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  1. This service sucks and the only thing worse then their service is their customer service. They never have a supervisor available. I called in because they were bought out by a larger successful company and were changing people's service so I wanted to get information about the new service provider. At that time the lady tells me I had 2 more months before they would be changing service and that to keep my service with their new provider my bill would be doubled. Therefore she said I should shop around and see if I could find a better provider and if I did I could call in a cancel my service and at that time receive a prorated bill for the month. I called back a week later to cancel my service because I signed up with Optimum who had unlimited monthly internet for 49.99 a month in my area. Clear had just took their payment out my account for the month but I had only used their service for 4 days. The new lady on the phone told me I could not be reimbursed for the prorated price. As usual a supervisor was not available so I left my number and never received a call back as promised. A month later I was charged again even though I had not used their service and was again denied the opportunity to speak with a supervisor. Now that they are owned by Sprint, it is useless to contact the corporate office because you are contacting Sprint and Clear is a dead server.

    1. I attempted to contact your office and explained to them that I am handicapped and under American Disability Act requires special assistance. Your representative told me that you did not have to comply with ADA and then hung up.

  2. They took my payment out of my account on the 21st of Sept. then turned the tower my box runs on of on the 29th and are refusing to refund my money because the is another tower near me. it does not matter to tem that my box will not pick up that tower so I am paying for 3 wks of service for nothing. This company SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. This companys customer service is getting worse day by day I was 5 dollars short to get my service restored and they would not help me and I've been with clear since 2011 that really sucks

  4. I signed up for a $55/mo for life guarantee back in Aug 2009. As of 03/01/14, Clear is refusing to honor the promise. I spoke to chat rep/customer service/cs supervisor; each person saying all customers were affected with the global increase, etc. Upon heated insisting, finally spoke to a 4th person who honored the original pricing. I'm glad to get this resolved, but should not have had to go through this hassle and aggravation.

  5. I just got off the phone from speaking with "Arley" can anyone say CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT…
    he and "Noel" both told me they stopped selling the device Clear/Sprint Wi-Fi gadget months ago.So, my question is why did a CLEAR DEALERSHIP sale me it on Feb. 7th,2014??? So, I will talk to my attorney about getting a class action lawsuit filed. This piece of sh** gadget doesn't work, I went back to the dealership from where I purchased it for $139.99 three times and it still doesn't work…of course not they "quit selling them months ago"
    Marty Tinsley

  6. Kudos to my Credit Union for not allowing an ACH transaction to clear. At first, I was upset, Then reality set in. The transaction looked "sketchy" to my CU, so they actually refused to honor the payment. HeeHee. Clear knew they were wrong because they waived all the fees associated and dropped my monthly bill. Even so, find another company. not worth the hassle.

  7. The worst customer service ever!!!! they have gotten 10 months worth of money from me and still say its my fault even though I have done everything they have asked to have it canceled. Time for a new service provider.

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