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Camping World Corporate Office Headquarters
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  • I just bought a 2021 Keystone Springdale 2 wks ago. got everything stocked and ready to go camping. went camping and it rained. water was coming in through the slideout wall so I closed the slideout and then I hadd water dripping down what I guess you would consider the end post of the slideout, so I had to put a pan under it to catch the water. Also under my kitchen sink there is a leak even if I dont turn the water on. I think they should give me a different camper. I have an appointment with them tomorrow with the service dept. they said they would check it for water damage and fix anything from the water. Maybe even have to tear out my walls. This is not exceptable! Why should I have to have a new camper fixed before I can use it. I didnt buy a scratch and dent camper. I bought a new camper so I wouldnt have to fix anything and could use it right away. Somebody had better make this right!

  • We are local to this camping world. We made appt. For service 4 weeks in advance. So we hooked up our camper and took it there. The lady Elisa at the desk was very rude when I ask what day we could pick it up. She informed us that the appt was not the day it would be serviced. It would take 3 to 4 weeks before they could get it back to look at it and even with the good sams extended warranty she wanted to charge $145 an hour to diagnose any problem and insinuated we would look at appx 9 to 10 hours worth of work. What?? Shell shock for a simple heat ignator problem on a 2008 well taken care of pull behind camper??!!! My husband not knowing had already dropped the camper. We left and went down to the camper world store and I explained to him what was said, so he called back down to the shop and I listened he was not rude but just ask questions. He finally said we will be back there after checking out at the store to pick it up, and said god bless you. I guess that must have offended her Rude self because when we picked it back up we did not even make it out on the road good before the 2 Inch wide bolt holding the sway control arm flew off into chickamauga creek area. This would have had to have been loosened by the shop personel because these bolts were screwed on tight when we disconnected and left there. We did not think to look inside of the arm since we had just checked it before we left our house. I feel that since we decided not to use there shop due to the rudeness of the person ELISA at the front desk, they would sabotage our sway control arm which could have caused us to have a accident if we were to have got on the interstate instead of going the side road since it just started raining. Granted we should have looked but it started pooring buckets and did not see any reason to do a pretrip inspection since we had done one a hour or so before. Just saying that who ever is in charge of the camping worlds mechanical department needs to get a new front line person and talk to the guy who moved our camper not once but 2 times at Elisa's instruction. because he could have cost lives today. When I called back to the service and ask to speak to the manager after we got home. We were put on hold then disconnected. This happened not once but 3 times. I dont want anything from this except for someone from corporate to realize these people not only represent this company but could have cause innocent people their lives with this vengeful action. Please be very cautious of using the Camping world in Chattanooga Tn.
    This is my review and someone needs to hear this

  • I started working at the distribution center in Bakersfield about 4 months ago. And there is also harassment there, there is also drug abuse by some employees on lunch break, the treatment I have received working there was to much for me so I am no longer going to work there. The supervisors and managers do nothing to help and they are all friends so they have eachothers backs. Plus I do not like the drug abuse that is going on.

  • I purchased a NEW 2016 Fleetwood Flair from the Fairfield Ohio Camping World. I made a appointment to bring out the Motorhome for some Warranty work Shower leaks can not use it water goes everywhere Toilet will not dump after 1st use screen door will not close door rattles outside door latches will not lock 2 of them a few other minor issues. They had my unit for 2 WEEKS and I asked them to winterize as well when I picked it up 2 WEEKS later NOTHING was done I mean nothing I was told they were busy and mine never made some list for them to start on it. 2 WEEKS and nothing why bother making an appointment than that I made a month out of drop off. So I have taken it back out again they had it for a week and I get a call saying a few of my warranty parts had arrived and I could schedule a time to drop off I called him backl left a message which they never return and got a call 2 days later asking when I could bring it out he had NO idea they allready had my coach. I have been lied too several times many many calls to service they NEVER answer. My brother is looking to purchase a MH I have told him run away as fast as you can from buying it from camping world I hate to say it but I can not wait until my warranty expires and I can take it to a real RV service company. I pick my unit up again in 3 days I can not wait to see what they did not get done this time.

  • I purchased a 2015 Keystone Sprinter. In July I called Spartanburg SC Camping World for some Warranty issues. I spoke to Boyce Ranson. He instructed me to send pictures and they would open a claim. I did that and sent emails and have periodically asked for a status update of the Warranty Issue, not to mention the number of times that I have called and left messages because he was too busy to talk with me. I was told multiple times that he was with a customer and would return my call. SURPRISE He never did. The warranty issues did not fix themselves and still need to be addressed. I can not get him to communicate with me at all.
    I'm sure they are not concerned that I will never buy anything form them again. I hope everyone boycotts them. My sales person pushed the fact that with all the Camping Worlds nationwide it wouldn't be hard to get service. He also said that I could deduct the interest from my loan on my taxes. It helped sale me. BOY WAS I WRONG!!!!!!

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  • Had Camping World of Oakwood install a SMI braking system on my vehicle has not worked since installation took back three times to get it fixed still get the same run around. Called SMI talked to their service man and he confirmed from what I told him that it was not installed properly. I feel like they need to pay somebody that knows how to fix this instead of me paying somebody out of my pocket for their inferior work.

  • We are having the same issue ordered a replacement warranty window in middle of September and they refuse to give us a call back. It shouldn't take this long to get a warranty or replacement part. The sad thing is we don't have other choices to go anywhere else. We have called and left several messages and still as of today 10/17/16 12:16 no returned call. This is crazy that nothing is being done about their customer service at this store.

  • Camping World Byron, Georgia is absolutely the worst no customer service place we have ever experienced.. Our 2016 Thor Challenger 37 KT has spent more time on their lot as opposed to ours.. Customer no service manager Jennifer McGourik will not return phone calls, voice messages or text, when she does it is always I am checking call tomorrow and tomorrow is 4-5 days later when I call them again. She will tell you anything you want to hear, however her no actions are louder than words.. We had a water leak at the water entrance, their fix was to crimp the water line and place a zip tie around it so when we got to the camp ground we had no water.. they have adjusted slide rollers, adjusted cables, replaced slide cables gouging the bedroom flooring and digging hole in the osb underlayment. They ordered a replacement window for the entry door, it was not correct as they ordered a window for a 2015 not 2016. no service Jennifer McGourik after calling her numerous times she finally called me back and said the entry door had to be replaced, this was the second week in September. When I told them I was no longer dealing with McGourik, I called to talk with someone else, I talked to Jim Lingo now he tells me a replacement window is being shipped. I have called the corporate office twice this week to have Louis Costello (head manager) to call me with NO RESPONSE. My last bout with no service Jennifer McGourik I told her I was not playing her silly little games any longer, and have Costello call me. That was Monday Oct 10th. Today is Friday Oct 14 I have not heard a word from Costello. If I can find another Thor dealer other that Camping World I will drop them like a hot potato I advise anyone to stay away from Camping World especially Byron, Georgia.
    James Wall Eatonton, Georgia

  • This is to advise you of the absolute worst service department in the world at your Tampa Florida Dealer. This is my third horrid experience and after the first one I decided to give Camping world another opportunity and even purchased a New fifth Wheel. First go round I had damage from a blowout, my insurance company advised I take the unit to Lazy Days (I should have listened since my unit ended up at the camping world lot for months until I started escalating for completion. Even after that I decided to purchase a new fifth wheel in December of 2015. My wife and I thoroughly checked the unit and at the day of paper signing the detail team damaged the floor and through pressure washing the slide outs managed to get water in the unit. Through promises of the service department and sales team I still signed the papers as full repairs were to be done in 2 weeks. Welles 2 weeks led to over a month and escalating again to the GM to even order the parts to repair. This is where it really went wrong as your team in Tampa was going to Keystone stating it was all warranty work for damage they did. Not sure whatever happened with that as I told the GM at the time I refused to be part of the game with the warranty when I just purchased for 70K total a until that your detail team damaged. Well that second nightmare got fixed and I had three warranty issues with a set appointment for August 8th to bring the unit in and was told I would have it back in 10 days. Guess what it is now September 26th ad still all repairs are not complete – next week you will have the unit for 2 months! The best part is I needed an appointment for service but the fact is the service team at the Tampa location did not look at it for 10 days when I was suppose to have it back. I am at a loss for words and this is obvious a systemic long term forever problem with Camping world. Buyers beware go somewhere else!

  • Work at camping world service,started out hourly then went flat rate,now they expect you to do warranty work for free how is that legal?you may work a week and receive no pay!Then warranty might not pay you for the time you have in the job,and they expect to call and talk to warranty on your time!

  • We purchased a new Heartland Gateway in May, 2016 from the dealership in Lafayette, LA. GOD I WISH I'D HAVE FOUND THESE COMMENTS FIRST!!! We ended up having to bring the camper to the Bossier City location to have the jack/leveling system replaced. I dropped it off July 8 and was told it would be put in the shop that day and they'd let me know the problem and how long it would take. Well after several calls each week and NO return phone calls. It is now August 8 and my camper is still not home. We have had the biggest run around with this dealership. Lies(lies of omission are still lies), passing the buck to other people and just a TOTAL lack of respect for the customer. My husband lives in a camper while he's off at work, so he's been paying motel fees all the while our BRAND NEW camper is in the shop NOT being worked on. I took it upon myself to call the Heartland company service number. BOY were my eyes opened to the truth. I dropped my camper off on Friday, July 8. They did not call Heartland to authorize warranty work until July 19. Heartland authorized the work on July 20. Camping World did not order the parts until July 27!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Make a call back to Camping World and am told Heartland is not being truthful. OK!!!!!!!! WHATEVER!!!!!!!!! And of course no one will answer or return my call(they are unavailable and there's probably a picture of me on the wall banning me from going in there after the one call I actually got to speak to someone LOL). I will be going to pick up my unit and bringing it to a local shop to do the same exact warranty work in less than half the time and I DARE them to try and charge me one penny!!!!!! I will shout to the world to NEVER buy from Camping World due to the piss poor service dept that apparently is a trend with their dealerships. If I owned Heartland, NONE of my campers would ever be seen on a Camping World lot as I wouldn't want my name associated with this business.

  • Courtney from the Corporate Office is a rude person with zero customer service skills. Camping World lost a customer because of her inability to communicate to a customer in a professional manner. Too bad a 3 minute phone call, inquiring about a Honda generator would be so disappointing. I called the president of the company and left a message. Thank you Denise

  • We were in the process of narrowing down our selection for a RV. Went to Statesville Camping World north of Charlotte, NC. Spent time with a salesman comparing a Class A and Class C Motor Home. He went thru our likes and we told him we needed to drive both to see what I was more comfortable with. He didn't have a problem and told us it was a huge purchase and we had to be certain what we liked. For $100,000 it was like purchasing a house. When we went into the sales room he asked for our licenses (I had no problem with that). Then he wanted us to fill out a credit application. We have never done that at other dealerships and didn't want our credit to have a mark of inquiry each time we test drove a vehicle. He did the typical leave us in the room and see his boss. We finally had to get up and find him. His manager said we had to have the credit app and a worked up price on a unit before we could drive one. Needless to say we left and Camping World Statesville NC will never get our business. Other Camping Worlds allowed us to drive and so did another competitor. Ultimately we purchased from somewhere else. Camping World should be ashamed at this treatment of a buyer. You're not getting any of our money.

