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Chipotle Corporate Office Headquarters

Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc.


1401 Wynkoop Street, Suite 500

Denver, CO 80202 USA

Phone Numbers:

Corporate Phone Number: 1-303-595-4000

Fax Number: n/a

Customer Service Number: Online Help Only

  • I visited the Euless TX store on 2/13/22. I was the only customer in line. I was the only minority in the store. I waited for several minutes. The staff ignored me and walk away. A young slim male continued wiping to the same spot repeated where the food is. He refused to make eye contact with me. He continued to wiping the serving area to avoid taking my order. Other staff walked away to avoid taking my order. No words exchanged for them to demonstrate this behavior. I finally asked if they were waiting on customers and there was no answer. I walked over to the cashier and asked if someone could take my order. The tall slim male walked over and whispered. Then a white female customer came in and stood behind me. They immediately took her order. I reported this twice last month when it happened and this month. There has been no follow up. Case thread ID : [5004U00000wWTK0QAO.0034U00002h3wYxQAI] 0054U000006VGGsQAO

  • I ordered from the Madison St in Clarksville TN today and the bowl with Barbacoa was extremely small with mostly cheese and one small lump of meat held together by grisly fat. The white rice in all 3 meals was very undercooked, hard and unable to consume. After paying $70 including delivery I expect better quality.

  • We visited the Chipotle at 2322 Harnett Drive in (Viera) Melbourne, FL. It was in poor shape. There were about a dozen empty dirty food containers on the work station. Someone should have taken 30 seconds to clean off the food particles spilled on the serving counter. They were out of cheese. No cheese for tacos or quesadillas or anything else. That's like a hamburger joint being out of French fries or a coffee shop being out of cream. How could this be? It was Friday evening of a holiday weekend, which means that they would probably be out of cheese all weekend. It seems as if it would be easy in such a situation for someone to run to the local grocery story and get enough cheese to properly serve customers until the regular supplies come in. Furthermore, how do you run out of cheese unless someone did not do their job to order it. After staying away for long periods and coming back thinking that this particular location has got its act together, there is another disappointment. It looks like poor management.

  • Yesterday in Brooklyn brought bowl at 542 pm after work order number 397 it was to go. Get home. Took a bit next bit there's. A small bug/fly in my food two one dead the other half dead on between the lettuces never happened before. But Im very unhappy with that type of service. How can I be commandant for this problem.

  • I usually order my food on line and pick it up. This is the second time that I had 10-15 little strips of lettuce. You need to have a comments box on your order form so we can add comments like: please make sure there is lettuce and drain beans a little before adding. Otherwise I LOVE Chipotle!!! keep up the good work and good food

    • Yesterday in Brooklyn brought bowl at 542 pm after work order number 397 it was to go. Get home. Took a bit next bit there's. A small bug/fly in my food two one dead the other half dead on between the lettuces never happened before. But Im very unhappy with that type of service. How can I be commandant for this problem.

  • I made my usual weekly purchases this Sunday afternoon, two salads to go. It appeared that a new girl on the line spilled some pepper/onions on the "line" and quickly picked them up and placed them in the salad bowl. I told the cashier about it and she matter of factly said I will tell the manager. We weren't looking for anything but didn't want to further tarnish the Chipotle name over the burrito calorie or major stomach incidents. They seemed unconcerned. Bakersfield, California

  • Hi, I am a worker at a Chipotle in Alexandria, Kingstowne in Virginia. I have to voice a concern regarding management in this location. Although the management team seems very lenient people, and easy-going, that seems to be quite the contrary. To be frank, I have some suspicions that there have been stealing going on, that has put workers' paycheck in expense. Would very much appreciate it, if this was settled. I say this as a 'need' to be changed, because we cannot tolerate this kind of management. Plus there was never proper training for employees thus resulting in poor service.

  • I frequent Chipotle in Greenbelt, Md, and upon arriving home t eat my meal I was shocked as I bit into my chicken bowl to find there were ROCKS (yes 2 rocks in my food)!!!!! I called the store back and after speaking to the manager I got a simple I'm sorry and I'll check the food. It sounds like all of the food should be thrown out immediately! I have never! And not only the shock from a rock has my stomach turning my tooth is sore as well.
    Corporate you need to handle this soon!

