Cellco Partnership Corporate Office Headquarters

Cellco Partnership Corporate Office Headquarters
dba Verizon Wireless
1 Verizon Way
Basking Ridge, New Jersey 07920 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-908-559-5490

  • HI, Could I please have the HR phone number so I can send employees verification form to be sent to be completed. Thank YOu

  • Got a call (AGAIN) from these clowns. Asked (AGAIN) to be removed from the call list. Last time the guy told me "no f***ing way, were going to call you every hour now!" This time he said "no f***ing way, a$$hole" and hung up on me. I will be filing complaints.

  • please quit calling my cell phone your people are driving us nuts I don't want any thing you have if I need it ill call you 8067819722

  • Your number 316-202-8187 has rerouted over 300 calls to my home number 865-933-6744. This has to STOP. Filled FCC complaint, FBI complaint and Knox CO TN Sheriff complaint….STOP

  • More of the preceeding.

    Sharon: Hi, I'm just checking in, how is everything going?

    You: You're less than helpful. I just told you I just activated a $45 card. Refer me to a supervisor.

    Sharon: Did you step away to make that call today Rick?

    Sharon: Sure thing! One moment to get her Rick.

    Sharon: Thanks for choosing Verizon Wireless!!! You are now chatting with Chasity, a Supervisor in our Prepay Online Sales department.

    Sharon: Do you mind holding a moment while I review your chat session?

    You: Review away.

    Sharon: Thank you for being so patient! I am looking over the chat now.

    Sharon: I see you were having issues with using a Prepay Card you purchased.

    Sharon: May I ask where the card was purchased?

    You: Walmart

    Sharon: I understand.

    Sharon: I want to make sure you get this issue resolved. Because the card was purchased from a third party, we would have to refer you back to the store location, where one of their wireless representatives should be able to either assist with adding the card to your device, or provide you with another option, such as a refund or exchange.

    Sharon: I have enjoyed chatting with you today! Is there anything else I may be able to assist you with purchasing online?

    You: I don't how it could possibly be a third party issue. It's a Verizon card, a Verizon phone, and Verizon's network.

    Sharon: I understand your concerns. Here, we are able to assist you with items purchased online, and those options available to use via the Verizon Wireless website.

    Sharon: We are anxious to make sure you get this issue resolved.

    Sharon: There is not much we can do to assist in this matter though, as the card was purchased from a reseller, not directly from Verizon Wireless.

    Sharon: I am sure if you return to the store where it was purchased, they would be able to do something to help you out with this.

    Sharon: Walmart is usually pretty good about resolving these types of issues.

    Sharon: May I ask how long ago you purchased the card?

    You: yesterday

    Sharon: Is there a number located on the back of the card, that you can call?

    You: no

    Sharon: Is there a number located on your store receipt?

    You: no

    Sharon: In that case, I would highly recommend going back to the store you purchased from for further assistance.

    Sharon: They should definitely have a store number listed on your receipt.

    Sharon: Hi, I'm just checking in, how is everything going?

    You: Going to the store, wasting my time to fix a problem I shouldn't have to deal with, Thanks.

    Sharon: I completely understand your frustration. I would feel the same way.

    Sharon: We've enjoyed chatting with you today!

    Sharon: Enjoy the rest of your day!!!

    Sharon: Hi, I'm just checking in, how is everything going?

    Sharon: Did you head out to the Walmart store already?

    Sharon: Since I have not heard from you for several minutes I am going to have to end the chat session. If you need further assistance please open another chat session so that we may make sure you receive all of the assistance you need. It has been my pleasure to chat with you and hope you have a great day!

    Sharon: Have a Magical New Year! It's my favorite time of the year…a fresh slate to start with and a chance to lose any pounds we gained over the holidays too! I wish the very best for you and your family…Good Health and Happiness! 😉

    Thank you for chatting with us, visit our Online Workshops to learn more about your devices. Click "Close" to tell us how we did today via our surve

  • My interaction with these cheats.Please wait for a site representative to respond.

    You are now chatting with 'DEL'

    DEL: Happy 2015!!! Thank you very much for contacting Verizon Wireless, my name is Del, how may I assist you today?

    you: Hi Del, I've got to say I'm not impressed with your products or service so far. I've had my phone for activated for less than .5 hr and it's telling me my monthly prepaid card is no longer valid.

    DEL: I completely understand your concern about the situation and it's going to be a pleasure for me to assist you today.

    DEL: Can I please have your phone number and your name?

    you: My name is Rick Faktor and the number is 235 278 3068.

    DEL: Thank you very much for that information, I certainly appreciate it

    DEL: Also I would like to thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to assist you today.

    DEL: Please allow me a moment while I look up your account.

    Please wait while I transfer the chat to the best suited site representative.

    I can’t wait to tell you how you can get MORE! Ask me about our new MORE Everything Plans now!

    Your RealTime session ID is RT6915122558.
    You are now chatting with 'Sharon'

    You: Hello Sharon

    Sharon: Hello, welcome to Verizon Wireless sales chat! My name is Sharon, may I have your name, please?

    You: Rick Faktor

    Sharon: Welcome to the online PREPAID SALES DEPT! How can I help you place an order for a Prepaid Phone, Tablet, or Jetpack and monthly plan?

    You: No you can fix my brand new sudddenly expired monthly prepaid card.

    Sharon: How can I help you order a Prepaid device today Rick?

    Sharon: While this can not be setup online, what I can do for you today is get you the number to prepaid customer care where this can be done. They can get you all fixed up. Would you like that number?

    You: I've already ordered it, I'm looking right at it, it doesn't work.

    Sharon: You can also usually dial *611 from your phone whether you have time on the phone or not.

    Sharon: Only Customer Care, when you call in, can assist today Rick. The Computer transferred you to the Sales Dept for ordering a new phone.

    Sharon: Did you jot down that number sir?

    You: Since I just stuck a brand new $45 card on the thing it's not out of time. What's *611

    You: What number?

    Sharon: You dial *611 from your cell.

    Sharon: That works whether you have time on the phone or not.

    Sharon: Or, I can grab the 1-800 # for you.

    Sharon: One quick moment.

    Sharon: It is a pleasure to assist. Please call 1-888-294-6830. A representative will be happy to help today!

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