  • Hello to everyone who has a complaint on this site, I think we all need to ban together and sue the hell out of this company, we too have purchased a new Jayco 5th wheel, the awning had to be fixed, the rear jack brome, had a new Co to panel put in, took th e unit in to fix the slide, they had our unit the first time for 2 weeks this next time for weeks, and since the slide is still not working we need to take it back!
    We need to ban together as a group and bring these problems to the media, let's really get their attention!

  • We received your big catalog yesterday and it had a $10.00 off any purchase coupon. We called in our order only to be told that we needed to mail in the coupon. By the time we tried to follow the complicated directions to receive our $10.00 we were disgusted and cancelled our compete order. For a well know company such as your, this type of coupon is almost an insult to your customers.

  • Camping World Anthony Texas = BAD SERVICE
    Once you purchase a trailer you are no longer important.
    The take over a month to fix a simple warranty item.

  • We have a horrible experience with the Maco,Georgia Camping World. They have continually lied to us and they will not return our phone calls. They are great when they are selling you a camper but once they get your name on the dotted line, the delays start and so do the lies. I will never darken their door again

  • I bought a 2016 5th wheel in June form camping world in rapid city sd. I was completely lied to from the word go. Everything from options on the camper to weight of axles. The 5th wheel had issues from the factory and should not have been on the lot for sale until it was ran through the shop. We fell in love with it and asked about fixing the issues (light covers missing, broken trim, radio inop., screws missing…). We were told that they had everything to fix it there and if we bought it we could pick it up the following weekend and everything would be done. We bought it and when we came back to pick it up, we were told they were to busy to give us a walk through, so we hooked up to it and went home (after being assured by 2 people and our sales person it was all done). When we got home and opened it up, we realized they had not touched a thing on it. I have since had it in 5 times so they could take pictures and go through the warranty process, taken pictures and emailed with descriptions to camping world employees two different times so they could send to warranty, and after all this on Oct 4th 2015 I get a call saying all the parts are in and I can schedule a time to get it in. I dropped it off Oct 13th 2015 , it is now Feb 8th 2016 and it is still there!I have tried everything I can think of, from going in and talking to the store managers to calling the main corporate office, and still nothing. I have been calling the corperate office for last 2 weeks straight trying to get resolution. They tell me the same thing every time, "I've emailed them, you should hear back from them within 48 hours" and in 2 days I call back because I did not get a response from anyone. Not only this, but I have gone into the store to check on my camper more times then I can remember, and every time I have looked at it I have been further upset, as they left it outside, unlocked (with my things still in it), several doors open (including entrance door to camper) flapping in the breeze and hitting the rv's parked beside mine. Also there has been damage done to the camper (scratches, holes cut, screw holes or holes drilled in it, underbelly cut open…) that they now say was like that when they got it. Obviously it was NOT there when I dropped it off! This has been the absolute worst experience of my life in terms of dealing with people and businesses. We have owned our brand new 2016 5th wheel since June of 2015, of these 9 months, it has been "getting fixed" for almost 6 of them. I wI'll NEVER recommend any camping world store to anyone! I also, like so many posted above me, can not believe that a company that treats their customers this way is still in business!

  • I bought a 2016 5th wheel in June form camping world in rapid city sd. I was completely lied to from the word go. Everything from options on the camper to weight of axles. The 5th wheel had issues from the factory and should not have been on the lot for sale until it was ran through the shop. We fell in love with it and asked about fixing the issues (light covers missing, broken trim, radio inop., screws missing…). We were told that they had everything to fix it there and if we bought it we could pick it up the following weekend and everything would be done. We bought it and when we came back to pick it up, we were told they were to busy to give us a walk through, so we hooked up to it and went home (after being assured by 2 people and our sales person it was all done). When we got home and opened it up, we realized they had not touched a thing on it. I have since had it in 5 times so they could take pictures and go through the warranty process, taken pictures and emailed with descriptions to camping world employees two different times so they could send to warranty, and after all this on Oct 4th 2015 I get a call saying all the parts are in and I can schedule a time to get it in. I dropped it off Oct 13th 2015 , it is now Feb 8th 2016 and it is still there!I have tried everything I can think of, from going in and talking to the store managers to calling the main corporate office, and still nothing. I have been calling the corperate office for last 2 weeks straight trying to get resolution. They tell me the same thing every time, "I've emailed them, you should hear back from them within 48 hours" and in 2 days I call back because I did not get a response from anyone. Not only this, but I have gone into the store to check on my camper more times then I can remember, and every time I have looked at it I have been further upset, as they left it outside, unlocked (with my things still in it), several doors open (including entrance door to camper) flapping in the breeze and hitting the rv's parked beside mine. Also there has been damage done to the camper (scratches, holes cut, screw holes or holes drilled in it, underbelly cut open…) that they now say was like that when they got it. Obviously it was NOT there when I dropped it off! This has been the absolute worst experience of my life in terms of dealing with people and businesses. We have owned our brand new 2016 5th wheel since June of 2015, of these 9 months, it has been "getting fixed" for almost 6 of them. I wI'll NEVER recommend any camping world store to anyone! I also, like so many posted above me, can not believe that a company that treats their customers this way is still in business!

  • How do you keep someone employed who is constantly calling off work, leaving early or coming in late? Then the employees who do come to work everyday aren't appreciated. If you run your business like this, I can imagine the poor service people are getting on their service. Better take a good look at the people you hire! It's a joke!

    • How about hiring someone who excels in sales, shows up everyday, works hard through out the day. Then makes an error on a customers side and gets terminated before their paid holiday and earned spiffs because the manager hired half their age decides he wants younger people to work with to fill his ego. Does burnouts in parking lot, stalks pretty young woman with male co workers, watches inappropriate videos with male workers on phones and flirts with the worst youngest female worker in store. Also staying after hours with her when everyone else leaves. (He's married with kids)And tells me I gotta go because of an integrity issue. All I can say is ACCOUNTABILITY and KARMA

  • wow after reading all these complaint i'am worried about my RV that's in the shop for repairs. it has been there for three months and I cant get ahold of anyone on the phone. the Fairfield office in Ca, has so many campers in the lot that I think people are living in them. I was thinking of buying a new Rv from them but I think I will go online and shop there.bottom line the worst custumer service ever don't know how they are still in business.

  • We did extend our Elite benefits online and we appreciate the offer; however, we aren't seeing any benefit to being an Elite member. At least not with the Camping World on Airport Highway in Louisville, TN. This is the dealership where we purchased our 2009 Canyon Trail 5th wheel in July of 2012. It was our second RV purchase from this dealership. At that time, we also bought the extended service plan and it still has a few months left on it.

    Our problem is that we are getting nowhere with Camping World in regards to needed repairs on our RV. Starting as far back as June of this year we tried to get someone there to assess and repair/replace the slideout motor and electric level jack motor. On June 29, we took the trailer to Camping World and was told they might get to it the next week. We explained to Mark Conkin that we were under a tight time restraint as we are called out of state frequently and need to take the RV when we go. They diagnosed the problem and got approval for the two new motors, but the repairs could not be done in a timely manner and we were called out of state again. We picked up the RV July 6 without any repairs.

    When we got back in state again the first of November, we called Mark on November 7, he was to return our call. We called him again November 12 and Mark said Good Sam would have to re-evaluate the claim as there was a price difference since the first assessment. Mark was going to call us back with the figures. We got an email from him on November 14 detailing the costs and listing the parts needed. We had to call him again on the 19th to get a progress report, but he was out sick. On November 23, we called Mark again and left a message. He called us back that same day and said that the parts were ordered but were not in yet. He said he would call as soon as they arrived.

    Now here it is December 1, we have no idea if the parts are in or if the repair work can be done before we have to leave again. This borders on the ridiculous! While we were in Pittsburgh in May the air conditioning unit went out and had to be replaced. The independent local RV repair company came out to the campground, diagnosed the problem, got on the phone to Good Sam and had the approval for repairs in a matter of minutes. The technician had the new unit overnighted to us and it was installed in that same week. This was a major repair that was handled courteously, start to finish, in less than a week.

    We can't believe the lousy "service" at Camping World. Why in the world would we ever want to buy from them again? Elite Benefits? Rubbish!

    Bill and Kathy Van

  • Wish I had checked this site before taking my new 5th wheel to camping world of LONDON, ohio. The staff is incompetent. lazy and stupid. Ill never buy from any camping world store again. they suck.

    • Me too!!! WE bought a new one in May 2016 and it's been in the Bossier City shop for over a month now. I'll advise NO ONE to ever buy from Camping World.

  • The policy of camping world appears to be one of letting the buyer beware of nothing, but shaft the buyer, sell the product no matter what condition it is in.

    I know because I recently purchased a used rv from cw in Hanover, Pa.

    They claim to have put 1800 into the unit I have put 10k in this unit and still broken tipout, roof leaks, water supply leaks ac defective and probably more to come paid 50k for the unit and they knew that tires were bad and of all the problems I would have before driving off the lot. These people are in business to shaft the customer….

  • I beg people anywhere in the USA "DO NOT" deal with CAMPING WORLD anywhere. OMgosh! How does this company stay in business. They are the most rude people I have ever encountered. They simple don't care and I am beginning to believe the corporate office don't give a damn either. Worse experience –

  • After reading the previous comments, this will seem very minor, but here goes: In February we purchased a new 34' travel trailer from Tom Raper RV in Richmond, Indiana. Shortly afterward, Tom Raper was sold to Camping World and Camping World assumed warranty coverage of those units purchase from Tom Raper. The trailer is fine, but it came with a grill meant to be used with the trailer. The grill worked fine the first time it was used but afterwards would not light nor even get warm enough to cook anything. The grill was taken in to Camping World in London, Ohio for repairs on July 19, 2015. 48 days later, the service person says it has finally been repaired and can be picked up at our convenience. 48 days? I'm sure all it needed was a new LPG regulator. The manufacturer could have sent me a new one (grill or regulator) faster, unless they're based in Outer Mongolia. I am not impressed with Camping World "service" in the least. In this day of Amazon-like business speed and Fed-Ex/UPS delivery and it takes a month and a half plus to fix a grill? I surely will never take my trailer into any Camping World facility should the need arise.

    • Hopefully the need will never arise. I waited three months for a part and finally went in and found out they never ordered the part. I had to call the vendor and give cw the part number. They said they had to get approval from corp to order a 200 dollar part. What a joke this company has turned out to be under the new management and CEO Marcus another shark in waiting…..