    • this company is rip off nothing more than cheap rice and bean fillers save your hard earned money americans ban chipotle save your money your in for a disappointment been living in Prescott for thirty years here nothing but disappointed people mr. Colorado needs to take a hike

  • I live one half mile from dressher pa. and eat breakfast most mornings at the Mc Donalds there. I have noticed across the street that a Chipolte has been built and have been awaiting its opening for several months. Within 150 yards of the new Chipolte there are no less than 11 other food concessions which include, Wendys, Wawa, two pizza parlors, salad works, a snack shack, a subway ( latter two about to open ) a sushi bar and a restaurant. Earlier this week I went to a CVS located in near proximity of the Chipolte and was stunned to see that it had opened for busness. I went in and was told that this Chipolte had been opened for two months. This was a Friday evening and the store was essentially empty. WHY? because no one in the area was aware that it had indeed opened. There were no roadside signs advertising its opening. The area cannot sustain 12 food places and you had better announce your opening and build a customer base post haste. When the Subway opens somebody is going to have to close or go bankrupt. I believe the Wendys is in trouble as well as the salad works restaurant. I would bet that the sales recorded at this Chipolte is well below expectations. You or they have no one to blame but yourselves. Please announce your Dresser opening and get going before its too late. Thank You.

  • It's Concert Joe

    If You folks put Large screen TVs in all your stores for SuperBowl Sunday and offer half price Burritos for that one day,
    You'll increase your patronage by 500% if only for one day !

    Heard you folks were screwed by monsanto

  • Your Food borne illness problems are not likely accidental. You likely have a major competitor resorting to intentional contamination's. If you wish to survive you are going to have to assemble a SECURITY TEAM and train your employees as well.

  • I went to Chipotle at 4015 Richmond Rd Warrensville Heights, Ohio 44122 today and ask the manager who ran up front not to touch my food along with a few other people. She never put on gloves but continue to bring refills up front. I stated to her she needs on gloves like her workers and she ignored me. I informed her I was going to report it. What happen to people knowing its uunsanitary t taouch trays and food with no gloves?

  • I Went on my lunch break to Chipotle in Glendora, CA (on Gladstone) terrible customer service, out of brown rice (I received very little but still paid full price) and needless to say they were out of corn as well , when I asked if they will be anymore coming out , the response I received "sorry it's frozen" won't be for a while ??? no apology what so ever !!! Horrible service

  • I had very bad experience at chipotle , 4512 N Sterling Ave, Peoria, Il 61615
    I love chipotle and I am very loyal customer of chipotle since long time, but I had very bad experience with chipotle location.
    This chipotle complete staff and manager Mr. Alejandro M. Garza. is very rode and they misbehaved with us.
    now I really need to think 10 times before i will go to chipotle or i might never go to chipotle any more
    Very un happy loyal customer


    About six months ago, my wife had my Huntington Debit Card with her and decided to stop by Chipotle located in Canal Winchester, Ohio. I had informed her that she could use it if she decides to stop by and get something to eat. She did, and they said the card was declined. Now understand the funds available was around $1,300 so when she called me I knew something wasn't right. So I just said let it go and will check on it later. I got busy and never follow-up on it because I use the card everywhere and never ever have any problems. Of course she use another and everything was fine.

    Now, just two days ago I stopped by the same place and the place was filled with people and when it came my time to pay I gave them the same Debit Card and believe it or not the girl says to me sorry sir the card is declined. I ask her to try it again and the same thing happen. So of course I pay with another and immediately follow-up on my cell phone to check the available funds in the account. Again, the same thing, the available funds were over $3,000 and there was no reason for the card to be rejected. So the following day I made a trip to Huntington Bank thinking of course may be the card was bad. The banker made some calls and says to me that there is nothing wrong with my card. I ask why is my card accepted everywhere but that one location which is Chipotle? I was told that the girl who ran my card did not do it correctly (like typing in the three digit code on the back of the card). SO here we have the Chipotle worker stating my card is no good which its good everywhere else and then we have the Personal Banker from Huntington Bank saying its not their fault it is the Chipotle workers fault. I just don't know what or who to believe. WOW! I ask what can one do? The banker says that if it were her she just wouldn't go to that Chipotle anymore. Of course it is the only one in Canal Winchester, Ohio and it was more of a convenience factor than anything.

    I wonder if anyone else ever experienced this with them?

    • Does the corporate office even give a damn about these complaints? I had a bad experience at a new chipotle at the little mall at Brush Street, Bronx. Not only did they get the order wrong, I found a piece of meat in my vegan sofritas order. Yes, as a vegan I was disgusted. Also, the woman who cleaned the counter, did the food. Obviously its more about money than quality, after all time is money. Shame on us for patronizing these businesses!

