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Catherines Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Catherines Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

FullBeauty Brands Operations, LLC
1 FDR Drive
New York, NY 10004 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-613-9500
Catherines Credit Card: 1-800-995-9450
Fax Number: n/a
Email: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-800-489-3616
Website: Catherines.com

Catherines is part of FullBeauty Brands. Other FullBeauty brands include OneStopPlus, Jessica London, Intimates for All, Woman Within, Ellos, Shoes for All, KingSize, Roaman’s, June Vie, Swimsuits for All, FullBeauty Outlet, Active for All and Brylane Home.

Catherines Corporate Office

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  1. The quality of the clothes has gone down hill (no surprise since it's mostly made in China). The material in the clothing is super thin and breaks down easily. Some even already have loose threads on arrival!
    Washing them is a joke because they have more loose threads after a gentle wash and dry cycle.
    The top corners of the back pockets tore open and I couldn't return them. I was able to mend them, so it's not that big of a deal.
    The shirts are very thin and I need to wear a shirt underneath them so no one sees my bra.
    Speaking of bras, the measurements are never consistent and never fit right, even after getting the sizes changed out.

    The other issue is the advertisements I receive in the mail. Why is my username from my email account printed on my mailing address now? Also, why do spokeo, intelius, etc, have that username now? hmm? VERRRYY STRANGE, CATHERINES…. VERY-VERY-VERY STRANGE! I thought you were not selling information to people searches? What happened to that now? Also "nice" that they now know where I shopped at before (I'm no longer shopping with Cahterines). It's no-one's business where I shop online, and it attracts other advertisers to my door, wasting paper on yet more coupons that I didn't ask for. My information, no ones information, should ever be for sale! EVER!

  2. I am very unhappy with the manager of the Catherine in Sioux falls SD as she went into my new work place and told my boss things about me that were untrue. Corporate did nothing to compensate me for her slander, not even an apology over the phone. All they would say is"We handled it in a Catherines way" WHAT does that even mean. This is illegal for the manager to do and it is slander! Might have to take legal action.

  3. I shop Catherines almost weekly. Your web site hasn't been functioning properly in over a year. I reported issues twice in the last 2 weeks. I have reported this problems the last 4 times I've tried to order, having to resort to calling the order in. When you try to checkout, it tells you that the promotion has expired. The only promotion is the automatic 40% off dresses. The only items in my cart are dresses. I have tried placing this order from a desktop, a table, and my phone. I get the same error message.

    What is the point of having an on-line order system if I have to place orders by phone. Of all the on-line ordering I do, which is a lot, your website is the absolute worse. There is always something wrong with it. The problem before this is that it would not accept my password. Every time I wanted to order, I had to get my password reset by customer service. This is really poor customer service and needs to be fixed immediately. I'm giving up ordering this time. It's just too much trouble. I'll spend my money elsewhere.

  4. I have been shopping at the Catherine's in Waldorf, MD for several years. The clerks have always been super nice and helpful. I have spent several thousands of dollars over the years and have never had an issue until recently. I recently purchased several hundred dollars worth of clothes and ran into a problem when an item was only available by ordering online. My Catherine's card wouldn't go through. Michelle, called the help desk and stayed on the line for over 40 minutes as they tried everything to make the order process. It finally went through and I was on my way. When I got home and went to wear one of the two pair of pants I had bought, they were too big. I had not removed the tags, so I figured I could exchange them for a smaller pair. Exactly one week had passed since I originally purchased them. I reported to the store and asked to exchange them. They were no smaller size in the store or online. I asked that the purchase price ($35) just be credited back to my Catherin's card. The clerk asked if I had the receipt. I explained that in all the craziness that happened the week before, I wasn't entirely sure I had even gotten one, but that the original Catherine's tags were attached and the other clerk vouched that I had indeed purchase them there the week prior. The clerk assisting me scanned the pants and announced that without a receipt the credit would be $8.10. WTH??? The original tags with CATHERINE'S all over them are attached and the other store clerk vouched that I purchased them at that very store one week prior. In all my time shopping at Catherine's I have never been informed that if I didn't have a receipt I couldn't return an item for the full price. As a matter of fact I've done that very thing on a couple of occasions with no issues. I asked where that policy was posted and was told it wasn't but it's a rule. I spend $35 on a pair of pants, return them one week later and you offer me $8.10 refund. What kind of shady crap is that? Unless you make this right, you have lost a valuable customer for life. I will NEVER shop at a Catherine's again and will make sure my friends and family know the deal as well. Shameful and wrong. I will be contacting your corporate office to lodge a formal complaint. I

  5. Don't know if it will help you but when I had clerks who were no good, I posted here, then the manager called me back and since then I have had adequate service.

  6. I shopped at the Tulsa Ok store on December 1, 2016. While I was checking out, shortly after I scanned my debit card, they were having problems with the register. The sales clerk told me that the charge did not go through, and that she would ring me up on the other register. So she did. They called corporate, or at least she said she did, and they told her that the credit card portion was not working. So I paid cash – $144 to be exact on December 1. Later that evening, I checked my bank balance, only to find that the $144 had hit my bank account as well. When I called the store, they said that they would process the credit to my debit card, and I would see the credit in 24-72 hours. Here it is, some 2 weeks later, and I still do not have my credit. I went into the store and asked about it, and they said Corporate would have to handle it. They gave me a number to call, but it was the number for the IT group that handles their computers. I have tried to call the store numerous times, and I have been told, I am the only one here, and I have a long line of customers, let me call you back, and no one ever calls.
    I don't know what to do at this point. the clerk that rang me up back in December was very incompetent, and all they talked about what how they went from three phones to two phones at the store, and how they were expected to clean the store, when it wasn't their jobs.
    It's Christmas, and I could sure use the $144. But no one at Catherines seems to give a damn about the customer.

  7. Catherine's was created by the Levy's Memphis, Tennessee in the mid 1970's.

    Joe and Ralph opened each store, and it was special. Allied purchased the company, then a few more now Acenda Retail Group.

    The stores are vastly a confusing array of product, now fashions designed without any full understanding of the Women.

    The Company management is less experienced than the store management, so the end result is how can you build the future without the best in design, not buyers, but real merchants. Merchants aren't hired, trained, they are inherent to the business through understanding of every factor that goes into building brands.

    SLG + Global Equity New York

  8. I am so dissatisfied with Catherine's online services. I do not normally shop Catherine's but a friend suggested their shapewear. They did not have my size in the store so the sales associate advised that I should order online and they will ship to my house within 3-4 business days. I never got the package and when I go to the store, they couldn't find my original order (after an hour they did) and tell me that it was already shipped so check with neighbors. Now I am caught up in the middle between online customer service and the store as if this is all my fault. I am a veteran online shopper and NEVER have shipping problems. I now realize that shopping online with Catherine's was a massive mistake, buyers beware (especially with orders placed in the stores). I am starting to believe that my order came to the store and someone took it. I hope they enjoy their new shapewear courtesy of me!

  9. Person is sick. Lie upon lies upon lies. Has done this same rant to many women and left them with children all over world. He's the one that threatens people. Restraining orders are in place. Anyone that listens to his ranting is stupid.

  10. It does seem that as customers we don't count for anything anymore. Wish they would hire people at corporate that have a heart and realize that if they lose enough customers they will lose their job.

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