Church’s Chicken Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Church’s Chicken Corporate Office Headquarters
Cajun Operating Company
980 Hammond Dr. NE, Ste. 1100
Atlanta, GA 30328 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-770-350-3800
Fax Number: 1-770-512-3920
Customer Service Number: 1-770-350-3800
Employment: 1-877-422-5627 ext. 101
Franchising: 1-800-639-3495

  • Will you PLEASE tell your people not to take change from the local business without permission! I have six signs on my changers stating they are for current customers only. PLEASE! Tell the Winslow AZ store to order their own change! PLEASE!

  • My friend has been a very loyal worker at church's. i find out he left the company because of the manager, which her whole family works there, she works with her husband same days , takes same days off, i know in other companies you work opposite of you're spouse. But i told him to look into it with law offce. I'm a loyal customer to church's because of him, from Winslow Az

  • we went to Church's Chicken on Geyer Springs Rd in Little Rock, Ar. We ordered the 10 piece mixed, we got 10 pieces of thighs, the coleslaw wasn't even mixed up and the Hot peppers were mushy. Copr Office needs to pay a surprise visit, get back the old manager, the place was allot cleaner.

  • I went to Church's Chicken and ordered 10 piece to go, the chicken was so greasy, the coleslaw was horrible, and the peppers we mushy. Someone from Corp needs to pay a surprise visit, the dining area was NASTY. Need to replace the management back to the ones they use to have.

  • I visited the church's chicken in Los Angeles near LaBrea & 62nd St. They were out of shrimp, although there is a nation wide ad promoting Church's various shrimp baskets. The french fries were cold, and the receipt machine was not working.

  • Went to Church's chicken in Roswell, NM on 12/21/17 returning from picking up one of our dogs who had a tail amputated due a returning tumor on his tail. On way back stopped at their store at the south end to get 14 pieces of chicken for our dinner. Time is about 6:20pm. We were told it would be at least 20 minutes since they did not have enough chicken. What fast food restaurant does not have 14 pieces of chicken ready for sale at 6:20pm. So we left for the north store. When we got the drive in there were three cars in front of us. The audio system was terrible; could hardly hear the attendant, so it was obvious they do not keep their equipment up to par. Put in our order, so seemed they could hear us OK. Took about 30 minutes to serve he three cars ahead of us; so much for fast food. Then when we got up to the window finally and after taking my credit card and charging it, they have the nerve now to tell us that they do not have the chicken to fulfill our order. THEY COULDN'T HAVE TOLD US THIS WHEN WE ORDERED??? When I very irritatedly told them I wanted my money back they walked away with the receipt and left us hanging. A call to the corporate office has gone ignored. Even though they have a good tasting fried chicken; stay away for this place since they care less about their customers.

  • To whom it may concern,

    On 06.02.2017, timestamp 9:17:36pm I went to Restaurant #836. Church's Chicken on 4401 Marshall Road St. Louis, MO 63134. There I purchased a 9 piece mixed for $18.99 and a 9 piece dark for $8.99. Mind you that I live 30 minutes from the area and was heading home after work. Once I got home, I noticed not receiving the $33.80 charge of food purchased. There were only 3 workers in the store. I understand they may have been overwhelmed, yet as a consumer, I feel the customer service at this location is horrible. I called the store back multiple times before finally a lady named Apri answers who states she was the store manager. I explained to her that I did not receive the 9 piece mixed paid for. She rudely said, "you will need to bring your food back in order to be refunded." I explained that I wanted the difference of the mixed order, not the full refund. The manager gave me two 9 pieces dark chicken; therefore reducing my bill by the $9.99 amount.

    After working 10 hours, heading home and for a manager that should have customer service skills to suggest for a consumer to drive back 30-40 minutes back to the store and bring back food for a refund is absolutely ridiculous! If this is a franchise store, the utilization of your name is definitely doing a disservice to your business. If this is a Corporate store, I suggest for you to frequently send in a secret shopper to review the business practices and the treatment of their customers. I am not asking nor did I ever suggest a full refund only the difference of what I received.

  • Went to church's in Albany Ga. Worst service ever. I was waited on by the so called manager Valerie. She has the nastiest attitude, came to me with her nose in the air. Don't know why, she's not cut AT ALL. She took my order and then proceeded outside where some guy was waiting for her. Some other young lady finished up with me. She apologized for the rude service and said she does that all the time but since he's been there so long nobody will do anything about her. She did proceed to give me the 800 number for customer complaints. She stated that Val as she called her has a reputation other just selling chicken and that she's always outside with some one. She also stated she leaves while on the clock to pick her son up to bring him to work since he works there also. I asked why wasn't she being reported, she stated no one will do anything and she's afraid of repercussions. Good job Albany, GA Church's Chicken.. Won't be going there again.

  • the Church's Chicken in Cleveland Texas is horrible – service is horrible – speaker at drive thru never works -there is a paper sign requesting u drive forward to make your order – get to window and wait wait wait – knocked on window with my cane – as I am disabled- finally someone comes to window – she looks half asleep – then fill my order with chicken that has been sitting there or warmed up from previous day or days who knows. This is third time I have had problems with this store – once when I tried to get an order no one came to window so left and went to Popeyes Chicken which has excellent service so far – I truly do not know what has happened to this franchise – obviously many unhappy customers after reading reviews – wish I were younger I'd show them how to run a business in Cleveland, Texas

  • I went to a Churchs chicken in San Antonio Texas at 1889 Rigsby Road and presented a survey receipt to get a free piece of chicken. The a hole manager Aisne told me I couldnt use it because I completed the survey at another location, but she said she would accept it. I didnt want her to feel as though she was doing me a favor so I told her, I would take the coupon elsewhere. She decided to honor it, but I did not like her snooty attitude and will not return to the location. I have also complained to corporate about her.

  • Went to a Church's in Burton MI Awsome customer service (SONY) she is the best fast food hot ,fresh just like she say I like,her manners she makes us smiles .Tell her thanks from our family

  • Went to the Church's Chicken in Indianapolis,IN and the Manger told me that I could get a 8-pc mixed or $9.99, so I placed my order,went the girl rung it up it came to $14.16, me having to take the food to my niece job for there 30 minute lunch I didn't argue with them, What is wrong with people and Customer Service now a day's, if don't want to work then quit and let someone who do and know how to treat their Customer, If we don't buy them they don't have a JOB, This is for the store's in Indianapolis, Please change your attitude and be Customer Savie

  • As an employee at churchs chicken I have never ever been treat so horribly in my life i have been discriminated against talk crazy to and on top of that holding my check for no reason but begin very mean I have never been treat like this in life she does not keep a manger I was the 10 manger in there she plays like if she like u and stab u in the back and I would not wish this on no one and this restaurant is located on mills road Houston texas

  • As an employee at churchs chicken I have never ever been treat so horribly in my life i have been discriminated against talk crazy to and on top of that holding my check for no reason but begin very mean I have never been treat like this in life she does not keep a manger I was the 10 manger in there she plays like if she like u and stab u in the back and I would not wish this on no one and this restaurant is located on mills road Houston texas

  • Went to Church's Chickens too get some chickens. Since I am a Veteran I get 10% Off. I got my !)% Off and when my wife call and said that my daughter wanted some chicken too, I order another order of Three piece chicken and was going to get that !0% again. The Manager said NO. Can't believe that he would do that to a Vet. Won't be seeing me again

  • Joe Skelton,I have been a loyal customer since the early 70"s ,never had chicken cooked in old grease &burnt, did not have any jalapeno poppers okra&fries must have been cook in old grease, the time we got back to the house grease leak so bad it stained my truck seat &bottom of box ripped just when laid on top of table.What happen to pride &workmanship, not a good way to have repeat customers. The store iam talking is in Odessa,tx.@1336 north west county road,79763.