  • 9-17-15 Just spoke with a Manager of the restaurant at FLW and Thompson Peak (Scottsdale, AZ). My concern was about an employee filling orders who had an UNCOVERED beard. The Manager – David, indicated that there is no policy about covering beards and the health inspector was just there and didn't indicate this as a concern. REALLY? Gross!!! Please institute a policy to cover up beards, as you have done for hair or I'm NEVER giving you any business again!!!

  • 9/4 I came to Chipolte and ordered 1 order of Hard Chicken Tacos to go which costs $7.00 got on line to check my account and it was dated 9/8/15 and 13.99 was taken out of my account. I then called southgate location in Colorado Sprngs and was told there was nothing that could be done since I didn't have receipt. . I will Loved the food and always stopped by for family and employees. Not a happy customer

  • I have made 3 Philanthropic requests online over the course of 2 months. I have never heard a reply. When I called the corporate number I was on hold for 10 minutes and then automatically disconnected.

  • Today I ate at the Richmond VA Chesterfield Chipotle location. After eating most of my chicken bowl I FOUND A BUG IN MY FOOD CRAWLING AROUND THE LETTUCE!!!!!! I immediately approached the front employee area and showed them the bug. The manager said "it must have been in the bag when the lettuce was shipped." Meanwhile there were at least a dozen more people working their way through the serving line and nobody did anything to change the lettuce out for fresh NO BUG lettuce.

    I was so upset by the time I got home (not to mention nauseous) that I immediately grabbed my iphone and googled the corporate office number. I encountered an extremely rude guy who clearly should not be in a customer service position who told me the number i dialed was not for chipotle EVEN THOUGH HE SAYS… THANK YOU FOR CALLING CHIPOTLE MEXICAN GRILL….. CHIPOTLE HOW MAY I HELP YOU WHEN HE ANSWERS THE PHONE!!!!!!! The NUMBER IS 303-595-4000.


  • My son went and had lunch today at the location in Flower Mound Texas. He is a high school student and does not have much money. The lady behind the line made his burrito wrong and was in such a hurry to process the other orders she wouldn't even give him a chance to explain to her so she could fix it. He ate it but it left a bad taste in his mouth. You probably ruined his experience and he doesn't want to go back. That was $12.00 down the drain. Thanks a lot for nothing

  • First, let me start by saying that I love Chipotle! I used to love this location too until recently and got my lunch there at least 2-3 times a week. I work across the street! However, my last couple of visits has been more than disappointing. Initially, when they opened the line move quickly and the customer service was great, but now it takes so much time to get lunch and the staff is rude. The staff, mostly male, on the food line, seem to spend most of their time chatting between themselves or else checking out the cute females in line. They are rude and don’t listen when people are giving their order. They are very sloppy when putting the food together. It’s so bad now that you should start thinking of giving out bibs with the burritos. You could nearly drink it, it is so wet and fall apart when you try to eat it. I’m REALLY, REALLY, REALLY disappointed at the level of service at this location now and I’m going to have to get my Chipotle fix elsewhere. There needs to be some serious customer service training/education done at this location before it’s anyway right again. If you check out the Yelp for this location you will see many more people have have similar experiences at this location. This location is at the 148 Brookline Ave, Boston, MA 02215. My email address is shivhough@yahoo.com

  • 2/22/2015 -Deerfield, IL

    The last few times my husband and I ordered at this location have not been good. 2/22/15, Deerfield, IL location. Ordering online is just as bad, the order is never ready, have had to weight 20 mins if not longer at times. My husband went in the late afternoon. They are always out of ingredients. They told him there was no guacamole… they were running out of cheese n sour cream. ..no carnitas. The burritos are never filled n are small. .still we get charged full price. My husband's burrito had a black hair in it. Disgusting! ! The staff there are standing around talking (mostly the young girls) not listening to the customers, have seen cell phones. A few times they added ingredients after we said no to them. We won't be going to this location again.

  • Shame on you Chipotle. I live in San Fernando, CA and there is a political sign hanging on your building, this is appalling. The banner is for a candidate who is running for City Council in our city, his name is Antonio Lopez. The location at San Fernando Road and Maclay now stands for Special Interest. Special Interest is something our city has been struggling with for many years. My family will not be eating at your resturants. What a bad way to start off in our city when you have not even opened your doors for business.

