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CJ Banks Corporate Office Headquarters

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CJ Banks Corporate Office Headquarters
2400 Xenium Lane North
Plymouth, MN  55441
Corporate Phone Number: 1-763-551-5000

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I was recently in your store and have to say I hate the format of combining all sizes. I was told by the sales staff to read the hangers. I don't want to read the hangers. Because I'm overweight, its difficult to find clothes that fit. By mixing everything together, it takes longer and in many cases nothing is there. The store racks were so crowded, the merchandise was not visible. I was the only person in the store and was frustrated by 2 sales people who stood with each other and talked instead of helped. I won't go back. I hate shopping and your store did nothing to make me appreciate it, the help or your product.

Please consider eliminating the ads with creepy odd looking food, etc. that show up when clicking here to leave a comment.

I like CJ Banks and would shop there more often if they offered more clothing for my body type, i.e. blouses with no darts to fit a larger rib cages and shoulders, and narrow hips and slim legs found among those with Scandinavian and American Indian ancestry.

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