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Candlewood Suites Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Candlewood Suites Corporate Office Headquarters 

InterContinental Hotels Group
3 Ravinia Drive Suite 100
Atlanta, GA 30346-2149 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-770-604-2000
Fax Number: 1-801-975-1846
Customer Service Number: 1-800-621-0555
Reservations: 1-877-226-3539

  • We have been staying at the candlewood suites in columbus ohio during the anual goodguys car so for 5 years , and i recieved a letter this year telling me we dont have a room because they double booked 20 rooms when asked how they picked 20 people to loose theyre rooms i was told they picked them randomly , we have had our reservations since augast of 2020 and they just infomed us of this one month before our reservation , this is some of the poorest managment i have ever seen then they tried to justify it by booking us into a hotel 20 aditional minutes away from the 15 minute drive we already have to the show , this was totally unexceptable and not a great way to treat a loyal customer

  • Im staying at the Candlewood suites in Glen Allen Virginia. My room is nice but the refrigerator was dirty. Nothing minor I just cleaned it out. I have been a loyal customer for 7 years. I was with a worker and a pit bull came off the elevator to attack us. The worker move (which i can not blamed her). I put my bag between myself and the dog and swung with my other hand to the dog. The owner could barely handle the dog. The next time a dog came at me and I hit it with a shoe. The owner got mad. The worker told the owner she told you she was scared and uou intentionally put the dog on the side she was. Its your own fault. I was told by Mandy a representative for Candlewood the Manager would call me Saturday 11_21_20. As of today no call, no accommodation or anything. Im truly shock because my company only uses Candlewood suites. Im here for a year I did reach out to my company to see if they could find me another hotel. I understand "pet friendly". Just because you love dogs don't means everyone does. Your dog should be trained and not walk up to strangers. Im truly disappointed.

    Osie Brigman

  • The vent for the room is making a loud annoying noise all night and day its so annoying loud hard to sleep watch t.v. just ridiculous it dint help make a relaxing peaceful stay whoever above us sounds like they throwing furniture around noise so.Loud looked out the window a few times thought a car crashed outside

  • I recently had secured reservations at Candlewood Suites in Springfield, MO 1920 E. Kerr St. beginning on 2/20/19. I Arrived to the hotel, around 2:30pm, and was assigned Room 216 on the second floor, after checking in. As I entered the room, my first impression, was Not favorable at all, with a pungent smell throughout the entire room. I went out to my vehicle to obtain something that was forgotten, as I returned the desk, ask how my accomodations were, when I mentioned there was a very odd smell in the assigned room. The office attendant, stated that housekeeping would come up, with some Mint spray, and on the way back to the room, a cleaning lady occupied the elevator with me, stating that the last tenant, had a lengthy stay, and burned Sugar in the room.I had already unloaded all of my belongings into the room, and proceeded to change clothes, and go get a workout in their gym, which had a non-functional cable TV, and outdated equipment that barely functioned. I made the decision to vacate the rest of my reservations, and move to a Better Hotel. This place, had a Credit card hold on my card, for 3 days, before the charges were dropped. This Hotel and the Room assigned, had illegal drug activity being manufactured in the room, NOT burned Sugar, and the Staff, could Not have been more shady than the appearance of the outside of the Property. This place was a Dump, and I highly recommend, Not believing Any reviews,outdated photo's of property, and would Strongly advise not staying at this location. The Police Dept. stated that this was a known Hotel, for high drug trafficking, and illegal activities…….