  • Worst place I've ever had to displeasure to work at. Was hired at the Raleigh NC location in mid Oct 2014 and was let go after only 4 days. Was never give a reason other then "don't think this is going to work out". I was given the task of making the salsas in the morning and being that my shift started later then everyone else, I only had 1 hour and 15 mins to complete my tasks, including cleaning up my work area and doing my dishes. Impossible, to say the least. If they felt I wasn't able to complete this job with the time alloted, I would have expected to be given another job to try considering I was told that they work to a persons strengths. Nope, just cut loose after 4 days. I can't prove it but, I feel I was discriminated against because of my age. Everyone but one guy was under the age of 30 (I'm 52).Besides all of that, I am STILL waiting for my one and only paycheck! Been trying to get them to send it to me for over a month now and still nothing. All I am getting is the proverbial "the check is in the mail" BS. If I do not have my check in todays mail, I will be taking them to small claims court here in Raleigh to get my money and I will also be filing a formal complaint with the labor board here along with complaints to the BB and any other organization I can think of to complain about Chipotles unfair labor practices.

  • My name is Andrea and I’m writing you today to let you know how upset I am after visiting a Chipotle restaurant on 12/16/2014 @ 3:26 to grab a lite dinner before heading into work myself. I stopped by the Alpharetta location (10910 Haynes Bridge Road); to my amazement there was barely no one in line except for a lady and her daughter. A moment passes and still no one is serving the food. I step out of line and ask the cashier to get a manager. She leaves, and few seconds her come a lady who ask “how may I help you”. I state to her that there is no one serving food and I’ve been standing in line far too long with no service. I asked her “are you a manger?? She would not answer, I asked her 4 times “are you a manager” and she would not answer me. I begin to get upset at this point and advised her that if she did not want to reveal her actual title I would be contacting the manager directly. She walks off to the back and I get back in line to order my food with another worker. While in the line I expressed my frustrations by stating that “I can’t believe the service you people are offering here at this location, I will be contacting corporate at this point because this is ridiculous”. The same lady that acted as a manger earlier comes up and states that she could call the police on me… I was totally shocked and baffled at this point that this lady is speaking to me in this manner when I did not raise my voice, yell or use any profanity while speaking with her. She continued to threaten me while there were customers standing line stating that she could call the police for the way I was speaking with her and that she could run the tape back to get me banned from coming into the store. I got to the register paid for my food and I asked for her name and she said nothing and refused to tell me. She stated “You want my name you can take the card upfront with my name on it”, there were only two cards so I took both and left out. The fact that she would not reveal her name or title to me made me feel like she was not a manager. I’m very upset and can’t believe that chipotle is hiring people in their establishment with such nasty attitudes. The lack of customer service that was not provided from the time I walked in to the time I left needs to be addressed!!!?? I should have not have had to encounter such behavior from people who are working in hospitality and/or customer service. I’m very offended and upset that this lady spoke to me in the manner that she did and is representative of your company. I have never been talked to like this or treated like this at any place of business. For her to threaten to call the police when I merely was seeking proper customer service is not cool. She embarrassed me and had no remorse to how she treated me. Who keeps chipotle in business again… the employees? Or customers??

  • 3 days ago i was christmas shopping and my wife and i was craving chipotle. So we went to the Huber Hieghts, Ohio location. I waited in the car and she ran in. As the employee proceeded to make my burrito and got to the end where they wrap the burrito the employee then told my wife that she could not wrap the burrito because they were out of big burritos. So they put it in a bowl. So my wife then ordered my salsa for chips, so my wife told them that she needed 2 bags of chips, so yet again employee then advised they were out of chips. The cashier said sorry we can give you a free drink….. Really I mean this is comparable to Pizza Hut being out of pizza crust.I mean is noone smart enough to tell people as they come into the store. Total BS CHIPOTLE is gooooooing down hill fast. Restaurant Impossible needs to do a show on Chipotle before its too late.

  • I went to the Towson location today and spent $15.50 on my first visit to Chipotle. I returned back to work to find a DEAD FLY in my bowl mixed in my black beans!

    I called Christian the store manager, after holding for over 6 minutes explained to him that there is a dead fly in my bowl, HE SAID NOTHING for several seconds and then asked what I expected him to do. REALLY!!!!!!

    I stated I expected him to refund my money and remake my lunch WITHOUT black beans. He told me no he wasnt doing that. He never APOLOGIZED. So I asked him is name he gave it to me, told me to have a nice day and hung up!

    WOW what a GREAT leader for you to have in a busy location. I can promise this the video I shot of the fly in my food WILL be posted on FB and any other social media site I can. Our office will never visit this location again. Your "manager" should be fired for his lack of disregard for his customers!



  • We would love a Chipolte in Jackson Ohio. We all drive 30 miles to the nearest one. Jackson is a small town but we'd line be lining up.

