Childrens Place Corporate Office Headquarters

Childrens Place Corporate Office Headquarters
500 Plaza Drive
Secaucus, NJ 07094 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-201-558-2400
Customer Service Number: 1-877-522-3872


  • DO NOT USE YOUR CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD AT THIS STORE! They had me run my card twice because supposedly the first transaction did not take. I checked my bank and advised the cashier that the money had been debited from my account. They insisted in was only pending. 10 days later, I still cant get my money back, customer serivce hangs up and the store says it is not thier problem!!!!!

    Upsetting because I have been shopping there for years. Not a way to treat a long time customer!!!!!!!

  • I cannot understand for the life of me as such a long time customer why I've been treated so poorly. I contact your corporate office to inform them my package was stolen. To be proactive I made changes to mail requests and that items can no longer be left at home. I was reassured that I would be contacted about the matter. In the meantime inbetween time I continued to shop with your company because I figured one way or another it would be resolved. You guys canceled my order after that claiming 10$ in rewards that I had. I called back in customer service gave me a total of 20$ in rewards for the inconvience. I go ahead and order again and you guys cancled THAT order too. This time I spoke with a manager who promised me that I would get my rewards back and a follow up call in 3 days… its been 3 months. That is absolutely no way to treat a consumer who has been shopping with you for 5+ years. I'm LIVID. Never got a return shipment, never got my rewards credit even the credit I actually EARNED back, and I never got an answer as to what the issue was. I really need answers

  • I have shopped here a few times, and thankfully I have had great customer experience on the phone and in person, however I too have bought at the outlet (2 hours away) and could not exchange in my local store, I too purchased an order online and a part of it was cancelled and NOT at my request. I called to day and the employee told me that the online and warehouse aren't always accurate. I think this is going to be my final purchase with the children's place. It is to bad, this place has amazing kids clothes for great prices but they are lacking good business personnel.

  • I will be paying off my credit card and will post on social media, and BBB how bad your service is. I placed order and never received the order and after trying for two days to get someone on the phone they stated I had to call another number which stated I was talking to someone in Guam, I am furious with your service when I finally did speak to some one he couldn't speak English well and then he told me I cancelled the order which I did not. Plus everything was available when i placed the order three weeks ago, never got an confirmation number so i could not track the order and right now i have been on hold for 45 min.on top of that a supervisor when I got her on the phone stated that that the package was delivered on the 5th but I have no slip stating they delivered to my house which they didn't

  • I work for this company. And I am trying my best to find another job. I was suppose to work today at 2pm until close. I had a drs appointment at 120 because of an injured foot. I tried to get someone to cover my shift to no avail nobody was able to. The Dr informed me that he did not want me working tonight.I let my assistant manager know because our store manager is on maternity leave. So when i got out of the Dr the assistant manager informed me that she contacted my district manager and that i needed to come in and i could prop my feet up because nobody could cover for me and it would be a no call no show. I HAVE A NOTE WHAT GOOD WOULD IT DO FOR ME TO COME IN AND JUST SIT IN THE BACK. She responded back telling me to come in when im suppose to work gain and bring my note. I hope to find a new job soon

  • Hello MARK,

    This email is to notify you that your order with The Children's Place has been canceled. The most common reasons for cancellation are listed below:

    • It was canceled per your request
    • Your order did not meet our processing criteria
    • The items were no longer available

    Your credit card will not be charged since the order was not processed. You may see an item that looks like a "charge" to your credit card (if checking your statement online or by phone); this item is a pending authorization hold. Your bank places this hold on your account to verify the transaction and may hold the funds for a specified amount of time. The hold will come off your statement in accordance with your bank's policies. We suggest contacting your bank if you have questions regarding the hold.

    Once an order has been canceled, we are unable to reinstate it.

    Please save a copy of this email for your records. If we can be of further assistance, please contact Customer Service at 877-752-2387.

    This company enjoys advertising merchandise they don't have for sale.
    This isn't the first time they cancelled an on line order from, and if they can keep cancelling my orders, they must be cancelling orders from others as well. The only people that compliment this store must be administration employees. I tried calling their corporate office to find out why they cancel people's on line orders, and was told "No one in the CEO's or any administration talk to anyone they don' know. Working in the media, I'm trying to get this company an undercover news investigation, with all the consumers shopping on line today, how can a company such as this one advertise merchandise they don't have.

  • I started working at TCP in January of this year, and I loved it. My team was fantastic, close knit, and worked hard. We all got along great, and our manager was amazing. She gave everyone appropriate hours and trained us well. I hated having to transfer due to a cross country move.

    I was looking forward to working at a new store, hoping that what the manager had told me about her store was true.

    After a week or so of working at the new location, I was mentally and physically tapped. On top of working 30-38.5 hours (I'm also only part-time), I am expected to stay 1-4 hours past my closing shift (I'm supposed to be done at 11 or 10:30 pm) to clean the entire store with only one to two other staff members, me being management. I'm also contacted on an almost daily basis to come in hours earlier than when my shift is about to start. My manager also doesn't seem to understand that I have a life outside of work and I cannot drop everything and cancel the important plans I have made (when the schedule goes out and things are final) if something isn't up to her superior standards. Staff comes in 3 hours before we open, whatever is not finished by the time we are scheduled to leave at night (10:30/11:00pm, 1.5 to 2 hours after the store closes) can be done in that 3 hour time. I am overworked and I feel so underappreciated at this store.

    I understand that when in a management position, I have more responsibility in the store, but I can't do everyone's job along with my own.

    We had a big problem with staff coming in 30 minutes to an hour late, without much consequence and we're not asked to come in early or stay later to make up that time lost. I was 15 minutes late, one time, and was told to come in a whole hour early the next day to make it up. That same day that I was 15 late, I stayed an extra hour after I was supposed to leave to fix what someone else was supposed to do.

    I am also told to work against my customers and staff to get things done. I cannot abide by that, as I am a very customer oriented person. Work *with* staff and customers, not against, to accomplish goals.
    The store I work for now is completely unfair, and has been dumping entirely too much on me in the 4 weeks after my transfer. I miss my old store. I miss competent management and team dynamics. I wanted to continue working with a store where I felt valued as a team member, not a pack mule. I am looking to get a new job soon.

