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Charming Charlie Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. I am writing to let you know my experience at Charming Charlies in Guilford, CT. I started there pre-opening 2015, and worked till Christmas. Jennifer Cerrone was amazing as a manager and as a worker. She made that store special. Now, 2016, September. I wanted to work for the holidays for Jen. She was and is the best, I hear about this MINDY, and how she is treating Jen. You had a wonderful employee who really cared about your company and the people who worked for her, and you FIRED her! What type of company ARE YOU? So, I quit. No Jen, No Me. I would also like to say that I have been a successful business person and owned by own business, so I am not a fly by night. My staff was always treated with respect. It was a known fact: If you came to work for me, you would probably never leave. Not so for this company. BIG MISTAKE getting rid of Jennifer. I wonder how secure this Mindy DM is and how loyal she will be? GOOD LUCK. Marlene Camputaro

  2. Just a suggestion . . . some women are bigger-boned and your bracelets fit a bit too tightly. Can you make some that are a little larger so they fit more comfortably around our wrists? Otherwise, I love your jewelry!

  3. The store in Stonestown Galleria in San Francisco has a male store Manager named Daniel who,likes to harass employees. I've seen it done, this is not a place for a guy to be working if he harasses the ladies. Time to go else where Daniel

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