  • wow theres so much about chipotle ,I didn't know ??? to get in work there you have to be straight ghetto or you are not in the right place
    the way the co-workers talk about each other is un-necessary
    I had to get out of that environment not healthy for anyone 🙁

  • I wanted to share my experience with everyone about chipotle
    the employers I had to work with was very negative about the g.ms
    they didn't treat me wrong ,just the way they spoke to one another was very negative ,cussing & verbally abusing each other the way spoke was unnecessary
    I worked there for a month & loved the customers but very unhappy with my co-workers
    I left couldn't take the abuse no more

  • I Was Just At The Chipotle StorE In Mt Lebanon Pennsylvania And I Ordered A Brown Rice Bowl With Chicken..Medium Salsa..Cheese..Corn Salsa And Aour Cream..Well The Girl Waiting On Me Was Rushing The Orders By So Fast That When I Got Home To Enjoy My Meal It Was A Royal Mess Of A Slop Dinner…The Girl Put The Mild Salsa On My Dish Which Is Nothing But Chuncked Tomatoes And I Hate Tomatoes..There Was Also Some Black Beans In There Which I Did Not Want…All I Want To Say Is That You Really Need To Tell Your Employees To Slow Down A Bit And Lower The Glass Cover Over The Food A Bit Because They Cant Hear You..This Experience Has Really Ruined A Dinner That I Loved Very Much..I Can Honestly Say It Will Be A Long Time Before I Go Back Or My Business Will Go Elsewhere..

  • To Whom It May Concern,

    I am very disappointed in the service that is received at the Capitol Heights, MD location at 9141 Alaking Court. On several visits to the restaurant I have always had to deal with the lack of customer service which is horrible, orders are always incorrect and tonight my food was not cooked. The rice was so hard when you bit into it I thought I had cracked my tooth. So of course by time I returned to the store it was closed. I had to deal with a security guard that was rude and not willing to go get management. So after 5 mins of dealing with the security guard someone came to assist me and gave me a refund. I am just truly disappointed in this location because no one there cares about customer service. Everyone is in a rush and very rude to the paying customers. I really love Chipotle but treating customers like this is not going to last very long. I will be spreading the word not to go this location.

  • So, if I visit a chipotle location and ask for my change back, will they give it? You know "the amount they round up"

  • I just left from working at the Chipotle in Monroe Ohio and the management and staff suck. The managers talk garbage in front of employees they don't like stating they are dumb, stupid, idiots, are not worth crap. And they wonder why people quit there. My G.M. is married and has kids and was going to another store location to meet another woman. My second day there a manager made a statement about me being white and they need more color there as he was black and my C.M. was Hispanic. They want to say its empowering our associates and we only do things at the highest standards. Their version of district managers will only promote you if you acknowledge them and kiss their a$$. The job is a complete joke. Steve Ells should be ashamed of starting a company with good intentions and letting it get run by people whom have no place even running a hot dog cart.

  • I didn't realize that Chipotle IS NOT INFANT FRIENDLY! I was in Chipotle for lunch with my children and my 2month old grandson; when he needed his diaper changed. They have NO CHANGING TABLES IN EITHER BATHROOM! I had to change my poor grandson on top of the counter. Which is actually a health violation, but he needed to be changed. I was sooo humiliated that the public had to see his little bottom, but I had no choice.

  • I was at the chipotle at Chantilly Cross Lane Ste. 14424 in Chantilly, VA where I ordered a steak bowl. The server didn't secure the bowl like she was supposed to. When I got to my car and placed the bag onto the passengers seat, the juices from the bag had leaked all over my lap and into my seat, all over the middle console, and onto the passenger seat. It was extremely irritating because I have leather seats and it is almost 100 degrees in my car! I tried to wipe it up as fast as I could before it began to stick and went right back inside to ask for a refund and another bowl because it was already embarrassing enough that I had food all over my front and seat of my pants, but I have to go all the way back home to change and have my car detailed. The manager blamed the "bowl" as being the problem and wouldn't give me another bowl. She only offered to give me my money back or give me another bowl. I was standing in front of customers with food on me and in my car because your person screwed up and you make me an offer like that?! I asked for the store number and have just left a voicemail. Let's see if their corporate office can do better. I sure hope so because this was really an unfortunate event!

  • I have been a regular costumer of the Severn park MD location for many years i have also known and currently know employees there, in the last several months they have changed to new managers the quality of food is now very poor, service is not great they are always out of something, and the employees are not at all happy that is easy to see, people are quitting on a daily basis there I cannot believe that corporate would not step in and fix the Management problems there I know of people who use to love their jobs and now are looking for other work so sad.I sure hope things change soon a lot of people complaining about this location locally.

