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Carls Jr Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Carls Jr Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

CKE Restaurants, Inc.
6307 Carpinteria Ave., Ste. A
Carpinteria, CA 93013 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-805-745-7500
Fax Number: 1-714-490-3630
Customer Service Number: 1-877-799-7827

  • Store 421 Cowan Street Fort Collins Colorado
    Very bad customer service skills very disappointed in all the Carls Junior stores I have been at. This issue needs to be addressed Asap. Thanks

  • This is terrible the store on Bandera Rd and Erecker rd in San Antonio txt. This store has a Tx flag . And us flag flying nice and high waving proudly. But both of these flags are torn and has been torn a good year and a half. Why can't they . See this for themselves. I have gone in to let them know but they don't care. Can y'all fix this.

  • Carl's jr. I'm Palmdale ca. Workers are really over paid. They consistently give wrong things like chicken instead of double burger. But 5.00 special left out part of it. I guess they would eat it later. It's at 2005 Palmdale blvd. Recommend different place to eat.

  • I called 3 days ago and made my complaint. I was told the mgr or regional mgr would contact me???? Still waiting….. These people don't care about their customers, only about the money!!!! I hope they get use to having one time customers… There are plenty other restaurants in this area (direct competitors of theirs) to give my money to.. Good luck CARL'S JR, your gonna need it with service like this… The average American spends $1,200.00 a yr on fast food. about $12.00 per meal. let that sink in how much your losing due to lack of leadership skills.

  • We(my wife and I, my son and daughter-in-law, and my five grandchildren ages 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12) stopped at the Carl Jr's at 423 Hastings Rd in Spokane yesterday. While we were there a shouting brawl broke out between the manager and one of the employees. There were threats of violence, a steady stream of profanity, and things crashing in the kitchen. We had just received our food orders…which were totally messed up…but the chaos that was echoing throughout the restaurant was not only appalling and inappropriate, but was enough to make us feel physically threatened. Another customer called the police…who were just showing up as we quickly picked up our unfinished food and headed for the door. I'm certain we will not visit that store ever again, and I have serious doubts about returning to any Carl Jr's. Perhaps it's not your fault, but it does make a person wonder about the screening process and training that your restaurants use to place managers and hire employees. I certainly don't want to pay good money to have my kids and grandkids assaulted by foul language and adult behavior that is beyond the pale!

  • I had made an appointment with the General manager at the Carl's Jr. (located in 3240 Yorba Linda Blvd, Fullerton, CA 92831) and it was scheduled for yesterday which was June 21, 2017. When I got there to go meet her up again so we could schedule a day for me to start working she wasn't even there yet and I waited like maybe five more minutes or around there for her to arrive and she had finally came. When she walked in she walked right past me she didn't recognize who I was at all even though we both had met each other at the same time during the interview. I was waiting there for a few more minutes until one of the workers had told her that I was here for a scheduled appointment with her that she had arranged herself. I was extremely shocked at the moment when she had told me that she had forgot about the whole thing because in many cases the managers are very on top of their schedules and they're professional enough to remember important dates that they had arranged, but in this case that didn't happen at all. She decided to push back a meet up date to next week. I'm honestly disappointed with the manger service that was provided for the new coming employees(aka me!!) I'm honestly over with this location and I'm planning on resigning and turning the job down even though I had told her that I would take it. Seeing the unprofessional working environment is the main reason as to why I am steering away from the position that I was offered at this particular location.

  • Sunday May 7, we went to the Carl's Jr in Cottonwood AZ because we were in a hurry and the food in the past has always been good. Well, surprise, they had one lady and a cook on duty. It took us 45 minute to just get our food and then one of the sandwiches was wrong. We ordered a chicken and got a burnt burger. We just ate it and left. They were so slow and non concerned. Not a large crowd right at lunch time and now we understand. They other people in there commented that they had cut staff because of the increase in salary. Big deal. We won't be returning to any Carl's Jr restaurants.

  • Carl Karcher is rolling in his grave over the smutty commercial's you're using to sell his burgers. It's disgraceful when you don't want your teenager young woman to see your commercials. They are degrading to all woman and girls. My husband is embarrassed every time they air and tells our girls these woman have sunk to being paid for their bodies, no amount of money is worth selling your body. Lost business here and from countless families we know. So sad that you put such a low value on women and are destroying the Karcher name.

  • I went to your location in Safford, AZ. After 20 minutes of waiting for my order which was a Big Chicken combo, I asked for my money back. Done going to that place. Perfect example why fast food workers don't need $15 per hour.

  • I worked in the Grass Valley, CA. location and was physically, and mentally assaulted by the Managers there. As they were jealous/envious that what took them 20 years to do and learn took me 3 days. The sad thing about this is the owners DID NOTHING about it. I was physically restrained and blocked from leaving the restaurant which was recorded and nothing. I left because I was scared after being a victim on domestic violence and having PTSD I left my shift early because I could not fulfill my job or position because of what THEY were doing. So, they said I quit…. that in which I did not quit I was protecting myself, and doing what was in the best interest of the customers, and the establishment. They didn't see it that way.

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