  • We purchased a very nice used travel trailer April 2015 and paid full price from Camping World in Oregon. By June I started to get concerned that I still had not received the license plates, vehicle registration and owners title. I contacted Oregon Department of Vehicles and found out that Camping World had sent them the incorrect documents to process the transaction. Camping World would not return their phone messages and mailed letter from DMV. I asked what will I need to do since the temporary permit for my travel trailer will expire July 15th. They advise they will keep trying to make contact with Camping World. After that phone conversation, I made contact with the Camping World Title Clerk. Her response was they provided the correct documents to DMV and it's no longer Camping World's issue. It's now August 21st, and I still do not have a trailer registration or title. I still have to carry a copy of the bill of sales in our vehicle to prove it's ours. Buyers beware! Do not ever consider purchasing a travel trailer from Camping World. Their staff does not care about the customer once they have your money.

    • I second your opinion. CW needs to qualify their service departments all over the states. Hire more professionally motivated to help the customer types rather than the sales shaft people that they have in management positions. Where is the quality at ?

  • To whom it may concern:
    First let me start by saying I have been shopping at camping world for almost 20 years. Also a member of Good Sam’s, and have a credit card through them. This is how my experience went when I dropped off my motorhome for service. (Just an FYI, I was told by more than 1 person NOT to take anything that need repair there, but I had to find out for myself. And I am sorry I did.
    1. Made an appointment earlier that week to bring it in on Friday the 10th first thing in the morning (of July) as we were to leave on vacation the 18th.
    2. Here is where the PROBLEMS BEGIN. Dropped it off that morning and was told that the service adviser I had an appt. with no longer worked there, and that Peter Vezeau would be helping me. (On a side note let me say that the only person in the service dept. that had any kind of smile on their face was the receptionist when I walked in, everyone else looked miserable or was on their cellphone or wouldn’t even look at you.
    3. After waiting over ½ hour, Peter walked with me to my motorhome and I told him the problems I was having AND WHEN I WAS LEAVING FOR VACATION. These are the items in order of importance:
    A. Check all running lights, as turn signals not working
    B. Check both slideouts (living room inop. And bedroom intermittent.
    C. Advise on generator to replace belt
    D. Check batteries
    E. Lube chassis
    Friday goes by without a call, Saturday also, then Monday…… I finally stop in on Tuesday at 2pm to voice my concerns with Peter. After talking with him he says I was just going to call you and that they, 1- Lubed the chassis (which was the last thing I wanted them to do) but hay, somethings at least done. 2-both slideouts need new controller switches but they have to find where to get them and the cost (OMG, I looked in there and right on the controller was the part #. I got on-line and found the part, the place to get it from and the price). 3- Need a heavy duty switch for turn signals (1st thing I wanted done) which they have to get, I say ok do that and I will come and pick it up on Wed. the 15th and can’t wait around for them to get and fix the slideouts as we, again were leaving on the night of the 16th (Thursday).
    4 – WENSDAY the 15th, I have my daughter drop me off (approx… 2pm) to pick up my motorhome. I walk in, ask to see Peter and was told he was with the manager and would be out shortly. I wait approx… 5-10 mins. And Peter arrives, and calls over to the mechanic to have my motorhome brought to the front. The next thing I here is “WHEN CAN WE GET THE PART”? It seems Peter never checked with the mechanic nor told him to order the part…… At this point I am just livid……. I now have to call my daughter to come pick me up and drop me off on Thursday (the day we are leaving) as Peter promises that the turn signals will be fixed and that he will knock of some money for labor.
    5-I arrive at 2pm 0n the 16th to finally pick up my motorhome which has working turn signals and is lubed…… AND ALL THIS FOR THE PRICE OF $528.26……
    In all my years, I have NEVER seen people (in the service dept.) With so little respect towards their customers. And the incompetence is just unbelievable……
    Just an FYI, after serving in the Military for over 24years, and working for the #1 grocer in town and the US (Fry’s-Kroger) you might want your people to stop by and see how WE treat customers…..
    Paul Fischer
    Camping World, 2222 E. Main St., Mesa, AZ. 85213

  • We have been trying for three months to get a service contract cancelled on a motor home that fell apart the first time we used it. It was brand new. They did nothing to fix and we sold but can not get them to cancel the maintains contract that we purchased. DO NOT EVER SET FOOT ON ONE OF THERE STORES OR LOTS.

  • I ordered a Mattress Topper on line. It's been six days and the item still shows in processing stage. The store now has one available, we are leaving in a week for a 7 day camping trip and would love to have the topper before we go. I have been trying for 3 days to call the customer service number and no one ever answers, I have waited as long as 38 minutes. I just want to know when they expect delivery because otherwise I would cancel and go buy the one at the store. I don't want a $190.00 mattress topper sitting on a front porch while we are gone. I finally called the store to get a order support e-mail. I have chatted with them only to find out that they are not camping world. So we will go camping with a Mattress topper from a different camping store in our area, and if it's there when we get back it will go back to the store for a refund. Oh and by the way they charged my charge card the day I ordered it. My husband and I are also ready to start looking for a new Fifth Wheel and I can honestly say it wont be at Camping World. I will no longer deal with a customer service that won't answer their phone. It a shame that Good Sam Club is affiliated with a company like this!

  • My family was interested in buying a particular RV at Calera Camping World Wednesday, June 17 2:15 PM. When we arrived the "receptionists" on the right of the entrance did not offer to assist in any way. When we left due to absolutely no one offering to show us the rv the same receptionist area now had a young man sitting with a female associate. He pulled his hat down over his face (no kidding) and then began talking to the female associate about us when we approached them for help. She looked at us and turned her head. This place is a joke!

  • I had ordered a water heater for our RV. It was ordered 1 June, and today is 11 June and it has still not moved from the warehouse. I have called 4 days in a row and get told the same stuff…blah blah blah …the computer system wasn't working, the warehouse is behind….yeah yeah. Still does not resolve the issue of my item still sitting and not being shipped. The employees are so damn rude and patronizing. I tried to call the local store here in Albuquerque and got the same rude treatment. Very disappointed in how this has been mishandled. My boss at work was lining up a deal for 2 5th wheels from CW, so glad he cancelled that!!!

  • We bought a used camper from Camping World in Strafford Mo. Talking to salesman Brien Sanders we asked him what was wrong with and he told us that only the heater didn't work and windows needed recaulked. As I am disabled I specifically asked him if anything else was wrong and he guaranteed us that there wasn't.After getting home we found out holding tank not only had all of pipes missing but also had big hole in it where they connect to it. Now we found out Hot Water Heater also doesn't work. I called manager and he acted proud his salesman was able to take advantage of a disabled person knowing I wasn't able to crawl under trailer to check condition! We went to a Camping World thinking they would be honest with you about condition but found out all it is a way for them to take advantage of people!

    Dan Noah

  • This is getting ridicules I can’t seem to get an RMA to return this item and it’s holding up over $500 of my money. I believe I’ve been more then patient in trying to resolve this issue. Who do I need to talk to, to get it done. I send emails talk to customer service try to find someone in corporate and nothing happens

    John Berry
    Elite Member

  • In June of 2013i purchased a Honda 3000 generator to the tune of $2000 from camping world in fountain Colorado. I had the standard 3 year warranty and purchased an additional 3 year extended warranty. It has broken down 5 times now and each time I have to struggle to load it in the jeep and drive 80 miles one way to get it fixed. 6 weeks later it breaks down again. This last time I spoke with Mark Longmire. He started to place the responsibility on Honda however when he heard that I had the extended warranty he was Johnny on the spot and had a new one loaded on the cart ready to take it out to my car. They just had to get approval from corporate. Well, corporate denied it. So they called Honda corporate who also denied it. I have had NUMEROUS conversations with both Honda and camping world and each are refusing to replace me generator. I have started a social media campaign, am contacting my attorney tomorrow, filing a complaint with the BBB and consumer affairs. I will be creating a fb page for the world to see and invite people to comment and share their experiences. I plan on making camping world and Hondas life a living hell. Please join me.

  • My husband and I purchased a 2013 Fleetwood Excursion in 2014 from Camping World of Jacksonville, FL although this is long over due we are writing to say thank you Alex sales mgr., Barbara Sales person who sold the RV to us, and Spencer Carter in parts and repair. Very kind and friendly staff at this location. Dan & Marilyn Johnson

  • In Dec.2014 I bought a new Jayco travel trailer was towing it home had trouble controlling my truck and trailer called Camping World where I bought it and they are the ones that set up the hitch for towing and the answer I got was they did there job I would have to get use to it and it is what is. Not happy with that response took my truck and trailer to another shop to find out it was all wrong they fixed the problem and now I can tow my new trailer. then took it on my first camping trip and found I had no water running thru out my camper call Camping World again where I bought it and they said we will check one of there's on the lot to make sure I had everything turned on and call me back after 4 hours called them back and was put on hold and know one ever came back to me to help hung up and called again did this 3 times and gave up found a Camping World near me and they said I would have to bring it in after 3 days they finally fixed the problem and they found other issues that need to be fixed they told me to take it back to the Camping World where I bought it and get it fixed. During those three Called the Camping World Where I bought it and no return phone call all week. E-mail Corporate Twice and got someone who said he would help While I was at the Camping World Where I bought We dropped it off with them and now they have had my new camper 6 weeks out of the 8 weeks I have owned it just mad my second payment and don't even have my camper. The buy of the camper was great but all that is blowing smoke after the sale they don't care about you at all not even the salesman have called him about 15 times and only got one return phone call so much for taking care of the customer Not only could they have killed me and my family or others on the road Camping World is not a Place to buy a camper if you want good service unless you don't care about service they are the one for you.

  • i purchased a used rv told me i got a good deal they didn't change the engine oil as they said they would no walk thru,abs lite is on.rv was filthy inside and out they wouldn't even clean the windshield.after picking it up got pulled over by nampa pd no brake lights and the license plate lite wasnt there.talked service manager he said the lites worked the night before went to walmart put bulbs in and the worked no bulbs were in the sockets generator wouldn't work 150.00 for repairs and camping world wants 700.00 to reseal the leaky roof so beware my friends meridian camping world sucks lick the rest i do have to say the saleman was great but appeared the sales manager just couldn't afford to clean or give us a walk thru

  • In January, 2014 I Took my 5th wheel to cw at Katy, Texas to have the hydraulic slide out system fixed. Over the next 8 months they said I need a new hydraulic pump. Then weeks later we can't find the pump, the company has gone out of business. Then we found the company that bought the hydraulic pump company and they said that if we sent the specifications they would build a new pump for me. Oh and by the way you don't need a new pump you need the manifold, and then cw said they can't get a new manifold, then weeks later cw said you don't need a manifold you need the selinoid valves that are on the manifold, nope can't find any valves, here we go again, you don't need the valves you need the ram that pushes the slide out in and out. She slide out leaks at the seal and it is a sealed unit so it can't be replaced. Now it is eight months later and the service righter now suggests that since they can't fix it I come pick up the 5th wheel and take it somewhere else to get it fixed. So I went to pick it up and they have broken my Super slider catch plate. I point this out to them and they claim I brought it to them like that "NO I DIDN'T" and as I was looking in the compartments for something I found a scissor jack in the compartment. This jack is supposed to be mounted at the rear of the 5th wheel to help stablelize when parked. They also said it was like that when I brought it to them "NO IT WASN'T" Lair, lair pants on fire. It took me 7 days to pick up my 5th wheel as they had to order a new catch plate. I then took it to TEXAS RV & MARINE WHERE they fixed my hydraulic system in two weeks, rebuilt the pump with a repair kit and removed the ram and took it to a shop that works on hydraulics, 3 days to remove, repair and replace the ram. Horay it works like new now.

