Carnival Cruise Lines Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Carnival Cruise Line’s Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Official Address:

3655 NW 87th

Miami, FL 33178

Corporate Phone Number: 1-305-599-2600

Corporate Fax Number: 1-305-471-4700

Corporate Email:

Corporate Stock Symbol: CCL

Target is a famous for their Cruise Ships. Carnival operates their cruise line worldwide and they operate hotels in their cruise destinations. Carnival is one of the premier cruise lines in the world.

Carnival Cruise Line’s customer service phone number is 1-800-929-6400. The company does encourage users to use their technical support system and help forums on their website.

carnival cruise lines corporate office headquarters hq

  • My family was scheduled to go on a cruise on July 19-23, 2018, but due to an emergency life altering situation we can not. We did not purchase the insurance as we are new to this and we were told not too because we were excited to go. Now they have us running around like a hamster on a wheel. every day its a different story. I am frustrated beyond repair. Never again

  • Chris Krauter

    We haven't even stepped foot on the ship and we are experiencing the poor service attitude of the Carnival employees. My wife and I reserved a cruise in June of this year on the Carnival Glory bound for the southern Caribbean – and requested early seating for dinner. This is our 19th cruise in thirty years – Sixteen on Royal Caribbean and the third on Carnival – and we have always had early seating for meals. After our decision to cruise six of our friends decided to go and they booked through the same travel agent. A month ago two of the people in our group received an email that confirmed them at late seating. My assumption at that time (since only two in our party received this email) was that the rest of our group was in early seating where we requested when we paid. I contacted Carnival customer services on October 19th and explained that we wanted the group together for dinner and asked for the two in late seating to be moved to early seating with the rest of us. The agent was very nice and explained that I would have to go through our travel agent to get all four booking numbers linked. After some discussion she volunteered to call our travel agent and get permission to make my requested change – and she did. Now we had eight people (four booking numbers) linked together for early seating – and I verbally confirmed before hanging up – all eight of us are together for early seating – Joanne replied "yes you are, it is all taken care of". So there is nothing else I need to do – her answer "no – you are good to go"! I did write down her name – later to find out that really is for not. Yesterday (four days before sailing) we received an email that we were confirmed for late seating – I spent all day talking to different "SERVICE" representatives all with the same results – you will need to talk to the matradee when you board the ship to see if he can move you from late seating to early. So it is my belief the customer service representative in October linked our four booking numbers together and rather than moving two people from late to early seating she moved six people from early to late seating. The last customer service person was short and nasty and said we never had early seating even back when we booked the trip in June – which I find very suspicious as only two in our party were contacted in October with late seating verification! Oh yeah – as of today six people are confirmed for late seating and two are unassigned??? The long and short of it is we were told in October that all eight of us were together in early seating and today we have no idea where we are setting and with who. I have written this to confirm the above statements – Carnival customer service is severely lacking – especially when compared to a cruise line like Royal Caribbean!

    • worst cruise ever, major plumbing problems, ship smelled like feces, food horrible and customer services after cruise horrible, NEVER book with them again

  • I called into Carnival to book a cruise for 8 people with gratuities and the Cheers alcohol package for 6 of the 8 people going. The total bill was close to $7,000.00. There was a promotion going on that you only had to pay a down payment of $1,000.00. This promotion was to last a month. I ordered the money for the down payment from our stock plan, received the check and went to book the trip, the representative says "oops sorry" our customer service rep was incorrect, that promotion has ended and now your deposit is $1500.00… REALLY….get your crap together Carnival. You can not just say sorry for your employees mistakes….TRAIN YOUR PEOPLE!!!! I have only cruised Carnival one time before, which was 25 yrs ago…I normally cruise Disney and now I understand why…I guess you get what you pay for…TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE !!!!!!

  • I am surprised at all these negative comments. I went on my first cruise in April and I loved every minute of it. I already have another one booked for May 2016, and another one planned for 2017. Whenever I have a question or concern, I call my vacation planner and he always gets back to me. I cannot complain about the service I have gotten from him. His name is Joe.

    • Have you cruised any other cruise line? Once you do and you have something to compare to, you will see how terrible Carnival is….

  • Hello, I would like to know if we would be able to disembark 3 days prior to the end of our cruise? We are taking a 7 day Carnival cruise. Day 4 port is St Thomas,  this is where our family lives. We were wondering if we could just take our luggage and stay there? Would we have to pay a fee or a fine to do this? Your response is greatly appreciated.

  • Called guest services to find out what is going on with the Carnival Miracle and the problems it has with it's system as far as the speed it can go. On the Dec 6 2014 cruise to Hawaii they totally missed the Mauii port, due to the ship taking 5 days to get to the islands instead of 4 days as planned. I am about to go on the same cruise in 12 days. I wanted to find out if this will be a problem with our cruise. I was given the run around, was not allowed to talk to supervisor. Was treatly very rude to say the least. Was told and I quote "no one you can talk too", "these things happen", "we are not allowed to give out information" etc etc. I have been on over 8 carnival cruises and have never been treated like this. If I am paying 3,400…I think I should have an answer. I plan on calling the main offices and I had better be treated with respect and given answers or I will NEVER cruise with Carnival again

  • Unfortunately the same issues as already expresses. Had a death in my family 48hours before my cruise sailed and carnival refuses to give me a credit for the amount I paid toward my trip. I finally got ahold of a guest services super is or after no return emails and the woman refused to listen to me, and treated me like crap even though I was a loyal customer who sailed year after year etc. I will not return.

