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Choice Hotels Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Choice Hotels Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Choice Hotels International, Inc.

Choice Hotels Corporate Office Address

10750 Columbia Pike
Silver Spring, MD 20901 USA

Choice Hotels Corporate Contact Phone Numbers:

Corporate Phone Number: 1-301-592-5000
Fax Number: 1-301-592-6157
Customer Service Number: 1-877-424-6423

Choice Hotels Corporate Office

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  1. I was at the Rodeway Inn 1401 S ocean blvd where the hotel itself is dirty nasty the rooms are dirty as well / the elevator does go to all floors, the housekeeping is bad , things in the room are even worst I was in room 507 and the door would not lock and the latch was broken my other room there was ashes in the bathtub floors nasty dirty bed lumpy and sunk in so he offered to give full refund , should have took and run but no room on ocean front so we stayed , he have 10% discount, when I got home called corp and was offered some points and I took and still not happy so the manager Chris Smoyer emailed me saying will give full refund and he debited my accout and he know it he is playing going to contact a attorney because he has access to may acct to take money

  2. Stayed in an Econo Lodge in Montpelier, Vt. & had to clean the entire room with Clorox wipes which were filled with rolled up Black crud, obviously this dirt was thick & old. The toilet had not even been cleaned. Unlike other letters, the staff was mannerly & the breakfast was good. The sheets were carefully checked since the furniture & bathroom were so filthy, but they were OK, just thin as was the mattress. Corporate does not answer their phone & really needs attitude adjustment!! Better Business Bureau will hopefully handle that.

  3. Why bother? obviously our stay at a filthy Econo Lodge in Montpelier, Vt. was the same as the above experiences, but at least the employees were mannerly & breakfast was good. The room was filthy & I took Clorox wipes to clean the the tops of everything & THE TOILET!! The wipes were full of rolled black dirt, it was that thick! Checked the sheets carefully & they were thin but OK. Mattress was ancient & back breaking. Choice management obviously does not give a hoot & no they do not answer their phones. We & our friends are frequent travelers & you can be sure a good word will not be spoken for this disgraceful company. Better Business Bureau will be notified. Amazingly, this hole in the wall was more expensive than a Fairfield!
    The Wagners, S.C.

  4. Well the Orlando Clarion can now be rated TOTALLY WORTHLESS… booked a "package", the site showed kitchenette, etc. AND continental breakfast (now not there) and due to having a one year old this would have been ideal. Got to the hotel – no kitchenette, apparently only certain rooms get plates for the continental breakfast, which the room they put us in does not get it (although paid on the package), never took care of the tickets for Disney – which luckily Disney itself is extremely helpful. NEVER NEVER NEVER WILL STAY AT A CHOICE HOTEL AGAIN – totally inept people, it is a shame that this corporation does not take pride in their product. This used to be an "excellent" name. Did a lot of traveling a few years back and never had an issue – but in looking at all of these review – something changed. No more pride in anything. I will make sure I tell everyone I know how HORRIBLE this chain is now.

  5. My family checked into 2 room on March 7th at your Econo Lodge in Phoenix Arizona location. While unpacking our belongings we opened the refrigerator to find cockroaches. We were so grossed out, we went to the front desk to let them know. They acted like it was no big deal. They informed us they were sold out on the bottom floor (I have a broken foot and can't walk up stairs) we would have to stay in our rooms. Plus if the roaches are in one room they are probably in all. We went back to the room which freaked us out and caught one of the roaches. We went back to the front desk to show them we weren't making this up. The one clerk said “here house has them and it's normal.” NO it's not normal!!! They gave us $20.00 off our night stay which was an insult. I sure hope that someone will go through the rooms and fumigate so others don't have to lose sleep like we did!! The neighborhood was very sketchy, and extremely dirty! I would never stay any where around there again.

  6. I joined your 2 nights gets 1 night free promotion, stayed my 2 nights at the same Rodeway Inn and expected to get the 1 night free. It turns out that the promo gives you 8K points and I would need 12K to stay at that same hotel. So the promo is NOT really a 2 for 1 but a poorly thought out marketing scheme. The only thing 2 nights gets you points for is a lowest level hotel remote from anywhere I would travel. What a way to piss off customers in your own program! Nice thinking marketing.

  7. Hi, I would like to make a comment about your work outfits. they are black scrubs and hot. I know they make capri scrubs which I think would be great for the summer time. The people who work in the laundry sweat and stink which means they are handling clean stuff and dripping this sweat on them you need to make some adjustments to the uniforms.. thank you

  8. your hotels suck the whole hall smelled like cigarettes. my son had pieces of loose dirt on his sheets the blankets had moth holes in them and the key card only worked about every tenth tine maintenance and housekeeping couldn't get it to work any better, We were also charged twice @after numerouse employees, the manager and his wife talked to while we were there and lots of phone calls afterward I have still not received a refund on my card In 72 years I haven't had such a sucked "Happy Mothers Day"

  9. I see that my comment echoes those that have gone before. Your reservation/Member Services system/organization is a TOTAL shambles. I just spent an hour and a half on the phone trying to get a simple cancellation of a two room confirmation number that was supposed to be only one room. Your reservation people apparently have no authority to do ANYTHING. I was passed from agent to agent and then told a supervisor had to be contacted. So I waited thru three more holds for action after the supervisor was involved This is totally unacceptable treatment of a Diamond Member. My guess is you don't even read these comments or someone would have been canned long ago.

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