  • We paid $54,000 for a used 39'6" Big Country fifth wheel and were told it would be detailed when we came to pick it up. We drove from Wasilla Alaska to Camping World of Boise and when we did the walk-through, the unit was filthy! The range and oven were caked with burnt food. The shower floor was coated with hair and soap. The vinyl floor was filthy as was the carpet. We fussed about it and were assure it would get taken care of. They must have walked through with and passed it over everything but when they got done I scrubbed the floor with a white shop towel twice, and it came out black. I vacuumed the carpet and filled the canister on my Dyson about 1/3 full. We had them install a 5.5kw generator, which took two days – while we are renting a hotel room. The electrical cable that goes from the generator to the coach panel was laying right against the exhaust pipe and the jacket melted the first time we ran it. On our way home a wheel came off in Washington and we had to limp our way to a Schwab dealer to get it replaced with a different wheel so we could get on home. There were a number of other issues we had to force them to address and they acted like we were third class citizens they would rather avoid. We wrote and called Camping World of Boise many times and not once did they respond voluntarily. This is a very poorly run business but they don't care because they are the biggest. Once they get the sale, that is the end of communication. I will deal with the little independents from now on, as long as there is one available.

    If you hate camping world, go through the checkout line multiple times! It tanks the store's numbers. All the retail managers need to be punished for all the stupid unfairness they permit to go on daily. I am a former employee of wood village oregon. Please give this company hell and do not permit them to get away with ripping people off. I was a very friendly honest sales associate, and just because I was not in the management's "inner circle" I was ousted and treated like dirt daily. The only thing that kept me going to work was a few fellow coworkers who felt the same way…and I also enjoyed the customers. They had me train my replacement, and had me work my full shift; Yesterday was my last day, I would not have tried so hard to make sales had I known they would fire me at closing time. Just for not selling enough memberships. There is only one nice cashier left there. There were so many unjust things i witnessed there. The retail manager only hired family members, obviously favoring them daily. I saw an employee make an active military man in full uniform pay for his membership. Military gets free memberships! When I brought this to my manager's attention he did not seem to care. The employee in question was his cousin. Constant battles with coworkers and product specialists for sales and commissions left me depressed for months. I am happy to be free of that horrible company, but I need a job now. I will miss you nice customers.. Ones I personally gained for the company that oppressed me for so long. Please do not shop at that store. Do not let them sell you additional years of membership by tricking you. Your membership expiration is on the credit machine, as they ring you up! I know certain people who lie constantly to customers. If you must shop there, there are two nice people on the floor, please give them your business. One product specialist and one veteran cashier. I wont mention names. But this company does all kinds of wrong, and should be penalized.

  • Regarding Camping World and their practices, specifically Camping World of Madison Wisconsin. In November of 2011, due a divorce, my Ex-Wife and I took our high end, very nice RV to Camping World and asked if they would sell under consignment. They were excited and said they'd sell this Diesel pusher in a week as it's exactly what people want. Long story short, Suddenly it's 2014 and they kept telling me they were confused that they could not sell it. I did my own advertising and told Camping World I would send these leads in. The GM said they would just do what they needed to sell and he would even spiff his Salespeople to get it out of there. I must have sent 50 leads to them, but nothing!!!!!! One lady looked at it and called me to say it wasn't what she wanted for layout, but she suggested I get it out of there. She said they were more interested in selling their units instead of mine. Then, the day after Fathers day this year, a gentleman called on my advertised listing through RV trader and wanted to buy. He went to Madison to look at it on Monday. The reason I've kept it there is due to the fact that I had a note on it and it's easier for Camping World to sell and clear the note, etc. They agreed this was the best way to proceed. Anyway, guy goes to look at it and he told me Camping World would not even let him look at it. They pulled him aside and told him it was crap and had electrical problems and that some Customer was trying to get them to pawn it off on someone. What a bunch of unethical CRAP….. Camping World did the inspection for the consignment and it was perfect! I got it out of their the next day and sold it myself within 30 days. Yes, I blame myself, but I thought they were doing what they said they were. I spent money with Camping World on repairs and upgrades and this stupid consignment deal. BEWARE !!

  • Ha I last posted July 24th 2014 now today had my trailer out again this past weekend used the last Coleman chair, sat down fell thru…I should sue.

  • My goodness, all bad stuff above reading. First time for me. My complaint is regarding K & C RV / Camping World in Longmont, Colorado. Short story. No calls back, high attrition new person or mgr in the past 1.5 month since they have my RV for only a "quote" in the Service Department. I tried the IM service on their site and nobody could help there as well. My goodness…

  • Now here's another one, I'm the one with the Coleman who was told I was crazy there was nothing wrong with it, then the manufactor finally took it back for repairs 3 months of repairs, anyway when I had it out this past weekend Camping World had thrown in 2 outside lawn chairs along with a small icechest also with the name Coleman on it. Well I sat in one of the chairs this weekend in and fell threw. Really???? Come on Camping World you need to go down.

  • social media is powerful, we need to start today posting our complaints on face book pinterest and twitter the internet is a powerful tool

  • I have been waiting for the Columbia sc cw to order parts as an insurance claim it's been, the insurance Cosby has paid them , yet no parts yet, an they don't. Return phone calls. I used cw in Spartanburg sc twice they are on the ball, if you have to use cw go to Spartanburg sc for repairs

  • Hi. I consigned an immaculate unit for 60 days. Camping world did the following: never brought me an offer, over priced the unit by $20,000, would not post pictures or a reasonable sales price, lost our keys (wonder how anyone looked at it?), advertised it on their web site past the contract date, etc. Do yourself a favor. Sell your unit at market value yourself, and take great pictures where people can imagine creating an adventure /memories with their loved ones. Don't use Camping World. They seemed like they would genuinely help sell the unit. Honestly, they were trying to make their thousands. The contract expired, I picked up my unit, waited a couple of months and sold it myself in about 4 days. Thanks for reading this post.

    • Post an attorneys name and phone number that will handle this in a class action and i bet he or she will have customers come out of the wood work. Service is horrible in the Camping World Stores of Atlanta. Ask your Tech who certified them and if they are certified on your make and model. You will find they were trained by one of the guys that have just left and probably have no knowledge of your product.

  • My husband is a Veteran of three wars, we are both former business owners, so we know paperwork. This year is our Silver Wedding Anniversary and his 70th birthday. I am 57 year old cancer survivor. We decided to go to Camping World of Lake Park Georgia as since this is a National Chain we'd get a good deal and great service on 04/16/14. We made the mistake of trusting them.
    The salesperson did not give us a CLASS which we were charged along with other things 595.00. No real instruction. The finance lady pushed us through the SIGNING of papers with an extra 2500.00 in insurance and extended warrantee snuck in there. We thought she'd explain it after-nope, packed it up and sent us on our merry way. We were both excited and not thinking clearly as a life-long dream of mine was coming true-be a gypsy for the remainder of our years and go see ailing family and friends with our 2 dogs. The following day 04/17/14, we went down to the Camping World in Lake Park Georgia to discuss what was not done. All we got was, "YOU SIGNED" from the manager. My husband had called them on the 16th when we got it home about the brake light connector. They sent a repairman out on Monday 04/19/14, who explained it had two connectors on it. Nobody had went over or checked to see that everything was working or let us know this. Thankfully my husband is a certified RETIRED mechanic/currently a volunteer firefighter and is able to figure this out. This was a BRAND NEW 2015 JAYCO. I'd like to know what they had to clean.
    What to do? Contact an attorney (since reading all the complaints on this web site are mostly negative from purchase to repairs-47 pages and counting copied). Contact the NATIONAL attorney general, local TV stations, consumer affairs (great in Florida), and whoever else you can think of. As usual, it's up to our Veterans to fight for justice in this country as talking to the management at Camping World in Lake Park Georgia only gets you "you signed." Personally, I've copied 47 pages of these complaints and the full web site address and will start with media as they will stop screwing over people who just want to have fun in their later years. Now you do the same and SUPPORT OUR VETERANS for real. Thank you.

    • This is a very good thing you are doing, I to was screwed from Camping world in NLR Arkansas, my trailer had to go back to the manuifactor for 3 months, leaking from everywhere. I even asked for my 10k i was upside down in and they refused, I did the same as you said except hiring a attorney, BBB, Attorney General, ect. They were no help at all. I wish you luck on what you are doing for all of us who has been had by this company.

  • Update, I had bought my trailer at Camping World NLR, AR, I tired to work with them since January, it was leaking everywhere, to the point walls were bowing, molding warping it was awful, when I bought this unit they put me 10k upside down, when I took it to them for repairs they said it wasnt leaking that eveything I pointed out they had no clue as to what caused the problem, so i went for a second opinion, I was not crazy, just for the other RV place to fix it was 10k for labor alone, so I contacted keystone, my unit has been in Indiana now for 3 months, I'm told by Keystone, it is totally fixed & I should be receiveing it back here in Arkansas on the 21st, Keystone even extended my warranty for me due to all the problems I had & actually made my payments on the unit while they have had it. Word up to anyone looking to buy or having problems do not take nor buy from Camping World, they are the biggest rip I have ever dealt with, I had contacted everyone possible BBB, Attorney General everyone, just trying to get my money back that put me upside down due to they knew the unit was defected, the service man stated that in front of myself and a friend, All I can say now is I'm glad I'm getting my unit back, I still feel like Camping world owes me my money, I trusted them, and they screwed me. But you know God knows, and I truly beleive bad things comes to those who do bad things.

  • I feel everyone's pain. We have the same issue with a new refrigerator with an icemaker. The Camping World in Ft.Worth has had our coach for over 2 weeks and they call US to see if the parts have been ordered.

  • I have had the worst experience buying a camping at your hamburg,NY location my wife and I went to a show at the fair grounds and "purchased" camper my family was excited to buy. our salesmen was from the Syracuse location and was awesome, but ever since that day it has been nothing but a nightmare it's been two weeks and I still DO NOT HAVE ME CAMPER even though the GM at the hamburg ny location made an appointment for Tuesday4/29/14 before 6 pm to do a walk through and take our camper home we showed up at 5:45 and nobody there knew we were even coming in the two weeks leading up to today 4/29/14 I made 9 yes you read it right 9 phone calls NOT 1 call was returned except the call that said I wanted my deposit back within 1 hr I got a call saying that the deal was all set and we can come on Tuesday 4/29/14 before 6pm the lack of communication is the worst I have ever seen, you would think a billion dollar company would have things figured out this is the worst customer service I have ever seen I think you really need to get ahold and do a complete overhaul on your employees

  • This is just a update on my previous complaint with Camping World North Little Rock, besides putting me 10 grand upside down in a unit, the unit leaked everywhere, sides, flooring, slideout ect, I have contacted the BBB, along with the Attorney Generals Office, my Unit is now in Indiana to be rebuilt and has been for over a month now, its not going in the shop there until May 19th, ok but back to the story, Camping World NLR stated my unit was not leaking I was like ok where is this water coming from and why is my walls buckling & my ceiling turning brown. I requested they give me the money back that I'm upside down in which is the 10 grand, and thought the BBB and Attorney Generals office could help me with this matter. To be honest neither place could help, Camping World NLR has denied my request for my monies, and I'm still without a camper.