  • We just got back from a Galveston TX. Before the cruise even started we where delayed, this was not carnivals fault. However we were told we would board at 8pm, but because Carnival did not have their paperwork for customs together we did not board until 12am. They had 3000 people waiting without food or drinks for over 6 Hrs. So we finally got board and we were told me had to do the drill at 1:30am. We were traveling with kids… Nice. So here is where the issues really start. carnival has posted on their web a guarantee that if you are not happy with a cruise within the first 24 Hrs. Contact the service desk and they will refund your money 110% and fly you home at their cost. So here we go, when I found out they changed our itinerary to cut out half the time in Key West, the only reason we booked this cruise we where very upset, I went to the service desk and complaint and advised them we wanted to in-act their guarantee, I was told there was no guarantee and that if we wanted to leave the boat it would be at our cost and that if I wanted to file a complaint I would have to wait until after the cruise and contact the corporate office. Well needless to say this angered me, So the next day I removed all the gratuities. I did this because we had a private fishing charter in key west, that I will not be getting my deposit back. The wait staff on the ship was horrible, the whole customer experience was horrible. We took a shore excursion in Nassau, to a private island carnival has interest in, we were suppose to have 3 Hrs. left after the but was picked up 1 hr. and 15 minutes late. With the 35 minute ride back we barley had time to get on the ship. So got to Key West on Friday, and immediately contacted Carnivals corporate office. They gave me a complete run around saying I had to speak with customer service on the boat, who said I had to call corporate. I finally got ahold of a supervisor (Evet) and explained everything. She said there was the guarantee and they should have honored it. She said she would need to get back with me on the following Monday. I advised her at that time the customer service would lie to cover their ass, even with the witness I had she did nothing. So Monday has come and gone, no call. Tuesday, Wednesday, Guess what no call. So finally on Thursday Evet calls and says the boat said nothing happened (SURPRISE) and that Carnival takes the stance not to do anything. Carnival has no ethics and they false advertise, and lie. I am filling a lawsuit against Carnival for false advertising and not fulfilling their contract, which is the guarantee posted on their website. This company has no morals and has no business being in business. I am also filling a compliant with the better business bureau, and Channel 5 in Dallas will be running a spot on how horrible Carnival Cruise Lines operates as a business. The only thing Carnival did right, is lived up to their reputation as being the worst cruise line in the world.

  • I am a disabled veteran who has recently had to find other employment do to disability. My previous ocupation was dealing with customer complaints and concerns as well as asset management for a large utility company, which I had been employed with for over 15 years. I am currently working towards certification for customer service rep., my coach has been instructing me to violate company policy as long as I get the sale. I have no problem following their direction as long as I am able to recieve written confirmation by e-mail from Carnival. I would also like a copy of the companies code of ethics and copy of vision statement. My main concerns are as follows (1) That it is OK to violate company policys and procedures as long as I get the sale (2) That it it is more important to make a sale than what it is to treat perspective customers with a professional courteous attitude and help answer their questions or direct them to the right individual to solve their issues. If you would not mind answering these questions again in writting I would appreciate it. Thank you for your time.

  • I just had a horrible experience on Carnival and have my email prepared. After reading all these comments I doubt it will even get read but I'm still trying. With social media these days you think they'd try to make their customers happy some how. We shall see…..As a long time cruiser and mostly on Carnival they will have to win me back. I'd rather kick out more money and not be treated poorly. Will update!

  • Wow, you would soil your pants if you knew what it was like on the OTHER end of the phone.
    It's every bit as bad as you think it is and worse. Praise Allah I escaped in 2012 before the excrement splattered on the fan.
    I'm embarrassed to list them on my employment archive.

  • We are first time cruisers and on Feb 7, 20l3 sailed out of Port Canaveral. I must say the cruise was great but we caught the Jewelry store lying to people about the quality of their jewelry. We were looking at bracelets that "Ronnie" the manager said was sterling silver but the gift shop said was stainless steel, we confronted "ronnie" and ask that she show us the SS stamps, she could not and said she would contact Carnival for an answer. She did contact them (I guess) and said that the jewelry was costume and neither Stainless steel nor sterling silver, imagine all the people who have purchase jewelry thinking they bought something of value and have costume instead. Ronnie was very apologetic but offered nothing in compensation, She had given several talks to groups about knowing who you purchase from and that the store is reputable, I personally was looking at a ring but how do I know anything is true when they deceive you, this is a sham.

    Darlene, February 15, 2013

  • These people are careless and useless.With so many employees, supervisors and msnsgers being rude and obnoxious its a true reflection on the corporate offices and how they conduct business.

