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CF Industries Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. Hi ive tgis past weekend have taken my family of six to your theater in yuba city ca. As you well know it is,not cheap for a family my size. For the last three times we visited this fecility we were not happy. People on their phones and loud talking through the movie. This last time we went to see Spiderman 2. Same thing as the last two times. My family couldnt enjoy tbe movie. I then went to let a staff member know. All I got was shrug and a sorry. I do except the sorry but it doesnt fix the money I have spent at this place for my family and have been dissappointed. As it being the only theater around for miles. I will have to drive out of town if this isnt fixed. Sorry to sound like a jerk but like I said thats money lost,to me! Please email me at bronson.meyer@yahoo.com with a reply. Because I havent had any luck on contacting anyone that xan help me. Thank you

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Corporate Office Headquarters