  • I am a huge fan of Chipotle's so I am very dissapointed in the quality of the food at your Capitol Heights, MD location on Ala King Dr. The white rice has little or no cilantro and therefore is flavorless. The chicken has little or no seasoning on it so the Chipotle flavor is nonexistent and the chips are hit or miss–sometimes they have salt, sometimes they don't. I have given this location several chances but today's is the last one. Disappointed every time! Hopefully the new location planned for Lanham, Maryland will be better. Otherwise I will have to drive an extra 15 minutes to a location other than Capitol Heights. The flavorfulness Chipotle is famous for is non-existent at this location.

  • I worked for Chipotle for a month and it was the worst experience I have ever had. The managers embarrassed me in front of the customers and in front of the other employees all because I didn't call brown rice within 5 portions they made me cry and called me a liar. I liked working there but they treated me very poorly managers and employees. then They fired me all because I worked hard but not at the pace they wanted me at in a timely manner. I was still learning things as fast as I could. I mean I showed up on time matter fact 15 minutes before im supposed to and I did everything that was expected out of me and I get fired for learning very poor store. Chipotle Willow Grove Pennsylvania West Morland ave

  • My husband & I had lunch at the Chipotle on Hull St. Rd. in Midlothian, VA on 7/27/2013. We got there at 5 minutes till 11 am so we had to wait for a few minutes which was fine. We knew we were early. We were the first customers when they opened the door. We placed our orders & everything was very prompt. However, when we went to sit down we could hardly find a clean table & the floor was very dirty. I do not know what your procedures are but the place should be clean for customers when it opens up. I worked for a Submarine sandwich place for a few years when I first was married. It opened at 11 am but we had to be there at 10 am to make sure everything was clean & ready to go. This was just double checking because everything was required to be cleaned the night before. I was very disappointed in the appearance. I do hope something is said to the manager of this store. The address is 13300 Rittenhouse Dr., Midlothian, VA and the phone # is 804-744-5242.

  • Chipotle in Greenwich Village, Nyc had an awesome Manager until he left, now the place is a disater. I only recognize Four workers and I rarely see them anymore. Seems like no one knows what they are doing. There was a pregnant female working there that was very energized and i was told they let her go. So sad. This place needs to be inspected on how the staff is. Had a few bad experience for the past 2months.

  • I worked at CHIPOTLE for almost 7 mos in Jacksonville florida. I did an awesome job basically was doing a managers job for 8.00 an hour! I'm the first to admit I had my fair share of bad days but the way I was treated by both management and coworkers contributed to those bad days. When you have people constantly trying to irritate you because you know more than they do not to mention a crew member talking about oral sex on the job managers dating employees and never being praised for the good you do anyone would get upset and discouraged. I was fired today because I have had bad days (my great days far exceeded any bad I ever had) I feel I was used and mistreated anytime I went to mgmt about any issue nothing was ever done yet all was my fault what do I do?? I loved the work just not the ppl….

  • IT IS OBVIOUS that im not the only person complaining about chipolte! IT IS ALSO CLEAR that the CORPORATION doesnt give a damn. START PROTESTING! IM GONNA go to the news media SO WE CAN SEE if a little UNWANTED PUBLICITY will make these BOZO'S or the PUBLIC WAKE UP!!

    I wont even bother putting my complaint here, as it is the same as all the other UNACKNOWLEDGED complaints!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I do not understand why Chipolte doesn't have an option on its online order website for KIDS MEALS. You should be able to pick and choose a Kids meal online just like choosing a bowl. I am tired on having to write a kids meal in and then when I go to pick it up the order is wrong. PLEASE add features to the online order site for a kids meals and the 2 sides and a drink that come with it.

  • Hello Chipotle Corporate Offices

    I was in your store on March 23, 2013 and ordered food and received it with some difficulty. The cashier at this store in Hicksville, New York 215 North Broadway was someone that I had not seen before. The order in front of mine was confused with my order so the bill was to much and they had to refund the person in front of me getting checked out the $9.00 difference. That wasn't a problem for me but the Manager on duty made a comment to the Cashier Laura " Another mistake". Totally unprofessional and probably no one would have connected with this statement. But my business is Corporate Communications for a muli national company. This behavior wouldn't and shouldn't be in the workplace ever.

    Then my order came up and the Burrito and a childs chips. The chips being $90 vs. $1.30 for a full bag is so much smaller, so why would I buy the smaller one. In the first place I have visited this store for several years and never was charged before! Now for some reason. Also think about it Children are the reason so many people come into your restaurant and being I buy a regular Buritto for my 7 year old little girl. She enjoys your restaurant and maybe
    corporate should offer children Chips like they do when they buy a childrens meal for much less.