  • I boarded the Carnival Breeze after checking in my luggage at the Port of Miami. I went straight to deck Lido to have lunch as I have always done so on the numerous of vacations that I have taken with Carnival. Later I arrived to my cabin to notice that the other occupants who I was sharing a cabin with had received their luggage left outside the cabin door. I waited hours for my luggage to arrive and after 3 hours or more my luggage finally arrived only to find items out of my luggage were MISSING. With great disbelief I immediately contacted guest service and notified them of the missing items they then told me they will contact security and call me back which never happened. Later that same evening I called back and was told they contacted housekeeping and they will call me tomorrow morning and still no call was made. On the last night of my trip I visited the information desk on the ship and they instructed me there was nothing could do.

    In all honesty I’m deeply disturbed by the way Carnival cruise handles passenger’s luggage. It is carelessness and irresponsible to leave someone’s personal bags outside their cabin for hours unattended without any surveillance or monitoring from cruise employees. It is clear that anytime someone personal items are left unattended for hours it is obvious that any individual can confiscate or tamper with bags of others. As a VIP cruiser it has left a very bad experience with me and my family.

    During these hard economic times the last thing a cruiser wants is to think about having their personal items stolen because of the mismanagement and handling of their luggage by the cruise line especially when this could all be avoided.

  • I am waiter on board the Carnival Magic. I have a complain to make about somebody from menagement but i don't know which one of your e mail adresses is right place to do it?

  • Worse food ever…the food at a Golden Corral is better than Carnival Cruise Line. If you have a food allergy, you might as well not cruise with Carnival; they are unable to accommodate. The staff is not educated on the allergies; Pizza place was handling my pizza with the same tools that they use for the regular pizza, the gentleman didn't speak English at all. The staff does not speak English well…my stateroom had a strong cigarettes smell, it was reported several times and the Guest Services just told me that they could not do anything for me. We were sat at the Ecstasy Dining Room next to vomit; staff got upset because we threw a napkin on top of it, because 20 minutes past and nothing was done about it to clean up the vomit.

    Too much sale of alcohol; drunk people everywhere…on a scale 1 through 10 (1 the lowest), I will rank the staff, food and service a 1. I will never set sail again with Carnival. I just tried to call the Customer Care Department to share my concerned and got "Jackie" a very unpleasant employee that claims that the President of Carnival, Gerald R. Cahill. She refused to transfer me to anyone else; she said that she's the highest I can get to. I have to say that it is obvious that the fish stinks from the head, and Jackie's attitude reflects on my entire cruise experience.

  • My daughter is in her early 20's. My husband, who is in Afghanistan and I purchased 2 surprise honeymoon tickets for my daughter and her new husband. My daughter got marrie on July 14, 2012…the Carnival Fantasy was shipping out on July 15, 2012. We thought that was simply perfect….again, we "THOUGHT". Well as way would have it, they had been married LESS THAN 24 hrs. They get to the Port of Charleston, show their documentations, GET THROUGH SEVERAL check points, and then gets stopped at one of the check points and is told that the documentation that they are providing is not going to be acceptable. My daughter's birth certificate from NC and his is from W.VA. Then the supervisor refuses to speak with them, me, or the travel agent on the phone. Then on top of that, when I call Carnival all they say is…there is no one else you can speak with, there is no other department, to transfer you to a supervisor is a waste of my time, I don't see the point of transferring you to a supervisor, you have just loss your money and we won't reschedule unless you pay another fee….you name it, I've heard it and much WITH attitude. Then to make matters worse, they tell my daughter You can go on, but your husband can not! How in the world do you tell 2 young newlyweds that one can go on the cruise, but not with their spouse. They will reschedule him, but since they will accept her birth certificate, if she doesn't go without him, then she will have to pay? WHO says stuff like that????? I'm so upset and frustrated I don't know what else to do other than continue to pray for our money to be returned. I've read some of the reviews and now I'm scared to send my children on anything from Carnival. I heard that it was a good cruise line, but for most of the customer service reps to have the same NASTY attitude…THAT is NOT what I paid for. When my husband and I got to Port of Charleston, SC we arrieved only to find our 2 young children walking in an area that they are NOT familiar with. I'm just not happy with their attitudes, service, or the situation as a whole. It has been over 60 days and I still have not heard from Carnival Cruise Lines in response to this situation. For those of you that the Carnival customer service is telling you that there is no other department that can be reached, there is. I happened to speak with one young lady from Carnival and she seemed very nice, pleasant, and concerned. She informed me that Carnival has a grievance department…but you can not speak with them. They only deal with people through fax or email. It is called GUEST ADMIN. So if any of you are still pursuing some type of resolution from Carnival, start here. I on the other hand, I have already done this and I am awaiting a response, but in the mean time, I am sending out a Priority, Certified with Return Receipt Requested to Mr. Gerry Cahill, the owner and CEO of Carnival Cruise Lines. His address is on the internet in Doral Florida. I hope this helps. I am simply going to appeal to the same compassion that he showed to his workers on Undercover Boss. Perhaps if we all send letters directly to Mr. Cahill, then perhaps our voices will be heard. It seems to me that we tried the customer service and they have proven to be very unhelpful as well as disrespectful on many levels. Again, I hope this information helps somebody. If by chance, someone makes some type of lead way, PLEASE informe the rest of us. Just incase you are wonder what became of my children's honeymoon….well, they went back to their apartment…and then on the weekend, they drove about an hour away from home just to try to get away from it all (people constantly asking them why they didn't go on their honeymoon) Shaking my head in total disappointment!

