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Carnival Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Carnival Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Carnival Cruise Lines

Carnival Corporate Office Address:

3655 NW 87th

Miami, FL 33178 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-305-599-2600

Corporate Fax Number: 1-305-471-4700

Corporate Email: info@carnivalcorp.com

Corporate Stock Symbol: CCL

Target is famous for its Cruise Ships. Carnival operates its cruise line worldwide and they operate hotels in their cruise destinations. Carnival is one of the premier cruise lines in the world.

Carnival Cruise Line’s customer service phone number is 1-800-929-6400. The company does encourage users to use their technical support system and help forums on their website.

Carnival Corporate Office



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  1. Hello, I would like to know if we would be able to disembark 3 days prior to the end of our cruise? We are taking a 7 day Carnival cruise. Day 4 port is St Thomas,  this is where our family lives. We were wondering if we could just take our luggage and stay there? Would we have to pay a fee or a fine to do this? Your response is greatly appreciated.

  2. Called guest services to find out what is going on with the Carnival Miracle and the problems it has with it's system as far as the speed it can go. On the Dec 6 2014 cruise to Hawaii they totally missed the Mauii port, due to the ship taking 5 days to get to the islands instead of 4 days as planned. I am about to go on the same cruise in 12 days. I wanted to find out if this will be a problem with our cruise. I was given the run around, was not allowed to talk to supervisor. Was treatly very rude to say the least. Was told and I quote "no one you can talk too", "these things happen", "we are not allowed to give out information" etc etc. I have been on over 8 carnival cruises and have never been treated like this. If I am paying 3,400…I think I should have an answer. I plan on calling the main offices and I had better be treated with respect and given answers or I will NEVER cruise with Carnival again

  3. Unfortunately the same issues as already expresses. Had a death in my family 48hours before my cruise sailed and carnival refuses to give me a credit for the amount I paid toward my trip. I finally got ahold of a guest services super is or after no return emails and the woman refused to listen to me, and treated me like crap even though I was a loyal customer who sailed year after year etc. I will not return.

  4. We just got back from a Galveston TX. Before the cruise even started we where delayed, this was not carnivals fault. However we were told we would board at 8pm, but because Carnival did not have their paperwork for customs together we did not board until 12am. They had 3000 people waiting without food or drinks for over 6 Hrs. So we finally got board and we were told me had to do the drill at 1:30am. We were traveling with kids… Nice. So here is where the issues really start. carnival has posted on their web a guarantee that if you are not happy with a cruise within the first 24 Hrs. Contact the service desk and they will refund your money 110% and fly you home at their cost. So here we go, when I found out they changed our itinerary to cut out half the time in Key West, the only reason we booked this cruise we where very upset, I went to the service desk and complaint and advised them we wanted to in-act their guarantee, I was told there was no guarantee and that if we wanted to leave the boat it would be at our cost and that if I wanted to file a complaint I would have to wait until after the cruise and contact the corporate office. Well needless to say this angered me, So the next day I removed all the gratuities. I did this because we had a private fishing charter in key west, that I will not be getting my deposit back. The wait staff on the ship was horrible, the whole customer experience was horrible. We took a shore excursion in Nassau, to a private island carnival has interest in, we were suppose to have 3 Hrs. left after the but was picked up 1 hr. and 15 minutes late. With the 35 minute ride back we barley had time to get on the ship. So got to Key West on Friday, and immediately contacted Carnivals corporate office. They gave me a complete run around saying I had to speak with customer service on the boat, who said I had to call corporate. I finally got ahold of a supervisor (Evet) and explained everything. She said there was the guarantee and they should have honored it. She said she would need to get back with me on the following Monday. I advised her at that time the customer service would lie to cover their ass, even with the witness I had she did nothing. So Monday has come and gone, no call. Tuesday, Wednesday, Guess what no call. So finally on Thursday Evet calls and says the boat said nothing happened (SURPRISE) and that Carnival takes the stance not to do anything. Carnival has no ethics and they false advertise, and lie. I am filling a lawsuit against Carnival for false advertising and not fulfilling their contract, which is the guarantee posted on their website. This company has no morals and has no business being in business. I am also filling a compliant with the better business bureau, and Channel 5 in Dallas will be running a spot on how horrible Carnival Cruise Lines operates as a business. The only thing Carnival did right, is lived up to their reputation as being the worst cruise line in the world.

  5. I am a disabled veteran who has recently had to find other employment do to disability. My previous ocupation was dealing with customer complaints and concerns as well as asset management for a large utility company, which I had been employed with for over 15 years. I am currently working towards certification for customer service rep., my coach has been instructing me to violate company policy as long as I get the sale. I have no problem following their direction as long as I am able to recieve written confirmation by e-mail from Carnival. I would also like a copy of the companies code of ethics and copy of vision statement. My main concerns are as follows (1) That it is OK to violate company policys and procedures as long as I get the sale (2) That it it is more important to make a sale than what it is to treat perspective customers with a professional courteous attitude and help answer their questions or direct them to the right individual to solve their issues. If you would not mind answering these questions again in writting I would appreciate it. Thank you for your time.

  6. I just had a horrible experience on Carnival and have my email prepared. After reading all these comments I doubt it will even get read but I'm still trying. With social media these days you think they'd try to make their customers happy some how. We shall see…..As a long time cruiser and mostly on Carnival they will have to win me back. I'd rather kick out more money and not be treated poorly. Will update!

  7. Wow, you would soil your pants if you knew what it was like on the OTHER end of the phone.
    It's every bit as bad as you think it is and worse. Praise Allah I escaped in 2012 before the excrement splattered on the fan.
    I'm embarrassed to list them on my employment archive.

  8. We are first time cruisers and on Feb 7, 20l3 sailed out of Port Canaveral. I must say the cruise was great but we caught the Jewelry store lying to people about the quality of their jewelry. We were looking at bracelets that "Ronnie" the manager said was sterling silver but the gift shop said was stainless steel, we confronted "ronnie" and ask that she show us the SS stamps, she could not and said she would contact Carnival for an answer. She did contact them (I guess) and said that the jewelry was costume and neither Stainless steel nor sterling silver, imagine all the people who have purchase jewelry thinking they bought something of value and have costume instead. Ronnie was very apologetic but offered nothing in compensation, She had given several talks to groups about knowing who you purchase from and that the store is reputable, I personally was looking at a ring but how do I know anything is true when they deceive you, this is a sham.

    Darlene, February 15, 2013

  9. These people are careless and useless.With so many employees, supervisors and msnsgers being rude and obnoxious its a true reflection on the corporate offices and how they conduct business.

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