    Please people spread the word Camping World is a Rip OFF, stay away.

  • I just bought a used rv from camper world, I traded in my travel trailer on the way to the store the tire blew so they called and made sure my insurance would cover the damage which it did. I took my new camper home but since it's cold enough to freeze still we didn't do anything with the water, when the weather warmed up a couple of weeks later my husband tried to clean the water systems and fill up the hot water heater but instead we had water all over the inside of the rv. We called many times for days no one would return our call. We just took the camper in, since i just bought the camper I feel that they knew something was wrong. The water heater just dissengraded. It was all rusted out. My husband took it in the service person supposidely filled out the paper work, told us they would order a new water heater and fix everything. They told us they would call with progress after a week we decide to go to Camper World to see what was happening, no one knew anything and could not find any paperwork or anything on the computer. They told us someone would call us on Monday. Well now nearly a week and a half someone calls and asks why is your camper parked here? What??? I again told the service man why it was there and he said he would get right on it??? I have already made my first payment and still don't have an RV, if I had known this was how they treat customers that spend a lot of money and they make a hefty commission I would have gone elsewhere. This has been the worst treatment for such an expensive piece of equipment. No one knows anything when you go there, no one returns calls and no one cares. What kind of company does this to paying customers? Is it really about the guy at the top making money at the cost of creating a very unsatisfied customer. I am really saddened to know that in this day and age we run into this type of business practice.

  • Camping World/Wood Village has 'fixed' my RV three times now and the repairs still are shoddy and unacceptable because the stated problems aren't fixed. Hopefully your database contains my previous complaints following the 10/22-24/13 and 12/09-12/13 repair attempts.

    The slideout still leaked in the same place as before, but less because you told CW/WV to replace the vertical rubber seal. They did nothing about the horizontal seal that was too short to cover the top of the vertical seal. I rigged it so now there's no leak, but the slide border/facing is, of course, totally rotted out at the bottom, as is the carpet.

    One of the jobs I also requested was that CW/WV replace the slide cover. They failed to cut-to-fit or tighten or ??? the cover. On the back side, the cover skews toward the front in folds. On the front side, the cover sags about 4-5 inches, collects water and shoots rain water out when the wind blows sufficiently.

    Really, if I were Camping World, I'd be ashamed to be affiliated with Camping World/Wood Village. And, I am ashamed that I allowed them, for the third time, to work on my RV. Foolish me.

  • Wow sounds like a crap company. I do not own a camper or trailer. I actually wanted to wholesale a product I sell to Camping World, but after reading all the complaints I will not even bother. I see Marcus Lamonis ads now on TV, the CEO of Camping World. I also have seen him on CNBC. He supposedly bails out struggling companies, of which sounds like Camping World is a lost cause.

    Good luck to those who have to deal with them. Not worth my effort to sell them a product they could make money selling to you campers. I believe in working with great companies that treat the customer right. Camping World sounds worse than Wal Mart.

    W. Abbott Houston, TX.

    • Thank you for such a nice comment, I will say this I have contacted everyone, I can think of, Attorney General, 7 on yourside, BBB…so far Camping World is not responding…

    • Camping World has replied and they refuse to give me any monies back from my loss, I've been trying since January to work something out with them they are not interested.

  • I to have been sh-t out of a lot from camping world I bought a fifth wheel from them took there word that everything worked because they are surpose to be a good caring busness but we brouth it home that same night the battiey almost blou up and the next day the tanks were leaking all on the ground I was told that the only reason I could look at another camper was because it had been misrespented to me I found one they had it listed for 13499 well when we went in to the office to talk to the manger I was told it was 16500 and my husband was told that they would sale that camper to him because that was the price at the time but they didn't I could only get 1,782.00 more on my loan and they don't want to work wjth me I told them when we were looking that this would be my home because I had lost my home and I didn't have anymore money put up they still don't care about anything but pushing people down more .I want go back to camping world for anything.

  • Boy by the looks of all the complaints its a wonder camping world is still in busness. I guess I should add to that. We took our motorhome in to get fixed at the mesa az. location 1/17/2014. to get some bodywork done and they were supoused to replace the toilet. Well they replaced it with a wrong color and no sprayer which we had made it very clear that we wanted a spray. when we called they say they well not replace the toilet because now it is a used one. I have called about this 5 times and its been over a month and I still do not have a good of servise is that. When you flush the toilet the water preasure go way down at all the sinks which never happen before.

    • Have had great results with Camping world in Dothan , Alabama. We were told to deal with Larry Williams. He is a great person and a super sales person. He has been in retail all his life. We have a camping club with 30 family they all buy from Larry. Give him a try he will take good care of you.

  • In the last year I have bought 2 Travel Trailers from Camping World North Little Rock, now everyone knows how expensive 1 can get but try 2. SO here goes the events.


    I tried you on your cell this morning but did not receive an answer. So I really want to give you a run down on the problems I have incurred for a while now. Now I do want to say before going any further your Staff has been really nice to me, and that in itself is the only reason I have not just gone off.


    1. Came in for a part for my Road Runner, talked to a salesperson, decided to trade the Road Runner in for a Shadow Cruiser.
    2. Had the Shadow Cruiser for a few months, had it out this past summer the AC Blew, brought it in to service was told it would take a couple of months for it to be fixed due to back log of other units in for repair, spoke with Wade decided to trade my Shadow Cruiser in for my 2014 Coleman
    3. Moved my Coleman once from your facility to a lot, starting to notice just a few things to be fixed on it but it was really no rush on these.
    4. Just moved the Coleman again this month to another park, now I can’t get out the back door, the speakers are busted, water leaks, trim coming off, just several different issues.
    5. Contacted service talked with Spring, she requested a list and pictures of my problems so that she could submit to Keystone for repair, I complied. And set a date to bring it in for repairs.
    6. I will say I can now go out my back door, my speakers are fixed, water leaks tight, trim is fixed, minus a few others that I just assume got overlooked.
    7. Had walk through with Johnathan I believe was his name, he explained that the trailer was not leaking but had a manufactures defect on the ceiling, bottom line whoever was putting it together made a mistake now I have what looks like water marks on my ceiling, not even just the one that showed up just before bringing it in, but now I have one starting in my bathroom.
    8. Yesterday came in first thing I noticed the microwave is out, tried to clear it nothing would work so I unplugged it waited a bit, plugged it back in it worked, woke this morning it was out again, it is now permanently unplugged due to I’m afraid of a fire hazard. I have also sent a picture taken this morning of the front plate on the microwave to Spring in the service department.

    Here’s where I am needing help, I’m scared of this unit, not only was it incorrectly manufactured but now it is becoming a fire hazard.

    This unit is the second I have bought from your company and I’m not giving up on you guys, but now I am upside down with no extra cash, which I feel is not due to myself due to the fact I’ve had to trade up a couple times due to problems.

    This is what I feel should be done, there is another Coleman Unit on your property, it is actually right at $30,000.00 I own 33,000.00 on my unit. I have no extra cash anymore, I would like to be placed in that Unit my payments be the same, I want my Gap Insurance and Extended Warrenty which I have keep on all my units. I will pay my Sale’s Tax.

    I hope you guys can get together and work this deal out for me, I know the paperwork can be worked.

    Please advise, I am at work at this time so reaching by email is the better way, due to I’m on my phone a lot.

    Thank you for all your help

    Since this was written I decided to put my extra sheets under my leather couch for storage, OMG, lifted it up and the screws holding it together were put in sideways, now i need a new couch.

    Has my issues or my solutions been handled, no they just say keep taking pictures, or I've got some phones calls in for you in your behave, or well do you have another 3 or 5 thousand dollars so we can get you into this other unit…What I've given all I can.

    My suggestion to anyone buying trading ect get on your hand an knees, touch everything, then make sure you use the heck out of it cause you only have 1 year bumper to bumper on it then the baby is yours, well actually its yours when you drive off.

  • We are Canadians who have loved to shop at Camper's World. Thursday January 9th we took our older Triple E class A into CW to have a fantastic fan installed and an oil change done. My husband was treated as a second class citizen who was too old to know what should be done to our RV. Our RV was openly mocked because of its age -asking if he had his antique papers – last comment after many rude comments my husband paid the bill and tells the manager that he feels he should report their rudeness to Camper's World Headquarters.The manager laughs in his face and says "have a good day and get that piece of junk off our lot and by the way tell them my name is Jayson" I can see that nothing will be done BUT be assured that we will not shop there again!

  • We took our 5th wheel camper to camping world in Lake City Florida, to get a brake job done on a triple axle. They charged me 1600 dollars, which I thought was a little high. To top it off was when I asked them to check my tires and to see if the tire pressure was ok, so they did, but they charged me $21.00 to top off the air. We were charged for 7 1/2 hrs of labor when it only took them 6 hrs to fix it.

  • I recently heard of your new Camping World store being constructed in Harrisburg PA at the Grumbine RV, Allentown Boulevard location. I don’t know what criteria you use in selecting your Camping World dealers, but your wisdom in choosing Grumbine’s RV eludes me. They sell RVs to many buyers, but have the worst reputation in service for any RV dealer in the area. So many documented screw ups and dissatisfied customers don’t make a reputable dealer that you should be putting your name on. Off the top of my head, I can come up with 4 names of dissatisfied customers. I have driven to Camping World 50 miles away to avoid purchasing from Grumbine’s. I drive 35 miles away for service from another dealer to avoid having to have any work done at Grumbine’s and I live less than 10 miles from them. The owners, the Martin family have no idea how to run a business. Shame on you. Were you just looking for a prime retail outlet instead of checking out the reputation of the Grumbine name? Their reputation is a joke. Just mentioning their name in this area brings complaints and horror stories of botched service and poor customer relations. Grumbine’s used to be the top RV dealer in the area until it was taken over by Martins. Service went right down the drain. I like shopping at Camping World stores and do many times while traveling but you missed the boat on this deal. I will drive to Hanover PA Camping World, 45 minutes away, before I spend one dime at Grumbine’s RV/Camping World. My only hope is that Camping World is taking over ALL of Grumbine’s operation. Just my opinion, not that it’s worth much. The few hundred dollars that I spend is just a drop in the bucket for you, but I will not shop at Grumbine’s until I know it is not being run by the same owners.

  • I recently posted a negative comment about Camping World, Little Rock. I ;am now posting to say that I was contacted in an effort to resolve the issue. Camping World replaced my refrigerator at no cost to me. They were gracious in their conduct and service. The service was accomplished in a timely fashion and all in the service department were helpful. Sam, our salesman took us to lunch and numerous employees checked on us throughout the morning and any need was attended to. A big thank you to Ed Turner, Sam Lewis, and Robert Minnick and the tech that handled the installation. Your actions concerning the replacement have restored our confidence in your organization.