  • I took a cruise with Carnival this year and I am upset with them that they told me that if I use my debit card on the ship that a hold would be put on the card. Well they put a hold and charged my card for some towels that I never took out of the room. They dropped the hold but the charge was still there. This caused my account to be overdrawn, they told me that they are not responsible for those fees. I feel you are responsible when you charge my card by mistake. You tell me that you are going to revert the charge but not the overdraft fees. How do you think you are not responsible when you should not have made the charge. IT IS YOUR FAULT!!!! I don't think I should have to foot overdraft fees when I was aware of the hold that was dropped and then you did something else that should not have been done. I would think that you would say we are sorry for the error and fix the darn problem you have caused. This was my third cruise with Carnival and had never had any issues until now and I feel that I am being treated as if I am not valued as a customer. I will be contacting someone else to see what can be done.

    • Good luck with that. From my experiences they dont take responsibility for their mistakes. Did you go to Guest Services on the ship? I doubt that wouldve helped and I'm sure you wouldve been treated as though it were your fault. That seems to be the trend with guest services.

  • I have a complaint to lodged on my recent experience with Carnival Dreams I am rather discouraged by the foregoing comments to make any direct contact with the corporate office. Any suggestions.

    • You should start with Customer Care, who really doesnt care, thus the word Care should be removed from their name. This is because it always pays to follow protocol. After you get nowhere with them send a letter to the Chairman and CEO listed on this site, and copy whoever you feel appropriate. At least you can say you tried to resolve it properly. That's my next step and after that I'm going to an Attorney for what happenned on my cruise was literally criminal and Carnivals fault and they just dont care!!!

    • Woops, sorry. Must've got the names from another site. The address is above and names are:
      Mickey Arison…Chair and CEO (was told he was also the owner…owns majority shares)
      Bob Dickinson Pres. & CEO
      Vicki Freed…Sr. VP Mktg and Sales.

      Carnival Corp Offices
      3655 NW 87th
      Miami, Fl. 33178


  • Yep, just had the same experience on the Carnival Freedom last week. The Supervisor Vanessa was like a dictator, and the Director Director of Guest Services Tiffany Cattabiano never returned 3 phone calls, although the fault lied with Carnival. WOW!! HOW DID THESE 2 WOMEN EVER GET THEIR JOBS???????

  • On August 21,2012 4:46
    Talking to a Personal Vacation Planner At Carnival Cruise Lines Alex Zequeira ext 85311
    We have been emailing back and forth. I asked him to fine me a cheap trip for 4 rooms, 4 days
    I just told him. That 1,220.00 for 2 people for a inside cabin was to much.This man started yelling at me. "You can't get a better deal!" I don't need to take that ABUSE from someone who suppose to be helping me. Now I can't stop crying. I'm so upset. I would like to cancel our trip. Oct,22,2012 out of L.A. and refund.

    Thank You

  • carnival cruise line is a joke and fulls of clowns and games just trying to take you money. its like are attending a true CARNIVAL

    • Yes, I agree and their employees (at least on the Freedom) are trained to lie. We experienced this in Guest Services and even at something as silly as playing Bingo, where they now throw in a 5.00 raffle without asking you and then lie about it. How desperate!!! I guess its because of the low lifes that cruise carnival with their rude kids and pile up plates that only an elephant can eat. Spend the little extra and go Royal Carribean. It's worth it


  • We returned home after a four day cruise to Mexico on Carnival. We had the horrible experience of having to endure the smell of human waste in our cabin for three of the four days we were on this ship. After the first day we reported it and informed customer service that my wife who is being treated for cancer could not be subject to any bacteria of any kind and we were simply informed that we could not be moved and that they would take care of it. On the fourth day while we were returning they finally resolved the problem and offered a discount on board the ship. We were informed to contact customer care after we were home because what was offered on the ship was all they had authorization to do. After speaking to customer care on the day of our returned we were promised a returned call in 72 hours or less. Today is day five and I'm having to call them just to waite more that 45 min. to get a live person on line to be informed that our case was reviewed by a supervisor and they will refund 10% of our ticket price for a family of four.

  • i am so unhappy with carnival cruise line also you get no where with them by telephone and wait forever for a live person to talk to they really just dont care 2 weeks before sailing i was called by one of there agents and she tried every scare tactic in the world to sell me travel insurance right down to cutting my foot at a island and without travel insurance i would not be able to get back into my own country usa i just dont get it why would they do this to a person who just wants a relaxing vacation

  • I have just had a horrible experience with carnival also. It took booking the fifth cruise for it to happen. I will NEVER travel carnival again. Sad because i live 30 mins from where they dock. Customer service is horrible and it all the customers fault. they want to take blame for none of it even after they admit they are at fault. sad sad sad

  • Carnival destiny staff very rude and unprofessional they delivered my luggage to someone else's room even thought the tag had my room # on it. they told me there were looking for it n gave me a t-shirt to sleep next day still no luggage the give me a 20% off coupon to buy clothes from their gift shop n told me take it or leave n that there were nothing else they do unless my suitcase never showed. They expected me to buy their clothes because they lost mines. My husband walked around looking in rooms while people were cleaning n he happened to spot my suitcase in someone's room n the housekeepers who were supposed to be looking for my luggage didn't even notice. I callled guest relation after my cruise to complain I didn't want anything free I just wanted to inform the of the sloppy service on board and the lady got defensive with me like it was my fault. I will never recommend anyone to travel with carnival.