  • I was employed at Children's Place for over 3 and 1/2 years and this has got to be the worst company to work for. I was the only one to fill in or come in when they were in a pinch which was most of the time due to how they treated their employees. Today it was raining and I went to work in the morning because of the schedule I was on. Upon arriving at the store the manager came to the door would not let me in and the rain is pouring down on my head (my umbrella in my car) I thought she was going to open the door. She stated she changed the scheduled and I am not on this morning. I asked why didn't your call me. She was like well you should have checked before you came in. She left me standing in the rain would not even speak to me in the vestibule. I was so hurt at the treatment of this this woman and for the money that I make and I do have a college degree and another job I am handing in my resignation today, they are not deserving of my present. From all the comments I have read it does not seem worth letting corporate know of the treatment at this store

  • I was shopping at Children's Palace today when I noted a poster with three cute babies. The poster had a Caucasian baby, Asian baby, and Black baby. They where all cute. As I gaze at the poster I noted how they where dressed and was astounded to see that the Caucasian baby and Asian baby where both dressed very pretty but to my surprised the Black baby wasn't. I was truly offended at what I saw. The Black baby had on a colorful sleeper but the other two had the most prettiest dresses, shoes, tights and fancy head bands to match. It is truly sad to see in the 21st century the prejudice that surrounds us. I shop at Children's Palace frequently and to see this poster in one of their stores and what it represented let me know the mind state of those that are in corporate. All three of those babies should have had pretty outfits.

  • For the last 1 hour and a half I've attempting to place my order on your website. My 'password/email' was continually rejected. Since you do not have a customer care tel. no. on your site, I looked for the tel. number of my local Children's Place. I was told that I had to Google Children's Place to get your customer service phone contact. After having done this, I was on 'hold' for 45 minutes. After almost two hours of trying to speak to a customer agent, to no avail, I hung up. Clearly, the most patient amongst us can understand the frustration.

    I have a PlaceCash with a code number that expires today, 1/11/16. In the meantime my 'checkout page' , which had remained open with the hope that a real life person would speak to me, suddenly froze and blanked out on me. I am extremely dismayed and reconsidering doing business with you. Than you for your time.

  • I am so dissatisfied with the online ordering experience.. I had ordered 7 shirts in Oct 2015 which ended up being 2 small for my child. I returned those shirts at my cost for shipping, they have been logged as received and here we are 10 days away from xmas and I still do not have my refund!! I am BEYOND pissed at how they handle returns!!!

  • COMPLAINT – First off let me tell you I have been a customer of TCP for over 10 years. I have 5 children and have shopped online and in stores for all my children and have never ever had a complaint until now. I have had the WORST experience with my most recent online Order. I placed my order in early May for a childs birthday present. I ordered it ahead of time in order for it to arrive timely. To my surprise when I received my order, I only received 2 of my 8 items, although the shipping receipt showed that all items were shipped and had no explanation as to where my other items were. I contacted TCP immediately and informed them of the missing items which I was told they would replace and send out the items to me as soon as possible. It has now been OVER a month and I have not received any contact, nor my items! I have sent them at least 3-4 emails complaining about my online order and I feel completely ignored. My order wasnt a huge expensive order, but it was a special order and I am highly disappointed with the service I have received! I dont know if you all have changed management lately, or perhaps have had a huge shift in employees but something major has happened to your customer service. I may not ever place an online order with TCP ever again and will also warn others of the same. Lets see if this COMPLAINT is ignored as well! Should you be polite enough to respond you may reach me by email at Thank you.

  • COMPLAINT – First off let me tell you I have been a customer of TCP for over 10 years. I have 5 children and have shopped online and in stores for all my children and have never ever had a complaint until now. I have had the WORST experience with my most recent online Order. I placed my order in early May for a childs birthday present. I ordered it ahead of time in order for it to arrive timely. To my surprise when I received my order, I only received 2 of my 8 items, although the shipping receipt showed that all items were shipped and had no explanation as to where my other items were. I contacted TCP immediately and informed them of the missing items which I was told they would replace and send out the items to me as soon as possible. It has now been OVER a month and I have not received any contact, nor my items! I have sent them at least 3-4 emails complaining about my online order and I feel completely ignored. My order wasnt a huge expensive order, but it was a special order and I am highly disappointed with the service I have received! I dont know if you all have changed management lately, or perhaps have had a huge shift in employees but something major has happened to your customer service. I may not ever place an online order with TCP ever again and will also warn others of the same. Lets see if this COMPLAINT is ignored as well! Should you be polite enough to respond you may reach me by email at Thank you.

  • I went to Childrens Place in Williamsburg, Virginia. The acting manager Stormy is unprofessional, and very rude. I had a question regarding an item and she was joking around with two of her employees, I interrupted her and she started screaming at me. Then she called a newer employee to help me, when I walked pass her she was telling one of the employees how rude I was. I was rude at all, I said excuse me and asked the question.
    As a store manager you have to be professional and Stormy was not helpful or professional. Is amazing how she treats most of the employees and customers. The district manager should be at this store more often, Stormy doesn't act like a Manager. I will never go back to th is store again, I guess I will start shopping at Gymboree and Oshkosh.

  • I was recently in the Children's Place in the Ardmore Oklahoma store and I observed the manager being very rude to one her employees. The employee was putting new arrivals out. She had her hands full of clothing on hangers, the manager walked over to her and told her that she needed to stop what she was doing and take care of the customers. The manager was just standing behind the cash register when I walked in and she did not speak to me or offer to help me. After I left the store, I stood outside the door and watched the manager proceed to gripe out the employee that was working the entire time I was in the store. The employee also aksed if she could help me, she then had to put the clothing down to come and check me out because the manager was standing in the front of the store with her arms crossed and never offered to help. I can't imagine working for someone that behaves in this manner. This is not the first time that I have had dealings with the manager of this store. You need to have her investigated on the way she treats her employees. I will never return to this store again. I will also be spreading the word to everyone I know.

  • The purpose of this email is to let you know that I am very upset about my order 127383874. I place previous order and I got cash coupons to use new order I placed my order on 04/8/15 used the promo code but I did not receive my package I called customer service and they said because I did not receive package they will reissue promo code and issue a refund. I received my refund on 04/24/15 so on 04/25/15 I when to the store to buy the items I need but the sale person told me that I can't used coupons because the promotion was expired on 04/20/15 and they stated is nothing they can do for me,I called today again to customer service explained my problem and they stated they only can reissue to use only online and I explained to the customer service agent that original code was for online and store. so I not understand why I am be so inconvenience I want the promo codes to use in store, because store have the items i need in stock . I hope some one at corporate can assist me with my issue because I am very disappointment with my experience with customer service i feel they don't care about me as a customer.

