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  1. I work for a company that use's Cigna for a provider. However, its' been very difficult for me and my wife to to obtain an approval from your third party. I'm having to pay out of my pocket more than I have paid for this insurance every pay check.
    As of now, my wife has severe sleep Apnea which is causing her to stop breathing at night and not allowing me to get enough rest myself because of fear my wife will not be able to catch her breath.
    Cigna, you have been difficult to work with and not approving any medical request by our DR. There are 5 Dr's in my area that refuses your services. We are losing confidence and security because of your weak efforts. I will contact my my company to help resolve my issue for approval for my wife condition. She needs immediate care.

  2. Seniors: do not purchase Cigna Dental Insurance. I did and walk in prices are cheaper. I tried to cancel and was told I was 6 days to late. I have been stuck in this freeze and unable to reach them until today. The Customer Service Rep said, " you can cancel it but we will not reimburse your payment. Just don't use it". What a ripoff. They could keep the $25 sign up fee (money for nothing) and just give me back the premium I paid as I have never used the insurance. If you are a senior and looking for Dental Insurance. Look elsewhwere.

  3. My niece has your insurance and has been denied Surgery due to a hole in her heart. Her name is Casey Smiley, and lives in Allen Park Michigan. She has suffered mini strokes and the doctors say she needs this surgery to prevent having a stroke. Why on earth you would deny this is unimaginable to me. She could have a stroke and die, and to you all it is is money. I'm letting you know she has a huge family and friends and we are contacting the news to put your company to shame. Hopefully the word will get around and people will think twice using you as their provider, especially when it is on national news. Paying for this life threatning procedure would of been easier on you, than all the national publicity you are going to get. You should be ashamed of yourselves as human beings, what if it was you, and your kids would be left alone because of the almighty dollar. As far as your employees, my nephew said he has never seen so many rude people on the phone while trying to get the surgery done, how dare they do this to them, while they are going through all the stress. She has all the tests that the insurance company needed, and all the doctors stating she needs this done. No response is needed, you will see all of this come out on tv.

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