    C Hallmark

  • Hi, I would like to share an experience that my girlfriend and I had at Camping World in Hanover Pa. We spent several months looking for a tent camper, on 10/12/13 (Saturday) we drove up to Camping World in Hanover Pa. to look at a 2007 Jayco tent camper that was advertised for $3,999.When we got there a salesman by the name of Lou Astuto showed us several tent campers and when we looked at the Jayco tent camper the price on the camper was $4,999. I asked him why it was 1,000 more than advertised online, after doing some research Lou discovered that the Jayco we were looking at was a 2009 and he had no idea where the 2007 Jayco was but he told us not to worry because he could sell us the 2009 for the same price. Well after filling out some paper work Lou came back into his office and said he couldn't sell us the camper for $3,999, he told us that we could have it for $4,300. My girlfriend I talked for a few minutes and decided we would buy it for the $4,300 so we filled out all the paperwork and Lou took our $1,500 down payment (Check) and our licenses and went to make copies of them, when he returned he told us that he got his butt chewed out for marking the camper down to $4,300.He told us everything was fine and not to worry. I explained to Lou we really wanted to go camping the following weekend and he reassured us that we would have the camper by the beginning of the week. Monday came and we realized it was Columbus Day and the banks were all closed, Tuesday came and we called Lou and he informed us the Finance manager was not in but he again assured us that everything was fine. (by the way, the $1,500 down payment that we made by check was cashed that same Tuesday). Wednesday we called Camping World and were told that Lou was not in and to call back Thursday. Thursday my girlfriend called in at lunch time and guess what, Lou told her that he was still waiting to hear from the bank, when I got home from work I called Lou and he told me that he hadn't heard back from the bank and the Finance manger was not in AGAIN!. I told Lou that I heard enough excuses and that we wanted our money back. He told me no problem, he told me that he was going to walk over to the finance office and request our money back. I asked Lou how they could legally cash our down payment check before the deal was done. Guess what he told us, that whenever a down payment is made it gets sent to corporate and cashed right away because that's company policy. Well here's where this experience gets me really angered. It is now 10/29/13 and we still do not have our money. It’s been 17 days since we wrote that check and we still don't have our money back. We have called Lou, we have called the finance manager, we have called Corporate and guess what, that's right, we are still waiting for our money. We were told on 10/24/13 that a check would arrive in our mail box on 10/25 or 10/26 at the latest, guess what , no check. Today (10/29/13) my girlfriend called and guess what she was told, it should be in our mail by tomorrow. I'm not a betting man but I am willing to bet you that $1,500 dollars, I'll bet you that we don't get that check tomorrow. We told the gentleman today at Camping World that we are through calling them to see where out money is. Our next step will be letting our attorney handle this. By the way, Camping World has not only lost us as a customer because of this, a good friend of mine who was considering buying a camper from Camping World has decided to take his business else where. Well there's my story, I bet it doesn't get posted on

  • I have heard that the CEO of Camping World is on a mission to expand their retail stores. I manage an RV park,
    most of which our guests use Camping World for service and most of them have had very poor experiences with
    Camping World; one today is turning the issue over to their attorney since they have been dealing with repairs for
    going on 2 weeks, which has put them out of the park all that time (loss of money being unable to reside in the site they have rented for a year). My question in what I see daily and the above complaints, is the CEO aware of these issues and is he working on this side of the business along with his expansion plans?

  • My wife & I have been dealing with camping world all over the south & have yet to to get what they say you will get. we swapted a motorhome for a fifth wheel camper & a truck to pull it with. the camper & truck was wonderfull. we spent the night on their lot so the walk thru man could do a walk thru the next day just have him show us where the sewer hook up was & then had call & had to leave. we wound up pulling it home & figureing it out ourselfs. that was calera, al. a year later we stopped at robertsdale, al; & swaped for anothe motorhome. we spent three days on their lot waiting for them to fix things that were wrong with the coach. then did not have fix anything. they wanted us to pay for everything, after we had signed over our camper & truck. so had to drive home & put it in the shop at woodstock, ga. the last time we went to them they kept our unit for three months & still did not do everything but charged us for it to the tune of 6 thousand & some dollars. now they have the motorhome & we hope to get it back by spring. If we ever get what we need done from them we will be through with them for good. I really dont know how they stay in bussness.

  • A few thoughts on Camping World Little Rock AR. I recently purchased an RV from them. I was told that all major items would be checked and in working order. I negotiated for the carpets to be cleaned, a windshield be replaced, and a foul odor be removed from the freezer. They had possession of my RV for a month as we played phone tag and waited for the windshield to arrive. When I arrived to pick it up, it was just being cleaned. During my walk through, I was sprayed with water by the employee washing the outside and unable to communicate inside as the carpets were being vacuumed and the fridge being cleaned with harsh chemicals. I took delivery and drove the 5 hours home. My wife went inside the next day and found the odor was still there, the carpets had not been cleaned as promised, and the chemicals used drove her out of the RV. Further, the AC unit was not cooling. I called a service man and paid $100 to have freon added. So much for all being in working order. We called to say how disappointed we were that promises were not kept. CW Little Rock agreed to pay our gas to give them a chance to "make it right". We drove to CW and spent the entire day at their location while they cleaned the carpet, serviced the ac, and worked on the odor. We returned home with hopes that all was well. We recently removed the odor wafer packs to go camping. Reaching the camp site we discovered that the odor was back and the fridge was not cooling properly. More phone calls to CW Little Rock and am told I need to return it and they may have to keep it a few days but would pay our gas. Nice, except I will now need to drive 2 vehicles. I was told they would check to see if Oklahoma City would service the RV since it closer for us and they would call the next day. Still waiting on a call back. We have played this call back game with them on the windshield. Seems that "we will get right back to you" is Little Rock code for "we can't be bothered with your problems and when you get tired of waiting you call us". We were contacted by service manager Ed Turner after posting this comment. My wife went through the whole thing again and he kept asking if the deodorizers had been left and the fridge on and he was assured they had been. The smell is still there. He asked for make and model of the refrigerator which was supplied by email 10 days ago. We have yet to hear from them again. We still believe that camping world promises are worth nothing. Wish I had researched their reputation prior to buying. Lesson learned.

    C Hallmark
    Hartshorne OK

  • On September 20, we were notified that we were approved for financing for $25,000 which was not enough to cover for the $35,000.00 camper that we picked out. Finance sales manager in OKC/Edmond, OK told us to come up and he would have us look at some other trailer that he was willing to work with around the price we approved at. He would look on the inventory through camping world to find one that we liked. We researched on Camping Worlds internet and found one comparable in the Little Rock AR location. We met with Donnie Mason on Saturday morning. He told us that he had researched and could not find anything comparable that we might like. He wanted us to look at some 5th wheels. We did not see anything that we were interested in. We told him about the trailer in Little Rock that we had researched and was interested in. He said it would not be a problem to have it transfered to Oklahoma. We requested more pictures of the trailer before we committed. He said no problem, he understood and would get on it asap. We went to lunch and came back. He said he was still waiting for pictures. He said the sale price of $27,777.00 would be honored with a $1000.00 trade in and $2,000.00 cash down. He would get the paperwork done and we would be able to finalize the paperwork. We asked about the pictures. He said that he had not received them yet. Another hour went by as we waiting for the pictures. The salesman came up to tell us that Donnie was ready to finalize paperwork. We stood outside for an additional 30 minutes. The salesman finally came up and told us that we had to come up with an additional 10,000.00 dollars. We left. If you have any questions please call me. Robert Twyman 405-694-0087.

  • We bought our Damon Daybreak from Camping World in Oakwood, Georgia. This is the 2nd RV we had purchased from them. We have had NOTHING but problems with this RV since purchased. We have had it brought in for the awning not working properly, the steps not working properly, the generator having continued issues, battery problems,water leak, etc.

    Everytime we bring it in, we get the most PITIFUL service. I have to call and call to get an answer, and typically end up calling the service manager to ever even get a call back.

    Camping World doesn't seem to care about the customer….NO customer service at all!! PITIFUL!!!

  • I must say my experience with Campers World in Gulf Breeze, FL was an experience I have to share. We took our 5th wheel in on June 22, 2013 to have slide out covers for the three slid outs and a replacement canopy over the door. On July 3rd, my husband went by to check the status because we had not heard from them. While visiting on July 3rd, two of the new canopies were on and my husband noticed our ladder was broken. We were told they would order and replace the ladder. It was broken while installing the slide out covers. We called the middle of July to check status. The ladder had not been ordered but was told it would be ordered that day. They also told us they would express the order due to them failing to order it. Later in July we were told they would not express ship it that it was too expensive. Then we were told it was due to the manufacturer and their shipping would not express it. We were told it would take 7-10 days by freight. Due to the terrible rain we have had in this area, we ask they make sure there were no leaks from the broken ladder. We also asked them to check the refrigerator. It was running on gas. We ask if needed to switch tanks or if one of the tanks had run out to please open the refrigerator so it would not mold. We finally received a call on Friday 8/16/13 that the ladder was installed and ready for pick up. Upon arrival, the battery was dead and we could not let the slide outs open to check everything. My refrigerator was molded from not switching the tanks or opening the door. Water damage was on my carpet. Lack of communication from Customer Service and the quality of service we received I personally would not recommend the Gulf Breeze location to anyone. I will never take my service back to them. They offered to keep the 5th 2 or 3 more days, clean the carpet and clean the refrigerator. They did replace the battery but the battery we had in there was a new one to begin with. Yea! ! ! They had our 5th wheel from 6/22/13 until 8/16/13. Poor service, poor customer support…. Don't bother taking it to this location…. You will be sorry.

  • I just took my rv in for body work in June of 2013 it is now August 2013 really why so long I talk to the manufacture they have all the parts. The rv is only 6 years old. What made me mad is they have not even started on it. Marcus Lemonis ceo of camping world I need help Oakwood Ga

  • I purchased a coleman 15000 a/c from your Holiday store. And when they guy went to install it in my fifth we became aware that Camper World gave us the wrong inside ceiling kit. This is on a Saturday now. I called the store and got the run around from a guy named AL. I asked to speak to a manager and I am not sure that is who I got. I was told they were out of the part for mine. I now have a hole where the old a/c was and I live in Fla and is a 100 degrees. They tell me they will check on it Monday. Now I rent a cabin in the campground where I live for $80 a night. On Monday the guy who sold it to me calls and apoligzes. Said he found the part but has to order it. He will call me the next day and tell me when he can get it. Well he never called and I called the store and he is off. So this Al tells me 7-10 days. Ok so now what do I do. He said I do not know what to tell you. So I call customer service and they will call me tomorrow. So I paid $900 for a a/c I can not use yet and now I am paying $80 a night for a cabin ($320) so far. I live 1 1/2 hrs from this camper world and who knows what the out come will be. Wish I had of bought some place else. So far CamperWorld does not seem to care.

