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Candlewood Suites Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Candlewood Suites Corporate Office Headquarters 

InterContinental Hotels Group
3 Ravinia Drive Suite 100
Atlanta, GA 30346-2149 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-770-604-2000
Fax Number: 1-801-975-1846
Customer Service Number: 1-800-621-0555
Reservations: 1-877-226-3539

  • I am staying at the Candlewood Suites in Nanuet NY. The facility is OK. The internet access is the absolute pits! I have heard every excuse under the sun as to why ( blamed on full house, the ISP, the rain, other people – you name it.)

    I was told in November 2012 that they were scheduled to have the internet server and connections repaired by the First of January. Here it is – January 15 and still the slowest possible. Cannot even handle a download of a news clip or a 3 minute music instrumental.

    I have gone to the nearby Fairfield Inn to use their Wifi. Wow what a difference – and they even gave me free munchies, snacks and drinks ( and I am not their customer!)

  • I'am staying at the Candlewood Suites at 339 West 39th Street, New York, NY 10018. They are charging me $295.00 per night because I work for the government and that is the per diem, this hotel only charges $182/night for everyone else. Talk about ripping the people off. Plus they only clean the room once a week. Oh and if I leave early they will charge me an additional back charge of 25% for each day or $400.00 for leaving early. I will never stay at a Candlewood or Holiday Inn again. DJC

  • On December 17, 2012 a charge appeared on my bank statement for roughly $109. It was a charge for a night at the Jefferson City Candlewood Suites in MIssouri for Friday December 14, 2012. I did not stay there. I have contacted the hotel NUMEROUS times only to be transferred to a voice mail or told that the manager was out. As of now, there has been no phone call back. I did stay in October 2012 and that is how they got my credit card number. I have contacted Priority Club, The Attorney General's Office, the BBB and have reported fraudulent activity on my credit card. Please find a different hotel to stay at while in the Jefferson City, MO area.

  • Attached you will find the confirmation that I received on 9/06/12. I arrived at the location Dec 1st at 1:30 p.m. to check in and the front desk clerk informed me that I would not be allowed to check in until after 3 p.m. I asked her to check my reservation to ensure that I had the room that I had RECEIVED A GUARANTEE. Her response was yes. I arrived back at the location around 6.15 p.m. to check in only to be told that my room was booked! I was a little upset so I asked her to call you. When you and I spoke you told me that the location had been over booked and this is a common occurrence within the system. You went on to state the “soccer tournament” caused your location all kinds of issue with over booking! I did not book my room with the block of rooms for the soccer group. You also stated that “there are 3-4 others that are in the same situation”. You said it was out of your control but that you did get us rooms at the Hampton at the rate quoted.

    My issues are the following. My reservation was GUARENTED 55 day ahead of time. It clearly states the following within the confirmation.
    1. Only the confirmation as entered will be honored. This was not the case. I was offered a smoking room when I booked a non- smoking.
    2. The rate is non refundable and full prepayment is charged to your credit card between the time of booking and day of arrival. Currently I am checking my Credit card daily to make sure that I was not charged for this non stay.
    3. Canceling your reservation or failing to arrive will result in forfeiture of your deposit. This is what concerns me the most. If I had not shown up to claim my reservation that WAS GIVEN AWAY I would have been charged! The location would have “Double Dipped on my room. Renting it out to two different clients! This would mean that for the date of the Dec 1st the location would have ran higher than 100% occupancy. Additionally did this same issue occur with the other 3 or 4 that you stated where in the same situation? This in my mind is fraud and theft by deception.
    I have forward this to the corporate office and the State of Tennessee Attorney General to ensure that this will not occur again and to inform the State of any practices that are suspect.

    To date I have yet top hear from anyone at corporate. The local owner and I have spoken but I expect some type of comunication from the powers to be!

  • First, would like to say that the hotel is nice and the front desk staff is friendly. But, as everyone has mentioned, the management sucks! we have been at the candlewood in Deer Park, TX for over 2 1/2 to 3 months and this is the second time they have tried to kick us out for either not extending our stay (which we have) or being over booked. the first time they corrected it but this time they say there is nothing they can do about it. I WILL NEVER STAY AT A CANDLEWOOD OR RECCOMMEND THIS HOTEL TO ANYONE! its sad that they cant let you know ahead of time when your stay is about to end when you have stayed for so long.

  • I recently stayed at the Candlewwod Suites in Rogers Arkansas on Rozell. We wher ethere for the bike rally along with several thousand of other bike riders. Our romm was nice but there was left over cereal in the drawers along with shopping bags and reciepts.
    My real problem is over charging, they where unable to give a reciept on check out but did e-mail one to me. When I asked my total charges they where at the wrong rate. I gave them my confermation # but they could not look it up, 2 hours later I recieved a second e-mail with a new reciept. 3 days later my credit card shows 5 charges from Candlewwod Suites for over 400.00 on a 2 night stay. The operations manager Ms O'Neal did respond to my e-mail to say they had fixed the first mix up. Now I have more charges and she is on vacation. I hope I can get this straightened out!!!!!!!!!!
    I will not recomend or stay at another candlewood Suites, the front counter staff was very nice but severly over worked with only 1 on duty at a time.