  • I am due to go on board in 2 weeks my 10 year old son broke his leg in two places and i thought I got the insurance plan. So I go to call in to find out my next step and they tell me we have a note saying YOu " called to get a refund on the protection which I never did the only thing I called in about was not signing up for auto-pay. The person I spoke with was so rude I dont know if I caught her at a bad time or what but boy did she seem very bothered that she had to deal with me then when I asked to speak with management she kept saying I'll see if they will take the call. Well they took the call and was pretty much yelling at me saying no no no sorry we can only give you back the money in taxes which is only $68.00 per person. Not to mention I'm a past guest but I guess the customer is not what keeps carnival Cruise line going. well when you get lower budget things I guess thats what happends.

  • I booked with Carnival almost two years ago… Leaving from Tampa, unfortunately the wind was so high that the ship could not port, which i understand, so we did not board, lost two days of our trip so Carnival offered a "Cruise Credit" which I could use within 2 years and when asked was also transferable… after transferring the credit, proving that I had paid for the cruise in the first place, they have left my son in law hanging for three months, now with less than 3 months to sail they say they won't transfer the credit WOW!

  • I am guilty of forgetting to put a diamond pendant in the safe. It was a slip up between my husband and me. I thought he put the necklace in the safe and he thought I did. OOPS. Our bad. Remember to use the safe and be careful. Carnival won't care, they will tell you the item was lost. Good Luck.

    • I agree. We are also contacting a lawyer. Their guest services supervisors are a joke, and so are their guest services managers, and it gets no better on shore customer service. They just don't give a darn.

    • How do you know any of these are "honest comments"? These "honest comments" are coming from people unwilling to even sign their names.

      No, I do not work for Carnival but I will be accused of such because I do not simply pile on against them.

    • I cant think of a single reason why a person would lie about their experience. If it was a good one, I doubt they would make up a bunch of lies just because they have nothing to do that day. I will be happy to sign my name once I give Carnival a chance to right the numerous wrongs I encountered on the Carnival Freedom last week. Thank You.


    As we got on the ship and went to our staterooms to drop off some small bags and see where things were before going to the deck to watch the ship pull out. We turned on the air conditioning in both staterooms. Put some bags up and went to the deck until appx 17:00. We returned to our staterooms to find 7-394 extremely cold, air was working excellent in that room. Went to balcony stateroom 7-404 to find a very hot and humid room. It felt like the doors were left open, however they were not and the drapes were also pulled, there was no air conditioning in my stateroom (7-404) kept complaining to her about the air all the way up until Dinner service. Just a run around…

    Finally after letting the room cool off until 12:13 am on the night of the 9th finally we finally got someone to verify the temp in the room. He stated 72 degrees, took him to my other stateroom where you could feel a drastic difference in the temperature, he checked it and stated it was 71.6. I wasn't born yesterday there was no way these rooms were even close to being the same. Asked for a fan for my room. My wife had just asked several minutes before and they stated they were all issued out. So I asked for her to go back to guest services and attempt to talk to them again. She did and a kind woman form India and no she did not get her room stated she would find and arrange for a fan to be delivered. At 12:46 fan was brought to the room. As stated in all of your brochures I complained every day and there was never any thing done to cool off the room except a fan to circulate the HOT AIR… This is unexceptionable by any standards. Unprofessional…. What they would not check the stateroom during the Day time temperature before the ocean breeze had time to cool off the room….. only in the evening when it was colder outside than it was inside. I got a gentleman to look at it Saturday as he was working on the floor and he stated the fan to the vent was not working. He expressed his unhappiness with his other workers and told me this could have been fixed day one if the right person would have checked it. I thanked him for I honestly believed his commitment to guest satisfaction. I am sorry for not getting his name would have liked to give him a nice compliment. To sum it up 7 days NO AIR.


    This excursion was done by Websters Tours LTD. BUS # 16. This tour was advertised to go to the Turtle Farm, Hell, and the Tortuga Rum factory. For the most part this was an excellent tour especially the turtle farm. My four children were totally excited about this farm. When we went to Hell my wife was really looking forward to it as she planned on the internet to send off post cards and some other things she had found in her searches. When we asked the lady that was running a market store where some things were she stated to my wife that actually Hell was next store across a small field, where we were was just a small store and a Bar next door. I asked the tour guide and he stated we did not have time to go next door. I wondered why we were the only bus in the lot and there were several just down the road. There was another lady on the tour with a handicapped child that told us she was here before and this is not where she was taken it was across the way. NOT HELL I did take a few pics to back this up. Upon returning to the ship tried to explain to Guest Services however went in one ear and out the other. With a cheerful comment “oh you must be mistaken. Really….