  • I worked as a salesperson at Camping World in Lowell Arkansas for about two weeks… until one of the long time employees threatened me. I am 64 years old and this man told me he would kick my 'old m_____ F_______ ass' if I did not give him the prospect I was working with. There is something very wrong going on at that Camping World location. This individual is handed all internet leads that 'appear' to be hot and is passed all incoming sales calls unless he is not available. Frankly, the person I am referring to looks and acts like an ex-convict. NOW I find that my commissions on the four units I sold have likely been tampered with. I cannot get any help obtaining a copy of the commission breakdowns of those four deals, so I will be contacting an attorney this week.

  • Really store 124 roanoke, va. I travel all over the united states I'm a lifetime good sam member,I walk in an ask for jerome claytor an other employee told me they had let him go…..I asked why an they said it they cw made a bad move,then I was told he made a mistake,I 'm really upset cw would let him go?

  • Camping world Wood Village, oregon….Brought our rv in to have the a/c repaired before the two year warranty expired. The service center said they fixed it. brought the unit home and stored it for winter. Put the A/C on the end of June and still the same issue. Camping world recommended a mobile repair service that said the unit was un repairable and the unit should have been replaced before the warranty expired. Camping world wants me to pay 780.00 for a new one.

  • Camping world approved our purchase with no $ down and payments we wanted in Oct of 12. This was cw of spartanburg sc. They didn't have the unit we wanted on the lot so they brought one in. Turned out wrong interior color. So they ordere one. Once the unit showed up they had lost our paper work and my deposit check. They then said they would have to do another credit check. I had changed jobs and bought some tools on a cc so my score had dropped now they will not get it financed. I have argued and fussed with many at cw including regional managers. I guess now I'm gonna send all the info to the lawyers and see if they can help me. If not I'm gonna rent the billboard across the interstate from the dealership and have my own advertisement.

    • looks to me like you could not afford it in the place.
      changing jobs would not affect credit score if salary is same.
      charging tools on cc card only hurts if you don't pay.
      don't blame it on camping world.
      try this- put a down payment on camper and maybe you will get ok.

    • Tony it actually looks like you do not know the practices of Camping World, they should be forced out of business, and no I'm not the one that wrote the above complaint, I'm one that personnally knows several salespersons with Camping World and several have told their stories on how they get to people….Dont judge until you've been there.

  • It seems to me that people only comment on problems they have.
    If you get good service, you walk away with a smile and do nothing else. well heres my story.
    I have a 2004 Pace arrow. I bought it at Campers Barn in Kingston New York. For ten (10) years
    I had nothing but problems. I won't get into them, but let me tell you I spent Thousands with no results. Never had a vacation that my Wife and I could enjoy. I was ready to get rid of my RV.
    Then I found out Campers Barns was going Bankrupt. Camping World bought them out.
    What a blessing. I went to Camping World to give it one last shot. I explaind all the problems I had and guess what, they fixed every last one of them. My wife and I feel like we got a new motorhome. we just returned from Myrtle Beach and did not encounter one problem. What a joy. I never experienced that.
    Not only did they fix all the problems, they treated me with care and respect.
    Thanks Camping World. Thanks Chris Byron, John Poll and Chris the service manager.
    I hope more people with experiences write in. and to those Anonymous people, what are you hiding from?

  • From all the negative posts I've been reading looks like Camping Eorld needs to do somr house cleaning. I will write my post if I DON'T get s positive feedback from the GM in Indiana

  • This is to advise you of the poor service that I have received in the service department at Camping World in Calera, AL.
    I had called to set up an appointment to have an Invisi-Brake installed on my tow vehicle. I was scheduled to have the work done at 9:00 on a Monday morning. I was told that the work would take 4 to 4 ½ hours. When I called to check about it, they told me that they were backed up with work and needed to keep it overnight. Two days later, I got my RV and tow vehicle. I am not sure why you schedule service when you cannot do the work at the scheduled time.
    While I was in, I had them look at my tow bar. They said I needed a rebuild kit. I called to make sure they had the parts and scheduled the repair for my tow bar, which was scheduled for a Monday. I was asked to leave the tow bar in the service area with one of the technicians. I waited a long time in the service bay, and no one showed up. Finally, the service writer walked through and he said to just leave it. Also, while in the service bay it began to dawn on me why the service was so poor; all I saw was a lot of walking around, talking, and looking at papers. I saw very little actual work being done.
    By Friday of that week, I had not heard anything so I called. I had to call for another reason, because I found out that the brake lights on my towed vehicle were not working. I was scheduled for the next Monday, and was told that I could pick up my tow bar then. On Monday I went in and explained the problem on the towed vehicle. After a while, the technician came back and said the lights were working fine. I said they hadn’t been and went out with him to see. They weren’t. The service desk had told him the wrong thing. Once I explained the problem to him, he was able to fix it in about one minute – it was a loose connection. The technician tells me that the tow bar hasn’t been fixed because they are waiting on parts. I go back inside to the service desk to find out what is wrong. They do not seem to know. At first they cannot even find my work order, and tell me they just do not know. I told them I could not leave not knowing, that someone needed to find out what was going on. The service writer goes back into the service areas, comes back and tells me that there is a tow bar back there, but they do not know whether it is mine. A second search of the computer found my work order; the service writers made some faces, and one of them got the part off of the shelves. I told them I had to have the tow bar by the end of the week. They promised to get it done.
    By late Wednesday afternoon, I had not heard anything so I called back. Trying to reach the service department was an almost impossibility. After calling at least seven times, I told the operator I needed to talk with someone and did not want a callback which I never expected to get. She finally got a service writer on the phone, and he told me it still had not been fixed and he did not know why. I explained again that the tow bar has now been there a week and a half and nobody seems to know what is going on, and that I still need it by the end of the week. He promised to have it fixed the next day and call me.
    By Friday I had not heard anything, so I called again. This time it only took two times to get through to service. I talked to Karen and she said that she would tell the service manager about the problem and have him call me. When the service manager, Darrel Pino, called he had not been advised of what the problem was, so I had to explain. He said he would look into it and called right back. He said the tow bar would be repaired within an hour and a half. He called back in less than an hour telling me the tow bar was repaired. When I picked up the tow bar I did not receive an explanation nor an apology.

  • We were looking to buy from Camping world, (Tom Giddings) at Fort Myers Camping World it would have been a cash deal at $22,000.00 We bought another brand from a different dealer. Will never buy anything from Camping world!

    Hi Tom,
    Is this a joke? We tried to make an appoint with you you never emailed me back, plus I had requested info on a 2014 Prowler from you and you never got that to me. Well sorry Tom We just paid $22,000.00 cash for a Puma We will never buy anything from camping world !!!!!

    On 7/5/2013 1:54 PM, Thomas Giddings wrote:
    > Hello; My name is Tom Giddings and work in the Internet Sales Department here at Camping World of Ft Myers. I want to invite you come in or contact me and have a look at our large inventory of Rv's. Trade ins have never been more needed and interest rates are still low for the time being. If you are still thinking of making a change and getting that Dream RV. NOW is the best opportunity to do so here at Camping World of Ft Myers Florida. Please ask for Tom Giddings when you call or stop by. I promise you a great deal and a respectfull and fair experience here at Camping World of Ft Myers. Please call for an appointment today. 2014 models are arriving daily as well as fresh late model trades
    > All The Best
    > Tom Giddings
    > LOCATED I-75 EXIT 139
    > 239-690-3200-office ext 1218
    > 727-858-1772-cell answered 7AM-10PM Daily
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    > Camping World RV Sales – Fort Myers | 4681 Waycross Rd | Fort Myers | FL 33905

  • I just tried to call the Camping World in Tacoma Washighton on Sunday 6/30/2013 about needing a part for my motor home I tried 3 times during the hours of operation stated on the web page, the phone rang 3-5 minutes with no answer.Do you think that is providing good customer service to a loyal member?

  • My husband and I are so done with CAMPERS WORLD OF KINGSTON, NY!!!!! Talk about incompatent people working there. We bought our travel trailer in Kingston, NY and from the time we ordered it till even a month later after picking it up had nothing but PROBLEMS!!!! When our brand new trailer arrived nothing that we ordered was right, they did solved most of the problems after waiting longer for it but still had to wait for bifold doors to be ordered. We brought the camper home and found the latch on the tongue of the trailer was no working. You think they would have told us since they are the ones who hooked the camper to our vehicle. Campers World then had to pick up the camper from our house and fix the problem and return it back to us after we argued for them to bring it back to our house. A month and half later still no bifold doors and now the temporary reg is expiring and no one knows where the paper work is but told us to travel with it anyway and blame it on them if we get a ticket. REALLY WHAT KIND OF STUPID IS THAT!! Try getting any info from the people who work there or a call back from them on whats going on good luck. PLACE IS FULL OF INCOMPATENT PEOPLE!!!! I WONT EVEN SEND MY WORST ENEMY THERE TO BUY A CAMPER!!!!!!

    • Same incompetent ancy there for us too. Brand new camper, we used 3 times over this summer and had to bring it back for the 2nd time for warranty work as well as extras we wanted installed (canopy over slide out and a bathroom faucet that clears the edge of the sink more then a quarter inch).
      It took them over a month, before they said it was done, then we are told it wasnt done because the canopy came with broken parts so we had to wait again. We then were told it was done, told them we would be there today to get it, only to find the outside shower door broken, a wet towel in the tub, and the bathroom sink leaking all over the floor.
      whoever deemed our camper ready is an idiot

  • I bought a used Forrest River 26' travel trailer from CampingWorld in Ocala, Florida and took delivery on April 20, 2013. I was assured that the trailer had been thoroughly gone over and inspected before delivery. RIGHT!!!!!! Three days later I had to buy $650.00 dollars for four new tires. On May 3, 2013, I discovered a soft spot in the roof over the bathroom. The repair is estimated at close to $4,000 dollars. I can't get any response from CampingWorld maanagement. I never expected to get ripped off by a respectable dealership.

    • nothing has seemed to improve at this Camping World! Their Management is horrible, staff is just as bad. I don't think anyone there cares about their jobs or anything else for that matter. I had an issue there at the "new" summerfield camping world. I asked for a store manager, I was told he left 10 minutes ago for lunch so I decided to wait till he returned. after an hour and a half I asked where he was. The employee laughed and said you'll be lucky if he's back in another hour he usually takes 2-3 hour lunches…. So I continued to wait a total of 2 hours and 12 minutes total here comes the store manager (Steve) tried to explain my problem and he blew me off and said he had a conference call and to come back at another time. this place sucks!!!! Never will I spend another dime of my hard earned money at camping world again! take your good sam membership and stick it up your rear!

  • We will never purchase anything from Camping World in Council Bluffs ever again. The service has been terrible at best. They knew we were living in it during the flood, but still wanted us to bring it in for warranty work. It was our house at the time. They were all about selling it to us cuz we needed a place to live, but not about helping us out while we were living in it. Had to have a part replaced under warranty. We live a good ways away from the dealership. We forgot to get it when we were close to them. They sent it back. No call asking if we were going to come and get it or anything. Now the warranty is expired. We have extended warranty, but the deductible is more than the price of the part. Granted, we should have remembered to pick it up, but good service would mean calling before you send something back. Can't tell us how to winterize it, we have to take it in. That's bull. We're going to get rid of it and get something where the service it better. Have delt with Leach in Lincoln in the past. They are great, will go back to them.