    Belsaida Escobar

  • Estoy muy molesta con esta compania me mandan promociones y cuando hice mi orden decían que todos mis códigos de promociones abian sido aplicados. Y ahora que me cobran en mi cuenta me salen que no porq no se podían conbinar. Son unos tramposos así que les llame para que cancelaran mi orden ya que si no me van a validar las promoción que ellos me mandaron no quiero los productos y dicen que no que no hay nada que no puedan hacer, ósea que como cliente no les importa mi el inconveniente que me an hecho. El peor servicio al cliente que eh tenido en mi vida.

  • I will make sure that I never shop with the children's place ever again. I can't believe how poorly I have been treated, by the reps on the phone down to the people in the stores. It's so sad and makes me so mad because I spend so much money with this company and to be treated the way I have is so crazy to me. I will make sure that I get ahold of some in the corporate office and I truly hope something is done.

  • I had a disagreement with a customer. Although I do not feel I was in the wrong, I was penalized per company policy. Since the store manager knows the customer personally, she decided to cut my hours, which is not ethical. She claimed it was for business reasons, but doesn't cut the hours of any of my other team members and then goes on to give them extra hours. One of the biggest problems with this company is that managers are unprofessional and maintain personal relationships with staff members.

  • You have a girl Named Nubia Mcalister at your southpoint store in NC. She is stealing out the store and she's a pothead working in a children's store. Wow you need to watch background people you hire. such a ghetto hoodrat. I wouldn't want her to represent my store high everyday.

  • Totally agree with all the comments on the rudeness of employee's in the stores. I will never shop in their stores again and am always telling others not to either. After I tell them my story, they agree!! I was given a coupon to The Childrens Place store and it could be used between specific dates. When I tried to use it, the hateful lady behind the desk said it could not be used because it was a "rewards" certificate and couldn't be used with any sale price. The whole store had some sort of sale price on every item, it seemed. I think I could have maybe used it on socks which were not discounted that particular day. This is nonsense and there are way too many other good childrens shops around to purchase quality clothes that I will not ever shop here again!! I will not waste my time on rude, unprofessional employee's when I can shop elsewhere with no hassles. I personally do not think the clothes at the Children's Place is of great quality.

  • i am currently and LOD (key holder) position, my store is horrible, the ssm has no backbone, the asm runs every thing including her mouth, she is in charge of "training" what a joke, her idiea of training is look at this binder and figure it out,.and if you make a mistake she says your a dummy, she bully's everyone, customers even complain about her. Other associates complain to me about her because she is bff's with the store manager and the DM all she does is say how much they lover her and she is best friends with them, My question is if employees have problems with the ssm and the asm who are they supposed to turn to for support? And is it just my store or everywhere ..that the ssm and asm can have every weekend off and only close 1 night that common in this company? I cant take it anymore!

  • This company is a fraud, I was given a gift card and tried to use it, the sales representative told me that their system was down that day, so I was not charged. When I went another day to attempt to make the purchase I was told that the card had a 0 balance. I have been calling the corporate office for 3 months trying to get a refund….No one returns calls and the representatives hang up on you. I will never spend a penny in this store!

  • Current employee for TCP. I've always work hard for what i have, but working hard for the company 40hrs a week with no benefits,no paid time off…….. always an update every other day or so…. not enough employees, shipment, ppp, henrey's, replenish, manican, cleaning, …… they say where a team but it's everyone for themselves. … that's how I feel

  • i was in Premium Outlet mall at children's place in Toronto (401/Trafalgar) on Aug 02 and my daughter(12 Yrs) left her ipod 5 t ouch 32GB in the changing room. She realised after 45 min and told us, we went to store and the front lady told us that they found that and gave it to the assistant manager, and assistant manager handed this over to security. we asked security and they said when ever we get something we hand over to information desk. we went there and information desk people said that they havent got anything from security. They asked Security and they said no security people got anything. We visited the store again and people said assistant manager is gone for the day.
    We visited again on Aug 03 and we spoke with assistant manager and she said the same story. I asked her to come with us in security office so that you can tell them how the person looks like whom you handover my expensive item. We went to security office with her and when supervisor asked her, where, whom you handover the item and how he looks like, she said she cant remember as she was on the phone with her mom and she just handover to a random security guard and she dont remember how he looks like. WEIRD.
    First of all assistant manager didnt follow the proper procedures to handout the items of customers, she has to hand this out to information desk and get the paper work done, and if she was in rush, she should give someone else this responsibility and also if she hand this over to any security guard, why she didnt get his name. Now my daughter is crying from that day and saying me that something is happening in her heart. She is not sleeping well. What should i do?
    I report to police too.
    I want money back for my lost item as they lost it and fail to follow the procedures for handling someone.s property. I also want to file a lawsuit against the company for the amount of ipod 5 ltouch 32GB and also for my child, she is going through lot of pain and sadness. Now its not the money, its about the principles and if i didnt take any action, this will happen to any other person too. What should i do Suggest???

  • I worked at Tcp SEDC and it's not a nice place to work for. They treat the associates like they are slaves and made it where you couldn't move up in the buildings. All y'all associates have no clue on what it's like to work in the big place.

    • I worked there at the SEDC and the supervisors are cruel and HR won't listion to what u have to say if u have a complaint. It's a very poor please to work for. They would have what they called round table meetings where the associates could speak about what going on or any request and they would always denie your request and be rude about it. The supervisors get hired off the street not kn

    • Supervisors get hired off the street and don't know anything about the place and treat others like they are still in jail. You get no holiday bonuses (be lucky they get holiday pay or ot pay). Sorry to say but if you ask me it plain stupid to buy your childrens close online. If you do buy online the costumerservice is terrible.

  • I am a frequent customer of your Green Bay, WI store. I love your products and the girls in the store have always been really nice and helpful!!! My last two visits to your store have been a nightmare!!! Both times the problem came from the stores new manager Dana!!! Dana is rude to employees and customers. When I was shopping she never came to ask me if I needed anything or if she could help me, I was in the store for quite some time. Then when I went to check out she was rude acted like it was a huge inconvenience to have to wait on me!!! The second time I over heard her talking to another employee about another employee saying how she didn't like Miranda and was going to give her a hard time, and try to get her to quit!!! Dana is very unprofessional!!!! I usually shop your store at least once to twice a week and spend a $100+ dollars a week in your store for my daughter and nieces. Since the two instances I have not been back to your store. I want to shop your store but I shouldn't have to worry about getting a hard time or having to listen to an unprofessional Manager slander an employee!!!!

  • They have to do something with Serenatea from store 778. Telling other employees about having her menstrual period while customers were in the store!!!!!! She is disgusting!!!!!!