    Since the beginning I have been a valued stock owner in the company and realized profits when it was near the high
    a few months back. I still own over several thousand shares
    and you should take note to the following I noticed on the same visit.

    Two Highway Patrol Officers arrive at the store and I watched them cut through the line to get to the back of the line. Then they ordered and when it came time to pay
    the Manager came out to shake their hand and gave them coupons. Then they didnt use these new coupons they were told no problem. That meant they didn't pay. So why is that
    they get treatment like this since they are not even from the precient since they are on the Highway. Nassau County HP Unit. If every patrol officer receives this type of treatment against Police Policy also to receive offers as well without payment then Chilpolte will be the loser in the end. One tells another and on and on.

    Third and final Your cooks in the back think it is proper
    to taste or sample food in a cup while they are on duty. Wrong – directly in front of the customers. As if I can taste and to put it in a plastic cup and shove it in his mouth and get away with this is wrong.

    Your team there also is coming on the floor during there
    shift and getting drinks and refills.

    Can you look into this behavior please.

    S Levin
    Brookville New York

  • I worked at Chipotle for five months. My employer attempted to put 5 people through the promotion track within 2 months. 2 of these people had been promoted within 1 month of working there, and were sub-par workers. After raising my doubts about the stability of the stores workflow due to many unreasonable changes, I was fired the next day. I found out the next week that my GM received a 2000-3000 dollar bonus for everyone that reached apprentice GM, which means he was promoting many people recklessly for money without regard for the workplace. His boss knew this as well, and did not care. She was also promoted around the same time to a very high position. The name of my GM was Andrew Hettinger and his boss was Amber Engebretson. I worked at the Chipotle on Stassney in Austin, TX. Their food's alright, but they reuse the last days beans and such for the next morning. So much for fresh.

  • On the date listed above, several of my co-workers and I placed a large order, which was faxed to the chipotle on Colerain Ave. When we went to pick up the order it was not ready. When getting back to our job several things were missing and looked as if items were literally thrown into the bag. Lids were not all the way on the bowls, food and sauces were spilled all over. I called the Colerain location and spoke with the general manager, who had no customer service skills AT ALL. While explaining to her what was missing, she began to argue with this writer about how it was our fault because we watched them make it and we should have said something at that time. I tried explaining multiple times that the person who was picking up the food did not place the order and that it is not our responsibility to do their job for them. In addition these items were payed for and we did not receive them, that is theft. After the issue was not resolved from the GENERAL MANAGER, i attempted to call the corporate office, in which noone answers, so therefore I am now leaving it here. This is not the first bad experience I have had. I have personally worked in the restaurant industry, for several years, and never have I seen so much unprofessionalism and such poor customer service skills. I suggest you all shape up because your customers make your paycheck and coming from a facility who places large orders regularly, you just lost several regular customers.

    Have a great day.

    P.S. I am almost thinking about reporting to local news station that televises over the tri-state area about the poor services and nasty workers their. This will effect Chipotle corporate business. Is this how you want Chipotle to be recognized in the "customer service industry", I doubt it.

  • I went to Chipotle on Sunday, March 3, 2013 in Los Angeles, California located at 3939 Crenshaw Boulevard (Balwins location) They did not have any corn, stating it was frozen. hen I go to Chipotle I expect them to have all of the foods available. The serve is very slow. Short staff. They need to move faster so the long line will move fast. At the other Chipotles they have it well together. Then on another day our food was cold. (the chicken) Please get it together!!! When I call the phone number at 3035954000 to complain I could not get a live person. The phone kept hanging up. You can press 0 to get a live representative and how is a customer suppose to know the extension???? Get it together!!! Here is my @yahoo.com Hopefully a representative will contact me through my e-mail. Thank You, Tammy

  • U said it they excpect one person to do all jobs and mgr. or who ever in charge are lazy they excpect do itnow excuse me im puttibg on gloves or the food is not cooked it sucks at superstition springs blvd in mesa az

  • Does anyone know the number for the Chipotle corporate office? I've tried the 1-303-595-4000 & can't get anyone to answer.

  • I just got back from lunch at the Chipotle in Sandusky, Ohio. I am amazed at the staff there. Such high energy and positive attitudes. You must treat your employees very well for them to enjoy working there so much. I will for sure be going back there often. Thanks John and the whole Sandusky crew.