  • North Dixie Drive location in Dayton, Ohio is filthy. Lobby area needs scrubbed and sanitized from the ceiling to the floor. Dirty tables, water stained ceiling tiles, sticky partitions, cracked mirrors and heavily soiled floors….not to mention the under cooked chicken. Last visit to this location for me.

  • Church's in Flomaton and it appears worldwide isn't worth the price of a egg! Given less than half of what was supposed to be a side of cold slaw. Me a disabled Veteran……..No Church's this side of hell!!!!

  • Seems by the comments I am reading I am not the only one unhappy with Church's customer service. We were so looking forward to the new store opening. We went and ordered lunch one day and they forgot my rolls, no biggie I wasn't going back for them. The next visit, my son's credit card was run twice and he tried to get his money back and was told to come back when it went through to receive a refund even though he showed the double charge on his bank statement. He went back in to get his refund and order another dinner. Which of course they then forgot my mashed potatoes and corn. I called and they told me to come back (which I was not able to right then) and they will give me my sides. I told them it's too late and far to drive there and I wanted a refund of my money for the sides. I was told they can't do that. I was upset, why would I only want potatoes and corn? Just tonight we go in and they STILL got our order wrong. So I've paid for food I've never gotten. My son was double charged and never given his money back and when I called up angry this time asking for the owners name and number, the man told me he doesn't have them. Really?!? You don't know who you work for? You can't contact them in an emergency? Bad customer service… bad. I'm glad Popeye's is just down the street and Kentucky Fried a bit more up the road. I will NEVER go back to Church's. EVER. I want my money back and my son's. All of it!

  • Church's Chicken on 2575 Davison in Detroit. The staff is rude and I will never be visiting that establishment again. Rude to the fact that she was moving her head back and forth with an attitude like I had to pay for what she had boxed up. I politely left my order and her attitude right there.

  • Church’s Chicken at 2350 N. Story Road in Irving, Texas 75062.


    I went there this morning about 11:30am. There was a short line, with two other people in front of me. As we stood there, this rude man came running in the store, cut through the line of people stepping on my foot, without ever excusing himself or apologizing. He said “I dropped a twenty” and then ran back through the line of waiting customers instead of going around us, and then ran out the door again, almost stepping on my other foot.

    This extremely rude man did this FOUR times, running into the store, cutting through the line of customers, and then running back out of the building! The manager, who I take to be the bald man behind the counter, said and did NOTHING to this extremely rude individual.

    The fourth time this extremely rude man came back in and stood up at the counter, as the woman in front of me was placing her order. The manager told her to wait, and then allowed this extremely rude man to cut in front of everybody, and took HIS order!

    I do not tolerate this kind of inexcusable lack of manners from anyone. After this extremely rude man paid for his order and stood to the side, I asked him why he couldn’t be bothered with any manners. He just laughed.

    When it came time to place my order, I made my order and then the cashier/manager (the bald man) “swiped” my card and then handed it to me saying it was “declined”. I told him there was nothing wrong with my card and I had plenty of money in my account. He just stared at me and said “declined”.

    I am no fool. I worked in retail for many years, and I know a “get rid of a customer” scam when I see one! This bald jackass behind the register was not swiping my card correctly….ON PURPOSE.

    There is nothing wrong with my card; I called the bank to verify. I also know I had at least 5-10 times the amount of money in my account to cover this transaction. I also know that my card worked with no issues, at the next three stores I went too.

    I do NOT do business with corrupt and unethical companies, nor do I purchase their products. Your company is now on my “banned for life” list.


  • I will never and I mean never visit another Church’s Chicken location as long as I live. My visit today was ok until I get back to my office from my lunch break and find that I am missing items and over charged for something I did not pay for. So I called the location and explained my situation and while speaking to the manager I was blatantly told that I wasn’t speaking “proper English”. Really did you just say that to me and you are the manager, how dare you insult my intelligence and tell me that I can’t speak correctly. Well you need to be educated on how to speak proper English first and far most and secondly, you’re a manager and you should never speak to a customer that way. I worked retail for several years and I have NEVER talk to one of my customers that way because it’s very unprofessional and I need my job. NEVER AGAIN, THANKS FOR NOTHING CHURCH’S CHICKEN and the uneducated, non-speaking ENGLISH person you have as a manager at this location.

  • I went to churchs in west Columbia texas ordered food they did not have enough chicken to complete an order of mixed chicken so the girl that waited on me said that she would do 8 wwite pieces an two dark the lady in the back started to talk crap to the employee in front of custormers the lack of respect she showed me an the way she belittled the employee was uneceptable called mrg to talk an ask fror district mrg to call me he said he would not I will never eat at that store an will advise others to boycott churchs till respect can be givin to all employees as well as coustermers wish I had my cell phone on me to show lack of respect

  • I'm puzzeled about something …. Are you guys reading any of these complaints being made on your employees? Better still, Are you addressing these matters? Your employees are giving your business a bad name by a number of ways: 1. How they address the customers at the counter or in drive-thru. Their people skills Suck!! Do you guys have "IN SERVICE MEETINGS" to remind them how to treat the customers? What about surprise inspections? Send someone in to act as a customer to see how the employees interact with customers, like an undercover boss! 2. Never answering the phone. One place in particular is located in Gary, in. the number is 980-0130. call it and see if you get an answer. 3. They don't change the grease, because I got an order yesterday and the chicken skin was a dark brown , not golden like usual, and it tasted burnt, and the biscuits were of a rubbery texture. I love your chicken, but looks like im gonna have to turn to Kentucky fried Chicken … only because they rank 2nd to you in my book. Well, all I can do is complain. Its up to you guys to deliver, that is if keeping your business means anything.

  • I have been a lover of Church's Chicken seems like forever. It truly was my favorite. NOTE: I said Was.
    We have only 2 Church's Chickens in Gary, Indiana and they both SUCK!!! The food is aweful. The one I go to is located on 37th & Grant St. Some of your employees have the nastiest attitudes alive. They are not changing the fryers frequently enough.. the grease makes the chicken taste burnt. The chicken was dark and the skin was not crispy like it should be. Those biscuits … taste rubbery. They are nasty also… I always say, if something isn't broke, why fix it. You apparently changed your biscuits to a cheaper brand to save money. You're gonna lose customers trying to save money. If you replace something I like with something of a lesser quality, Im not buying your food anymore.
    And you need to play "undercover boss" n find out for yourselves how the business is being run. We had a Church's in Merrillville, In. inside of Ultra foods, and they had the BEST chicken around. always fresh, the employees were always pleasant, and what happened? Ultra foods moved across the street in another store, but couldn't accomodate Church's because the building was housing a bank in the spot where they could have set up in. So we lost Church's out my way. Could you please consider bringing Church's back to Merrillville, In. P L E A S E !!! While ur at it. check the one on 5th ave. in Gary too. We went there one night about 1 hour before closing and before we could get an order out, she was screaming, " We Ain't got no Chicken", one hour to go and no chicken. Until you correct this matter, I am thru with Church"s. Your success depends on your employees ability to deliver quality service and delicious food to the patrons.