  • Ok, so I guess I’ll air out here before taking it to facebook and all else. My Son just had a Birthday this weekend and with it came lots a nice gifts including lots of cloth from my Mother In-law. She is a “Children’s Place Diamond shopper” and she lives an hour away. Some of the cloth did not fit him and no I had no receipt, but all I wanted was store credit so I could find him things that fit. They took my license and ran it for authorization which than came back as denied for return…to which I said “I didn’t realize we know have to be authorize to return things for store credit.” The woman said “I’m sorry this has nothing to do with us it’s a new system that either accepts or not denies returns.” Again I said “what?” So she than tells me you can call the number on the denial receipt to inquire about the issue. So than I did, and they say “sorry, your return was denied because you don’t have a receipt.” To which I said “So you’re telling me that your company is contracted by the “Children’s Place” to do their dirty work in denying their own customers proper returns as per the statement on the back of receipts that follow return policies?” She than says “Sorry you might want to contact their corporate offices.” To which I than said “I sure will.” I hate corporations that come up with sneaky ways to screw their own customer over, but in the same token they set themselves up for law suits for not following underlined policies that they had their law team write up, if they are not going to follow their own underlined returned policies, we as customers can also take things to a lawyer that is willing to put up a nice fight to get a nice corporate cut. This all happened in Las Cruces, NM.

  • St. Catharines, Ontario store: Extremely rude manager, treated me as an insignificant customer – in front of other customers and the associate that was helping me. Sales associate tried to be helpful and manager also treated her rudely. Will never return, will take my business to the competition!

  • I went to the store in Ft. Smith Ar. I was bent over looking at a shirt and a lady almost ran me over I said oh I'm sorry, excuse me, she just looked at me and kept on going never saying a word. I assumed this was just a rude customer. I was with my daughter and we we both were buying clothes, my daughter found some shoes she wanted to get for my grandson and she asked two of the employees that were stocking if they had any more of the shoes in the back in the size she needed. One of the ladies went to the back and looked and was very helpful, she said they should be getting another shipment in soon but told us we could order them online. She said when you check out the girl at the register will give you a coupon and you can use it when you place your online order. we walked to the register and who was ringing us up but the terribly rude woman. She never said anything to us such as did you find everything ok or even acknowledging us other to ring our items up. As we were leaving I asked the employee did you happen to put a coupon in the bag and she very hatefully said for what. I proceeded to tell her about the other lady telling us we would could a coupon when we checked out so she could use it online. She then proceeded to hand the coupon to my daughter, practically throwing it at her. I will never go in there again if this employee is working, we are the customers and they are getting our money, so act civilized to your customers. What does it hurt to show a little courtesy? But as I am looking at other post on here it seems like the Children's Place has a lot of rude employees. Sounds like something needs to be done before they go out of business because of there rude employees actions.

  • current employee here…
    the return policy sucks really bad, but got better when my store got rid of the TRE system. (we no longer scan IDs or have to use a 3rd party company) i really hope this gets implemented by other stores as well! by the way, the return limit on the TRE system is 50 dollars max.

  • This just happened to me today the total amount was 59.00 this is crazy all I want is a size that will fit my daughter she for this clothes for her birthday I try to do my return in West Covina Ca the guy was rude and I thought maybe because my id so I brought my best friend who's never shop there and has no kids and they did it to her too Im very upset and I will never shop in this stores and I will take it to BBB. This stores are taking advantage of people.

  • My wife just called me crying frantically. She was just cursed out by the store's manager in Highland Village, Houston TX. For no reason. Just flat out- cursed out! She wouldn't give a name when my wife asked to complain to corporate. She said she was the manager. This behavior should not be tolerated under no circumstances and she should be FIRED. You can best believe we will NEVER shop at your stores or affiliated stores again…

    • Google Jane Elfers the CEO of this company all they care about is profit they sacrifice people's lives for their cheap crappy clothes and her 17 million dollar salary.

  • It's unfair how some of these managers get away with anything. The asm in Trumbull CT Whitney took off on a weekend that she was suppose to be working. Dec 13, 14 , and 15. She had myself, some other employees and the leads cover for her by lying to the DM. I have tried to contact HR but no luck, no phone number and no email. This company has some dishonest employees and its uncalled for. And now they have a new lead Sereantea who is nasty towards me and the other employees,but not to the ASM. This company should be careful who they hire. Also I don't state who I am for privacy concern,

  • As a former employee I can tell you that no receipt returns are auto declined after you hit a certain dollar amount. I believe it's $60.

    And so far as not accepting retail product at outlet stores, our inventory is for our OUTLET product, we have different prices and we don't stock the same things it sucks but the return policy is on the back of every single receipt.

  • Children's Place has the worse customer service! Whatever happened to "pleasing the customers". Just was on the phone for 45 minutes trying to get credit for a shipping charge! "JoyfullyHis" posting on September 12 is spot on about the absolutely inadequate customer service!

    Children's Place, I hope you take the time to read this!

    • I just experienced the same exact thing. they fought me tooth and nail on reversing a $15 express shipping charge because "it was not their fault that ups had a delay" so now that becomes my problem? What ever happened to common sense? I thought it was going to be a simple call not an ordeal. it also doesn't help that both employees I spoke to had poor attitudes. I cant do business with a company that is unreasonable and/or does not value my business.

  • This happened to me as well. I received clothes too big for my daughters birthday. I called the store first and spoke with the manager and was informed I could exchange the clothes for a different size even though I didn't have the receipt. I went in store and made sure the cashier knew that I was exchanging the clothes for the exact same ones in a different size but I didn't have the receipt. I was declined and the cashier told me I would have to call the 800 number on the declined receipt. I was told they declined my return because it was the stores policy to not accept returns without a receipt even though I was told by two different employees that they would exchange. Also, I am now on a 180 day period where I cannot return anything else to the store because of this attempt to do so without my receipt. I returned to the store and the manager told me there was nothing he could do for me, they will not be able to accept my exchange. I have called the district manager but have not received a call back. So much for customer service. That is the last time I will ever enter that store.

  • The store I use work at the SSM, ASM, and the leads are bully's. They make fun behind the employee's back. Called them stupied and even bad words!!!! So uncalled for!!!!

