednesday, March 18, 2015, I went to shop for a gift on the registry. I entered the store a little after 9:00 a, and "Ashley" was sitting at the registry desk. I asked her to print the list I needed. Not only did she print it, she asked what I wanted too. I selected 3 items and she asked that I wait at the desk while she collected the 3 items I needed. When she gave me the merchandise, she showed me where I could gift wrap it and removed the prices from the items. Ashley also asked if I wanted a bow for the package. She made a beautiful bow for me. I hope this e-mail gets to the write person as I feel that Ashley went beyond her responsibility as a representative of your nice store. Thank you and have a nice day.

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