  • January 26, 2015
    Visited Church's in Tuscaloosa, Alabama on Greensboro Avenue yesterday at 3:50 p.m. and accidently left a personal cell phone and a work phone on the counter. Returned to the store 3 minutes later and the phones were gone. I asked the store manager to let me view the store camera with her and she refused. She reviewed the video and supposedly saw me walk out the store with both phones. A lie!! I asked again to review the video and she declined. The store manager suggested I check my car for the phones and left. I called the police to file a report. An officer came to the restaurant and completed a claim. 2 managers took the officer to the office so he could view the tape. The store manager returned and was livid that the officer was doing his job. She was very rude to her managers as she scolded them for assisting the officer. The officer came out to the lobby and reported that a female and male subject picked up the phones and walked out of the restaurant with them. A totally different version from what the store manger supposedly viewed. The managers and crew were very helpful but the store manager needs more training with her attitude to better represent Church's. Other customers were stating how rude the store manager always is and nothing is done about it. I do hope someone in a higher position will check this matter out. It is on video!! I'm glad the phones are insured but the attitude of the store manager was a great disappointment to see.

  • Just went to 15171 judson rd.. Churches location ordered a original got tenders instead. Called back and the manager told me to go back and returned the tenders and get me the 9 PCs.original . The manager on duty was so rude ( I think her name is line ) she put me on hold upon checking my order and she insist that I order tenders and ask me why did I asked and accept BBQ. Sauce It is so irrelevant .This manager has no customer service /managerial skills at all and accused me of harassing her and she threaten me to get arrested .. only thing i want if there is someone I could talk to beside her and kept saying there is no one only her .Very arrogant lady no personality .. not good to the business owner . Not a pleasant experience I must say ..

  • Do you drug test your employees? This lady “Sonnia” or “Sonia” seems to be high at all times she is very rude and unprofessional, this is at the Rio Grande City Texas restaurant address: US Business Hwy 83 Rio Grande City, Texas 78582

  • do NOT go to the Church's in La Feria Texas. ordered a 3 piece mixed. Got all dark meat and you could tell it had been reheated several times. I had not gone there in a long time because the oil had been tasting rancid the last few times we had gotten tenders. Live and learn. never again

  • As a young girl trying to work at 75th ave. and Cactus Phoenix Az the job was terrible worked 18 hrs and still haven't got paid in 3 weeks. We called corporations and still no answer so now I'm going for Labor commission in Arizona. I maybe not the first person to complain about that same manger, and is simply unprofessional. Sad to think the chicken I loved has awful people working like that.

  • I go to the churchs chicken on ww white road almost every week well my husband to be exact and well i went last week in the afternoon and was told this young lady would be right with me she had a customer well i see the cook looking n looking im assuming he was gone help me since the young lady was at the window n taking orders and no but the minute my 17 YR OLD daughter walks to me to the register this MAN whose breaking his neck comes to the register and insisted on helping her after i was there about five minutes thinking he was going to be kind enough to help me but helps my daughter keep in mind shes 17 !!! This man has to be like 40 !! This is not the first time your PERVERT cook has done this i went yesterday and there he is breaking his neck checking out my lil girl i feel this is very disrespectful and unprofessional on top of that gross i asked for his name his name is John so keep your daughter's away..I WILL NOT BE THERE AGAIN!!!

  • I just left the church's on jewella ave in shreveport la. My service was horrible I had to wait in line for about 15 minutes with only one car in front of me. Had to replace my order at the window then had to tell her what I ordered as she put the order together. I checked my food quickly to make sure everything was there but when I got home OMG! The biscuits were hard as hockey pucks the bombers were old and full of grease the chicken was soggy and old. I called the store they offered to replace the meal but I was not trying to leave my house again. I want the company to know that this location is extremely ghetto and unprofessional.

  • I walked in to place my order at Church's on 2450 E South Blvd, in Montgomery, AL, and
    I've never seen such an unprofessional place of business. The staff was playing around with another customer and then they finally took her order. I was standing behind this person and then another customer walked in and they asked to take his order while I was still clearly waiting there to order. I turned and walked out and heard them laughing. Church's has a very bad reputation and it's clear that manager's are not managing the employees or the business. Church's need to be on Undercover Boss and let the CEO go in and see first hand how this business is failing. This website has numerous complaints and I can understand why. I will not visit a Church's again and I will tell everyone about this very poor service.

  • Never go to the church's chicken in houston TX store# 1452 . The employees have terrible customer service skills. They are very prejudice against black people.the store is very dirty they have had chicken left out and I witness them take left out cooked chicken drop it in hot grease to heat it and sold it to a customer.the store is ran by Hispanic people. Do not go there … The CEO really needs to pay them a surprise visit..

  • NEVER EVER visit the churches chicken located in Muskogee, Oklahoma. As I was waiting to order, along with a few other customers, I along with a few more customers, witnessed the cook drop chicken strips on the floor, we watched to see what he was gonna do with the dropped chicken, well LOW AND BEHOLD, he tossed it right in the flour to be battered and cooked.When ask to speak with a manager about the cooks cooking practices, he told the front counter associate to give me a box, which was suppose to have the number to the corporate office. The On Site manager at the time, acted as if he did not want to come out to speak with me regarding the dropped chicken. Finally coming out, he picks up a box, hand it to me as I tell him to look at the box his self to see if there is a number on there to call. He said that there was nothing that he could do about it. After all the employees who walk back and forth on that floor inside and outside, they believe in cooking tainted food. BEWARE!!!!!

  • Not that this will do any good…but I am an owner of a business that is close to Churchs in Texas City Texas. They started coming here for ice an a daily basis..never offering us any kind of compensatiuon. The Manager leaves notes for her workers to come get ice from us. Why dont they have a working ice machine? Is this up to the manager to provide for her store or is this Management problems? I will have to stop giving out ice..due to the fact I believe she should have her own equipment. 409 945-2557

  • Two nights ago I went to a Church's Chicken really graving chicken. I walked out dissatisfied and I will not return. My husband and I walked up to the counter and there was 4 employees that we could see and they saw us. One Employee was fondling with the drink dispenser the other was handling organizing or such of the chicken while the 3rd was handeling the Drive thru. We were not acknowledged that was the first mistake, then the shift Manager came out of the office walked right by us and not once acknowledge us either she simply ask her employee if they had been busy today. We stood there for a good 5 Minutes we were the only once at the counter and not a word was directed to us nor did we not receive any Service. This was the worst I have ever been treated and I really liked Church's Chicken but I will not be visiting another Church's again.

    • I am new to this post but I thought that the worst service was at the San Antonio location on Goliad Road. I stood there for 15 minutes and was never acknowledged. The manager apologized but I never returned until I noted that I could get free chicken from completing a survey. So that is the only reason I return to Churchs. Other than that I would not waste my time or money.