  • I am completely THROUGH with the Children's Place. I will never shop there again. I liked buying from them particularly because the pants had the adjustable waist band inside and my son grows exponentially. I bought over $100.00 worth of merchandise a few weeks ago and received $40.00 in City Place Cash to redeem starting on the 10th of this month. I place an order for over $400.00 and have it rush shipped. I get an email a few days later saying that they cancelled the order… HOWEVER, if you look at my bank account you can see the pending transaction. I call them to find out what the problem is and they "don't know" and have to call another Department to find out. After waiting for over 15 minutes on hold the lady comes back on to tell me that I should be receiving an email with an explanation. When I didn't hear back I called and asked them if they would be sending me new coupon codes for the city cash that I used. The lady puts me on hold again..this time only about five minutes, comes back on and says that it will be sent via email. I wanted to get the clothes for my son so I reentered the order. I figured by the time I waited around for them to give me the BOGUS reason as to why they had cancelled the initial order all the clothes I wanted to get for my son would be sold out. I go through the trouble of reentering everything all over again… enter the codes that they emailed me and only ONE of them works. I want to call back but at this point I'm tired of wasting my time on hold with a company that has NO CUSTOMER SERVICE and cancels orders with no explanation.

  • This company is the worse to work for. Full of crap because we don't make day. Kiss my rear end please!!!!! Not a company you want to work for unless even if you want to advance. So looking for a new job. I hope TCP losses a lot of customers!!!!!!!

  • seen this guy Jerry gotto in colorado he looked like a hippie and dint help or do anything to make my visit pleasent because his wife or honey was there and he was some kind of boss just a big rude jerk if the bosses act like that I guess you can't blam the employees.

  • I work for the childrens place and im part time. I get 25 to 30 hrs a week at my store. if its a retail ya you probably wont get many hours. Iwork at an outlet so you get more hours. we're open from 10 a.m to 11 p.m . I love working at my store in orlando. its fun and the managers are professional but yet really fun to work with.

    • I know people who work at the Orlando, FL lol your kidding right. From what I heard they cut hours and if you don't any place cards.

  • Today I went to children's place to return seven pairs of shorts that are too small for my daughter. The sales associate/cashier was very polite. However, my return was declined. I did not have the receipt but did not think this would be a problem. I was given a slip and told I could call the number for an explanation. It was useless as the woman on the other end of the phone said she did not know the reason for the decline. I asked what could I do and at first she said nothing. Then I was told that I could return the items in 180 days. Imagine that. I asked to speak to her supervisor. Her response to me was that her phone system doesn't work like that and the supervisor would have to call me back within 48 hours. I asked for cooperate number and she said she didn't have it to give me. What is the purpose of the return center if they cannot provide the information needed by the customers. I hung up with her. I called back and explained the situation to another representative. She asked if I would like a copy of my return history and said she would forward one immediately.
    Upon returning home I looked up the corporate number and called it. A lady answered the phone and proceeded to take my information. While doing so I began to mysteriously experience lots of static on the phone and could no longer hear her. I called right back and was put on hold for over a half an hour when I had gotten through immediately the first call. I am figuring out my next step as I type, wait for a call from the supervisor and a copy of my returns. The Children's Place can't possibly think it is ok to treat their customers in such a negative way and without a proper explanation.

  • I called the store at Coquitlam, BC in Canada and asked to speak to the assistant manager because she is a friend of mine. I call the store quite frequently because my sister has a 5-month old baby girl so I call to speak to my friend who is part of the management team in that store to help me look for certain things for me to purchase. The girl who answered the phone is named "Carolina" and she knows who I am and is apparently annoyed at my frequent phone calls and one day she told me off when I had asked to speak with my friend, the assistant manager. She was extremely rude and said, "Can you stop calling the store? She (my friend) is working right now and she doesn't have time to take personal calls." I had asked if she was busy and she replied that she was. So I had asked her to leave a message for me and ask my friend to call me back. She quickly strikes me down and rudely replies, "NO!" So I just had a huge WTF moment right there. Regardless of my relationship with an employee of a store and my frequent phone calls, is this how a paying customer is to be treated? I urge you to look into this store's employees, Children's Place. Again, I called to make attempt to purchase something specific I wanted a friend to look for and I was told off by an employee. This store is the one in Coquitlam, BC in Canada.

  • Wow! Let's put Greenwood SC in here too! This place is a joke! This (call in and see if you need to work" is stupid! The manager and assistant manager are a joke, young and stupid! Have called corporate to report things going on in that store, that THEY should be concerned about. Have not heard back. Your, loss Children's Place. Working on getting my daughter out of their before I hurt somebody. Could file harassment charges.It will happen one day, because they don't care about the company.

  • I use to work for TCP, but was fed up after a while. This company wants things done in a hurry. Then they should come do it. Its all about conversion now. It was stressful having only a manager and an associate closing Saturday and Sunday. Yeah ok you can't customer service everyone and ring up at the same time. Its not fair they want the store clean 100 % and by out by close 9:30 yeah ok. The President or the CEO should come to any TCP and work as an associate to see what they go thru. You want things done give more hours. You want conversion to be higher Give More Hours. Then customers will be converted. Can't say they don't have money when they have stores remodeled or open new ones. What a freaking joke. Hire people to work after the store closes to clean. Glad I don't work for the companies no more. Connecticut stores need more hours. And FYI Donna Rivera from the Buckland store has a nasty attitude. And Fairfield store 1703 like to make a lot of mistakes do a lot of price overrides and like to send their customers to other stores to do returns. Total crap!!!!

  • I would have to agree with others. I am from warren ohio and they just opened a new store at the eastwood mall in niles ohio. Managers there suck. They are always on their cellphones or in the backroom, no one is ever around to help me put outfits together for my boys. So i traveled out to southern park mall and was also treated like crap there, so i started going out to grove city outlet store in pa but for some reason the outlet is more expensive, wtf! Shouldnt they be cheaper?! Really not happy with the service this company offers, i will be shopping at justice old navy gymboree and crazy 8 from now on, i didnt even mention how badly my online order was messed up! Very unprofessional!

  • These stories make me laugh. I thought my store (southern park mall boardman ohio #814) was the only one with horrible management. I guess its company wide for the childrens place. Kim fron #814 is very rude and disrespectful to not only customers but employees as well. If u ask me she doesnt seem like "store management material" the mall just put in a new store "crazy 8" and i think im taking my business there even though they are a little more expensive their manager is so much nicer and friendlier.

  • Hey, I'm the mother of a SUPER CUTE STYLISH YOUNG LADY. She's 6 and has been asking me for a couple years, if she can be a model for the Children's Place. Im going to try to attach a pic or two to this e mail. In the event that im not able to attach, maybe someone could contact me? thanks. KATHRYN O'Donnell, Scituate, Ma.

  • The Children's Place in Elk Grove, California is absolutely horrible. Jamie the store manager has some nerve acting like she actually gets things done but doesn't. I just wish we could get total different management. Oh and Correen the Regional Store manager aka Jamie her best friend let's her get away with everything.I bet you she gets paid for hours she don't really work but of course Correen is there to cover for her. If I were over the company I would like to know if I was being ripped of paying for hours that are not even being worked. I mean they have good associates but the store manager is a joke.