    • GUEST SERVICES IS USELESS, USELESS,USELESS!! They are there for CYA, not to help you. I had the exact same experience with them. I'm a frequent cruiser on Carnival, or should say I WAS. If you have a problem and guest services is non responsive and laughs in your face time to find another cruise line. That's what I did

  • Booked a 5 day cruise on Nov. 20, 2011 for our 25th anniversary, we purchased the insurance and paid in full. Had to cancel on Nov 25, 2011 due to some medical issues. We did everything as instructed. The cruise was cancelled, we were referred to Berkelycare for our insurance claim and the letter stated that they have no record of our insurance and requested all the information again, wand it took them over a month and half to reply. January 12, 2012 we received a letter from them referring us to another insurance company called Travelguard. January 30, 2012, received all the new claims forms that we had to fill out again. We sent it to the Dr. again to fill out and fax it back to Travelguard. This time they required me to produce my medical records. Through this ordeal from Dec through April 20, 2012 I was in contact with them through phone calls and faxes.
    And again we were referred to arbitration only to be decline for the amount of $968.00 from the original$1128.55 that we paid. We did not get anything back. How bad is that we purchased a cruise for less than a week, cancelled, purchased an insurance only to be declined 5 months later.
    It seems to me that they are selling a worthless insurance policy to their trusting, loyal clients who purchased on the reputation of Carnival Cruise Lines.

  • I will never book another cruise on Carnival……..they will do nothing to help a travel agent after THEY have made a big mistake. Your complaints go nowhere with them and they don't care. I couldn't believe that I found two mistakes with them that ended up costing over 900.00 all because the representative didn't listen and do her job. Their computers don't have a drop down menu so they can put any comments in there about what the customer wanted and asked for nor what the travel agent asked for…'s their word against yours and they're gonna win. They all but called me and my client a liar and my client was sitting there when I made the booking. These people are idiots…… I called NCL and RCCL later to check on the same booking and I had NO problem with them. People, don't use Carnival, this is my last time and I sell alot of cruises but NO MORE WITH CARNIVAL CRUISE LINES!!!!!!!

    • I agree. Their customer service is the worst I ever encountered anywhere!!! From ship to shore no one gives a damn. They lost my business after many cruises, and oh, guess what, that means they lose all those that I cruise with.

  • Carnvial:

    I am still awaiting for your security officer's report on the Valor this past month. I would like to know why six uniformed customs officers rated my cabin in Miami. Your report will suffice.

    • Im sure you work for carnival because you are rude and uncaring. A prime example of why I will NEVER book through Carnival, they are a joke.

    • In reply to the comment above. How would you know how old these people are or if they have Alzheimer's? Maybe they are just stating a fact. WAKE UP………….There are a lot of very dishonest people in the world.

    • Wow, you dont know their age, you dont know they have alzheimers. You dont know they didnt have real issues. You must live in Disneyland, the happiest place on earth where nothing dishonest ever happens.

    • I agree with above. What goes around comes around…cant wait till the snotnose gets old and hopefully gets treated and talked to like he talks to people

    • We have cruised with Carnival about 12 times and have never had a problem. We are also Captains Club members on Celebrity. (15 cruises or more), and for the money you pay, as well as the service, you can't beat it. Stop complaining and enjoy life.

    • Really and young people like you are lazy and do nothing with your lives. These old people are the reason you can afford to go anywhere. How long have mommy and Daddy paid your bills I am glad that you are getting the America you deserve

  • THEFT ON A CARNIVAL CRUISE SHIP PARADIASE…..My husband and I along with 19 other people, that I recommended Carnival cruise line to, took a cruise to Cozumel, Mexico from March 1 thru 5th 2012 on the Paradise from Tampa Florida. This cruise was planed for a long time and it took us that long to save up the money for it. It was to be a special occasion and it turned up to be a nightmare and more expensive in the end for us because now we have to replace for our passports. On Sunday the morning of March 4th my husband wanted to get all our papers together for customs along with our passports that we had kept in our carry on luggage. When he went to get the passports they were GONE. Somebody, a member of the cleaning crew took them. When, we don't know?????? but it had to be between March 1 after 2 pm and the morning of March 4th. We reported this to the customer service desk and our cabin was searched by two security people and they did not find our passports. We were told that this was reported to the proper authorities and they said that there would be an investigation. In a telephone call that I made on March 9th, I was told that there was NO investigation and the case was closed because the passports were LOST and not STOLEN……….This is not true, as we did not LOOSE our passports because we never took them out of our carry on luggage once we boarded the ship on Thursday. The fact that we are being accused of loosing our passports is infuriating and insulting……………… They were stolen by a cleaning crew member on the Paradise ship. Nobody was in our cabin but myself, my husband, and the cleaning crew.

    We were asked the value by security and I assumed that we would be reimbursed as they were stolen by an employee but I was informed on March 9th by a representative that it will be up to us to pay and replace our passports. This is not right and I feel that we should not be out the cost to replace the passports because of a dishonest employee of Carnival cruise-line
    This has been an awful experience dealing with the representatives by phone, we were shocked by their rudeness and uncaring manners and their lies. We should not have the expense of replacing our passports because of a dishonest Carnival employee. CRUSERS BEWEARE!!!!!!