  • Today was the worst expereince that I have ever had at a fast food restaurant. I went into Churc on 13111 HWY 529 Houston Tx, 77041 and watched as the mangement and co worker utterly break ever health code to man.. First the manager( hispanic lady) drops a few pieces of chicken on the floor then turns and looks around to see if anyone was watching, then processed to put it back on the tray. The cashier sneezes and wipes his hand on his shirit and contiunes to serve the food.(hispanic guy with a missing hand). The manager is walking around behind the chicken rack stracthing her butt and smelling it…WOW..Im going to get in contact with the health department and file a complain.. On top of all that the services were horrible.. I WILL NEVER EVER EAT AT CHURCHS AGAIN.. I work for a attorney's office and will find out with is the procedure to have this Church closed down. Or at least have to manager fired.. THKS

  • I just went thu the drive through, with A coupon #9034, $1.99 two piece with a small side and biscuit. Coupon# 9034, exp: 08/24/2014.. Declined, he said "they don't honor that at this time".. I mentioned it's not expired.. O well. I told him I would post this on facebook, He said "GO AHEAD".. Physical Address: "Church's Chicken, 75 North Marietta Parkway Northeast, Marietta, GA 30060".. This is false advertising.. Accountable by a law suit… I'm actually considering. I don't even need friends to make this happen… This has all been documented.. All I got to do is pick up the phone… Church's Chicken, 75 North Marietta Parkway Northeast, Marietta, GA 30060


  • Okay so I was supposed to be employed's here in Richmond Virginia. Now the manager one the first day of training he was putting my information in so it came down to my social and he said that we had the same last four digits which I thought was pretty normal but kinda weird. So now it's the third week and I haven't work but 3 days out of the whole 3 weeks. He calls and tell me that he keeps trying to "fix it". Now im thinking about calling corporate office because seems to me he not putting me on the schedule for my checks and I will get my lawyer so fast its not even fair this is my first job and this crap happens. Wtf

  • The Church's on Gause Blvd Slidell Louisiana Store #502 gave us the worst service ever. The cashier and 2 managers had horrible negative attitudes. A smile or welcoming feeling would have killed them! The cashier took at least ten orders and no one filled them. Then the cashier said the manager erased the orders and for everyone to give her the receipts. The receipts just sat there for a good 10 minutes until someone finally asked the cashier "is someone going to fill our orders"? Finally the manager filled the orders. The only happy working people in the restaurant were the 2 fry cooks, Great job guys!! The managers and cashier need serious customer service training. Be happy you have a job, put a smile on your face!! Life will go so much easier!

  • I wouldn't go to Churches just because of their stupid" spicey chicken" commercial. That has to be the most irritating thing I've ever seen.

  • avoid this church's chicken like the plague!
    1320 East Lindsey Norman, Oklahoma…Avoid this church's chicken!…do not eat here!…avoid! avoid! avoid at all cost! …don't spend your money here! nick the idiot manager is a young cocky black kid who doesn't care about the reason he works…'for the customers'. i was told the wait would be 20 minutes so i waited 20 minutes, then it turned into a 1+ hour wait and still no fried chicken i was told i had to wait at least another 20 minutes again because they sold all the cooked fried chicken they had been handing out to other customers who got there way after me. i ordered the two 10 piece mixed original chicken specials like the tv ad states and i have to wait well over an nearly 90 minutes for 20 pieces of mixed original chicken to cook? i never actually received anything but my money back after a long wait for that too. Ridiculous. i was very pissed off by their poor, poor, poor, crappy, crappy service and crappy quality. i got my money back and vowed never to eat there again as long as nick was the manager. nick and everyone who hired him needs fired and to go onto unemployment and suffer finding a job where the customer is a priority without lame excuse after lame excuse. nick is a young cocky arrogant jerk…church's chicken you suck for hiring nick and everyone like him!

  • i stop in at this Church's Chicken – 1904 N. Young Blvd. in Chiefland fl,, i ordered 2 chicken sandwiches on bottom bun and the cashier wanted to charge me extra for specail diet needs.. and made a big issue over the top buns being thrown out… she was rude and total cunt and had the nerve to tell the customer they had attuide .. when the customer was being polite. I WILL NEVER EAT OR GO TO A CHURCHES CHICKEN EVER

  • I just left church's chicken in crosby texas…… the service there is horrible! Its always the same employees that are rude. A young lady and a young guy that is tall, I wasnt the only customer that felt that way. Other custers were sitting at a table discussing how horrible the customer service was. This is a constant thing that occurs at this location and at the location in Deer Park texas my husband even spoke with the manager about this and she was rude also. Thats why I feel this needs to go above management head. If nothing can be done about the customer service maybe churchs should close all their locations! Im sharing my experience online but I will also call to speak with someone by phone to see if anything can be done about this.

    • I agree with you 100 percent. Church's Chicken in Columbus, Ohio has the worst customer service of any place I have ever been too. The worst of the worst is Main Street in Whitehall, Ohio. Those associates are hands down the rudest laziest group I have ever encountered. I do not know how they stay in business.

  • Today, I noticed that a new Church’s franchise opened for business on 05/07/2014 in Tujunga, CA. My husband & I stopped by to purchase dinner. They took our order at 5:43 PM. We ordered the two #2 Value meals, Spicy, one with dark meat & the other with the white. For the next 45 minutes we waited for our food, while other customers came & went & had their orders filled. At one point, a customer that ordered a large order of spicy chicken had his order filled after I had placed mine, while I waited for 3 pieces of chicken, & at least 4 different "associate" asked me about my order & assured me they were working on it. At no time any of them called back to the kitchen that they were running low on the white meat spicy chicken until the manager came back on duty, & noticed that none of the filled orders were cleared from the monitor, that several food trays were either empty, or almost empty & she got things moving again. This is while there were at least 13 people in the store working different tasks. When she noticed how long I had waited for my order, she tried to offer me the regular chicken, which we refused & she assured us that in 6 minutes they would complete our order. Well, that did not happen & as I mentioned, they were able to fill my order by 6:32 PM. The manger approached me with an offer to give me a complimentary side, & only then, she apologized for the delay. I told her that I did not need that, but instead I asked her for the corporate office number so I can file a complaint with them. Here is where thing became very interesting. 1. The manager told me that a representative from corporate office was there & I could speak with him. She went back into the kitchen & I believe called to a person named Johnathan. She came back, to tell me that the Corporate Representative was busy cooking & could not talk to me. 2. When I pointed out to her that I had been waiting for 45 minutes for so-called "fast food", she responded that they were not really open for business. When I pointed out to her that she was in fact open for business since she was conducting commerce, by accepting money in exchange for consumable goods, she stood there without any reply. 3. While waiting for our food, I overheard the manager, who had just came back on duty, ask about an employee that was supposed to start at 6:00 PM. Apparently, the employee did not show up, so she told another employee to text her & tell her she was not needed & not to bother come in. The same "though" manager was not able to tell me why her staffs were so incompetent or that she would take necessary steps to make sure this did not happen again. At this point, one of the other customers in line, who I am sure was hungry & wanted to get her food & did not have a care about my complaint, decided to back the manager, & interject. I am sure she could not care about what was going on, she just wanted her food but I had to tell her to stay quite & that it was not her fight. She said that if I wanted hot food to make it in my own Kitchen. At this point, we had enough of the situation. My husband & I got our money back & left, knowing we will never return to any Church's Chicken restaurant. The fact that the staff did not have common sense to fill the order as they were placed, clear the order board to make sure they were on top of the orders, lack of communication between the front counter & Kitchen staff to keep the food coming during dinner rush hour, in addition to Corporate Representative's refusal to handle & diffuse the situation, leads me to believe that the Church's Chicken has become a less than sub-standard operation. Oh, by the way, I am going to take the busy body's advice & cook my own food, instead of spending it any of the restaurants that cannot afford to hire competent people.

  • I and my family have been enjoying Church's chicken for more than 5 years, ever since me and my family moved to the Greenville, South Carolina area.