  • This just happened to me yesterday!! This is so ridiculous!! This policy for non receipt returns is ridiculous!! My husband purchased $80.00 worth of clothes for our son and he got one size to small (Go figure men!) So I went to return the items for one size bigger and they asked me for my ID since I did not have a receipt and they told me my ID was declined!! Since when the heck can you use your ID to purchase anything for it to DECLINE!!?? They gave me a number to call and that was all and could not give me an EVEN exchange in clothes just one size bigger!!! What kind of customer service is this!!?? Will not shop here again and will definitely pass this down to all my friends and family for their crappy POLICIES!!!

  • This just happened to me yesterday!! This is so ridiculous!! This policy for non receipt returns is ridiculous!! My husband purchased $80.00 worth of clothes for our son and he got one size to small (Go figure men!) So I went to return the items for one size bigger and they asked me for my ID since I did not have a receipt and they told me my ID was declined!! Since when the heck can you use your ID to purchase anything for it to DECLINE!!?? They gave me a number to call and that was all and could not give me an EVEN exchange in clothes just one size bigger!!! What kind of customer service is this!!?? Will not shop here again and will definitely pass this down to all my friends and family for their crappy POLICIES!!!

  • This company is a joke to work for! After being hired last year as one of the Assistant Managers. I found out I was expecting about 2 1/2 months in. Of course that wasn't intentional but nonetheless it happened. My manager then found out she needed to go on medical leave for what was supposed to be 8 weeks which meant that she was leaving me in charge of the store, scheduling, christmas and inventory evne though the other Assistant Manager had been there for 4 years. Now, I am not complaining that I was left in charge (because I have managed stores ten times the size) however when I repeatedly asked whether I would be compensated for stepping into the Manager role, I was told yes by my DM. HAHAHAHA was that ever a joke. When push came to shove and the 8 week medical leave had turned into just over 4 months, the DM said that there would be no retroactive pay. I pleaded my case to the DM to no avail….she did nothing. By that point, I had worked longer in the Store Manager role than assistant but that meant nothing. We were doing well in sales, Inventory went amazing with awesome shrink #'s, best store morale and the DM even said it hadn't looked better but that meant nothing!!!! She gave me my annual review and said although they couldn't compensate me for being manager that she was going to give me a one time increase as well as the measly annual increase….all of which added up to just over 30 cents/hour difference!! Thanks alot TCP!!
    That isn't even the best of it!! Six weeks after having my son, the DM phoned me and asked whether I would be open to working a couple short shifts a week to cover off the store because the Store Manager was taking another medical leave (completely unrelated to the first!) I value the employees I worked with and felt for them so I agreed. I knew the other Assistant Manager was doing alot of work and wanted to help. So for almost 3 months I worked 12 hours a week and didn't even get a thank you from the store manager when she came back. This brings me to now….
    I was about to come back from maternity leave and being that my husband also works retail, I phoned the DM and asked her if I could work out a more consistent schedule to correlate with my husband's. In a word I was told no! I wasn't asking for weekend's off or no nights….I was asking to work every sunday, monday and work two saturdays a month (Managers only get one weekend off a month though which is what I was told!) Even though i brought up how much I had done for the company, they didn't care! I called the store manager a couple of days later to talk to her and explain my frustrations and she basically said the same thing. When I came in on saturday to talk to the manager, she was conveniently off (I wonder if it was her weekend off?) and left her a note about the day I was coming back. On monday she finally phoned me and said that she was confused because I had quit when I was talking to her on the phone. I repeatedly told her that no I didn't….I would actually have to say the words, I quit and I didn't. She took it upon herself to phone the DM, tell her I quit and processed the paperwork. I then called the DM….of course she now has forgotten all that I did with no compensation and basically said, ya what to me on the phone. She said that I was hostile and I asked her, wouldn't you be if you were unknowlingly terminated??? Anyway, I caution anyone that shops there and or works there….don't anymore. I am sure there are some amazing people that work for the company…but lets not be fooled those are the part timers that put in blood, sweat and tears and get nothing in return! I did just officially resign as I felt I had no other choice. After much fighting I was re-instated and when I received my schedule I only had 30 hours (which is fine but in the whole time I worked there, I always worked 40 hrs/wk) I feel as though I was constructively dismissed which the company will pay for!!!!!

  • They only promote based on favoritism; not skill, not experience, nor seniority. This is a VERY unprofessional company to work for. An ASM from store "A" was promoted to SM of store "B" after being with the company for 2 weeks, instead of store "B's" ASM who has 6 years experience! Not to mention they had ASM of store "B" TRAIN the new SM!!! That is like a slap in the face! I am disgusted with the way this company is run!

    • The same in my store. The manager was training a new employee to be a lead after 2 wks of working there and then snatched it back after the employee had to get off work two hours after the shift ended. Manager was MAD because my co-worker wouldn't continue to work past the determined shift so Joe/Wendy are looking for any reason to fire her. Seems her spunk has left her. Wish I could stand up for her. Sad.

  • Im having the same problem, my daughter got a size too big for her bday n they did the same thing to me. The clothes wont even fit her for another year. I dont see the problem in an even exchange. I've shoprd tnere for 5 years, never again! I'll stay at old navy.

  • I work at a DC for the children's place. The stores have nothing on the DC. Unprofessional Supervisors that yell, threaten and sometimes cuss at their employee. Employees (that are friends with their supervisors) that gets all the holidays off and more time off without any disciplinary actions. We are told it is not a production job and we are not paid production BUT we have to get "our numbers" are we are subjected to ridicule. Forget about trying to talk to HR they never have time to see you are hear your complaints. There are no other jobs are I would have left three threats ago!!!

    • I thought nothing could beat Wheaton store but I see D.C. is bad as well. Maybe if you tried a transfer to a different store.

  • I was an employee at children's place for almost a month and had to quit, most disrespectful manager i've ever had, was not understanding about a prior appointment i had with my daughter, the only hours you would get were "call ins" unless you were friends with her then you would get any where for 20-40 hrs. a week. And best part… They NEVER sent me a paycheck for the few hours i did work! Still after 3 called to the corporate office and 2 to HR. I still have no check!! I will never shop this Children's place store in MICHIGAN again let alone work for one…what a joke!