  • To Kevin Stewart, Director of Sales
    I read your response to my comments on Trip Advisor. Don't get me wrong. The rooms are comfortable and the staff is very friendly. The hotel IS very busy but I, MYSELF CLEANED THE GRILL AREA! I, MYSELF, cleaned the doggie dodo, beer caps and filth on the grills! I would think that if you have a room dedicated to the travler's computer and printing needs, you would spend a few bucks (from all that recent influx of business) and visit the Walmart next door to purchase a printer, computer and a few hot dogs! Some of your guests have been there BEFORE JUNE! Maybe I'll hold a fundraiser bbq to buy the hotel what it needs……LOL!

  • I don't understand what happened to Candlewood Suites. I stayed at a private owned one in Syracuse Ny. and it was the best. This corporate one in Wichita Ks. which is corporate owned needs a lot of help. Please read my trip advisor from BobJef01. Spend some money guys and get it up to speed or sell the property!

  • I to am staying at a candle wood to I would rather not say which one but I will say this it was payed for by the army it is the nicest one I have ever stayed in to . I payed a $25 damage deposit refundable that is and also signed a form about smoking in the room ok fine not a problem. My problem came when I get a voice message on my phone because I turned it off to save my battery. The message was just wanted to let you know we are charging your card for smoking in the room. So I call when I get the message and ask what is going on and was told that one of the house keepers found butts in a cup and the room smelled like smoke ok I am a smoker and being military I don't throw cigarette butts on the ground they go in my pocket now correct me if I am wrong my room is right next to the office I mean you walk out and there it is if I was smoking in the room don't you think someone would have said something sooner well just goes to show how people are I am not stupid and I sure as heck don't have $250 to just throw away I am married with kids and the only income but what I am trying to get to is they should have not charged my card
    without physically talking to me to make sure and to prove that I wasn't smoking in the room that put a hurt on me as far as money goes I did get it back but it should of never happened so as far as I am concerned I will stay at the super 8 down the road never had an issue with them

    • I recently stayed at the Candlewood Suites in NORTH CHARLESTON ,SC. My fiancee paid for the first night and it was nice so we decided to stay again. I went down to pay for the room and everything was fine but the next morning my account was over drawn. They charged me…160.07,165.07, and 190.07. Two days after I raised hati they refunded 350.14. Ok great but two days after that they charged me again 160.07. When I went back to the hotel to speak to the manager, Travis, I seen my water bottle that I was missing since I stayed at that hotel. When I said, hey there is my water bottle I been missing, I was told no it came from the employee lounge. I replied with well I guess instead of turning in property that got left behind on accident the employees here just take it and its perfectly ok with the manager there. That was the awfully experience I've ever had at any hotel and I would recommend No One to go there if they value their money or their belongings Candlewood suites in NORTH CHARLESTON,SC stole a $25.00 water bottle and over charged me $160.07. I was in Charleston for 7 days only 2 were at candlewood. The rest were at Quality inn down the street…. They served breakfast, serviced our room without taking our belonging, and didn't over charge me or my fiancee… Which by the way they also charged his card twice so technically candlewood stole $320.14 from is!! That is the worst hotel ever!!! It may seem ridiculous to most but I contacted a lawyer. This is an outrage and it will continue to others if someone doesn't do something.

  • I am currently staying with the Candlewood Suites of St. Joseph, MO. This is a new facility and possibly the niciest unit I've stayed with to day. This is not a slight to the others, however this unit is, with out a doubt, the most miss-managed operation that I have seen to date. The under management personal and staff are just great, very nice, polite and awesomely helpful, but the upper management people are non-existant. I supposed to be staying hear for 3 1/2 months, along with 12 other property adjusters. This so called management group told us that after a month stary they would offer us a rate between $40 to $45 per night, however that month has come and gone and now we cannot find these young manager or have them return our calls. They also have failed on multile occassions to process my weekly payment in a timely manner and then out of the blue they will just obitrarily run my card at their conveience, and swipe it for over two week. They have done this to me twice and now have just done the very same thing to my good friend. When they decide to run the cards they do it without telling us and it has been fro over $800 each time.. We have complained by we get no call back. They once caused me to OD on my card and I had to do all of the leg work to get it straightened out. Now my good friend'w wife has been tring to reach a young management person by the name of Tracy since last 08-08-12 because we believe he is the manage that offered us the $40 to $45 per night, but he has yet to return her call. This is just very poor management. I work most of the time for Pilot Catastrophe and work with a lot of adjusters that stay with Candlewood and I as well but this has been horible experience and will cause me to think long and hard to stay here for the next 2 months or in the furture. I would hope that this get to someone who cares and will respond to me.

    317 St. Joe, MO

    • Good to know I'm not the only person with this problem. My card was run twice in error, several checks bounced because of it and the manager's response was to refund the error and give me a $30 discount of my next stay. Really? I WILL get my money back for fees as well as compensation for my inconvenience. Let me say what it really is, embezzlement, misappropriately directing funds from my account for a service that was rendered once but payed for three times. Get it together Candlewood Management.

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