    Unfortunately, as is what happens with many other greedy corporate establishments, the prices have steadily increased, which is to be expected to a certain extent, but what we have found to be most disconcerting is how small the pieces of chicken have become. Now, you not only have to pay more per piece of chicken, but you have to buy more pieces to feed your family.

    We only buy the thighs, which used to be large and very meaty, but no more. You have slowly and systematically decreased the size of the chickens you purchase to the point that your chicken can be deemed nothing more than a rip-off, considering the inflated priced for scrawny pieces.

    What a shame! Your chicken used to be the very best in our area until you started letting your accountants run (and ruin) your business with your over-the-top Corporate greed. We will no longer frequent your establishments. KFC, here we come!

    KFC, you have taken our business away from Church's by Church's own doing. Their Corporate greed has started to bite them in their backsides, and deservedly so.

  • There use to be a time that I went to Church Chicken a lot. I may not go as much like I once did and I am talking bout the store up on Central Ave. is where I go and I mean all my life and I am 50 years old. Never had a problem like what is like now I don't know why that I the last few times after having problems my most recent was that my chicken and poppers were not cold but not hot ether. I have gone to this store so long that I remember that the Manager first started and she cared than but for whatever reason I don't think she does any more. I had enough of this crap and if upper management does not take care of this problem it could close down and maybe it should. I plan calling the RM and complain bout this hoping that they fix the problem and I only hope that they respond back to me I am so disappointed

  • The churches by my house is always lonely and today I decided to go my kids wanted chicken so I get there and go to the drive through and place my oreder and onces I'm done she tells me the wait is 20 minutes and I tell tjem it's ok and I leave and go to the store on our way back home we stop at churches cause my kids kept insit ing so we stop again then the lady was bieng very rude so I thought maybe she has other cars at the window so she said wait ill take ur order in a bit well I daid hello because she took so long and no one answered she was taking long we waited for 20 minutes and still no answer we took off and the drive through window was empty no cars and the workers talking in the back , never again

  • My family&I just visited store #10780 in Weimer,Tx this is our only store our next store is maybe 8miles away when this store opened we were so excited, unfortunately the service sucks depends in who is working,I am of Spanish origin myself but they have one Spanish girl there by the name of Rosio who had been there long enough for proper training she seems to be there everyday/all the time she never gets our order right she can put the strangest orders together or by the time you get home you have to go back cause she's put the wrong thing or forgets something it its like she doesn't understand then as she takes orders she doesn't understand you either then sometimes you have to stand there and wait for ever to get waited on you tell her mix she gives you dark or she'll miss count or something We've experienced at least 3 times of her screwing up order they really need to get someone who can relate to the people better not trying to hurt anyone's feelings but maybe they should have her try something else other than order taking/filling then another bad habit she has if they're out of original she's quick to stick you with spicy chicken which can be hard&nasty if it has been sitting to long love Church's just won't be going to our local store there are 2/3 other ladies there just never know when they are on schedule the lady Rosio is always there as a small town when something like this comes in town new we have big expectations this store just needs more people who can communicate better.LRodriguez

  • I went to the church in killed and got nothing but bones I try to put a complaint and the manager and employee cuss me out. And threatened my life and told me she was going to find me and kick my butt. I'm sure no one will do anything and they will keep there jobs. I don't think they get it its sad cause ifif I threaten somebody I know I would be thrown in jail and this is all because of chicken all because I wanted to get my money and my refund and complain about the manager and I got threatened and called names um called wheb backup everything every name in the book I was called just because I was complaining that I pay $8 for bone because all it was was bone and batter and I think its sad. the only to Church's Chicken in Killeen Texas have no respect for their customers and they're rude and its sad that I can no longer enjoy going to Church's Chicken


  • I moved to Silver City, New Mexico in August of 2013 from Louisiana. The closest Church's Chicken is in Las Cruces, New Mexico… over a two hour drive. There is no chicken restaurant in Silver City, New Mexico. There used to be a Kentucky Fried Chicken… but I was told it closed due to a divorce settlement. I'm going through "FRIED CHICKEN WITHDRAWALS". Mr. Tony Moralejo, Church's Development Officer – please consider opening a Church's Chicken in Silver City. Right now there are people driving 50 miles to Deming, New Mexico to eat at KFC. The only places to buy fried chicken are the Albertson's and Walmart deli areas. There are over 30,000 people in Grant County, New Mexico starving for good fried chicken (and fried okra). Contact our local chamber of commerce, they will give you information about Silver City. Contact our mayor, James Marshall… a couple of weeks ago he found the Church's Chicken in Santa Fe and told some us that were at the state capital where it was located so we could get great chicken while in that city. Mr Moralejo, you can be a HERO in Silver City, New Mexico if you would consider putting a Church's Restaurant in this community.

  • think thats bad we done work for churchs in hattiesburg and here it is two months later and they are giving us the run around on getting paid


  • Gardena, CA. Ordered Mac n cheese as side item which they were out of then tried the corn on cob instead which they were out of also. Third try yes they had Coleslaw. She takes my money and hands me my food and asks with an attitude "do you want your 47 cents change? Cuz we are out of change so can't give you it" she was expecting I would say yes and just drive away but was kinda shocked after getting her attention 2 min later I said "here I have change and you can give me $1 back" she got 45cents from somewhere and gave it to me. Then I asked for my receipt and she said "oh sorry didn't print" Her shirt was dirty attitude bad and acted like whatever no big deal we have no food prepared, no change to give, no paper to print receipts. I'm calling their corporate tomorrow morning I am kinda dumbfounded by the whole scenario.

  • Church's chicken in hinesville ga is full of crap. I reported several times on a employer name sam squires of who repeatly cuss me out in tells me stuff that offends me. Do us all a huge favor in deal with him or I will put food services invole thank u

  • Church's chicken in Irving, TX the one on Story Rd has the worse service. If you treat your employee like crap the employee will treat the customers the same way. Learn that big executives. Are close them down.

  • why dont yall investigate the franchise stores and fix the problems before someone gets a lawyer and takes problems to court. employees are fed up as well as customers.

  • i am an ex employee of churchs n tyler tx an i agree they hv tge worst customer servi e i was a manager an got treated like crap corporate needs to b involved n the frachise tht ppl hv the not only suck but are nasty

  • lol wow i am employee for churchs chicken in tx an i am fixen to quit. i agree wit all of these post churchs suck not only to guests but also to their faithful an reliable employees like my self

  • Churches chicken service is very poor on elvis presley and norris…the manager was real snobby and very rude…plus she messed up our orders. She didnt have her name tag on so i dont know her name but i remember what she looks like…

  • I want say that the prices are very high in this city Topeka.KS there is only two stores and the prices are to high no deals on chicken like the company use to do it what happen why have prices triple

  • Wow chuches chicken does not abide by any laws rude employees walk around with head phones an then they make ur order are u serious this is a buisness operation with the public there managers allow that type of leave way who ever there boss is should not be one ppl do as they please no one is protected corpus christi tx rude ppl then they make ur order this is a cituation of poor management neglate were is the customer satisfaction at makes u wonder what else goes on

  • Had the worst experience at the Church's Chicken at 1901 Texas Avenue, LaMarque TX. They gave me a box full of sides! There weren't any chicken in the box! I got my food after a 30 minute wait and drove home to discover this. Afterthis, I was going to call them and tell them about it and that I'll be on my way back to get it since my younger siblings were hungry, but they didn't even have the right number on their receipt. It belongs to a store in South Houston. When I got there, they had locked their doors and the lady in charge gave an attitude about opening the doors for me. It was ridiculous!