  • I am writing this letter as a complaint against your Bowie, MD store #1274 and the manager Ellen Dennis, along with Brian who is the supervisor in your customer service center. I must say that I have never been treated this poorly by any employee of a retail store before. The level of customer service that these two provided was a complete reflection of unconcern, unprofessionalism and irresponsibility on behalf of The Children’s Place.
    On 1/28/2013 I visited your store #1274 to return items that I did not have a receipt for. I was told that the items were not in store. I asked for a gift card so that I could purchase them online. The associate said that she was issuing me a gift card. I asked her about three times to be sure that the card could be used on-line and each time she said yes it could be.
    The following day I go online to place my order to find out that my card could not be used online. I then called store #1274 to speak with the manager Ellen Dennis who informed me that I had a merchandise credit and not a gift card. I explained the situation to her and her comment was “the salesperson did nothing wrong, why don’t you just find something in the store”
    I then called your customer service center and spoke with Brian who was the supervisor. I pleaded with Brian for a resolution that could work so that I could quickly get my items. He said that all he could do was devalue my merchandise credit and mail me a gift card that could be used online but that was a 6 week process. I asked could they just ship the items that I wanted to a store and I would pay for them when they arrived he told me no. Brian who refused to give me a last name said that he was 100% sure that the only thing he could do was to issue a gift card that would take 6 weeks and that he was 100% sure that if I spoke with corporate or even the owner of The Children’s Place that would be the only option.
    I was punished for a mistake that an employee of The Children’s Place made. I am sure that there could have been another option to resolving this matter but everyone that I spoke with had this careless attitude as if “ oh well yea we made a mistake and gave out wrong information but it’s not important enough that we resolve it to satisfaction”.
    It would be my suggestion that you all provide your employees with better customer service training and look into changing your return policy.
    This situation has changed my thoughts on this store and I have no plans of patronizing this store for any of my childrens clothing again. I will be taking my hard earned money where it is appreciated and certainly not at The Children’s Place where you could care less about your customers.

  • I love shopping at The Childrens Place they have good deals and offers. The only thing I was unhappy about was the assistant manager at the one in Fairfield CT. She was very rude to me and some of my friends who have gone their too. I still shop at Children's Place but not the one in Fairfeild.

  • I won a $50 gift card from the model search back in oct 2012 and still havent recieved it yet it was to arrive 8-10 weeks after hello its now jan 2013 is this a legit contest or was i duped

  • Posted a TRUTHFUL comment and of course it ddint get published by the CHILDRENS PLACE POLICE…wonder if thats legal?? If your hosting a site with feedback/comments can you decide which ones are published? thought the freedom of speach prevails so long as it was not offensive and was truthful? Regardless,I WILL NEVER EVER STEP FOOT IN ONE OF YOUR STORES AND I WILL ENCOURAGE MY FRIENDS NOT TO AS WELL.

  • I was in the Oceanside NY store just before christmas to help replace clothes my grandbaby lost due to hurricane sandy. I had about $100.of items @ the register and then Purchased a $100. gift card.There was a promotion going on for every $50, you spent you would get $10 to spend after the hoildays. so I figured GREAT we lost everything,another $40. will really help.(especially when we literally had nothing)After I paid I asked for the promotion, the cashier without hesitation said "it was only while supplies lasted.I told her "no, thats not what it say's can I please see the mgr.The manager came over and again w/o hesitation said what the cashier did.Again I informed her it did not say that.She then said well were out of the coupons, I said were not talking a small amount here, can I have a gift card? She said no. I said well then I want a refund of all the things including the gift card I purchased, I don't appreciate being lied to , if you would have told me from the beginning I probably would have accepted that.I asked for corporates phone # I called told them I dont appreciate being lied to,wondered how many others walked away with out the extra "coupon" and told them I would never shop at another Childrens Place again. Within moments the general Mgr. for the area called me, I told her again, what bothered me most was being lied to and that I would never go back, not to mention that I voided the $200.+ sale. She ws very apologetic, as I expected her to be, and offered to send me the coupons.I said ok.WELL GOOD THING I DIDNT HOLD MY BREATH WAITING FOR THEM!
    Anyway, their loss…as a Hurricane sandy survivor,& having to replace everything we owned right down to a toothbrush,Im sorry that obviously my $$ was not good enough for them,and they really dont care about the customer..I WILL NEVER SHOP IN A CHILDRENS PLACE STORE EVER AGAIN Joanne Rea,LONGBEACH NY


  • I work at CP in Ontario mills, CA n they just hired a new store manager n she's a rudest person she all the rules.we can't have someone cover our shift nonprescription can't switch shifts with someone she took away our calendar to request a day off can't ask unless its emergency…then she real rude when ask questions about things even on the phone she's rude..that's a unprofessional store manager district office thinks she's a good manager I don't think so..she needs to go.

  • Made my credit card on the day it was due I made my payment at 5:02 they said it had to be paid by 5:00 so they charged me 35 dollar late fee for 2 mins!!!!! I will NEVER shop here again and neither will my family or friends this place is HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!

  • The customer service is HORRIBLE!!! HERE IN FORTWAYNE, i plan to call corporate also.. i feel like they stereotype certain people.. NOT A GOOD LOOK and i havnt been in childrens place in over 3yrs. and the day i choose to go in there i had to complain on the worker and it was not a maneger on duty i wonder why???

  • I would like to know why my granddaughters picture (Madisyn # 85864) was taken out of the modeling contest. I would like a direct answer!. However, after reading the above — I will be surprised to actually hear from you

  • Hah….I just called corporate, after dealing with customer service and being told that they could do nothing for me to help with my issue, and corporate was no help either. Its very very unfortunate because I predict in 3-5 yrs, they will either get brought out or they will go out of business compeletly. I honestly don't believe they have much life left in them. My husband & I are expecting & we have a 3yo. We have decided to not shop here anymore because I was tricked into spending more money to get place cash at a retail store & told I could use it at the outlet, n after 2 visits to 2 diffrent stores more than 40mins from my house, told that the outlet versus the retail stores are two totally diffrent stores. Also that I could not use the place cash at the outlets. We have always shopped Children's Place as a first choice for clothes for our kids, & clothes as gifts for our friends kids. I am taking my business elsewhere….Pumpkin Patch, Jack & Jill & Gap/Old Navy are my first choices. My husbands was laughing because the corporate tried to offer me some % off coupons for future purchases (which can be found online for free) & I told her no thank you….My hisband laughed because she was trying to offer % off but he already knew, that unless it was a gift card, I would never step foot into another Children's Place Store (Outlet nor Retail) again to even use the little % off coupon corporate tried to offer me. Its pretty sad that that was the best Elsie from corporate could do.

  • I like the retail store and the outlet. I live within 25 miles of 2 retail stores and one outlet. Every time I visit these stores someone politely greets me I always get asked if I need help and the stores are always stocked and organized. Check out is never a problem everyone has been great and the stores are in good shape.

