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CB2 Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. CB2 has the worst customer service I have ever experienced in my life.
    A package was "delivered" but never arrived. They threw their hands up in the air and said I had to file a police report. It was their responsibility to file a claim with Canada Post and they waited so long that Canada post said it was past the window. Now I have called over 20 times and tried to talk to someone that can do something about this situation. 4 times I have requested to talk to a supervisor and was told one would contact me within 24-48hours. ALL 4 TIMES NO ONE CALLED!!!!!!
    several other times the automated service did not even return my call.
    I am at my wits end and have never experienced customer service like this. CB2 should TRULY be ashamed.
    I receive better customer service with Walmart, Wayfair, literally every other store/vendor I deal with.
    what do I do??????

    1. Was the issue ever resolved? I am also having the worst experience with customer service which lead me to this… trying to reach the corporate office. Been waiting on the phone for over an hour to speak to someone now.

  2. To Whom It May Concern,
    I have submitted my resume for review, but because I submitted it once, now each time there is a position open it does not allow me to apply. It says I have a general application that I had submitted. It is very frustrating. I went online and entered all my information again,taking a lot of my time to update. It states you don't have to enter an email address to be sought after, so I didn't in hopes of finally connecting. When I was finally finished it must have recognized my name and said Sorry….You have applied with us once before. What is your suggestion to getting through. I called the West Hollywood location to express my difficulties and asked if I could drop off my resume, they said no! It has to be online.

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