  • Church's Chicken
    Address: 2635 Peach Orchard Show on map
    City and Zip Code: Augusta, GA 30906
    Phone: (706) 790-4578

    If some gal Jennifer is working there, expect to get lots of attitude and horrible service. My son went to get the family chicken cause we love Church's and have been going to that store for over ten years. Not only did the gal try to claim that the normal biscuits were the extra large ones, she also gave my son a small mashed potato container and tried to claim that it was the family sized gravy. I've been to this store a few months back when they first came out with the larger biscuits and that's what I got. I also used two coupons since I was ordering one meal and my cousin was ordering another one. But since I'm disabled and don't drive we came in together. The manager even let us pay on one credit card rather than making two charges.
    I've even come in to the place late one night near closing to pick up a large order for a picnic the next day. They were going to toss out the left over chicken. We asked how much would they want for it and the manager gave us a price and we got a lot of chicken for our outing for a great deal.

    Now, just this month my son goes to get our food for the evening, no one is up to cooking. So he takes a coupon and this gal gives him a hard time about using the coupon. In fact, she charges him more than what the coupon stated and then told him that biscuits don't come with it when the coupon stated that they did. Plus it was for the large ones and she said that is the large ones. The manager didn't say anything and didn't help at all. The gal was all attitude and rude and they ripped us off since they charged more for what was given.

    I'm not happy with the way the store is going downhill from what it once was. I'm about to pay the extra to go to KFC and get better service. Besides, their baked chicken is delicious and healthier for me anyway. Thanks to Jennifer and the Manager – they have lost a long standing customer. I won't bother ordering anything as long as that gal is working there and the service is rude and negative.

    Such a shame, it used to be such a nice place too.
    Ms. Starr

  • My dad wen't in church chicken in Edinburg,TX. off of Monty Cristal and Clausner.He ask for macaroni and cheese this tyler was being rued (No we don't have any) while looking away from him then he ask for hot sauce got rued saying we don't have dad threw his cup down on counter and left.he is going to report this person for bad attitude.

  • fuvk all of you churches worker get paid min to serve people with attitudes like yours all day um an eye witness

  • Today my children & I visited the Burbank in Baton Rouge LAChurch's Chicken @ approx. 6:45 & we tryed to use a coupon for a lemon pie that was added to the menu. Upon reaching the service counter my son was approached by an African American lady with braids with a rude attitude,my son told the lady that he wanted the pie and she said and I quote "oh no we have those pies but im not about to go make it, motherf**kers put any kinda sh*t in the paper" i.e the coupon! Subsequently, my daughter went up to the counter and she attempted to use a coupon and she told her "im not ringing up no coupons until Friday" after that we went to the drive through and I told the man at the window my order which did in fact involve a coupon and he did not say anything about us having to wait until Friday to utilize our coupons! I called Church's the young lady who we had previously encountered answered the phone and asked to speak to the manager, she proceeded to tell me that i should just tell her what I wanted because the manager was to busy to take my call, I then told her that I didn't need to speak to her and that I needed to speak to the manager she again had a rude attitude and refused to get me the manager!

  • Over the last 2 weeks I have gone to the Church's Chicken at Lemay Ferry & Telegraph, in St Louis, Mo 63125. The first trip there I picked up that the chicken and fries had been cooked in oil that was obviously old and needed changed. So I Said something nicely since I love Church's Chicken wanted to continue to eat there. The next trip I got Chicken strips, fries and fried rice. The rice was dry and old and still the oil had not been changed. the today almost a week after my last visit I tried one last time so I ordered the 3 piece mixed, slaw and fried rice. the rice was so dry that it was hard. they have now lost a life long customer. and they are wondering why they are loosing business. wake up folks.

  • the churches in guyana service sucks.. not only r the staff rude they will serve what soft drink they feel like.. i went in to buy a 3 piece combo and the cashier told me that they only have banana drink. and i can see that they have pepsi in the cooler … to top it off when it was my turn to collect my order .the cashier told the server to start selling the pepsi … she did it just to piss me off.. they need some customer training pronto!

  • I went to the Church's in Marietta Ga on So. Marietta pkwy a week ago. Purchased a family order. They placed two coupons in the bag. A week later i go to use the coupon and they tell me that they do not participate in the coupon. Really. It was two different crews but the second one is at least trying to get them to fix it. So a 10 min trip turns into 35 min…Wow


  • This happened to me at the Church's in Midland, TX on Midkiff Rd. They need to hire a good customer service drive thru person. I was there on 6/19/2013 @ or around 2:30 pm. Got the most rude, unprofessional lady at the drive through. I placed an order through the drive thru and all the lady kept saying "what else do you want"? I asked for extra biscuits but she never informed me that they came in 3,6 and 9?? She never read our order back to us or anything. When I got to the pick up window, she hands me all the bags and I politely asked if I was given the extra biscuits. She yells at me that I never told her if, I wanted the 3,6 or 9.I told her you never asked me. Then I asked her if our combos came with drinks and she said I never told her what kind of drinks I wanted and I told her she never asked. So, she starts talking roughly that she had to do stocking and working the front counter so , she was busy with customers!! I looked at her and asked her what was I? I told her, that I also was a customer and I had just purchased a 35.00 order…what was her problem? Rudeness only makes you loose customers. I come from a large family and "word of mouth" moves fast. I have no desire to even return. I paid for food not for rudeness and disrespect.

  • we had bought the new texas chicken and it is very very very small it is a like the size of a cornish game hen and u only get half and the commercial says a half chicken not a cornish game hen

  • My wife & I have been a customer of churchs chicken for many years , but no longer…you may
    have good food , but your service has really gone downhill…we will not come back & we will
    tell everyone as well…Churchs has forgotten that it is all about serving one another & taking
    care of you employees as well…not just about money…we won't be back.

  • On June 5, 2013 at 12:13 at the noon hour I went to Church's in WHARTON, TX and ordered hotwings and received hotwings with a side order flies. What a COMBO DEAL.

  • I'm currently visiting San Antonio Texas and I just had the worst experiences at Church's Chicken ever. first of all the employees were very rude even taking my order through the drive thru I have to continuously ask is there anyone there and after placing my order I asked for my order to be repeated to me the employee told me that they had everything. I've then asked the employees if he had taking my order properly in add it all things that I requested he told me to just drive to the window is then after seeing that I was noticeably pissed off I find out that I am speaking to the manager. I tell them to forget my order and as I'm driving off I look at the employees and the manager stand there laughing and waving at me out the window so I politely park my car get
    out go inside and tell the manager how rude he is. great job Church's Chicken with your hiring bankrupt in no time

  • I just went to churches in El Paso Tx and ordered the special for 14 pieces original and they refused to make more because they didn't wanna make more chicken. I myself work at a car wash and no matter what happens we don't refuse service to nobody. I believe thats some BS if you ask me!!!