  • I agree with you all the Assistant manager are very unprofessional also. There is a Store in the Bronx in parkchester, the assistant manager his name is Mike and he is HORRIBLE. I was in shopping and heard how he was talking to the young ladies that was working, he was very unprofessional when speaking to the ladies. If you have a problem with your worker you are suppose to pull them to aside and talk to them. We as shoppers dont' need to know what is going on. Also if you want respect you have to give respect. I'm going to REPORT him to the corporate office unprofessional.

  • I had to quit because I was giving such a hard.time while working there! I'm reporting them to the better business bureau!

    • Amen I'm heading there too also to the ADA!!! they hire hire hire and don't support the employees they already have UNLESS your buddies with the store manager!!!

    • This is so true. I am looking for another jon right now and praying I get a good reference because my manger gets vindictive if employees look elsewhere for employment. It's like walking on egg shells. In Maryland.

  • This Store should receive NO stars! I am a new mom, excited to be shopping for my little baby boy (8 Months now). I got a few items from this store from one of my showers and we were impressed with them, so I decided to start shopping here! This has now been my 3rd or 4th time entering this store at Stoneridge Mall and every single time, I want to run out screaming! The place is a joke! Where is the District Manager? Who is it? I'd like to have a chat with them! I have been a store manager for retail for the past 7 years. The store is SUCH a mess… what are these employees doing? Besides not organizing, not welcoming you into the store, not asking you if you need help, staring, ignoring, the list goes on and on. When you do find something and go to check out there is ZERO eye contact. Besides the extreme LACK of customer service, the selection at this store is also lacking. Why is there a 3 to 1 ratio of girls clothes to boy clothes? I have a little boy and when I'm in this store, I feel so bad for him that there are HARDLY any choices… you go over to the girl side and there is a plethora of things! Also they never have your size. We like the "Stretchies" so much, but always seem to "miss" the shipments for new ones… because every time I go in there are no choices… tons of girls mind you though… I'll be contacting the district manager for sure… probably even corporate so they can know what's going on.

    • The girls department has a bigger selection because of dresses, skirts, hair bands, etc. You could shop on line that is what I do for my 2 yr old son when I can't find his size.

  • this is the most worst place ever to work. no matter how desperate u are never ever work here. u get no hours and they treat u like u are nothing.

    • I swear this sounds like the store in Wheaton, MD. A co-worker was put on final notice because she clocked out at 12:30am because she had to get public transportation, this after working her assigned shift of 5pm-10pm. Once she left the manager talked so bad about her and reported her to the other manager the next day which led to her being put on final notice. I am out of here as soon as I find a new job.

    • It sounds like the store in Nanaimo, BC, Canada as well!! Brutal! My manager actually terminated me while I was coming back from maternity leave, told the DM that I had quit and processed termination paperwork in the course of a day or two. All because I asked if it was possible to work every sunday and monday and only work 2/4 saturdays a month??!?!?! I did so much for this company (covering as the store manager with no compensation for 4 months while the Manager went on medical leave) and again 6 weeks after I had my son because they desperately needed coverage, I worked 12 hrs/week and I got nothing! Watch out if you work there and steer clear if you don't!

    • I am an employee at The Children's Place in Alameda, Ca & we are under a new Store manager who obviously needs more training. I have been apart of this company for a year & a half and have never been treated so unfairly & in addition to that, I'm 9 months pregnant. Ever since she started, she's hired more people (her friends) & has phased out the ones who were there before she came for her own personal reasons. She has cut my hours & have me multiple reasons why yet, the hours clearly are distributed to the new employees. Then when I decided to talk to my District manager about these issues, she then have me a write while I was at home, and stated that I was giving poor performance. I've never received a verbal warning prior to this "write up" from her or any of the managers. The sales leads have told me that they had to work OFF the clock serveral occasions & dress codes are being violated. This is the worst retail experience I've encountered & I do NOT plan on going back.

    • Hey I work at TCP SEDC. I know all of y'all's problems because we get treated the same. The biggest problem is the show major favortism between the shifts. Day will kill there selfs just so night can get paid a dollar more then day just to go home and enjoy there family time. Me if they offer us to go I more then likely will stay but there is people who love to go home and be with there families or take care of other business. The supervisors don't care what you have to say and HR don't care either because if you go complain to HR they always act like they don't care and send you on you way. I recommend no body go work at TCP SEDC.

  • With everything going on today, Children's Place decides to put in place a policy to make things even more difficult. I bought 3 pairs of slack and because they are Jeggings they are a little harder to size. I happen to be visiting my daughter in Maryland and evidentially bought them at a retail store. At the sales persons suggestion, instead of buying the size my child wears, size 8, I bought size 10. She still can't get in them. I went to my Children's Place at Potomac Mill, an outlet, where I was told they couldn't EXCHANGE for the EXACT same items because I purchased them at a retail store and Potomac Mills is an outlet store. After I waste, gas, time, and energy finding another retail store to RETURN there items (NOT EXCHANGE), I will never show Children's Place again, ever.

    • you should read the back of the receipts, they all say the return policies…

      Source: shop there all the time. knew about this rule before it went into place

  • I can say that not all managers for this company are alike. Majority of them are a bit snazzy. It's unprofessional and very unethical to turn away business. The manager didn't report to the security that the bill may be fraudulent. The manager could have simply stated they didn't have change and apologized if that was the case. I don't know about that particular location but I do know that the managers are quite difficult to deal with when it comes to professional character. I am an employee for this company and I am looking to transfer due to the ethics at the location in which I work. I do hope you visit the store again soon. The quality of the clothing and styles are great. I look at the Children's place as an affordable J.Crew for kids. I absolutely love them even though I dislike the management. I simply suggest that they hold a training session to restore the professionalism of the staff to help improve the stores success for more better business.

  • I was in your store in Ridgeland , Ms today. I found a couple of items for my little boy and got in line to purchase them. I had my credit card and $100.00 bill instead of using my card I decided to use cash. The young girl at the counter called the manager to get change for the bill he told me that he wouldn't let me purchase the items with my MONEY because he wouldn't break the $100.00 bill for my $8.00 purchase. I could understand this if it was at 9 a.m. in the morning this was after lunch and the store had been opened for hours. I purchased the items. I will not shop in your store ever again because it seems your managers don't like dealing with CASH.

    • Ok there just might not have been enough cash in the til to break it. And why on earth are you going to a retail store to break a 100 on something not even a tenth of the amount! We have a limited amount of cash in the store and someone else might have cleaned them out of most of their cash pulling something similar.

      And mind you this is coming from a FORMER employee who hated working for the company.

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