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  • Buzz Inn Corporate Office Headquarters

Buzz Inn Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Buzz Inn Corporate Office Headquarters

5917 Evergreen Way
Everett, WA  98203
Corporate Phone Number: 1-425-290-3002


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  1. I would like to Inform you of a Horrible experience at This Buzz Inn on Sunday 6/5/2022 7:30 pm.

    First entered the Building the Stereo was so Loud I could not hear My Girlfriend Talk to Me, So we Sat in the first Table at the Bar next to the Stairs. The Music was way to loud so we Moved to the Dining Room. As the waitress came up to us she had to shout, I asked Why is the Music So Loud she replied "I don't Know" After we Ordered I asked her to have them Turn it Down which did not Happen. Upon Further watching what is going on in the Bar it seems there were to Guys (Customers) Basically running the Bar singing Screaming Shouting Propped open the Door because he was Hot and The Bartender Did absolutely Nothing.. The 2 Guys Left and said we will be back at this time I was Outside at My car grabbing her Purse, The 2 Walked over to Phinickeys, I went in and the Music was turned down Slightly but still way to loud. Dinner Came and we stared to eat and the 2 Guys returned like 15 minutes later to Continue Hooting Hollering and Basically Running the Show. The Staff Did NOTHING. This is absolutely the Worst Buzz Inn I have ever Been In.. The 2 Guys Running the Show Obviously Knew the Bartender and another Couple People in the Bar. Another Couple also Came in and Commented on the Music being so Loud. If I wanted to go to J R Phinickeys or the Keg I would have Gone there. Absolutely the worst Buzz Inn Ever.

  2. I went to one of your locations and ordered a Philly Cheesesteak Skillet, thinking it would have some resemblance to a Philly Cheesesteak. NOT!!!!!!! The ONLY comparison to a Philly Cheesesteak is that your skillet has some sliced meat and some onions! I have had a Philly Cheesesteak at Geno's in Philadelphia. Not even close! You need to give that skillet a completely different name that is not misleading.

  3. My girlfriend and I went to this restaurant and was greeted well and we were seated. I ordered a Taco Salad, my girlfriend ordered chefs salad. When the food came the waitress informed me that they didn't have any avacodo in the store. I asked her "if the restaurant had a side of avacodo for a burger would they charge extra for it, she replied the avacodo comes with the taco salad but when I ordered the salad I was not told that. Anyway she left and we never saw her again. Honestly the food was good even without the avacodo.
    We started eating our meal and it took a while at least 20-25 minutes. I was full and so was my girlfriend, we wanted boxes for our food, my girlfriend got the correct box but I was given a box to where I had to smash my shell. We never got any service from any of the wait staff until she showed up asking about the bill. Funny all of the waitresses kept walking past us and ignoring our plates to the side where they should be. Nothing…I started my stopwatch and it ran for 20 minutes before our waitress finally showed. I told her that we received no service the whole time that we were there. I asked to speak to the manager. And she said "I'll talk to my supervisor"
    We did get comped for dessert. But what really irked us was the supervisor would walk by us and say "I'm sorry you had to wait" and as she was saying it she did not stop it was like she was doing a flyby. Never got to talk with her. She said it one time going out the door. Who the Heck was she talking to?? at one time when she did that I said "We won't be back" total ignorance.
    I am sorry but with that staff no wonder people avoid or walk out of that restaurant?
    Did they forget that we the customer helps pay their bills?
    We will never step foot in that particular restaurant again.
    They need a real refresher on customer service!
    The food was good we eat at BI several times a month, but not this one ever again!

  4. We have been going to the Lake Stevens Buzz for the past 3 years, & during that time, have made many friends among the wait staff. When Julee Walsh shared with us that she would be going to the Snohomish B.I., we were sad to see her leave Lake Stevens, but happy for her opportunity of advancement. Since then, we have visited the Snohomish restaurant a couple of times & have not been disappointed. Hats off to your Corporation for recognizing internal talent and rewarding your employees who truly do make a difference. We will choose local anytime before considering one of the large chain operations for the simple fact that we want to keep our $$ close to home. Julee's contribution has made it an easy choice for our "favorite" Buzz Inn. Thanks, John R.

  5. I go to your Granite Falls location all the time. I am very sad to here that the best bartender there was let go due to a complaint by one of the town drunks. I think you have made a huge mistake. Annette is a great bartender and my husband and i have had nothing but excellent service from Annette. She is the reason we go to the Buzz Inn. I hope you change your mind as I think losing Annette would be detrimental to business. Please reconsider your decision. Signed, loyal customer

  6. On Sunday our family stopped by your Buzz Inn in Ellensburg, your restaurant was extremely busy almost over an hour for our visit. Loved the food what made it a nice choice was our waitress, her name was Cindy, we watched her handle multiple tables during our visit all with a smile and excelled at customer service you could tell she enjoyed her job and handled well. We also observed your manager very friendly and also handling his job well . We enjoyed our visit and will be back for sure.

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