    • Rude, uncaring and lies seems to be the trend of guest services on all Carnival ships I guess. Lucky for you this wasnt on the Freedom. They would have treated you even worse

    • I took a Cunard trip in October, first cruise, a tester 5 days. Great ship, until, they made an offer of on-board spending money if you booked your next trip while on board, as I wanted to do that for this Christmas I thought it a good move. The sales guy on the Queen Mary was fine until he found out we had a interior cabin and he lost interest, when the phone rung he answered it and had a long conversation leaving us sitting there, not only was he rude, he also made it clear that the prices he quoted did not warrant any deals, these were just brochure prices.
      Its December, have I heard from Cunard re my complaint about him, no of course not, did I book the cruise, nope.

  • I booked a 5 day cruise with three ports, Grand Turk, Half Moon Cay and Nassau Bahamas. Day one, we left four hours late due to a broken generator. Once we take off, Guest services said we were going faster than normal to make up for lost time. I only asked because we were rocking so bad you could barely walk around. Then we get to Grand Turk, we can see the Island, as we watch another Cruise liner pulling in the Captain announces we can't pull in due to wind!! So we leave, 6 hours later the Captain announces we won't be stopping at Half Moon Cay either due to sea swells!! So after 4 days at sea we pull into Nassau Bahamas, my first visit there and it will be my last visit!!! WHAT A HOLE! Not one person on the cruise could tell me if we were running on 3 generators or if this problem added to the other problems. Carnival just wanted to blame weather so they wouldn't have to refund a dime. Their plan B was for their angry customers to spend more money on the ship to entertain themselves for four days straight!!!!! Unbelievable and unacceptable. Oh and excursions at the Bahamas were also canceled due to wind!!! As I write this review I have been on hold with Carnival for over 20 minutes now. I WANT MY MONEY BACK, THIS CRUISE WAS A JOKE!!!!! YOU CAN CHALK THIS UP AS ANOTHER ROBBERY ON A CARNIVAL CRUISE LINE!

    • From my experience I'll bet you're still on hold with Customer Service. ha ha. Well it's only been several months. You dont expect an actual answer do you??? They don't respond. Only the lowest level of Customer Service, Guest Services will respond with the canned speech they've been taught. Anyone from Supv up got the their job the old fashioned way…and I dont mean talent or abilities.

  • I have booked 6 family members on the Splendor 7 day cruise to Mexico. Yesterday, 2/24/2012 Carnival reported that 22 passengers were robbed at gun point while on a booked tour in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I am concerned for the safety of my family. I called Carnival, and the agent didn't even know about this incident. Carnival should refund all money booked for this cruise. The State Department will be my next contact.

    • Anonymous- I am in the same situation. My husband and I are going on the Splender in March. I tried this morning to cancel and the agent gave me a customer service email. Between the italy accindent and now this robbery. We don't feel safe. I am going to call corporate tomorrow. Draper

    • I personally wish you a lot of luck. If you are in the timeline you will be able to cancel. If not you will get whatever the schedule calls for. Your satisfaction will be the last thing considered

  • I booked two seats with CARNIVAL CRUISE for my nieces wedding as they indicated that our seats would be saved if booked before May 2011; our downpayment was 100% guaranteed REFUNDABLE PRIOR TO MAY 2012!! LIERS!! LIERS!!! LIERS!!!!
    I emailed the woman that was our contact on week one, but no reply, I resent the email but still no reply!
    I saved every email to have proof but the company doesn't care!!! The CUSTOMER ISN'T RIGHT WITH THEM!!!They are nothing but a company of CONS!!!! I will be looking into a lawyer for reimbursement!!!

    Be truthful with your passengers and NOT LIE to them regarding their travels with Carnival when they are included with A FAMILY WEDDING!!! DON'T CON THEM INTO A DEAL TO LOSE THEIR DOWN PAYMENT TO HOLD THEIR SEATS!!! AND YOU DIDN'T TELL THEM THAT THEY WOULD LOSE THIS OPTION!!!

    • My mother purchased cruise insurance, but when my brother died less than a week before she was scheduled to leave and she cancelled it, they gave her back less than 25% of what she paid!!! They are definitely LIARS.

      Insurance salesman: O.J. Callahan . . .


    • Did you happen to pick up that wonderful device known as a telephone and contact a live person at the company regarding your issue?

      I know, I know, it's an idea which is way too simple for most to comprehend.

    • Hey if you have a direct phone number that talks to a live person where you don't have to wait an hour to speak to someone? If you do, I'd love to hear it, because I couldn't get through to a human for a long time and when I did, she was nasty and did not even attmept to pretend that she was going to help. On attempt #2, I could not even get through. So please enlighten us with a proper phone number to use this "wonderful device" because without it, the phone is useless.

    • i just took a cruise on the carnival dream in may of this year. it was my first cruise. i let the crew take our luggage for us the night before we were porting back into florida. to my dismay, when i got back to our motel i found half of my clothes were missing. i called carnival and filed a claim and they couldn't find my missing clothes. because i didn't purchase insurance which didn't know i needed and the carnival associate who booked our cruise never said anything about purchasing it, they won't pay me back for the clothes that were stolen. i will not be using carnival again!

    • I just posted my experience with Carnival and I have no problem with my name being posted. I live in Fitzgerald, GA and my number is listed if anyone needs proof that I'm not lying. I will never EVER go with Carnival again. The ship experience was bad but it was the customer service department experience afterwards that will end my cruising with Carnival. It's a shame too because we used to cruise frequently on this line.