  • Everything was good. Always go to the same place in Rialto, California. The store at the corner of Foothill and Pepper. Until today, a new employee, did not know what she was doing. Took my order and I simply stated instead of mash potato and gravy, I just want all gravy. She immediately panic and got upset because she did not know how to do it on the counter register. I told her to ask the person behind her because she got more experience being the store manager. She reluctantly asked her and the manager showed her. So she told me my total order cost and said that it was $8.09 w/tax. So I gave her a $20.00 bill and told her heres $0.09 cents so just give me $12.00 for my change. Apparently, she did not know math cery well and still insisted that my change is $17.91. So, I told her; "that is why I'm giving you nine cents so you can make it $12.00 dollars even in change. She gave me a facial gesture and a bad attitude because she got confused with math. After which she realized, she said okay and gave me my change. I asked her for my drink, because she apparently forgot and probably got more confused. The manager heard it and called her inorder to show her how to do it. She even got more upset because of her manager's lessoning her. As the manager gave me my drink, I asked her for a spoon/fork, and she got really upset and said "okay, just enjoy your meal" with an attitude. As I confronted her about her attitude, she even got more upset and became sarcastic about everything. Don't know why put her on the front counter when there's a lot of customer. Hope your company implements disciple to such employees. The store was very good until today. Sadly, this girl ruined the image and rating set by this store.

  • I visited chrches chicken on March 30th 2013 I wanted to order a 2 peace meal. I ordered my meal and while waiting for my order I noticed a big roach with an egg sack about to have babies on the counter. I pointed it out to the cahaier who got the managers attention. the manager turned around saw the roach, looked at all of the customers watching and told the cashier that it's not hurting anything. The manager turned around and proceeded to place over cooked, dry chicken in a bag. Store 1592 is located at 5017 cottage hill rd. Mobile ala. The management sucks and have no idea of what customer services is or how to run a clean store.

  • April 1, 2019 8:48pm; I arrive @ Church's Chicken Store #724 8968 Pensacola Blvd. Pensacola, FL 32504 to place an order. I pull in to the parking spot to enter the store and i see someone in street clothes waving me to the drive thru. I must mention this store has one of the craziest drive thru's i've ever seen. Its not even 9pm why is the dining room closed? So i pull to the drive speaker to place the order, the guy on the other end cant hear. The "Manager" jumps on and says "What do you want?". I place an order for the 8 piece mixed with 2 sides, Okra and mashed potatoes. I added a popcorn shrimp w/ fries and informed after she repeated me my order correctly back to me that i had a coupoun for $3.00 off the meal. She rudely suggest i drive to the window for my total. Im the 3rd car in line, after waiting 15 mins for the car @ the window to pull off and the car in front of me to cancel and pull away i get to the window. The employee working the window walks away and the "manager" approaches, "It's going to be 15 mins for chicken!". My family requested this so i was willing to wait. She repeats my order correctly again i agree and hand her my coupon. She then says the system doesnt take it because the 8pc "meal" was a special. But we have a 10 pc "meal" regular priced. I inform i would like that. The woman on the locked inside in street clothes have to help the manager enter the coupon.She then collects the balance due and offers me a drink for my now 30min wait (15 in d/t; 15 to get chicken). I decline and pull into a parking spot as requested. I sit and watch 5 other cars behind pull and order then to a parking spot to wait. The staff inside is walking around, outside to the cars etc. The women in street clothes is inside couting money on the counter and EATING!! after 25 mins of watching this foolishness i show the cook who was just outside start boxing up chicken. I was the 1st one up but the 1st box that comes out goes to the 2nd car behind me! Then finally me, brings me chicken and the shrimp w/ fries, No Sides or biscuits. The chicken is all DARK meat which should have been mixed, the shrimp look old and over cooked. I follow the young man inside the brought it out to inform the "manager" that after repeating me my order correctly 3 times and having me wait 35+ minutes they give me the wrong food. She says well can give you the sides but you'll have to pay and wait again!!!!! Really , this was the worse customer service and food i have received in quite a while. I feel this should be addressed by the manager become a crew memeber because she cant handle the position. HORRIBLE BUSINESS!!!! Dont ever visit a Church's Chicken in Pensacola Florida! They are all horrible in customer service and the quailty of food they are willing to serve.

  • March 15,2013 at 3:00PM

    I truly believe that the store in Columbus,Ga that is located on 1122 Fort Benning Rd needs to be shut down. The manager as well as the workers are unprofessional. They take money and ruin food then lies about it. A customer ordered food at the drive thru and when he gets to the window to pay the young man takes the money and decides he didn't want to give the correct change back. He decides to go out for a cigarette break instead of resolving the matter. The customer was so furious about how he was treated that he drove off leaving his money and food. This store has had several complaints against it and I know that I will not go back to this unprofessional store again!!

  • Dont eat at churchs on 5903 San Pedro Ave the Asistant Mgr was
    wiping her nose with her hands and didnt care to wash them.

  • Hello, I visit the Churches in Shreveport La on Mansfeild rd and Bert Kouns Ind Loop I use to go there 3 to 4 times a week for lunch , I also started my Co- workers to going there with me. I stopped going due to the fact we went there one day and the credit card machine was down so we were asked to go get cash, I went to get cash and return with our cash in the rain durning lunch time, so when we placed our order we asked for wings they didn't have any up so we told them we would like to wait if looks could kill we would be dead! So we waited 15 to 20 mins while they cooked the chicken they seemed to be upset, well I didn't like the service due to it was 11:30 at lunch they shoul have already had the chicken fried and they see us 3 to 4 weeks they already knew what we wanted when they sent us out in the rain they should have started our wings we had 4 orders. I went back in about 3 days and they seemed to still be angery at me from the last visit to I will not be returning or my Co-workers due to there are two other chicken places down the street that would be glad to get 3 to 4 vists every week from 4 people people add that up a week I'm big on customer service and when I spend it 3 to 4 times a week I expect good customer service I couldn't even get a hello or a smile. They really need customer service skill classes everyone who work in the branch.

  • I visit church chicken alot. I must say i love the flavor of the chicken. I visit the one on 11334 huges rd. Houston tx 77089. Everyone there is so nice, and i just want to say they have good managing there. I feel right at home. Good job and keep it up.

  • To whom it may concern
    I visit my sister very often, she lives near west ave and hildebrand where there is a churches right in the corner. I've always enjoy eating your fried chicken however we have had an experience at this particular location that it has driven me to write to your office to let you all know that something needs to be done. We purchased a couple of orders of the two piece meals. The taste was horrid, i am sure that the oil was rancid. and kept longer than anticipated. No we did not return the chicken mainly for the inconvience. Several months have gone by and again we decided to go to churches at the same location. again we ordered the 2 piece
    meal however we decided to eat there just in case. Lord and behold the same rancid taste. We asked for our money back which was returned but I felt that something should be done.
    Would appreciate you telling your franchises to change their oil more frequently because you just my sister and I as customers.


      I will try to keep this nut shell as small as possible but I have a lot to say. Well, I'll start with the fact that I grew up as many of us have eating chicken. Because of this, I feel that I have a right to speak on this, as a generational Churches Chicken eater in particular. My mom is known for her love of chicken of any kind or preparation but mainly yours. I remember when I was little that two legs with the skin pulled off, a small mash potatoes any gravy and those delicious little fresh square rolls was enough to feel me up. We could smell the aroma of the crispy, juicy seasoned to perfection chicken in the air halfway down the block before we even got there which would put our hunger into overdrive. Now all I can taste and smell if anything is stale grease, not even oil. I am all grown up now and I have moved to a different state than the one that I grew up in. I don't want to offend the people who grew up here but the food here period, not just Churches, is sub par. I love chicken so much that I continue to eat it anyway, even though the quality is getting worse each year. I know that the cost of everything is inflating but are the lifestyle's and ego's of the people in charge also, to the point that they don't care what their food taste like or how their business' are being run by rude, lazy, ignorant, un abled to multitask, non listening, order-ruining, how the heck did get this job in the first place?, I would never invite you over for dinner, let alone want you handling my food with those hands or that bye girl attitude server. I have to eat my food with the side eye and I'm fed up. It makes me homesick and my kids get tired of me telling them how good food used to taste back in the day. And I would like to say," If you need a professional CC (Chicken Checker) then I'm available." We have all stuck by you through thick and then, good and bad service and many disappointing meals now, I ask again, ANYONE PLEASE!!!!

