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  1. Hello,

    I am contacting you on behalf of Hire Image LLC regarding employment verification for an employee. If you could please direct me to the person or department that I could speak with. I can be reached by email.

  2. I visited the Euless TX store on 2/13/22. I was the only customer in line. I was the only minority in the store. I waited for several minutes. The staff ignored me and walk away. A young slim male continued wiping to the same spot and repeated where the food is. He refused to make eye contact with me. He continued to wipe the serving area to avoid taking my order. Other staff walked away to avoid taking my order. No words were exchanged for them to demonstrate this behavior. I finally asked if they were waiting on customers and there was no answer. I walked over to the cashier and asked if someone could take my order. The tall slim male walked over and whispered. Then a white female customer came in and stood behind me. They immediately took her order. I reported this twice last month when it happened and this month. There has been no follow-up. Case thread ID

  3. I ordered from the Madison St in Clarksville TN today and the bowl with Barbacoa was extremely small with mostly cheese and one small lump of meat held together by grisly fat. The white rice in all 3 meals was very undercooked, hard and unable to consume. After paying $70 including delivery I expect better quality.

  4. We visited the Chipotle at 2322 Harnett Drive in (Viera) Melbourne, FL. It was in poor shape. There were about a dozen empty dirty food containers on the work station. Someone should have taken 30 seconds to clean off the food particles spilled on the serving counter. They were out of cheese. No cheese for tacos or quesadillas or anything else. That's like a hamburger joint being out of French fries or a coffee shop being out of cream. How could this be? It was Friday evening of a holiday weekend, which means that they would probably be out of cheese all weekend. It seems as if it would be easy in such a situation for someone to run to the local grocery story and get enough cheese to properly serve customers until the regular supplies come in. Furthermore, how do you run out of cheese unless someone did not do their job to order it. After staying away for long periods and coming back thinking that this particular location has got its act together, there is another disappointment. It looks like poor management.

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