    • I know how you feel, took my camper in there on (Saturday) 26 June 2013, with a broken window (my Fault), still waiting for the window to come in according to staff, they said they ordered it on he Monday after it took it in, as of Friday 27 July still no window and no one seems to know anything.

  • We have been dealing with the CW in Robertsdale, AL for a while. They still have our RV because they can't get the correct leveler system ordered. They said two "left" legs came in and they didn't realize it until they tried putting them on and one didn't work! Hello! You would think they would know by looking at them since this is their job. Our leveler system collapased on April 25 as we were lifting it up to put on our truck….this is after CW already "fixed" them in October 2012. Now they are saying we have too much weight on the front of our 5th wheel. We added a generator in late 2011, purchased from CW. You again would think they would have mentioned it then. They said they told us in 9/2012 and I told they they were a ball face liar! Would I have driven off knowing my leveler system wouldn't hold the weight? They charged us in 9/2012 to "fix" the problem… we had to file it on our insurance and grateful they are paying, but the sign in the RV shop says, "we guarantee our work as long as you own your vehicle". That's a lie! They haven't guaranteed nothing! They are charging us another $2,000.00 to put heavy duty levelers in. I am SO frustrated with CW. This will be the last time I plan to ever use thee again. Service is terrible and they don't care about the customer, just the almighty dollar!

    • You are exactly right! I will never purchase anything from any CAMPING WORLD! I purchased a 2013 5th wheel in May and it have been in their shop for 30 days of the 60..its August 8th 2013. We have not been able to enjoy our new camper ONE TIME! I despise Camping World and will tell EVERYBODY I KNOW DO NOT GO THERE! I am only replying as Anonymous because I do not want to "create" more screen names….This IS Michelle Blackmon, Mississippi

    • I am having a similar problem – I purchased an RV in April and it is still at camping world waiting for water leaks to be repaired and the price keeps going up and up…anyone up for a class action lawsuit

    • I am also having trouble getting my money back after purchasing a new truck camper. It had water damage so severe they agreed to roll back the deal. Now they are stalling to give me my money back. Damage was not obvious until I got home and got out the ladder to inspected closely. DO NOT BUY FROM CAMPIING WORLD, you will be sorry.

    • Camping world will hire anyone regardless of weather or not they have any skills. I am an electrician by trade 32 yrs experience Generac certified up to 20 kw. I worked on everything in the shop other than what was in my field. There is no training and the poorest of leadership. If you have a choice take your RV anywhere but camping world for necessary repairs.

  • Finance person candy foster was unprofessional and inappropriate with my partner. I will not purchase anything from this company. Sales people pushy and rude

  • Can someone realize that alot of us working people only have Saturdays and Sundays off to get work done on our RV's. The Camper World in New Bruanfels, Tx told me to bring our RV to their location and they can do a Wash and Wax. Got there early Sat. morning. Bait and which! No one to wash it and the wax job is a spray wax! Was sitting in the waiting area and heard and saw three different customers get pretty mad and all left the location for different reasons. Someone needs to look into this Camper World location, they is no organization and trust me no one really cares about the customers! The service general manager who ever the hell he is was really a piece of work. He did come out and look over my RV and begain to tell me how bad it looked. One other point, we also requested a state inspection sticker – no one was available to do it! We left and will never return!

    • I so agree with this location! Their service department is horrible. Two weeks behind, unprofessional service reps in front, cannot talk to service people in back at all…what's with that. I feel as if my RV is being held hostage there!

  • I will keep doing this and you know who until something is done to Matt Martinez. you can't control all of the internet

  • I work at Camping World until Monday March 25th. I got fired Monday we were sitting at break at 1005 a.m.. Matt Martinez our gm came in screaming. he said get off your lazy asses! he said every time I come in here you guys are sitting at this table. we were stunned we don't know what to do. he screamed again get up! then he kicked in shopping cart across the room send to a cabinet and started cussing again.. I go to HR to file a complaint she doesn't know what to do. she tells me to write down what happened and have everybody sign at that was there. there was 7 of us nobody would find it they are scared for their jobs. so to prove a point i threw a chair. I got fired I was told by my Shop Foreman. he own the place that was his shop so he could cause and tear up anything he wanted to. that place is run by a bully. how many boys is people and he scares people into working for him. it is a hostile work environment

    • If you haven't noticed there is a great deal of Violence & Hostile behavior ; occurring around the Country .

      This is due a increase in "Chemtrail's" & Spraying with the Government's "Exotic Weapon", this is designed to break down, a human beings immune System, resulting in various ILLNESS'S.

      But also causing dangerous results, of people re-acting to the various "Metal's" & materials, sprayed over us, on most clear days only. They "Never" spray in bad weather.

      This may not help you with getting your job back, but it explains, the reason for the Person(s) Reactions to Chemtrail spraying.

      I don't expect you to either believe or understand this, but it is very real & this is only one example on how to control depopulation of the World.

      Good Luck

      God Bless & Be Safe

      May God Have Mercy on Us & What Lies Ahead

    • I recently had our motor home fixed by camping world and now we are paying the price! The work was not anything that might even resemble being professionally done! They have not finished their work and refuse to clean our carpet and they put a hole in our couch and all they can say they didn't do it. They used our generator and ran it out of gas and we had a half of a tank of gas when I took it in to have them fix our motor home! and now, I can't start the generator and they say, they won't fix it! They want to give us an estimate to fix it, when they admitted they ran it out of gas. My unit looks like crap and I will have to fix it my self!!! Carpet not cleaned, generator not working and they used it, hole in our couch and tie backs never put back on the walls. I don't know if anything works in the motor home because they refused to plug it in! So, I have no way of knowing if my lights, TV, fans, air conditioners or anything else works after they put a new roof on our motor home. These people at Camping World are arrogant and unwilling to have any kind of customer service to their customers and that's Matt Stout and Jane in the service department!!! These people are nothing more than shills for a company that only wants your money and could care less about how they fix your trailer or motor home. I will never buy or have anything fixed by them EVER again! The Camping World store is in Council Bluffs, IA. I called my ins co. and will continue to let people know how bad this company called Camping World is!!! Please don't take your trailer or motor home to Camping World to be fixed or buy anything from their stores!!! My ins company had to pay 14,000.00 dollars to fix three walls inside our motor home and a new roof from the hail damage and it took them three months and two weeks and it looks like hell !!!!!!!!!!!! I only hope my ins co doesn't pay the last part of the bill 3000.00 dollars to put 4 peace of wood over and around our TV! and cabinets. It's not that I'm trying to be unfair or trying to get something done for nothing, I don't want them to fix anything on our motor home ! I will do that myself but I would like to let people know, if you take your trailer or motor home into a camping world store to be fixed this could happen to YOU!!!

    • I've been at Camping World in Newhall California since April 2017 and they spray paint and clear coats all day long everyday WITHOUT A SPRAY BOOTH… Seriously, how do they get away with this? I've had headaches daily for months on end and now I can't breath. I have problems inhaling deeply without coughing. I'm 47 and never smoked cigarettes a day in my life. Air quality management and they said we can spray 4 gallons a day. Nobody cares about our well being or quality of life for our families. I've left a message with HR, waiting for a response but I'm quite sure it will be ignored. Now I'm forced to defend all my coworkers here. My bay is 20 feet from the area they spray at and it billows through the shop into my bay while I'm running a water heater and furnace. Gee, maybe whend the shop explodes and someone is laying on the floor dead, they'll WAKE UP….

    • I am a tech and it sucks hearing the dissatisfaction but don't blame us greasy guys in the back. The service advisors and their commission gets in the way of what we call "service" it affects us flat rate guys who go by the hour. I'm trying to get a hold of Marcus but my bosses aren't helping with that. I have faith in this company and we can make i t work. Its not our practice but ask if a tech is available before the advisor starts giving hours and quotes and you might be better off and so will us techs

    • Warranty? The Oxford Store should take it up with corporate… that's the glory of them being corporately owned. They should be looking out for you.

  • I have a 2013 chev cruze with auto trans – That i want to flat tow – Is it possible to do so & what will i need to do the car??? call or send me a note

    • To Whom it may concern:
      My name is Charley Bolt and I bought a 2003 Beaver Contessa Naples 1/29/2015 from Camping World of Tallassee Fla. I traded my 1999 Holiday Rambler that was in good shape, just wanted to upgrade to a newer model and paid $57,182.00 extra and now owe that for the next 15 years and cannot use it at all.

      The 2003 Beaver Contessa that I bought from you guys, as soon as I got it home, the furnace board went our that cost ($1150.00), and it had to put into the shop at Camping World of Oxford Al, then when the board was put in the thormosate was not working so they had to order a new one and as of now it's still in the shop and don't know how much that will cost, also the aqua hot water heater is leaking water and they are telling me that I will have to be replaced and that it will cost from $15,000 to $18,000 to replace it, so I need to know if you guys can do anything about that. I've already paid the 1st month payment on it and cannot even use the RV that I got from Camping World of Tallassee Fla.

      I called your Corporate Headquarter Friday the 8th 2015 at 1-270-781-2718 and talked them to see if there was anything that they could do about this, (I shared with them that I'd called several times and left my name and phone number on your answering machine and also left messages with the receptionist and you guys would not even return my phone calls), but paying for an RV for the next 15 years that is no good, I feel that you guys need to try to do something about it, I'm a preacher and do not like to even thank about suing anyone, (in fact the Bible says, that a man should not take his brother to court, but I feel like if you'd being my brother you would not have done me like you have), so please let me know if your going to try to do anything about the RV that cannot be used because of all the problems. I'm waiting to hear from you ASAP at my phone # 334-319-5092.

      Charley M Bolt

      P.S. I'm also sending a copy of the to your Corporate Hq. and waiting on them also to return my call to let me know what can be done about this matter,

  • I have been trying to get our name off your mailing list for almost 2 yrs. I have called all numbers with someone telling me they have solved the problem. I am still getting your sales circular. This one is the Lucky Shamrock Sale. We do not own our RV anymore and want the advertising stopped. PLEASE HELP! On the back is: V1 033 G189-06-118-4598-3 John Najarian The pink box over our name: GS#800588139 The Yellow Box SRC+32104108 Please let me know if you can help me or do I need to call someone else. My e-mail is Thank you for taking the time to solve this for us

    • Write to them, requesting stoppage, make a copy, after a few times SUE them. They know that they are liable for suit.

    • This is not a Camping World web site (I made the same mistake and I, coincidentally, have the same complaint). These "complaint sites" are just click bait websites. Use the camping world and Good Sam sites to email them. CW's USPS address: 250 PARKWAY DRIVE
      SUITE 270, LINCOLNSHIRE, IL 60048,(847) 808-3000

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