  • I had reservations for Candlewood Suites in Lake Jackson, Texas for March 16-18 for 4 king suites. I made these reservations in January. Yesterday I got an email from them saying they had cancelled my reservations because someone who is staying there now wanted to extend their stay. My reservation number is 65944468. I called them and they said there was nothing they can do. This has never ever happened to me or anyone I know. If they could not accommodate me they should have found some other hotel that could. I made these reservations early so I would not have to worry about it. We are going to a wedding and now I am stuck. I know there is nothing you can do about it but just thought you needed to know what is happening at your hotels.
    Thank you for listening.
    Donna Fish

  • Do not stay at the Candlewood Suites in San Antonio (SA), TX!!! The manager Nikki is rude, unprofessional, needs to learn customer service and how to treat customers. The General Manager Gregory never returned any of my phones calls after leaving several messages. I made a reservation through InterContinental Hotels Group, which is mandated by the Defense Travel System as a federal government employee. Because of the length of my trip, I had to stay part of my trip at Fort Sam Houston Candlewood Suites and the rest of my trip at Candlewood Suites SA, TX. I called and cancelled my reservation with the Fort Sam Houston Candlewood Suites and the attendant stated I was "good to go" for the cancellation. Two months later I get a bill from Citibank saying I owed $122.59. It was for a "No-Show" charge from Candlewood Suites SA. I tried disputing the charge with Citibank but was told to contact Candlewood Suites SA. I contacted Candlewood Suites SA and they said it was my fault I didn't cancel the reservation and they would not waive the fee. Two hotels with the same name are separately owned and their computer systems do not talk to each other. I have tried for the last two months to get the charge waived, but to no avail and have been given the run-around on whom to contact. I finally reached out to Candlewood Suite Corporate and after being transferred to several people was told the charge would not be waved. If this is how they treat retired Service Members and Federal Employees of the government I can only imagine how they would treat the average American.

  • Do not use the Candlewood in Enid Oklahoma. Upper management is a joke. Manager called me at 6;30 pm for emergency work to be done on the. Commercial laundry equipment it has been 3 months still have not been paid for the work. I spoke with the GM and and he told me he would not pay me for my work. The GM is a joke and is this the way they do business????

  • I have been staying at the location in Flowood MS. I have been at this location for sometime now. I am working as a welder, so I have extended stays. My issues have been many. My truck was damaged in the first couple of days of my stay. Could not get in touch with the manager for days. I just wanted him to look at their camera system to see if they could see who hit my truck, then someone tried to break into my truck.
    The real problem that I have is, I am paying $2000. dollars a month to stay here. I was told a few days ago that I would need to leave for a day because all of the rooms have been booked for an event…… ARE YOU KIDDING ME! I have given you almost $5,000 and you don't have a room for me! Oh wait ….. but you will be welcome to come back the next day. I DON'T KNOW WHAT KIND OF BUSINESS YOU ARE RUNNING . Who in their right mind would do this, Ask a guest that you know for sure will be there for the remainder of the year at , may I remind you $2,000 dollars a month. I encounter many people in my line of work all over the USA and I will tell every single one of them not to stay in your establishment. I would love to hear from someone

  • I am so upset and hurt!!! My reservations were cancelled I did not get a phone call or email letting me know that this had occurred.I never stayed at Candelwood this wood have been my first time. The reason I was given was that a longtime customers group had book and that was the reason why I was bumped. Mind you I booked my room six months ago.Then the front desk lied and said they sent my reservations to another hotel up the street called Hawthorn Suites in Columbus Georgia.I called and the lady said Candelwood only asked if they had room. Not only did I have to do the reservation over again but I had to pay more money.I was suppose to book my room with a group called modern free. But I booked my room under my name and my rates to earn points and my reservation was still cancelled. So I want to know how Candlewood suits is going to rectify this because there is an injustice done.

  • I am a Rockport Tx survivor and FEMA approved my stay at Candlewood Suites Stoneoak in San Antonio. I am so delighted with the accommodations here and the way the employees have welcomed me and been so warm and friendly. This hotel has thought of everything… my room is so well equipped, I feel like I am home. Even when I called to see if they had room, Christina was so warm and polite and called me back to confirm. I am so tired as well as my dog and I am so grateful to be able to stay in such a lovely hotel. Thank you so much and thank you FEMA (thank God I kept my flood insurance).

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