    • I feel the exact same way. Just had the worst experience and their Guest Services Dept on the ship doesnt respond and laughs in your face. The on shore Guest Care Dept could care less.

    • Yes to both of you. Had a bad experience and it got worse when I tried to get someone in guest services which I would rename Guest NonServices to help. These people are not there to help. They are their to cover Carnivals butt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Recently my wife and I took the Carnival Legend from Tampa to the Central Americas, the Ship is Beautiful and has a Great supporting staff to the Officers, however the problem I found with the Cruise was that they had all these Folks that look like Officers in white uniforms who were very very unpleasant to deal with most had European accents. If this is an American Company why can't they hire more Americans to meet the needs of Americans who uses their services. Well what I found that what carnival tells you as the guests is not what they deliver in person, me and my wife was to dine alone and ending sitting with other folks, Thank God we met a real nice Couple. Well we just love the small folks that work so hard to take care of us, these people are your back bone to success, you should let those folks in White uniform be nicer to them and the guests. On exiting the cruise with all the other thousands I could not find my wife and needed an annoucement to have her meet me on the 2nd level Main Lobby as it was our time to exit the ship, well the guests service staff was very nice and she got her supervisor to make an annoucement, however my wife did not hear the announcement AND EXITED THE SHIP. Please could you have a better system in place so folks in a party don't exit without the other, she was on my account and she should have been flagged NOT TO EXIT, I spent over an hour and more trying to find her then Carnival told me she left the SHIP and was waiting in Customs. Well accepted that it was our miscommunication. However if Carnival had a system to account for the travelling individuals in a party she wouldn't have exited without me thinking, I had left the ship. I was happy I found her..Thanks.

    • I am now going through the same experience with my 10th wedding anniversary cruise on Holland America on December 9, 2012. They do not even answer my letters. I was told to accept the worst stateroom we have ever seen on any cruise ship or "Leave the ship" and that was minutes before sailing. We left the ship and are now trying to get a refund. May have to go to Small Claims Court. Crew courtesy has really changed. That might be due to court action against Carnival Corp by crew.

    • i had my baggage stolen as well in December 2012.. my wedding shoes were stolen and makeup and some clothing items.. and just like you they told me they couldnt so anything because i didnt have insurance. my problem was they put my bag at the wrong door and on the wrong floor.. so no i didnt have insurance but it was due to the ships crew not taking care of my items properly ( which is included in the cost of the cruise), so therefore i feel as though they should have had some fault in what happened. i receieved an IM SORRY letter and nothing more. yet they are willing to throw free items away on the cruise itself to other people.. maybe they should invest some things to help please their unsatisfied guests. PLUS the email address i was given to make a complaint to Corporate was a fake email.. it just takes you to their homepage to manage your cruise… AND noww my username is no longer available in the system so i cannot log on to complain. even though when i click forgot username its saying its my email.. yet it wont take my email address.. always says invalid anymore.. coinsidence??!!!

    • I recently booked a group cruise with Carnival, and it has been the most unpleasant experience ever. I have cruised with them several times in the past, so despite the negative press I decided to move forward with my family vacation. Unfortunately, my other family members did not share my sentiments and many of them did not book or cancelled prior to the trip. As a result, I attempted to fill the vacant rooms with other interested persons. When I contacted Carnival on June 10, 2013 to add another person to my room, I was informed that my room would not accomodate 4 people. Since there was another room in my party reserved for 4, I was told that I could be switched to that room upon cancellation. Well, the room was cancelled and I was assigned the room, however I was them told that my room could not accomodate 4. I made a big stink about the information that I was given as well as the fees that were assessed for cancellation, however no one from group sales, to customer support, to coporate office was willing to make the change that I was promised. I am very frustrated that I am being forced to pay more money for minors to be unaccompanied based on double occupancy, when I am clearly assigned to a room that can accommodate my entire party. I gave them the benefit of the doubt, but obviously they deserve all this negative publicity that they have received recently. I know they have the reputation of being the fun ship, but in the future I will be crusing Royal Carribean!

    • First we would like to say we have been on several cruises with Carnival and never once have we had a complaint of any kind. We love the staff from all over the globe, very hard workers and pleasant. We always spend lots in the Spa as well as excursions daily while in port. Food is fabulous including their Steakhouse, service impeccable.

      Customer service was contacted after we arrived home and it was confirmed by our doctor that we in fact had a horrific run in with an infestation of "bed bugs" on our cruise. Pictures of the condition of our state room was in a shamble, was sent as well. Yes, I have sent pictures and email to their so called iCare@carnival .com and the first of three was a generic unconcerned "good bye letter." Yes, I have called and spoke with a Guest Care Specialist. Customer Service is of very low quality and has NO authority to make right what was so wrong on our cruise….we spent over $4,000.00 and apparently the Guest Care Specialist feel they can live without us. We will be cruising on their competitor cruise line in the future! We our business owners and we work hard for our money and feel that it is not appreciated in any way by Carnival Cruise Line, especially how this situation was handle.

      The Glory is in need of renovations desperately and the Guest Care Specialist need to have the authority to compensate guest in such circumstances, a little customer care training is in order.

  • Cleveland Thompson. Install depth finder alert guidance systems with avoidance feature on all ships. They would saves lives and money.

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