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Cache Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Cache Corporate Office Headquarters

1189 W 1700
N Logan, UT  84321
Corporate Phone Number: 1-435-787-1603


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  1. I purchased a jumpsuit from your Staten Island location only to get it home and find out that the lining had been cut from one of the legs.

    The garment was apparently worn, returned, re-tagged and placed back on the rack for resale. Just because it was 50% off does not mean a customer should be duped into purchasing a pre-worn garment.

  2. I sent a Christmas $400 return back to Cache in January. When I called to inquire on the refund I was told it b takes 30 days to process. I was advised to call back in 30 days if the credit had not shown up on my credit card. When I called back the number was busy no matter what time I called. I called a store only to learn the Customer Service department was closed and local stores cannot help. No wonder they are going out of business.

  3. I called customer service Wednesday night because I had a problem with E929714 code. I spoke to a Mr Joseph (claim to be a supervisor) he put me on hold and came back to the phone and said the coupon must be expired, I advised it will on the 24. So he put me on hold again and then came back and asked if the items were sales items which there were. I tried to advise him that this coupons as others in the past didn't say on regular price items. I couldn't get a word in for Joseph talking over me. As a customer I don't appreciate being disrespected in this manner, customers keep this company going and him employed. I sent an email requesting for a manager and I called yesterday. I still haven't received a call or email from anyone.

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Corporate Office Headquarters