Clinique Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Clinique Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Estee Lauder Companies Inc.
767 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10153 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-572-4200
Fax Number: 1-212-893-7782
Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-419-4041

  • I have used clinique products my whole life. I am extremely disappointed to find out they test on animals. Time to find a new line. Shame on you clinique. You just lost a loyal customer of 30+ years.

  • I am a Consultant with Clinique, went from part time to full time within six months, from full time to business manager in another six month, promoted from a volume of 250,000 to a million dollar counter within another year.
    I am highly upset of the fact Clinique no longer rewards consultants of the traditional accreditation bracelet! In my region I was told the present is no longer available and is substituted for what is supposed to be to every consultant very soon. I have worked so hard to obtain, a feeling of accomplishment is gone. I just wanted to express my sadness

    Thank you

  • Hello,
    My name is Denise Bouchot and I went to the West Covina Mall in California on Tuesday May 3rd at 7:30pm with my 10 year old daughter to buy clinique products. I have never used them before and I have rosacea and severe dry skin. My friend recommended me to go, saying that you have the best products for skin care and how your line of products could help me. I was so excited to try something new and my friend’s makeup and skin look flawless with your products so I thought I want that!!
    When I got to the counter I told the employee for clique of my skin problems and concerns and I was shocked and disappointed of your respond back to me. She told me that I need to get my face problems under control before buying your products. I was so offended. I am already insecure with my face because of how dry and flaky it gets and she goes and turns me away! I was so humiliated. My daughter look at me I mean how do I explain to my daughter why your employee turned me away? As I was walking away a lady from Mac told me how I can try some of her products and if I don’t like it that I could return it. She gave me free samples. But I just could shake off what your employee said to me. I went home makeup less and even more insecure than ever. I couldn’t stop crying telling my husband what happened. This is not okay to turn someone away. I had to talk to my daughter letting her know that words and the way you talk to people can hurt you. I am beyond offended, hurt and humiliated. I came to your store for help for my skin problems if hope for some help or even advise. I just wanted you to know what happened in your store in hopes that this does not happen to anyone else.

    • She did you a favor. Their products are not good for advanced skin issues or dry skin. I have severe dry skin and the very best ever is Cetaphil creme — you can get at any CVS or Walgreens etc. Unscented and super gentle. Also the health food stores with pure vitamin e oils, or avocado-based or grapeseed oil based pure pure oils or creams are worth the $. They have no preservatives tho so keep them clean and use them — don't let them rot on the shelf. Best of luck

  • Why is it everytime I take my "Get a full size Free coupon" that came in the usp to our Boston store Kohler, Wi to pickup my free bottle I am told "Oh they are gone we only got 11 or 17. If you send out these coupons then you should have the store's stocked with that many bottles. This is criminal deceitful and false. I am a 50 year user of clinique and am very angry about these practices

  • I'm disappointed for the first time. Dillard's has a another bonus going on right now (3/2016). I should have looked inside my designer bag to make sure that all 7 of my gifts were in closed. My Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer was missing. It had to come from the factory this way because the plastic bag was sealed. I guess I will have to inspect everything from now on before I leave the store. This was the main reason that I mad a special trip to try this out to see if I liked it. Oh well stuff happens

  • I have been using Tender Taupe lip liner for years and now I can't seem to find it anywhere. Has it been discontinued??? I hope not that was my favorite. Please Please don't discontinue this item.

  • I have been using a DISCONTINUED ITEM Clinique Gentle Light Glow 3 Powder for years. I can only find it on eBay and it is VERY pricey. A container .95 oz is running on average of $100 or more. It is the only powder that looks good on my skin. Everything else I've tried is very pasty and cakes on my skin. Could you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring back this product? I know it would sell well if you brought it back.

    Thank you for your time and consideration!

  • Please create lighter versions of the beyond perfecting foundation. Your lightest shade is still too dark for me. I will be sold for life if you create this lighter colored foundation.