  • First let me say that I love Churches Chicken, but some of your employees are arrogant, disrespectful and down right rude to the customers. Yesterday, I visited churches in the downtown area of Mobile, AL and I was disgusted with what I experienced. However, I do understand some things are not under their control, but for the most part they all should still have acceptable customer service. I was placed on hold at the drive thru for 15 minutes until I decided to drive up to the window. At the window, I was never greeted and motioned to hold up because they were talking and attending to other customers. I sat for another 15 then decided to go in because I already waited for 30 without any service. After standing there for 10 minutes a left because that was past rediculas!! No one should ever he treated this way for any reason at all, especially when you have six employees working behind the counter. It was only four people in line accompanied by three children so there was no reason whatsoever for my order to not be taken. If I was a shopper this would've been a hard hit for churches. What people fail to realize is if these actions were recorded they could've been spreaded over the internet and destroyed the reputation of this company. This needs to be addressed, because for those of us who enjoy your product, can be quickly turned away.

  • No what happened to me today was the worse thing ever..first of all the lady who took my order through the drive through was very rude i was ignored four times when i asked for my total then finally when i drove up to the drive through window the gm NORMA demands me to move my veichle to the front because my order was large and she " had other important customers she needed to attend so i ask for my money back since i didnt like her ugly attitude she hands me the money and as im putting my money into my purse she starts bagging on my window threatening me to move my car right now..i called the police and made a police report on that crazy lady..dont ever visit church`s chicken in San Antonio TX on villerett..crazy gm NORMA might break your window!

  • Churchs chicken store 648 in detroit mi is nasty most of their cashiers have bad attitudes they have Roaches/flies gnats really bad, ive had a long strand of hair in my food the managers arent good they allow their employees to eat near food curse & etc bad for Business!

  • okay so I live in Kerrville Texas Church's is the only place in town since the Kentucky Fried Chicken was close down… the assistant manager a female give my husband free sauces with anything he orders but that same woman charges me every time and argues with me about it what kind of services is that seems like she's trying to mess with my man and when I tried to call the manager about it the next day he was completely rude with me come December 27th we will have a Chick fil A opening in town so I'm hoping that I will never have to visit that church is again before I go to jail for beating up someone for trying to mess with my man

    • If you do beat someone up for "trying to mess with your man" as you put it, then you are a foolish woman indeed.

  • I would like 2 know if corprate is assisting or acting on any complaint filed. If not then we would like 2 take or complaint of 1813 arizona ave in monroe la, futher until something is done about these issues.

  • I just called the corprate office about the church's in Monroe la, on 1813 arizona ave. they give real bad service and refuse to serve anyone after 10 pm when closing time is at 11pm. In reality thats stealing time if everyones gonna sit there til closing time. They need to switch out there manager or replace the 1 that wouldnt give her name or corprate's phone number for my complaint

  • And when I called Corporate to complain that they had given out my husband's cell phone number the store manager called my husband back, I was told that it was his fault for giving them his phone number and name! I mean, really, what is the store manager going to do or say? Corporate needs to handle these complaints. The store manager is part of the problem and is allowing the employees to act inappropriately and to play instead of doing their jobs. The entire store needs to be revamped and the employees retrained to treat customers fairly and give them a good product. I don;t think that most of thee complaints are ever reviewed by any real member of Corporate or there wouldn't be so many complaints. I know you can't please everyone, but I think you should be able to please some. It doesn't appear the Church's can please anyone. We will not be going back.

  • Corporate does not address the complaints with the store management. Corporate gives the customer's phone number and name to the store manager and tells them to handle it! My husband received super poor service on multiple occasions at the store in Waco, Texas. The "cooks", and I use the word loosely, were playing and laughing and joking around in the back. Doing everything but cooking. No one even acknowledged that he was there the last time and the other visits were the same with the cooks and the rest of the staff wasn't much better. He finally gave up and left. Not one word to him as he left. Ridiculous and I don;t know how they stay in business.

    • i work at churchs chicken and see that it happens the managers are basicly buddies with some of the workers but most of the time people look at the cashiers. The others are often able to be on the phones, use profanity around the customers. If this was a cashier they would have been confronted about it right in front of the customer.

    • i work at churchs chicken and have witnessed things like that happen. the managers are often buddies with the cooks. if that was a cashier they wouldn't have tolerated that.

    • I also worked 4 churchs and its not worth it,,most of the supervisors are buddy buddies with femail managers and of course they will believe them instead of the regular employee,, then when u get fired and u apply for unemployment churchs accepts to give $$$ and then they do an appeal and u have to pay back,of course they use there influence!!!!! Churchs chicken is not a GOOD place to WORK…

  • Anonymous December2,2012 I went to the church's in Hebbronville Tx. It was the most hideous experience of our lives. The chicken was overheated the crust was falling off,the chicken smelled and tasted spoiled.The bombers were so dried up they had no cheese. My car smelled like spoiled chicken.It was pricey and gross dumped everything in the trash was scared my family would get sick. I know I won't be back and I don't recommend it to anyone. I hope corporate office reads this complaints and adresses them with management.

  • i just went to the churchs , on baseline in tempe az, saw the most gross disguesting store ever, there were employees mopping the floor in the cook area with out gloves then touching the chicken and okra with their bare hands and then going back mopping . If thats gross enough the the cashiers face that had pumps or a cold sore on it and again she wasnt wearing gloves but would touch her face and then go pick up chicken , okra , side dishes and put it in the bag. when i wrote a complaint with my reciept for a survey a person from the same damn store called and it was the employees doing this . How is that taking care of the problem , when i told her the problem her exact remarks were what do you want me to do about it, they could care less . Next move is to call coperate but from the sounds of it ,nothing will be done . THIS is store 846 on baseline in Tempe , Az . Please dont go there , i am planning on having a health inspector go , there is no reason to make people sick for nasty gross unclean habits

  • church's chicken on airways is one of the worse chicken place i been to the mangers are so unprofessional.everytime i go there to eat i'm never satisfied.its a certain manger that's there i really wiish they would have out the store.i've been there to witness giveaways.please somebody do soething about church'chicken on airways

  • Store #5488 in St. louis, Mo., not only do they have nasty service, they give their customers UNCOOKED food. Gave me a doughy ass biscuit and cold chicken, then seemed to be mad when I took it back!? I def. won't be goin back. Ever!

  • On Tuesday October 2, 2012 I purchased chicken from Store #1624 corner of Bellaire and HWY 6 HOUSTON, TX they were busy and we had to wait a while but, a young man named Juan, came to the window with a big smile and he was very apologetic about the wait and offered me a soda. I don't drink soda's so he gave me water. Jaun was sooo polite which made my experience worth the wait because customer service is not a priority now of days, at least in some business. He is definitely an asset to your store. Thank you Jaun because I have had some not so good experiences at this location and I go there often. I hope you all keep Juan around. Juan continue giving service with a smile no matter how busy you are, you never know who can use that smile. Great job!!!!