Calvin Klein Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Calvin Klein Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Calvin Klein, Inc.
205 W. 39th St.
New York, NY 10018 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-866-214-6694 1-866-513-0513
Customer Service Number: 1-866-214-6694
Gift Cards: 1-888-886-0089

  • I was at the Calving Klain Store at Rosemont The fashion out let mall And made a purchase, The Thick Short Girl was very rude and it seems that she dies not like working there. Her attitude was over the line and she left the sensor on my garment. when I walked out the store the alarm went off and another guy came up to me and kindly took my bag and disarmed the sensor. he apologize and I left the store. The Girl Look light skin, thick, Dark hair she looks like 22 to 25 yrs old she was wearing a black outfit. During the time I was ring up she was talking about another employee with another associate who was on the other side of the counter.

  • I purchased a Calvin Klein tote purse from Macy's approximately 6 months ago and it is cracking along the trim. Do you provide replacements as Coach does? I have been a purchaser of Coach and Henri Bendel for years and not had an issue but feel in love with this purse and had to have it. Please advise what can be done in regard to this issue. If nothing, I will for sure not purchase another Calvin Klein item again as this was not an inexpensive item.

  • I am so very disappointed in the CK company. I purchased a 4 pk of white briefs about a month or so ago. Some of them have already torn. I emailed customer service and was asked for my full address and additional information if I had it. I provided as much as I could, which was most of it only to have a response that nothing would be done. I felt lectured about how your policy works and was insulted by the tone of it. I will be sure to switch to another brand after many loyal years of shopping with you. Very poor treatment and unprofessional. The rep is Kristina F. Calvin Klein Customer Service.

  • Bought a CK purse at Macy's. Horrible quality. Plastic zipper broke within one month, one spot coffee when wiped off took material with it even though one of the selling points was ease of cleaning, etc. For the price charged by CK, one would think quality would far exceed common brands. Not so. EBAY purse sellers have better items at much less expense.

  • Dear Mr Klein, I doubt you'd ever see this or anyone would tell you, but I'd like to Thank you for designing beautiful clothing. I have never felt beautiful oe seen myself look good in anything before. I purchased a dress for a wedding, and for the first time in my life I felt beautiful. It fit as if it was made for me. I was diagnosed 8 years age with Multiple Sclerosis and at that time was paralyzed from the waist down. they said I'd never walk again, I am now. The medications caused me to gain an enormous amount of weight. I just lost 160 lbs. I am now in a size 8 from a 32/34. Your dress made me Radiate Confidence and Beauty. I've never felt that before. Since feeling that way, I've purchased 4 more dresses and feel beautiful in each and everyone of them. Thank you for the chance to know for the first time in my life what it feels to be Beautiful.

  • I have been trying to find out approx. what year the cologne was discontinued. I have a 3.4 oz bottle about 70% full, has maintained the original color and fragrance! Did you ever find out anything?

  • So disappointed that CK has discontinued making good, supportive bras. It was the only brand I could find that fit a 10 DD properly. I bought two style for years and I bought them in bulk.

    The current range is very pretty and wonderful if you're a waif-like teenage girl.

    I'm disappointed and won't be buying anything else from CK in the future – this includes men's and boys. My husband and son are fans, but if they want Calvin Klein, they'll have to do their own shopping.

  • I purchased a Calvin Klein basic black suit two years ago. I figured that the name meant quality. After about six months, the pants were discolored, with patches of brown. I thought that was strange, figured it was a bad dye batch, and purchased another pair of similar Calvin Klein black pants. They did the same thing. The coat hasn't changed a bit. What is going on? Now I don't know where to find these pants anymore.

  • Calvin Klein, you changed the fit of your white mens low rise briefs classic fit. Classic fit my ass. They now creep up when I walk and almost become a thong. I hate you for doing this. I have been wearing these breifs since the 80's and have been faithful. How dare you make this change. I am always aware of them now. Men do not like this feeling. Bring back the classic fit otherwise I will never purchase your products again.

  • Tried placing order on two different computers and failed. Gave info to customer unservice (third time entering info) and they said can't process order either. How do they stay in business.

  • I just wanted to thank you for continuing to create clothes for the plus size market. I recently purchased a beautiful faux shearling coat with buckles for closure and have received numerous compliments. I also purchased a down coat. I love it, unfortunately the weather being unseasonably warm in NYC, I haven't had a opportunity to wear it. Some of the best dresses I own are also Calvin (as well as Ralph Lauren). I just wanted to let you know in case you decide to move out of this market. I love having fashionable clothes no matter what size I am! Catherine

  • I just wanted to let you know my disappointment in a CK down jacket I bought from Boston Store. I bought the jacket a week ago thinking I was buying a good quality jacket and two days ago I noticed a snap is already pulling out of the facbric and this morning I stuck both hands in the jacket and to my disappointment one pocket is of regular size and the other pocket is all bunched up and I can't fit my whole hand in it. Now to find out they do not have the same jacket in my size any more 🙁 Very disappointed in Wisconsin! Victoria Newcomer

  • Heavy set African American sales guy at the Madison Ave store was very condescending. Need better customer service or new sales guy …

  • When is CK GOING to terminate Biebers contract with him? His antics do not refect your good co. And today in DM he is at it again

  • Is there any way you could put the original Calvin Klein cologne, for women, back on the market? I believe it was first introduced in 1978. It is perhaps, one of the greatest fragrances ever! Why was it discontinued? Please reconsider sharing this fantastic fragrance with the world again. Thank you!

  • I would like to know if your company is still making Curve Crush lotion for women and Curve Appeal lotion for women. I love these two fragrances but can't find just the lotion to go with my spray I have left. Seems like I use more lotion than spray and run out. Let me know if there is an outlet or store that is still carrying the lotions. Thank You, Mary Thompson

    • Mary, I'm not associated with Calvin Klein at all, but I believe you're thinking of Liz Claiborne's Curve Crush. You may be able to find it on Hope that helps!

  • I bought a Calvin Klein purse from Macy's and when I got home saw it was Made in China . It is falling apart after 3 months. Inside fabric is ripping, strap broke off, stitches are all coming out. I'm so disappointed. I would have been better off going to one of the cities and buying a knock-off for $30.

  • Hello,
    I am currently at work and my 2 month old Calvin Klein shoes broke. I am extremely dissapointed to say the least. I love the shoes and don't know where I can get a replacement. Please advise on how you handle this situations.

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