  • Could someone please tell me why Clinique has discontinued the Repairwear Anti-aging Makeup? It's been replaced it with Repairwear Laser somethingorother – which does not have the coverage or the flattering finish. I apologise if this has already been addressed many times – I wouldn't be surprised if it had been, because I just went to buy another bottle online, only to find that some sites are selling the last remaining stock for over $200 a bottle! Is there a straightforward answer to why Clinique would discontinue something so popular? And please don't say the Laser something something is superior, because after all, the money seems to be on the original Repairwear.

  • please tell me where I can buy cake eyeliner in gray? I purchased it from Clinique before but I can longer find it. If not Clinique, then please refer me? I am desperate. Thank you, Nancy Pulcipher

  • I use to look forward to the bi-annual Clinique Bonus time. My product of choice was Dramatically Different Day Cream. Indeed, it was and probably still is one of the best facial creams I have ever used. The 'Day Cream' could be purchased for just under 25.00 and came with the wonderful colorful bag of Clinique samples. I don't wear make-up myself so I would save up the samples and their pretty bags and after two or three years would pack them up and deliver them to our local women's shelter. I cannot describe the look of joy and wonder on the women's faces. They were in the shelter because of the physical, mental, verbal abuse they had experienced and needed a safe place to be in order to get away from the abuser. Many of them displayed their abuse through bruises and wounds, unkempt hair, nails, skin… I can go on. They felt ugly and unwanted when they first arrived at the shelter. They would help one another wash, tone, soften their faces, apply make-up, and so much more they began to brighten with hope and wonder looking ahead in their lives. All of this just because of an amazing lotion, Dramatically Different Day Cream. No longer though. The minimum amount needed to obtain the Bonus was raised to over $27.00 requiring a second purchase in order to receive the Bonus. This is an insult to all Bonus lovers everywhere. It is childish if it were in any other context. FYI I hear that many women return the second item just causing Clinique more cost, probably more than the original deal of under $25.00 expenditure. Oops. 2nd FYI, 'Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion is as great if not better than the Clinique lotion, much less expensive, (I can afford to purchase a few cosmetics for the women in the shelter) and in almost every store. Such a sad loss…

  • I have been using Clinique products since HS. I just discovered you still use animal testing, even though a customer service person said you didn't. So goodbye, Clinique. Get wise to your audience.

  • I am a 35 year old male, and have been using Clinique mens skin care line for about 10 years. In all that time I have never seen a free gift for men. Although I do appreciate the gifts you offer as does my fiancée, it is disappointing to never see a free gift for the men that buy your product. I shop at the Clinique counter at Macy's in the Louis Joliet Mall, Joliet Il. The sales rep Lisa Hilton is very friendly, always smiling, and has a complete understanding of all the Clinique products and how and which ones will best help me. But even she cant get me a free gift for men. I would really like to see one in the future.

  • I WANT MY FOUNDATION BACK!!!. I have been buying my cosmetics from Clinique since I was in HS. My shade has been discontinued THREE TIMES. First it was True Beige, when that was discontinued I went to Honey Honey, when that was discontinued, I went to Acne Solutions Fresh Almond. Yesterday, I went to my local Clinique counter at Macy's to buy another bottle and I was told it was discontinued too. I was starting to think I was the only person buying these shades, when I expressed my frustration, I was told there was an employee there that wore the same shade. However, this time they had a hard time finding a shade close to matching. Why do you do this, discontinue these foundations? This was not as close a match as I would like. I may have to go to another product line if I cannot find a shade that matches my complexion to my liking and I would hate to do that because I have sensitive skin and Clinique as always worked for me. PLEASE bring back Fresh Almond.

  • Why did you change clinique non streak bronzer for. Men bad mistake this new product you replaceed it with is very bad new product face bronzer it burns your eyes not will never buy it again. Not a good product the old one is on most endang err r list bring it back I have used it for 26 years no problem. Take it off endangered list thank you michael

  • Are you aware that a major Internet scammer is using a photo of one of your products to promote their own line of second-rate "wrinkle creams?" Since this comment box doesn't allow pictures, if you want further information, please contact me at

  • I want my Stay True Stay Ivory foundation back! This matte you have offered in it's place rubs off on everything and turns orange on your skin. I used Stay True for literally years. I am lost without it. I have been buying it on Ebay. Please consider bringing it back. Yesterday I tried every single foundation at the Clinique Counter and hated all of them.

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