  • when will they be building a chipolte in Ocala, fla.?? we want so sooo badly…we drive up to gainesville now, as that's the closest to us…we would love to have our own here in ocala…have you checked into it yet?? let us know? I keep writing to ask!! judie k

  • Woodbridge VA Location
    I ordered online and I had received a completely wrong order. I called prior to going in and asked what the refund policies were and she (cashier Gladys) said to come in and bring the receipt and food and we would get a refund. I went back with a receipt and the food within about 5 minutes and told the cashier I would like my refund, she threw our order away and went to the back to get the 'manager' , when I spoke with the manager or shift leader (Jessica Cardoso) she was extremely rude. We told her that the online order was done incorrectly and we would like a refund. She asked what was wrong about the order and we told her that things were missing and instead to offering to remake the order, She then went to take it out of the garbage, put on gloves and examined the discarded food in front of other customers while going back and forth to reference our online order on the screen to see if the ingredients were there. After a minute or two of this she came back and insisted everything was correctly put into our order. She also wrote down the order on a piece of paper the way they received it and when I told her we included comments for extras she said that they received the order a certain way online without any comments and she wasn't wrong because it was the systems fault not hers and she was not going to refund our order. She shook her head and said well I don’t know what to tell you….. When I continued to ask for a refund she said the computer wouldn't allow her to do it because our order was correct and they didn't get it wrong. On the comments I had asked for extras on my bowl and burrito and in the beginning she said she never received the comments but later on in the conversation she stated we received the extras but it didn't make sense if her original excuse was that they never got the comments from the order so I just felt like we were being continuously being lied to. By the end of that run around she said "well, all I can offer you is a buy 1 get 1 free coupon even though at that point we had paid for an order we never ate and was in the trash. I could not believe she denied me a refund only to offer me a chance to BUY another bowl to get another free. At that moment I felt stuck. MY food is in the trash, at that point I do not want the same people who are being rude to be the ones also remaking my food, and I’ve already paid for my order. And while all of this is happening,
    The cashier Gladys and to go person Maria were staring and laughing rudely and making rude comments in Spanish not thinking I knew how to speak Spanish about how annoying and stupid we were for coming back for our money. She (Jessica Cardoso) told us she would write our names down which she did on a wrinkled paper from out of the garbage and we could come back and get 2 "free" bowls even though we did pay for them. Leaving us with no option we never got our refund or food and left giving money for a service/product we never received, Very disappointing I will never ever go back again. The only reason I know their names is because they were printed on the receipts. I called other locations and they all told me I was correct and to get in contact with the general manager which i couldn’t. Also the shift lead or manager took our receipts and didn't let us know her name or her actual position within the company. We had to ask for a reprint of OUR receipt and her name before she gave us either.

    • So, seeing that they do this, crazy, can you get your change if you ask? This is blowing my mind that people think it's ok?

  • My husband and I together with my son and his wife were at: 1671 Stringtown Road Chipotle in Grove City, Ohio on 8/9/2012 at 3:53pm. Our order number was #284 and #283 and Host:Ramon. We frequent Chipotles often (not at this location usually), and have never had complications. When we arrived today there was a note on the door that said they were currently out of white and brown rice and it would be at least one half hour wait. It was a nice day so we we sat with outside and waited the half hour. We went from the patio into the restaurant when the rice was ready (waited in line which went to the door),and gave our order. We were then told they were also out of the corn salsa. There were at least 12 people behind the counter (we counted) and it took forever for our order to be put together. The workers seemed amused at the situation. Then we were told they were out of napkins…Really how can this be???? Of course there was also no t-paper in the restrooms. And for some reason the water barely dripped into our cup from the dispenser. While we waited I can not begin to tell you how many customers came and left disgusted when they saw the rice sign on the door. The people that did stay to eat (sitting inside the restaurant and on the patio), were all talking about the unusual situation we just encountered. It started for us to be some what amusing, then we became very frustrated. Then we realized all we encountered and we became concerned about the safety of the food we were then eating. Please send someone to check on this store. It is a bad situation, and definitely a potential money loser for you in more ways than one!!

    • Sorry to hear about your experience. Bad managment for sure. My experience today at the Beechmont, Ohio choptle was about waiting in line for 25 minutes when it was not even busy at all. They had one girl running the entire line instead of 2 or 3. Everyone was upsset because the manager was awhare of this but refused to help his employee, he eventially went in the back. After 15 minutes went by somebody asked to speak with him about the long wait and his response was " were short staffed" then he dissappeared again. He said it in a rude manner as well. I am going to call corporate asap.

    • Sounds like neshaminy pa location completely disrespectfully. Here is there employee complaint line. You can get though easier. 877-625-1919

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